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2008 Honda CR-V



  • I must say that I've been experiencing a similar Steering Wheel vibration for quite some time on my 09 CRV, which currently has 36,000 miles, when I first noticed it, I though it was just caused by my pervious balancing after 30K maintenance, and that It could be fixed easily, but after reading the many replies to your post, I started to realize that this might not be something fixable and I might have to let go the car, as now I can't be sure if everything dangerous will happen altogether with the vibration at a high speed (> 70MPH) on the highway, and it does terrify me thinking about my wife and daughter while they are on this car everyday, with HONDA itself could not figuring out the cause at all. (according to all of your cases)

    I won't be recommending CRVs to my friends anymore which I been doing for quite some time.

    BTW I just called a HONDA dealer asking about the vibration, and they told me they will need to see my car to test the issue, but i am pretty sure that according to his first response after hearing the word "Vibration", he's seen enough similar cases.
  • 08crv08crv Posts: 2
    edited October 2013
    OK I have went to great length to find an answer to the vibration problems in CRV's. I have the vibration problem to. Its the drive line. Not tires like the dealers will tell ya. Its not the rear end or transmission. Its the drive line that's out of balance and also the center support bearing could add to the problem. Don't go to Honda because a new drive line is 1.3K. Go to a drive line shop who specialize in drive lines. More bad news. The universals in the drive line will need to be replaced also. They are built in to the drive line and has to be specially replaced. Honda knows all about this but will not admit to any problem. Honda calls the vibration "Harmonic Tingle". Really! So its an expensive fix. Mine did the vibration thing at various speeds. Backing off or slight acceleration made it stop. Happened with cruse control on also at steady speeds. Real pain in the [non-permissible content removed]!
  • 08crv08crv Posts: 2
    Its the drive line.
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