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BMW 3-Series 2005 and earlier



  • ksomanksoman Posts: 590
    my service adviser told me 3 mph, since its close to 5 kmh, the german default... (3 * 1.67 = 5.01 )
    but you get the picture, the car has to more than just roll to get the locks to sink in.
  • ksomanksoman Posts: 590
    buried in the payment estimator... there is no direct way to get this info, but anyways:
    2004 2.5 X3 without options $30,995
    2004 3.0 X3 without options $36,995

    same ball park as the 3.

    compare that to 2004 3.0 X5 without options at $40,995... the 2003 X5 to 2004 X5 spread is $800

  • rustyrrustyr Posts: 10
    I had the key set so the doors lock when the car gets to 5 mph. But I thought the driver's door would unlock automatically when the key is removed from the ignition (my Passat worked that way). Instead, I have to pull the door lever twice to unlock the door so I can get out. The service person just told me he didn't think it could be set the way I want it, but he wasn't positive either. Anyone have it set so the driver's door unlocks automatically as I suggest? Thanks.
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    Maybe there are two thresholds for the car door lock, 5 and 15mph. For me I would like to be able to move the car 10 feet without the doors locking.
  • parnolaparnola Posts: 140
    My 325i 5-speed has developed a harsh vibration that appears to come from the exhaust. When I let off the gas at about 50mph in 4th gear I get a loud vibration noise and you can feel it on the under/back-side of the car. I'm going to make an appt to take it in, but has anyone experienced this?

    In addition, while accelerating, I get a rattling sound coming from the transmission. When I shift gears it goes away, then as the RPMs go higher it comes back. Has anyone had this happen to them?
  • I'm not an expert... but this sounds like it could be a loose heat shield. Thats a piece of metal that protects the underside of the car from the heat generated by the catalytic converter. When it becomes loose, it vibrates against other metal parts. The sound is coming from the right place, and is also consistent with being louder at higher RPMs. I would hope this is it. Cheap to fix.


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  • I dropped off my ED 325Ci in Munich Sept 19th and since then have had to make-do with drooling over photos of it in scenic Bavarian locales. It left Bremerhaven on October 6th aboard the Jingu Maru
    and bobbed around on the Atlantic until Oct 16th when the ship unloaded in New Jersey. Unexpectedly two other ships unloaded that day( and each ship can carry up to 6,000 cars) and the result was my car was in the VPC for a lonnnnnng time. BMW Owner's Circle thinks it is still there but the fact is that I picked it up from my dealership in Indiana yesterday soon after it rolled off the BMT truck. It was going to take an extra day to prep it but I took it anyway and will wash the German bugs off the hood myself.

    Suffice to say I have been driving the car a lot in the past 24 hours and my face is aching from all this grinning.

    The 5 speed is the main reason but I mustn't forget the Sports Package and those awesome seats.
    They are heated so driving around with moonroof open in 48 deg temperatures is no problem. The Gipsy Kings are banging away on the HK (admittedly not as good as my B&W/Rotel set up but it fits in the car better and costs a fraction of).

    The Adaptive Xenons are peeking around the corners looking for deer out here in the Michigan woods and the DVD Nav is guiding me home.

    Interestingly my old car, the Fern Green 2001 325i is now a CPO in the dealer's showroom-the only CPO in there and is marked up alomost $5K over my buy-out price.

    At some point I will be putting together my ED story with photos on a web site but first I have some driving and some gardening to catch up on.

    A few things are clear to me now....

    1 ED is the way to go (For me at least) regardless
    of whether I saved money or not (I paid $3800 under MSRP) The driving experience in Germany was priceless.

    2 A manual gearbox raises the fun quotient quite a few notches and makes me feel like I am helping the car show off his stuff.

    3 Sports Package is a no-brainer. The car lives for cornering.

    Norris, eyeing the keys once again
  • ksomanksoman Posts: 590
    I'm sorry I did not mean to challenge your completely customized bullet proof built 100% unique car's pedigree.

    All I meant to point out was the car has to more than just roll to get the locks to set in.

  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    I didn't realize/forgot when I posted. Almost every setting is customizable in a number of different ways.
  • Hi fellow BMW owners. This week we're trading our 328IS coupe in for a '03 Honda Pilot. I feel kinda weird. I'll miss the Beamer a lot but we've had it for 2 years without any mechanical problems and are afraid of the costs of repair. Sooner or later something is going to's a '98 model. I would recommmend owning a BMW to anyone who can afford it. It's a fantastic car to drive. Too bad the police always give you those funny looks and pull out their radar guns when they see you coming towards them on the highway. Not all BMW drivers are speeders! Insurance is also a cost. Too bad. Am looking forward to all the extra room in the SUV. Happy driving,

  • bartalk2bartalk2 Posts: 326
    What's that plastic protuberance on the roof of the new '04 3 (& 5) series, just above the rear window?
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    kandian45 - I found the 3 series not to be expensive in terms of insurance. I got a quote for about $800/year. Less than some people are paying for G insurance in my area. True there may be other costs associated with out of warranty repairs, but I can't speak to them on a 2002 model at this point.

    But at least in my area I wouldn't say the 3 series is more to insure than other cars.
         You'll miss your 'bimmer.
  • andergtrandergtr Posts: 101
    i didn't dump my BMW but instead added a second car (a scion xB) because the maintenance cost of the BMW is pretty high. at 45,000 miles, i had to pay for my first maintenance outside of scheduled, and i got hit for rear pads, front pads, front rotors, rear tires, and the regular oil change/inspection. total bill was $1400. i just about had a heart attack.

    now the BMW sits in the company garage, where i drive it once or twice a week. the scion xB gets better mileage and will cost nothing to maintain in comparison.

    however, it sure doesn't drive as fun as the BMW does!
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    <total bill was $1400. i just about had a heart attack>

    Sorry, but that's what can happen when you use the dealer for routine service-especially without a CCA discount. As I've said before: Find a GOOD independent BMW tech. Here's why:
    My local shop recently performed an Insp. II on my wife's 528i. In addition to the scheduled service the shop replaced the front pads, the fuel filter(another "lifetime" component-yeah, right), and a tie rod. They also had the sled aligned. All parts used were OEM and all lubricants used were Mobil 1.
    As for tires? Two words: Tire Rack. I haven't bought a set of tires locally since 1994. They drop ship the tires to my shop where they are installed at a nominal cost.
    You can get excellent parts and service at reasonable prices if you do a little research. It's worth the trouble.
  • The protuberance on the 04 3s is for sirius satellite radio.

    i test drove 03 325i last weekend and i am not impressed with the steering. it is quite stiff. i would think it will be power steering. the sales guy explained that it was due to variable power steering which i did not quite understand. what is it by the way?
  • I have a question about the new universal bluetooth BMW offers for 03'. Has anybody used it? and does anybody know if it can be added to my 01' 325i?

    Thank you

  • andergtrandergtr Posts: 101
    i got the local place, just tires, to match the tire rack price.

    as far as the dealer...i'm going to find an indy mechanic pretty soon, because i'm about 5K miles from being out of warranty.
  • We are reveiving our new 04 BMW 325ci in mid january and we would like to get a bluetooh system installed. can we get it for this car through the manufactuer?
  • Just curious..... didn't see any mention of this feature in the Assist literature, but it would be a nice plus. Might steer me towards actually paying for the service when the free year runs out.

    And to answer an earlier question, I think the shark fin on the roof of the 04s might also be for BMW Assist and/or GPS navigation.
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