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Nissan Maxima



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    My post! Easy fix

  • jeff186jeff186 Posts: 95
    anyone know the current cash back or finance deal on the Max? I just saw a TV ad for the Pathfinder, offering $1,000 cash back AND 3.9% over 60 months. In past months, the Max and Pathfinder had identical offers.
  • eblumeblum Posts: 52
    Any suggestions on tires? I have narrowed it down to Yokohama Avid V4's or Dunlop Sport A2.

    I think that I have worn the Toyo's to their limit. New, they were good, but the past 20,000 miles have been disappointing...have 55,000 on them now.
  • mirthmirth Posts: 1,212
    The deal on the Max is $1000 cash back OR 3.9% financing 37-60 months. Not both. Currently good until the end of the month, but they said that last month and the month before so I imagine they'll extend it.
  • b_doggb_dogg Posts: 6
    Hi there,

    I'm hoping one of you kind people can help me. We have a '95 Maxima that we love dearly. It only has one flaw. Once the car is warmed up, the car makes a high pitched whistling noise when it comes to a stop and is idling. As soon as the gas pedal is pressed, the sound instantly stops. As you can imagine, in stop and go driving this can be very annoying.

    The car is otherwise perfect. We took it to our local Nissan dealership service and they suggested it may be the water pump in the engine ($525 to fix) or else it was something else in the engine which would require taking it completely apart (around $2000 to fix!).

    So, we thought that we'd ask around on the Internet and see if any of y'all Maxima fans could lend a helping thought to us.


  • bcohenbcohen Posts: 58
    Wow! I just took a test drive in a 2002 6-speed Maxima SE (I also got a nice Kenneth Cole watch for doing so!). I have been thinking about a Maxima as my next car, but I hadn't driven one yet. It was incredible. There is no doubt in my mind what my next car will be. I will probably be buying a slightly used model, but I imagine the experience is similar. Some of the people in previous posts were complaining about how the resale value has gone way down, but that is certainly very enticing. A used Maxima is probably the best used car bargain out there right now. I've been reading the thread for a while, and hope to join in the discussion as an owner in the not too distant future. Enjoy!
  • I had a similar hood flutter on my 2002 SE (went in for an oil change on my 208K 1991 Sentra and came out with a Maxima) at high speeds or when driving into strong head winds. Mine was particularly noticeable at the hood's edges.

    I spoke to my service guy at the dealer and he knew exactly what I was describing. They installed a supplemental hood gasket kit that prevent excess air from flowing under the leading edge of the hood. For obvious liability reasons, they don't do a high speed test drive to verify the problem.

    The kit consists of 3 gaskets - one each along the top of the headlight assemblies and a third on the underside of the leading edge of the hood in the area over the radiator (except where the air inlet to the engine is located). I'm not sure if there is a Technical Service Bulletin on this, but it was done under warranty and there seemed to be a repair kit.

    Not sure how the part numbers would be in Canada but here's what it said on my service order:

    "Hood flutters a highway speeds
    If required test and repair hood bond joints, install bumper/head lamp pack components.

    Parts: [all descriptions were truncated]
    65829-50A00 Bumper-Hoo
    65829-2Y900 Pack-Rim F
    65829-2Y900 Pack-Rim F"

    Apparently Nissan allows them to bill 0.8 hours for this repair, so its not major.

    I've had no problems since then. The installation is neat and the gaskets don't look like some second thought add-on, so I'm satisfied. I did notice that my friend's new I-35 had the same gaskets installed on the top of the head lamp assemblies, so apparently this affected Infiniti also.
  • danny25danny25 Posts: 119
    Did they give you that watch there on the spot, or something you have to mail to get the watch shipped to you later. I drove an Altima a few months ago and got the same watch shipped to me a few weeks later.
  • parnolaparnola Posts: 140
    Is the Maxima still made in Japan?
  • oehrleinoehrlein Posts: 30
    Yes Maxima's are still made in Japan. I'm not sure starting when but Maxima's will be built in USA. I wonder if they will be built in Japan and USA or just built in USA. Maybe someone out there can bring us up to speed on this subject.

    Semper Fi
  • qx4qx4 Posts: 99
    japan but the newer generation will be in the states. Which would be summer of next year if not earlier.
  • parnolaparnola Posts: 140
    I hope when production moves to the US, quality doesn't suffer. The '99 Camry I have is made much more poorly than the '89 made in Japan model.
  • qx4qx4 Posts: 99
    Not sure, but you can always go with the G35, its made in japan if you are worried about stuff like that.
  • roar1roar1 Posts: 193
    johngolden, the (3) rubber gaskets or trim pieces that the dealer added
    to your car were actually STANDARD equiptment on the 2k Max. I guess
    Nissan did some cost cutting in later models so that they could up-content
    the Max a auto-dimming mirror, Steering wheel mounted
    audio controls etc.

    Also, I saw a TSB somewhere that mentions numerous fixes for the hood
    flapping. Some cars will have problems in different areas of the hood. One
    vehicle may only need the hood stops adjusted and another may have some
    spot-welds missing which would require the dealer to use adhesive
    in those areas of the hood.
  • bcohenbcohen Posts: 58
    It was actually the Altima testdrive offer, but I wanted to drive the Maxima instead. I should be getting this watch in the mail in a while. Not a bad deal...I get to drive a beautiful new Maxima...and get free stuff for it!
  • tclemonstclemons Posts: 31
    I had the same deal when I bought a 2002 Frontier King-Cab. Actually found out about the offer a month after I bought the truck. Had to send my address to Nissan and they sent me a brochure and a "test drive card". Took it to my dealer and the sales manager signed the card and attached her business card (required by Nissan) and I mailed the card back. I had a choice of a Fossil watch or a picnic basket. Can't afford to eat after buying the truck so I chose the watch. At least now I know what time it is for the meal that I can't afford to eat! Really nice watch with the only problem being that it doesn't show the date.
  • My service engine soon light came on today. It's a 2002 SE auto with 700 miles. I went to the dealer they wanted me to sign a paper that if the light was cause by the gas cap not sealing properly I was to pay $75.00, I told no way will I sign, I bought the car 1.5 months ago.
    What would anyone recommend for me.
  • oilers1oilers1 Posts: 17
    Take it to a different dealer if you have the option. It only takes a few seconds to read the codes and reset the light so $75 is rich. If it is a loose gas cap, a few engine start cycles should reset the light without dealer intervention.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    ALWAYS click the gas cap 3-5 times when installing it to prevent this problem.

    And $75 is what a Mazda dealer told a friend of mine for the same thing.
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