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Saturn Outlook Problems



  • Pebs4 - I wish I read your post months ago. I am taking GM to small claims court for a transmission issue on my 2008 Saturn Outlook. I have a post on here earlier with a total list of all my issues, but the fake fix they made for my transmission was a software update, that cost me an excess of $5500 in fuel alone over 4 years. I have all of my back up documentation, everything I need to prove this. I'm just wondering if it is worth small claims or getting a lawyer to take the case. This touches on 2 issues...a faulty transmission that would hesitate on the highway (safety issue) and it has been documented with the NHSTA as well as misrepresenting the real fuel consumption other than what the sticker says. Hyundai was sued over a similar issue recently and was ordered to pay.
    Where are you at with your situation. I have since sold my car - I tried to work with GM on a new vehicle with a credit for my out of pocket expenses, but GM didnt do anything but drag me on and on and on for months...slowly escalating me to the next department...days and weeks and months of my time. I will never buy GM again.
  • I have an 07 Outlook XR with an aftermarket remote starter. The remote start stopped working recently. The keyless entry (factory and aftermarket) still works. The installer checked it and found the pink wire (and the red/white) for the ignition on the left side of the steering column aren't getting power. I was told the pink should be +12v with the ignition on. He said the wire had to have power at the time of install for the system to "learn" and be programmed. He wasn't sure why my car is even starting right now without the wire having power. I can't find any blown fuses? I re-checked the pink and the red/wht wires at the ignition connector on the left side of the steering column (no power). I found a wiring diagram for the system. Shows the red/wht should be + with the key off (it's not), and the pink should be + in the on/start (it's not). I checked the 2a "PWR MOD" fuse under the passenger side/glovebox. It is good and has power going through it. There was a little corrosion on a couple of the fuses under the glove box (not this one though -- While I'm at it, no sunroof). I'm going to try and trace the red/wht from the fuse panel back to the ignition and see where it loses power. Any help would be appreciated.
  • Had power steering noises (squeals when we turned the steering wheel) in my '08 Outlook. Typical symptoms of low power steering fluid and, when I checked it, that's what it was. The fluid level was below the minimum mark, and when I filled it up the noise went away and the steering was much better.

    Reason I post this is that the power steering reservoir is towards the back, underneath the plastic engine cover. You have to take off the plastic cover to check the fluid - apparently the quick oil change place that I was taking it to did not bother to do so and check the fluid. Shame on me for not checking it myself, but thought that folks in this forum might want to be sure to have that power steering fluid checked!!
  • brohofbrohof Posts: 1
    I have a 09 Outlook with 75,800 miles on it. Recently took a trip to Ill. from Arkansas noticed the car would have a hesitation and jerking when I would accelerate, with or without the cruise control. Really bad when going up hills. Took the car to my dealership they found that the #2 & #4 ignition coils were bad, changed the two coils and the two plugs, that fixed the problem. The codes were P0302,P0304.
  • 2007 Outlook XR
    Anyone experienced issues where all of a sudden the gauges start bouncing and the info starts popping up multiple messages including Service traction control and several others? Then the car will go into safety mode and not let you accelearte very much. I turned the car off for 30 minutes and the problem goes away. Battery is fine. It seems like the computer is getting bad info and it concerns me greatly. This has happened several times now and my mechanic said he couldn't find or duplicate the issue...Kind of scary
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    Hi cpaz52,

    I understand your concerns and am sorry to hear that your mechanic wasn't able to fix this for you. If you'd like for us to look up any warranty or recall information we'd be more than happy to do so. We can be reached by email at

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • I bought my 2009 Outlook, used, in 2011. We test drove it twice, with no problems, before buying it. Driving it home that night was a different story. We noticed a loss of power steering when going at slow speeds (turning, backing out of parking, etc). This problem has gotten worse over the years. Now, there is pretty much no power steering while at very low rpms about 95% of the time. I have also recently noticed that my engine will get "stuck" at a very high idle while driving (3500rpms doing 65-70mph). I had to stomp gas down to rev it higher, before it would drop into normal range. Any ideas on what the problems could be? I might mention, that it seemed like the steering issue was slightly better after putting a brand new set of tires on it, but that did not last long (a month tops). I love my Outlook, but am frankly wondering if the problems are worth it. To me, the power steering issue is definitely a safety issue. HELP!!
  • cpaz52- Just happened to me and had to have car towed to dealership. The problem was leaky valve covers and oil inside the throttle body. That and along with some emission repairs and a sensor. We are now $3500 poorer because of the vehicle.

  • doublea55doublea55 Posts: 3

    It seems that my 2008 Saturn Outlook has been blessed with every single issue raised in these forums. I am a loyal GM customer and have always bragged about my vehicles, I am on my 10th GM vehicle to date, everything from Cadillac to Astro van. This Saturn is EXTREMELY DISSAPOINTING! Most issues were covered under warrenty but now with only 88K we are 10 months out of warrenty and it is in the dealers shop waiting tranmission diagnostics, it will not shift into reverse, just the latest of issues. Here is the landry list.

    -Squeaking from under steering wheel -Water Pump failure -Heated wiper fluid disabled and several other recalls -Brake master cylinder and booster failure (stabillitrack/ABS warning lights)- After warranty period =$500 -Now the transmission problems

    Very frustrating! I really hope GM steps up, times are already tough, extensive and expensive car repairs do not make it any easier. I have a family of 5 on the road and this Outlook keeps me up at night!

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