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Mercedes-Benz S-Class



  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    I've only heard that for AMG vehicles, and only in Europe.

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  • I've had tremendous success with the Meguiar's Quik Detailer product on my Blk/Charcoal S500. Per Paul Chiu's previous message I ordered the Meguiar's new paint collection ($39.95 from their website). I spent one Saturday morning polishing the car and it looked great although there was some residue I fought with for awhile longer. I quickly came to the conclusion that I had rather pay someone $150 every two months and maintain it myself in-between. The one good product I did learn about in the process was this quick detailer stuff. Every couple of days I spend 15 minutes wiping the car down with the spray and a clean 100% cotton towl (the Cannondale (sp?) brand of towel works well). After a week of doing this the car still looks freshly detailed and has every day since. I might not even wash it this week. This is on a black car mind you, so it is a very gentle formula. I don't see any scratches, as you might expect by wiping a dirty car down. I think you can buy it at most auto part stores for $6-$7 a bottle, which should last for 10 or so wipe-downs. Give it a try! Nothing more shameful than a dirty S-Class!
  • mlbarnesmlbarnes Posts: 48
    I agree about the Mequiar's Quik detailer. I have spend $1000 this year on wax, towels, and cleaning accessories. This detailer is the best that I have found. If someone has found something better, I would love to know.
  • paulchiupaulchiu Posts: 378
    Besides the Quik Detailer I pointed out to scargo and others, I have found the Turtle Wax Express Shine Spray wax to be as shiny as the Quik Detailer, but is even easier to use. It takes even less effort to remove and buff vs the other.

    Here's the link:

    I always use a feather brush to blow/brush off dust and dubris after rain. Then I use the famous california car brush from California Car Covers,

    After the brushing, in a light and quick manner, I would use the spray wax. The whole act takes under 10 minutes every weekend.

    Still drives my wife crazy, though!

  • tx_behrtx_behr Posts: 4
    Greetings from North Texas (Dallas).

    I'm in the market for my '1st' personal luxury convertable; as such - I've narrowed my marque to the SL series by MB.

    I'm interested in one of the model years between 1990 and 2002, (as I understand they're basically all the same in style, with subtle changes in the content as the years progressed).

    I have the opportunity to purchase a 97 SL500, Black/Black, 9000 actual miles (a former company lease car, that was literally used in a North Dallas Church); the Panorama roof, CD changer, built-in phone (analogue though), and chrome wheels. She's a beauty - looks showroom new.

    My questions -

    = are there any years of the SL to avoid due to systemic problems? (i.e. brake, engine, or electical issues)
    = Are there any owners of 97 SL 500's - how do you like your car? What's the gas economy like (as if it really matters,... hee hee)
    = With only 9K on the 4 year old car; I plan to drive 10-12K a year; what sort of annual service $$ could I expect to budget for? (the car is Starmark Certified, and I plan to get a 3 year extension on the warrenty)
    = In general - just looking to get some feedback on the 97 SL500 - or if there is indeed a more preferred model year -- what year is it; and why do you prefer that year?

    = I haven't purchased the vehicle yet - gonna go test drive it again this afternoon; but the current "asking" price is $51K. Edmunds suggests the car should go for $46-49K, (even with a premium credit for the low mileage); would $49-50K seem reasonable for this vehicle?

    Thanks in advance for your insight and invites -- looking forward to joingin the ranks of MB Convertable owners!

  • coolmatt44coolmatt44 Posts: 54
    Hello, I am taking a job in Los Angeles starting in July. I currently have a 2000 BMW 740i Sport, which I love and will be shipping out there, but I am selling my RX300 and my wives C320, because we won't need an SUV in California (as opposed to New York.)and I figured that If I sold two 40k cars I could get my wife a high end luxury car. She has narrowed it down to either the S-430/500, or the LS430. I was wondering how hard it is to get the S-430 (probably what we would go with if we got a Mercedes.) in SoCal, and if there are huge premiums? Thanks in advance.
  • nkolenkole Posts: 18
    It's no problem to get an S-class in the LA area. Most dealers have several in stock and will even discount. Try Penske Motors in West Covina or MB of South Bay. I've bought cars from both and had very good experiences.

  • It's a great car. All model years have proven reliable, perhaps with the exception of 1990, and even that's not too bad. My last one, a '95, had more than 80K miles on it when I let it go, and it had no rattles and ran like new literally. It still smelled a bit new even. I personally wouldn't spend the money on the warranty extension, especially if the car is Starmark Certified. But if it helps you sleep better...

    $50K is probably high but still reasonable for this car, considering the under 10K mileage, and the Starmarking. People buy odomoters, as they say, and super clean low mileage cars are just worth more ultimately. I would completely forget what Edmunds and other consumer publications say. Check around and see what the going prices are at other M-B dealers in your area. The market is what it is.

    You'll get about 17 to 18 MPG in mixed city and highway driving, maybe dropping down to 16 MPG if you get on it quite a bit. On long highway trips that'll go up to 22 MPG or so.

    Annual service expenses (brakes, oil, minor tune ups, wiper -- there's only one! -- etc, but not including unexpected major repairs) are a bit hard to estimate. $1000 per year would usually more than cover it on average, I'd say, except in years wher you buy tires or have a major service done such as the 60K. Of course, a major repair such as replacing a catalytic converter or AC compressor done at a factory authorized dealership could blow the budget wide open. But don't be afraid to go to a trusted private garage for minor stuff, and even major repairs to save money. Benz's are a mechanic's delight and are usually very easy to work on unless you get a V12, where there just isn't enough room to maneouver in the engine bay because of the sheer bulk of the motor.

    Good luck.

    It sounds like a fabulous car. I wouldn't wait too long or someone else will grab it.
  • coolmatt44coolmatt44 Posts: 54
    I was just checking, because I know many people have been on waiting lists for several months, and I wanted to be able to get it as soon as we arrive in LA. Also thanks for the advice on where to go,I'll check both of them out.
  • paulchiupaulchiu Posts: 378
    I recently saw a 1999 SL600 at my dealer for 85K, with 30K miles. Seem like too much for me. But it was in impeccable condition, only 1 minor chip. But it was in white. Not the color of choice for me in a SL class.

    Otherwise, I think the SL class is the next best thing to an Aston Martin coupe.
  • pathdocpathdoc Posts: 126
    I have had a 91 500SL since new. I drove it as my primary car (although I had others for special interest). Three years ago I bought the car after leasing it for a total of 7 years and switched to a Jag. XK8 and now a XKR. The two reasons for switching were: 1)I needed a small back seat for my daughter so she could learn the joys of top down motoring at an early age and 2) My dissatisfaction with my local Mercedes dealer. I still drive the SL on occasion and it is a solid now as it was 10 years ago. The only recurring problem I had was an area of excessive wear on the soft top which required replacing the top twice in 7 years. It was located just above the rear window. I would check the soft top carefully since it is expensive. The first replacement was under complete warranty and the second partial. I think any year is ok. The earlier cars were rated at a higher H.P. but the later got better gas milage.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382

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  • 3pointstar3pointstar Posts: 45
    I know most of you have been posting about the new S-Class. It's a beautiful car, but I like the previous generation big-body S and I am looking for one. Came across a 94 S500 with +100K, but the condition is very good for mid $20Ks. I test drove it and it has that suspension shudder that some have mentioned in the big deal. The question I have is it had its AC unit replaced at one point. I know this is a problem with the last generation S, but will this problem reoccur again on the replacement unit?
  • mrman_3k1mrman_3k1 Posts: 52
    Hello everybody, it has been a little while since I last posted, it has been really busy here. Anyway, the Designo Silver leather gets very dirty for anybodies information. I don't want to try cleaning it myself and do something to hurt it, but I would like the original color back since it is only several months old. If you know of any really good places in the Bay Area that can do a really good and clean job, please post it. Thanks in advance.
  • dre2011dre2011 Posts: 2
    Does anyone have any concerns about buying a 1995 S350D, the last year of the S-Class diesel, w/ 80k miles? Were there any common technical problems w/ '95 S-Classes? I've heard that S-Classes have a/c problems from 1992-96--is this true/false? Any comments at all would be appreciated. Also, comments about performance, power, acceleration, and reliability would be appreciated. I know that a diesel doesn't accelerate very well, but is it unbearably slow? your opinions are appreciated.
  • bitkahunabitkahuna Posts: 206
    Apart from the fact that all but the most modern diesels belch tons of stinky carcinogenic fumes every time you accelerate?

    Fortunately, my Lexus constantly smells the outside air and switches automatically to recirculate when a diesel is in front of me!
  • merckxmerckx Posts: 565
    Diesels haven't had a smoke probleminyears-unless the fuel metering needs repair.Some 90s BNenz diesels had very serious problems-I think it stemmed from trying to meet more stringent particulate emissionn for the West coast.I don't remember the years now,unfortunately.But do find outp-it is important.(there are not many years to navoid).I would say acceleration is not opbjectionable.Wirth windows/roof open,it is just a little clattery,but nothing like the old,smokey days.Great milage,of course,but as a car increases in value,I would think milage would not be such an issue.And yes A/C can be a huge problem.If A/C is essential in your clime,get it professionally assed.
    Finaly.I do think they are wonderful-one would bring any motorist a lot of pleasure.But have you considered a 6 cylinder gas?
  • chapman7chapman7 Posts: 23
    I am curious as to why the interior of your car is getting so dirty in just a few months and am wondering what you are carrying in the car and who the passengers are and what they are wearing that is causing this problem. I haven't experienced this with other cars with very light interior colored leather seats.
    I have a Designo Silver car on order and maybe I should think twice if this is a major maintenance problem.
  • paulchiupaulchiu Posts: 378
    Unless you're thinking of wearing light knakis all the time. Wearing jeans will darken the light leather. Dark leather jackets will darken the leather too. If you have kids or pets, think twice before ordering the designo silver edition.
  • paulchiupaulchiu Posts: 378
    This won't work either, as the oils on your skin will darken the leather as well.
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