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Honda Accord Coupe Wheel Vibration



  • Thanks for responding. The road force balance did not work. Tire Rack exchanged the Good Years for Dunlop 7000s (which came standard on the car). I had the Dunlops installed this past Friday- the vibration lessened significantly, but did not go away.
  • I have owned two 2012 Accord Coupes (1 v6 manual 1 4cyl auto). Both had this problem. I traded the 6 for the 4 and drove three cars buying the one with the least vibration.

    I have a short term fix. I raised the air pressure to 35lbs and had the dealer re road force balance all four tires. The problem isn't gone 100% but it drives like a completely different car.

    Good luck
  • The fix was the change in air pressure. My car calls for 32lbs. By raising to 35lbs the problem was greatly reduced
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    I buy my tires at dt. After my prev rotation 6100 miles ago, I felt a slight vibration at 65 mph. Took the car back to dt for a re balance of front tires. Got it back and it's still vibrating. I wait till my most recent rotation and when they rotated the fronts to the back,vibration gone! So,the problem is with the wheels that just rotated to the back,right? Take the car to my Honda dealer and have them check the balance and they are way out of balance! They re balance them at 2x $12=$24.
  • I have had two 2012's. One v6 one 4cyl. Both had the problem

    Monday I had the dealership raise the tire pressure from 32 to 35 and road force balance all four. So far the problem is almost gone. I have a slight vibration at 65mph but not like before. It's almost like having a new car.
  • I have had two 2012 accords v6 and 4cyl. Both had the vibration. I read that if you take each tire from recommended 32lb to 35lb it makes the problem go away.

    I ad the dealership over inflate each tire to 35lb and road force balance each wheel. The problem is gone except for a slight vibration at 65mph. Before it was intermittent from 50mph up

    I actually don't hate the car anymore!
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