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Acura RL



  • automophileautomophile Posts: 780
    I am in the Los Angeles area. Beautiful RLs seem to be plentiful here! I am sure that I could have bought the '99 for $26-27K. The owner was even more a fanatic than me! He put brand new tires on the car and had it detailed before returning it to the dealer! The trunk looked like it was never opened, and he had every single key, gadget and scrap of paper that came with the car! Amazing.
  • adamar1adamar1 Posts: 14
    I leased a 1997 RL (my first on-American car) and it is the best car I ever owed (after owing General Motors cars for years). I was reluctant to lease a 2001 because I considered it essentially the same as my 1997. I finally succumbed to leasing a 2002 RL principally because of the great happiness with the 1997--quiet as a mouse, never a rattle to be heard and mechanically about as perfect a car as you can get. It has been pure pleasure to drive it--it almost drives itself! I was, however, very disappointed that the 2002 RL had not been re-designed--it is getting dated after five years both inside and outside.

    The thing that really galls me is that the DC changer is now in the trunk (what a pain for a close to top-of-the-line car), whereas in my 1997 it was in the armrest compartment and the 2002 finds it in the trunk. Even the less expensive 3.2 TL has a single DC unit on the dashboard. I don't know what the Acura designers are thinking about--total regression here.

    I have noticed more than one posting here indicating that those who have tried the 2002 RL don't see much difference. I am no "Motor Trend" type of test driver, but there is a decided difference in the 2002--more horsepower, tighter steering for better handling and the ride is a little stiffer compared to my 1997. I would conclude that the 2002 RL is getting to be a little more European in feel compared to the pre-2002 RL's. If it were not for these changes, I don't think I would leased another RL at this point. I am looking forward to taking delivery next week and only hope that I am as happy or happier with this one than my 1997 which I hate to part with, but the 2002 is more advanced and has more safety equipment.

    My lease was about $519 per month before taxes (with -0- down payment) which gave the dealer about a 4% profit. If I wanted to shop the market in my area, I am sure I could have done better, but this dealer is tops in service and has done us more than one favor.

    The bottom line is that the RL, dollar for dollar, is one of the best values in the market today in its price range! It is a car for those of us who either cannot afford or do not want to own a Mercedes, BMW, etc.

    What more can I say!
  • goralgoral Posts: 138
    I am with automophile - you will be unpleasently surprised when you try trading your car in.
    As nice as RLs are, they have horrific trade-in value. With your relatively high miles, you are looking at probably ~$25-$26K. No dealer is going to give you $30K when they were giving them away for ~$33K couple years earlier...
    I have a '96 w/ 82K miles, and realistically the car's trade-in value is ~$11-12K!!!
  • prophet2prophet2 Posts: 372
    Age has caught up with me! A long time ago, as evidenced by my being complete enamored with my immaculate 1996 Pearl White 3.5RL, purchased seven months ago for $20K with 36.8K on the odometer. A doctor was the prior owner and he took the depreciation. I don't worry about the "trade-in" value of this car as I got off the "new-car-every-three-years" merry-go-round quite awhile back.

    This car is greatly under-valued as a new vehicle, so you'd have to expect its price as a "used" car to be impacted. Some of us can also "afford" to NOT have to buy a Mercedes, or even a Lexus, to validate ourselves. An LS430 at MSRP is $15K more than the 3.5RL: that's a hefty price difference for two more cylinders.
  • phil4vers4phil4vers4 Posts: 18
    Just got back from a 1,000 mile cross country trip and have to say that the RL ('00) is made to gobble up the highway miles. What a pleasure to drive for an extended distance. It also handled exceptionally well during a 4 hour intense rain storm.
    As far as the styling being dated, during one of my stops I was parked next to the same color
    LS 430 and it seems Lexus took quite a few cues from the RL for their "new" body style. Actually, I prefer several details better on the RL, such as the grille and rounded rear deck.
  • autoiautoi Posts: 10
    Looked at a 98 RL Premium in a clean condition, had 33K miles on it, Pre-leased. Delear asking 24960. What wold be a good price for this car?
    Located near Boston, MA.

    I appreciate you valueble comments.
    Thanks in advance.
  • goralgoral Posts: 138
    Go to Real World Trade-in values board (in Smart Shopper section) and ask one of the resident dealers (Bill or Terry)... They will give you an idea what these cars sell for at the auctions.
  • chloe6chloe6 Posts: 38

    I'm looking for a leftover 2001 RL at a good price. I'm flexible about the color, but if black is available, I'll be thrilled!

    If anyone knows where I might find one, I'd really appreciate the info! I'm in NJ, but I'm willing to travel if necessary.

    Thanks for your help! (By the way, I decided on an RL after reading the postings on this board. I'd been looking at several different cars and hadn't thought about an Acura until I started snooping around the Edmunds Town Hall boards. I really appreciate all of the information I have found here!)

  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,776
    Sorry, you may be a little late to the dance. Most of them are gone. I'm showing $4,000 dealer cash so there's plenty of discounting to be done if you can find one!
  • qwallsqwalls Posts: 406
    Good luck. I started looking for a black 2001 about a month ago, and didn't have any luck. I'm in Ohio, and a dealer did a search for me, and said at that time, there were only five 2001 RLs left in Ohio and the neighboring states, and none of them, were black. At this point, I'm considering a '99 if I can find a clean one, or maybe the new 2002 Camry or Altima when they arrive in September.
  • tgif888tgif888 Posts: 351
    Where are you located? If you are in S. Cal. you are in luck. I just search the S. Cal Acura dealer inventory. One dealer, Tustin Acura, it had a 2001 Acura 3.5 RL BLACK in stock.
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,776
    I'm not looking, Chloe is. I locate cars for a living.
  • How far??? Jay Wolfe in KC Mo has 2- 2001 Red and Silver. There are also 3 dealers in Stl that have web sites that one can check out inventory.
  • chloe6chloe6 Posts: 38
    Hi! It sounds like there are a few 2001 RLs out there -- does anyone know of any in New Jersey? I would also consider a 2000 or 2001 demo.

    Thanks everyone!

  • chloe6chloe6 Posts: 38
    Hi again!

    I'm hoping to find a 2001 RL in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, or Connecticut if possible. If I have to travel more than that, I'd have to get a GREAT GREAT deal!

    Thanks again for everyone's help!

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Folks, let me remind you that your Terms of Use prohibits you from advertising anything you have for sale here in Town Hall.

    An appropriate response to chloe would be one where you could suggest a source in which you have no financial stake.

    If you have an RL (or any other vehicle) for sale, please check out's Used Car Power Shopper - you are welcome to list it for sale there.

    And chloe, you might also want to check out that link to see what is available.

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  • chloe6chloe6 Posts: 38
    I'm heading over to the Used Car Power Shopper right now!

  • phil4vers4phil4vers4 Posts: 18
    Does anyone at this board actually drive an RL or do you just talk about what price they are selling for? I listed a post a few weeks ago commenting on the ride of the RL both during dry and very wet weather and noone had any personal comments of their experiences with this very fine automobile. IMO,That's pretty boring! C'mon and share your insights both good and bad. We all should be able to relate to one another other than just how much we paid.
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