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Nissan Sentra 2008



  • Hello,
    Yes i have a 2008 Nissan Sentra and when I put in drive it also clanks. I am also hearing a loud flem type noise once I start driving then it goes away. Where you ever able to fix the problem?
  • srod1srod1 Posts: 1
    Hi Hekena210,

    I have this issue as well with my 2008 Nissan Sentra. I just took it into Nissan and it turns out that one of the piston rings came apart. The engine will need to be rebuilt and they've quoted me 8k!!!! Also, they are asking for maintenance records stating that if I am not able to provide them, my warranty may not cover the work even if it is a faulty piston since there is no proof that the car is maintained. My advice is that you make sure you have all your documentation & take your car in before its too late. If you don't have documentation, consider alternatives because Nissan will now charge me the diagnosis fee even if I don't leave the car there to get the engine rebuilt, which will run around $400. Please learn from my mistakes. There is obviously no way in hell i will ever purchase a Nissan again ever. I have had mitsubishi and honda in the past with no issues like this. I have only had this car for 10 months.
  • Hey everyone,

    New here and just wondering if anyone could answer my question. About a week ago while driving my 08 Sentra, then engine began making a loud noise. Sounds like its not running smoothly and makes a rattle when decelerating. Didn't know if anyone else had experienced this or if anyone knew if it was a cylinder not firing correctly, etc.

  • donp9donp9 Posts: 29
    Has anyone done a coolant change on a 2008 Nissan Sentra. Looking at the alldata instructions and the Nissan service manual they show some fancy mechanism (tool # KV991J0070) involving a vacuum guage, compressed air etc. Can't you just change it the old fashioned way?
    Thanks for any help
  • dc0092dc0092 Posts: 1
    I have a 2012 Sentra and had 2 noises, 1st the knocking popping sounds
    (like a golf ball size rock hit the floor board) when you start from 0 mph to 8 mph or while turning from a stop. It was a bad front passenger Strut mount at 15,000 miles( under warranty) after the new one was installed the noise started again a few days later they took the assembly apart and lubed it. It now may be from one of the rear strut units. Also when braking 15mph or under to o mph... there is a hum from the brakes or tranny that was not there until the last 3 weeks, they said its nothing. This car is not driven hard at all. hope this helps. Over all I really like the car so far.
  • I leased a 2010 Nissan Sentra. The car only has 34,000 miles. A little over a week ago, I started hearing that same sound you described, like a ticking noise in the engine. The engine light went on. I took it to the dealership service shop, and they told me it was a a loose or broken piston ring and that the whole engine needs to be replaced! It's still under warranty, and yet, they state since I do not have all the receipts of maintenance (which I wish I had kept), that we would have to pay $6,000! Is this a manufacturer's defect here, since others on this site seem to be sharing these same types of issues with their Sentras? We are now taking the matter to Nissan Consumer Affairs to try to fight this. How can an engine die before 35,000 miles?? Is this a common fault with Sentras?
  • i had this car in may shop, came in with engine noise, we rebuilt it with only 35k miles in it, after that we took it for the test drive and heard a noise coming from the trans, we check for oil level and it was 2 1/2 qts low of trans fluid. even though we did not remove any oil from the transmission. so i recommend you to check the oil level on the tranny first.
  • donp9donp9 Posts: 29
    Has anyone replaced the block heater on a 2008 Sentra? Base model 2.0L
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