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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • dave203dave203 Posts: 13
    I looked at a '92 500E for sale. I did not drive it yet. The car looks like a true autobahn high speed cruising machine with a factory air dam in the front, fog lights and wipers for the headlights. I am told this car is a killer and highly exclusive. It has, though, nearly 90K miles. Anyone familiar enough with this machine to tell me about longevity, and repairs/maintenance I might be facing ? Any thoughts/comments would be highly appreciated.
  • kevingrahnkevingrahn Posts: 1
    FYI: With the word out on the next gen E class in Automobile magazine, and the big inventory of E's in LA, the dealers are dealin'. I just took delivery of a new E430 at $1K BELOW invoice and included dealer installed CD at supposed dealer "cost" of $680. I also got additional $1.4K toward down payment using MB financing of 7.5% (no pre-payment penalty if paid of early). Net = $2.4K BELOW invoice plus tax savings. Same deal was offered for E320's.
  • tendonstendons Posts: 43
    I had a 93 500e with 110000 miles and sold it to a friend for 20000. It was the best car I ever had which includes the current E55, 2000740sport, porche 993, bmw 530is(1986) 2002, the last two were my previous favorites. The car was so wonderfully smooth and the seats felt great and I'm still sorry I let it go. My friend loves it for the last 5000 miles. There was never any serious problems: power steering pump, water pump, some sort of ignition harness problem. Not bad, but I did have the 100000mile warraty. I don't think the 92 was any different. The car tracked great and it really felt more stable than the E55 at speeds over 110. If it checks out mechanically it should be really enjoyable.
  • 2dimples2dimples Posts: 3

    If you don't mind sharing where did you purchase your car? What sales person did you deal with? Please let me know. This info will be much appreciated.
  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    The 500e is my current object of automotive lust

    Dave203 - how much are they asking?

    Tendons - Where are you located? New Orleans by chance?
  • kcsuprattkcsupratt Posts: 23
    Has anyone ever heard of TST 5000 ? or have is applied to their car ?

    Well, I just had it done to my White E430 Sport and now my car is smooth as silk. The TST 5000 is a Teflon coating and it made my car look great.

    It has a 5 year warranty and no need to wax it.
    I had a friend recommed it to me and he swore by it. I took a chance and for now I am happy. Lets see how it hold up in the years to come.

    The price was $280. He usually charges more than that but my friend took me there and gave me a good deal. I think the regular price is about $350- $400+.

    The shop told me that MB did a horrible job preping my car.I think he had to strip off the wax and then applied the TST 5000 to seal in the paint.

    I hope by next week I can have some pictures to show everyone plus my new Alpine DVD GPS system.

    I am still thinking about the Eibach and H&R springs. I also want to upgrade my brakes. Has anyone upgrade their brakes ? If so, please tell me if it is worth it and what I should get and the cost of it.

    Thanks again

  • tendonstendons Posts: 43
    yes, new orleans;
  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    Kind of weird. I thought about emailing you and asking what maintenance your 500E required.

  • bargamonbargamon Posts: 302
    I think that when you negotiate a deal, its a deal.

    I am curious, can you back out without losing the deposit??

    I think that most deals involve cars on inventory. Special order can be different. You got what you want at a good price. It is possible that you can redue the deal, but you may not get that car.

    Once you get behind the wheel, you won't think about the price anymore......

    Good luck.
  • cmayercmayer Posts: 38
    I agree that a deal is a deal. However, the dealer approached our poster and said thay wanted more money. When asked why, they said because it would be nice to have.

    I also agree that it would be nice for our poster to have a better deal on the new E430. Since the dealer reopened negotiations by asking for a better deal for them, the buyer is only continuing them by requesting a better deal the other way. If the dealer loses this sale thru their greed, it's their own fault.
  • juresjures Posts: 42
    i've had it on all my new cars since 1990, including my 2000 desert silver 4matic e320. it is a great product, when i wash the car, it always beads up and looks like it was just waxed, i do have the car waxed/detailed once a year. roger
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,776
    In California you can back out of a deal for any reason, but the dealer may just be looking for a little more security. I'm uncomfortable with the advice to renegotiate the contract, although you could blame the dealer for it because he asked a larger than normal deposit after the fact.

    There is the possibility the dealer has another customer at a higher price for the same car so renegotiating may just cause you to wait for the car even longer. While 3% over may be on the high side of what some folks in this forum have found remember this car was not sitting on the lot waiting for a buyer, you had to order it.

    Are you willing to risk losing the car for a better deal? It's up to you.
  • valueguyvalueguy Posts: 208
    The M-B dealer rotated my tires and cleaned the windshield. The cleaning helped but there are still some embedded sand particles in the front windshield glass. They are most noticeable in bright sunlight and from the inside of the car.

    I do not think that the front windshield needs to be replaced at this time. Anyone else have a similar problem?

    As a side note, BMW is planning on releasing its new 6 series Bimmer in 2002. Rumors on the BMW boards report a new 2003 M5 with 490HP. The new 6 series looks fantastic.
  • wbreauxwbreaux Posts: 33
    I'm not sure if it was TST 5000, but I went to my carwash (detail) place and asked them for the best wax they had. They recommended instead that for $140 they could put on a teflon coating (I don't remember the brand name) that was guaranteed for a year. I did it and it looks great. I have a '00 Desert Silver 320.
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    AACCKKK , A 944 BMW ? I DON'T THINK SO.....

    I used the starmark national search to get a better idea of pricing and cars available.

    1st question it seems W denotes the AWD system ? all most all of the cars had it, is there any problems with this system ? just wondered since about 90% of the trade ins were AWD.

    2nd located a 98 turbo diesel with high miles, I understand the starmark warranty is til a 100k total miles regardless of year., are these motors designed to go high milage or should I stay away and continue to search more ??

    3rd re the 97 inline 6 vs 98 v6 what are the atvantages , or disatvantages to either ?

    lengthy questions i know but don't wanna make a mistake on a vehicle with this kind of $$$

    regards, DL
  • valueguyvalueguy Posts: 208
    Well, I like the 6 series bimmer. My '00E430 Sport is a nice car. I even appreciate the multicontour seats. But, sometimes I yearn for more power and better handling combined with a truly sporty auto transmission.

    Perhaps, in 1-2 years M-B will have this tranny in the 450HP 2004 E-55?

    You would not want to be the first buyer of this tranny unless you enjoy spending a lot of time at the service department.

  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Actually, MB's version of the clutchless 6-speed (called "Sequentronic") has been available in Europe since March for the new C230K coupe and the C-class ;-). From what I've heard, it's a hoot! Too bad that we won't be getting it here because I'd love to try it out too :-(.

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  • vs4vs4 Posts: 70
    Thanks to eveyone who replied to my posts. I really appreciate all the help.

    I talked to the SalesManager today and told him what the salesman told me on Friday. He denied that he even asked the salesman to ask me for more money but he did say that on this type of unique(almost fully loaded E430) special order car there norm is to ask for more deposit(but not after the deal is made) in the beginning.

    I told him that even if he himself(SalesManager) would have asked me for money now, I would not have given them a single penny more. The reason I was ticked because initially they asked for only $1000 and I gave them what they asked for so why ask for more money in the middle.

    SalesManager apologized that SalesMan asked me for more money.

    The way I read the SalesManager is that I think SalesManager was lying that he did not ask the SalesMan to ask for more money. I think what made SalesManager change his mind is that when I told him I will not be giving more money even if I have to cancel the order.

    Anyways as of now the deal stands as it was before 3% above invoice. And I think even if I get the car at invoice, it is not worth the hassle for me to save another $1800 at most. I just want the car as of yesterday...

    Again, Thanks for all the help.
  • das_jesterdas_jester Posts: 2
    My wife and I are looking at a 99 E320 and it although it has many great features one thing we find is that in the back you can feel a lot of sway back and forth and up and down while driving.

    It is almost like the suspension is loose / not tight. Is this the normal ride for such a car? We are used to a Lexus ES300 which is a tigher ride, but this car is bigger than the 320 so we do not know if this is "normal" for MB trying to make the ride cushy.


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