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Ford Escape Electrical Problems



  • greg_bagreg_ba Ottawa, ONPosts: 4
    greg_ba said:

    Great vid. I think 1st I'll double check the ground & maybe tie a new one to an area on or near the the starter. I'll test for drainage via the fuses & failing that maybe add a toggle switch for the battery...Tks again..

  • greg_bagreg_ba Ottawa, ONPosts: 4
    edited December 3
    Since this Escape has almost 400000 km on it, less $$ & thought the better. Installed a kill switch on the NEGATIVE Terminal and enough length of cable to make it inconspicuous, outside of the vehicle. Added a "keep alive" (for PCM, Radio clock, etc) which plugs into the accessory port (same as lighter) has a 9 volt battery included. All works well....we'll see..., and about $50.00 Canadian for everything.
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