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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081

    "Boosted by the recent launch of the all-new E-Class, the model line led October sales volume with 5,265 units sold in the month, a 72.1 percent increase over October 2001."


  • How on earth does one set the analog clock on the 320E 2003? The computer clock I get-but the manual doesn't even reference the regular clock on instrument panel...
  • Setting the clock on the 2003 E Series is done from your setting's menu. When you are setting the clock you will be setting both the analog and digital. It's under the (SET TIME/DATE) Function. It took me about 5 minutes to set it. Not very easy the first time.
  • jim256jim256 Posts: 14
    FYI, I had a few mis-steps setting the clock from the instrument display "Settings" menu, too, until I slowed down and read what it was telling me: after you enter the time on the digital display, you must press the "R" button (trip odometer/reset button) to confirm it. I missed that "R" step and so I was pressing the steering wheel buttons to proceed, but nothing happened.
  • A highly favorable article on the new E-series

    Worth reading for Mercedes Owners and fans.

  • mbdrivermbdriver Posts: 426
    I agree with merc1's post 4186 -- there may be a 2003 E-Class wagon (in W210 "clothing"), but the inventory at a high volume dealer proves nothing. You yourself mentioned that other smaller dealers have virtually no 2003 E-Class on hand.

    How 'bout some facts to back up your outlandish assertion about slow 2003 E-Class sales?
  • Has anyone done an oil change or seen one described on a 1997 E-420. I've read the 2 DIYs on changing oil on which I think are both describing changes on E-320s. I think the 1st DIY instruction is the closest to the E-420 since what looks like the oil filter housing has the 13mm bolt head on the top, but there are no instructions on removing the whole air filter housing which is necessary to access the oil filter. Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.
  • footiefootie Posts: 636
    If I said that smaller dealerships don't have any inventory, I truly mispoke.

    Smaller dealerships tend to use the Mercedes generated website format which specifically prevents you from finding out what they have in stock.

    For example it appears that the other MB dealers in the Boston area, Foreign Motors West, Wagner Motors, LewBar here in Ma and Viti in Rhode Island, all have the Mercedes standard website. They could have 0 or 20 03 E's in stock, who knows!

    I'll stop by Foreign Motors tomorrow and walk their back lot to see what's in stock and give everyone an update.

    Plus I can check to see how many W210 03 Wagons they have...
  • Im constantly amazed when i read MB Message Boards how people are in denial that MB's can be aquired for less than full MSRP - i know that there are a few car salesmen who participate in forums out of self interest but i don't understand why educated consumers takes it so personally that dealers can and do discount - E's have been out for almost a year in other parts of the world and MB has to ship substantial volume of these car's to justify the investment and keep its market share figures up. Given the stiff premium for these vehicles and the fact that there's less .Com, Stock Option, Enron, Worldcom shareholders tripping over themselves overpaying for these cars in the volume MB requires. Most people are just hanging on to their jobs - forget bonuses, raises. Just because you know the sales manager's first name and he tells you these things are flying off the lot doesnt mean you have to believe him.
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    In reference to the "old style" 2003 E-class wagons, they do exist because I saw several at Fletcher Jones Mercedes-Benz in Newport Beach California. Also, the 2003 CLK cabriolet is in the old style too.

    Just my .02 worth. Mark
  • mbdrivermbdriver Posts: 426
    I'm constantly amazed when I read in MB Message Boards that some people assert that MB's can NOT be acquired for less than full MSRP. They can! Maybe I missed something, but the comment by footsie was that the E-Class isn't selling well because a volume dealer in Boston has a large inventory.

    No educated consumers I know are taking it personally that MB dealers can and do discount. In fact, I'd be shocked if I couldn't get a 2003 E-Class for less than MSRP. My experience is that very few automotive models of any make actually command MSRP, and if they do it's often a temporary situation based on supply and demand (remember the situation when the Honda Oddysey first came out?). Just because someone says that a dealer has a large inventory doesn't mean you have to believe him when he says that sales are slow.
  • dzubadzuba Posts: 159
    I am not interested in trying to stir any debate here - so let's not go there!

    I am new to considering and learning about MB - so bear with me please! I am narrowing down my search and have decided on a 530/540 BMW, and have now come across 2 2001 CPO E430's on a local lot! Both have 13K miles on them, one has the Sport package - and both are priced around 44K. According to both Edmunds and KBB those are pretty good prices!

    The cars look beautiful - both of them. Are they as awesome to drive and own as they appear. I will be putting 30K miles on one per year!

    My other concern - and no offense to anyone here - is how will I look driving one at age 38!! The only reason I say that is because I never see anyone under 45/50 driving a MB 4-door!

    Help me see the light please!
  • I own a BMW 740 and my lease is up. I am debating between a BMW 540 and a Mercedez E class 500. I am interested in any comparisons. I have a particular interest in the GPS and the cell phone systems as well as the driving experience.
  • r1_97r1_97 Posts: 181
    Both the bmw and mb are fast and prestigious cars. Apparently, you don't have a preference based on appearance or your own test drive. Your image won't be tarnished be either. I believe bmw has a younger demographic base. Are you trying to impress some young lady with your car?
  • wnielwniel Posts: 97
    The 2000/2002 E430 is a beautiful car to drive. I have a 2000 E430 that I bought for my wife and enjoy every minute that my wife gives me the chance to drive it. You mention that you will be driving it about 30K per year and given that kind of mileage you should be aware that you will be getting only about 20K on a set of tires. Mileage will be helped by keeping no less than 36 psi in them and will deprecate the quality of ride just slightly. The tires on the E430 are 17" and the tires are low profile high performance and tend to be made of a soft compound. When warm they are very sticky on the road providing top performance but less than the kind of mileage that most people are used to. My wife only has 18K on her car and we expect to get maybe 2-3K more before they are replaced. It currently has Goodyear F1's on it and would not recommend them to anyone else as they are very noisy. I'm just now starting to nose around to see if there aren't better mileage tires that are also quiet. I don't need tires that are rated for 150 plus MPH.
  • bigrobnhbigrobnh Posts: 114
    I'm 37 and have driven my E320 for 18 months. I believe that the E class could sell on looks alone. When they did the re-design to the W210 and the "eyes" first showed up, I fell in love. The W210 is the most beautiful sedan I've ever seen (IMHO). That fact that it's rock solid to drive and has great convenience and safety features is almost like icing.

    The BMW is a world class vehicle in its own right and has many pros/cons and, in fact, probably beats an E-Class in many categories. However, just LOOK at a black E-class that's been freshly detailed. WOW. Do I care that a 530 can beat me from the stop sign by a second? Nope. That will happen 10 months out of the year. When the snow falls, I get to drive my 4matic don't want to be driving a RWD car in NH in the winter...regardless of snow tires/traction control.

    How will you look? I don't know. I get plenty of complements (on my car). The teachers at the day care center always make comments to my 8 month old about how he gets to ride to school in style. My wife won't drive it as she thinks she's going to get carjacked or something. So in her opinion you'll look like a target. :-)

  • dzubadzuba Posts: 159
    You are correct - these two E430's look 100% awesome!!

    Check them out please at and let me know what you think! The website says they are 47-48K, but they are down to 44-45K in the local paper! Wonder why?

    As for looks - married with 3 kids so I am not trying to impress any young lady!!

    Insight is appreciated!
  • I bought my E320 at age 30. I tried to qualify for the senior citizen discount at the drive-through at the local McD's. It didn't work. ;)

    But seriously,it's a great car, and while I would consider it beautiful, it's styling is certainly conservative. I wouldn't worry about the image, especially as you really don't have to impress anybody.

    On the other hand, the opposite is much worse, e.g. a 55-year-old in a Mazda Miata.
  • I am currently 36 years old. I have a 2001 S500 & a 2000 ML320. Age to me is not relevant. I owned my first Benz at the age of 29 (in 1995 I purchased a 1987 300E with 108000 miles only to sell it for a new 1998 E320 4Matic in 1998). BMW's are great cars as well as Mercedes. I simply prefer the MB. Just thought I would give my 2 cents.
  • I can't tell from those pictures, but if they have a sport model, it will look somewhat less conservative. I love that desert silver.

    Wally, I too am driving on a set of terrible Goodyear F1s. Let me know how your research is going about replacement tires. The F1s let you take corners at 100mph, but they are the noisiest tires I have ever heard short of a dump truck. I hate them.
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