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Lexus ES 300/ES 330



  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    What were you doing in the Far East, and where did you get your info? It all sounds interesting!

    I find it hard to believe the GS 300 would be dropped. It's annual sales since the redesign in 1998 have been vitually even with the BMW 5-Series (it's main competitor along with the MB E320).

    I've also heard that the LS 430 will get a power boost in the next 1-2 years to bring it over 300 hp.
  • gambhirgambhir Posts: 64
    I am a senior executive at a major hi-tech firm and have factories I travel to there--I have to go there every two to three months though lately I get nausea just at the thought of travel:)
    I have visited Tahara where GS is actually made and have seen one being made
    SC300 should be interesting--my wife will grab it--I know:)
    I hope they offer natural wood color on LS UL package instead of the current selection

    Again we have to acknowledge that between a design paper to actual design a lot will change-so anything we say will be still considered speculation--But this was pretty convincing for me
    On GS-maybe you are right--but they feel iS has been a loser and they will beef it up to make it a RWD winner, GS430 will be the upscale one, SC300 and 430 will wrap up convertibles--ES330 a good entry luxury.

    Did you know an interesting trivia: The ES330 was originally scheduled for this year but because of ULEV standards not met and other issues, it was shelved only one month later--instead that effort focused on making it luxurious--also es was targeted to be priced at 45K--but then it would have cut into GS300 and no one would have bought it also
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    Thanks for the information, I really appreciate it. At the Lexus owner's forum I attended in February the execs from Japan admitted they made a mistake with the IS interior. They said when the car is redone it will be more in line with other Lexus models, although still on the sporty side.

    Looking forward to hearing all about your new ES when you get it.
  • mind18mind18 Posts: 5
    Very interesting insights lenscap and gambhir. I also heard that they were coming out with a GX SUV, that would be based on the Sequioa. I personally think they need another true "sports" coupe. I don't mine the SC 430, but to me it's more an exotic/luxury coupe. And if they make a SC 300, I think the exoticness will diminish somewhat. And I'm somewhat disappointed about hearing that you said the new GS might have a front similiar to the SC. I think by far, Lexus has utilized the quad headlight look to its full beauty potential (GS,old SC, LX). I'm not sure if you two posted already about this, but what are your thoughts about the new look of the ES. Do you happen to have digital photos of it posted somewhere?
  • Has anyone installed a remote start in their ES 300? Any info on good or bad brands, problems that you had or suggestions would be appreciated.
  • parnolaparnola Posts: 140
    Anyone who has purchased an '02 ES - can you relay what kind of discount from MSRP you have received (if any)? Also, for those of you who leased, what kind of terms are available? I don't know if LFS has decreased their money factor or not. Specifically, I'd be interested in a 36/39 mo lease. Thanks!
  • Howdy:

    Some random thoughts on the random thoughts of the other forum members:

    Jimbres said: >>Lexus has apparently decided to aim the ES at the non-enthusiast who values style & comfort over handling & acceleration, & I think that they're right to do so. The ES is a boulevard cruiser..., not a sports sedan. ...Having an FWD entry in its lineup undercuts the Lexus message that its cars are as good as anything from BMW & Mercedes. >>

    RNB: I'm an enthusiast... but I'm also 50 years old. Handling in my new ES is very good, especially when you consider that, due to traffic and photo radar, Scottsdale is a dangerous place to drive fast. It goes where exactly where you point it, and at a more than satisfactory rate. Sure, I’d like 20 more ponies, and Lexus should have foreseen the I35 trend among its competitors. But do I long for more HP? No. There is plenty of power for acceleration and maneuvering in traffic, even with 4 adults in the car. FWD wasn't an issue to me, and I suspect it is not an issue to the typical ES purchaser.

    Lexus took a real risk with its edgy new styling. The previous model was much more conservative. Maybe it was too much to expect Lexus to go with radical styling AND a nitrous bottle in the trunk...

    Re: the alloy wheels... I prefer chromies, esp. on a black car like mine. If they were available, I would have bought them. But the factory spoked alloys are growing on me.

    My comments on Gambhir's Wish List:

    >>Wood power window area plates are a must>> I don't miss this because I haven't gotten used to them in another car.

    >>Steering must be power tilt away and telescopic 4 way>> Yes, this would be great. I'd settle for adding telescoping only.

    >>Beef up the premium package--add heated seats and hid, wood steering to package to give more savings to consumers (inflated right now)>> I agree completely. Heated seats are superfluous here in Scottsdale ;-) - HIDs should be standard on a car in this price range. My HIDs are awesome, like flat laser beams; they are one of my favorite and useful features.

    Parnola asked about discounts. I sure haven’t heard about any. These cars are so new they are going for list. I was really torn between buying an 01 ES at a great discount, or paying retail for the 02. With the 01, I would be driving a beautiful new Lexus with the old body style. The new one will hold its value and look new much longer. The novelty and "Wow" value of this car was definitely worth it to me. I get the most earnest and admiring looks from M-B owners and other Lexus owners.

    I will keep this car for at least five years. Based upon my visceral feelings so far, I'll still be smiling then when I slip behind the wheel. To quote Mr. T: I pity the fool who's driving anything else!


  • parnola,
    Pricing will be different depending on where in the country you are. For those in southern California where cars generally tend to be cheapest, you should at least get $1500 off list price now. The discount has increased steadily since its introduction. The first day the ES was in dealerships, without negotiation, my friend was offered $500 off list. Make sure you don't act too excited about the car around your Lexus salesman...the more eager you appear to be to drive off in a new ES, the less of a discount they'll be willing to give you. If the dealer refuses to give you the above discount, tell him you'll go elsewhere. There's plenty of Lexus dealers in the LA area.

    If the ES turns out to be a dud, you'll see prices drop even further in a couple months. While I plan to get the new ES, I haven't gotten many positive comments from people I show pictures to. Then again, I do believe the car looks better in person. And the interior everyone can agree on.
  • suv2002suv2002 Posts: 20

    An update. I ordered a new ES300 and I should get it in about 2 weeks. It's part of the dealer's allotment. I'm getting either alabaster or millennium silver, depending on delivery dates and which color is available first. Interior will be light charcoal leather. It has almost everything except AVS, nav and Levinson. Price was $1100 off list. Dealer is in New Jersey.
  • suv2002,

    Good deal on the car you got! How much bargaining did you have to do?

    The Alabaster metallic color has the interior color options of ivory or black. So if you're set on the light charcoal leather, then go with millennium silver.

    If you've seen the Alabaster in person, would you describe it as a darker (or lighter) silver? Lenscap described it as a "dove grey." The thing is, I don't know what dove grey looks like. :)
  • I went to look at a 92 es300 today, 116k on the clock, timing belt done at 100k, no sludge or build up it appears (I a quick look via oil cap as suggested by someone else) The car seems to run fine, I did a couple of all out runs with it, the tranny didn't seem to slip or anything, does not look like its leaking oil or smell burning oil, car has records from new it appears, the guy wants $7100. Any advice, or opinions or other things I should check?
  • suv2002suv2002 Posts: 20

    I basically told them I wouldn't pay list, that I was ready to write a check so give me your best offer. Naturally, it wasn't ;) so the next time I talked him, I said now really what's the best you can do? I'll give you my credit card number as a deposit. That did it. I know I probably could grind a little more but that's that.

    The Alabaster white car isn't as shiny as the silver. The colors are close but the silver is "brighter." So dove gray (alabaster) is a darker gray than the silver. By the way, I saw the alabaster car with a light charcoal interior so it's an option. It looked good but really the silver with black is way cool.
  • Do you think $1000 or $1500 below invoice in Cleveland is realistic?

    Thanks in advance.
  • RictraRictra Posts: 11
    1) My local dealer will be delivering to me a '02 ES300 in Mill. silver with gray leather interior. This one is loaded with just about everything. List is $39,210. They didn't want to cut the price any at all, but I managed to entice about $500 off the list and got more on my trade as well. Sorta rubs me the wrong way to pay full sticker price. Anyway, I didn't want it unless it did have the Mark Lev. system, but I really didn't want the navigation sys. Oh, well a new toy.

    2) I'm signing the contract tomorrow and wanted to know if there is any special rebate or credit from Lexus for prior Lexus owners buying a new car. My current car is a '98 LS400.

    3) I drove this ES300 and really liked it. I am used to my LS400 and just hope I won't regret "stepping down" a bit. However, I never drive the same thing twice in a row. Once I had a new Porsche 928S -- drove it a year and got tired of it and then got a Honda Accord. Go figure! LOL I'm not hard to please, but I am 6'4" tall and comfort is everything to me. The ES300 fit real good on the 3 test drives I did. But test drives are nothing compared to a 400 mile trip.

  • My co-worker has a '92 ES300 with around 135k miles. He needed about $1200 worth of work done (I know some suspension work was done) at 130k miles, but apart from regular maintenance, that's it so far.
    The dealership told him it should go to 250k miles easy, as he keeps it well maintained.
    The ES300 is also one of the most highly recommended used cars by Consumer Reports.
    If you have doubts, take the car in to the local Lexus dealer and have them check it out for you.
  • rebelskrebelsk Posts: 65
    Has anyone bought the new ES 300 in New England? How much have dealers been coming off the list price and negotiating? Thanks.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    mind18 asked what we think of the look of the new ES. My opinion is it's beautiful. I really love the look and think the designers did a great job of keeping the Lexus "look" while adding some bolder elements.

    As for discounts, I am getting a few thousand off because I know the dealer ownership. I have kept in touch with several other dealers in my area over the last several months and all are selling them at list only for now. Part of that is because each dealer seems to have about 50 people on their waiting list, so cars are sold before they come in. I'm sure there will be discounts around $2,000 once the spring rolls around.

    One more comment on the Alabaster color. It's like a cross between Millenium Silver and a White Pearl. Hopefully that helps. It very closely matches the light charcoal interior color.

    Rictra -- Congrats on your purchase. There is no longer any customer loyalty program (you used to get a $1,000 off if you were a repeat customer). That ended about 1-1/2 years ago unfortunately.
  • suv2002suv2002 Posts: 20

    I went to one dealer (Lexus of Norwood) and they would not come off list--they'd throw in Lojack but that's it. Since I'm moving to New Jersey, I shopped there and got $1100 off MSRP.
  • gambhirgambhir Posts: 64
    Loyalty rebates are reduced to 500 now and limite dto older models and 2001 left overs--lenscap is correct the 1000$ one is gone

    hey lenscap--found out something horrific--so pl. confirm--actually check the blue book site it says to get AVS, you must have ordered the Mark Levinson/nav package--which means you get it only on fully loaded models--hey didn't you order one ofthem but not both--so you might want to check

    Having dealer party on Oct 26 will see more colors then
    My car is expected End of October--why is october sooooo slow :)
    Finally I also know the dealerership owner very well for the last 7 yrs and got the new car at a steep discount as an exception--I am told average discounts in Northwest will be $2500-$3000 by next June
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    You're always a great source of info! I ordered a car with everything except chrome wheels. So yes, I did get both the nav and ML in addition to the AVS.

    I'm curious, what kind of steep discount did you get? If you don't want to say I'll understand.
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