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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • danhirschdanhirsch Posts: 20
    I bought the last of the 2001 Camrys just when the new bigger 2002s were released. While I got a great deal on my car - under 17k for a loaded Camry, as it was the last 2001 on the lot, I still get Camry envy when I see the new one. I know with my brain that I did right, but my heart cries a little to see that larger, more powerful, more luxurious Camry next to me.

    I am in the process of trading in the 1998 Sienna for a 2004, and am probably over paying. I am taking those few thousand dollars I saved on the Camry and putting it in the Sienna.
  • x10guyx10guy Posts: 15
    "If anyone has any ideas of what else I may be missing in my ball park figure I have, please let me know.."

      My friend went to test drive a new 04 Sienna LE with the basic option package (power sliding door, upgraded sound system, other minor stuff). The MSPP was around $25,500. He could have bought it right then, but he passed since he is looking for an XLE. The CE will be even less (probably around $23K)

      Now that the 04's are out, I would definitely not pay anything over $20K for a basic 2003 CE or anything over $23K for a well equiped 2003 LE. These are just ball park figures. If you can't find a 2003 with all the features you want at the price you want, I suggest you get an 2004 CE.
  • hst1hst1 Posts: 17
    Hi Dan,
    Thank you for responding to me the other day... is this the same dealer that originally offered you 4% over invoice? Did you originally buy your other car there, so you got a repeat discount?
  • danhirschdanhirsch Posts: 20
    Yes - it is the same dealer - the original offer was on a LTD which we decided we didn't need. So I agreed to 5% on the XLE, which saves a good deal of money, but we lose some "luxury" features. Anyways, I can deal with the 1% - about $280, if it saves $3000.

    I spoke to the salesman yesterday who appreciates me sending business his way, but he did tell me that he agreed at that price only because I am a repeat customer. He also told me that he was willing to give a discount of $500-$700 to people who came to see him. This is actually a different salesperson than the name I gave you - they guy I dealt with originally is only in Used Cars. When I get home, I will send you an e-mail with the new salesman's name. If you called there, you already probably have it.

    We picked the Silver Shadow, by the way.
  • spooky04spooky04 Posts: 4
    I have a 1992 Previa that has been a dream car for the family but it was time to get something bigger and more comfortable. Didn't even consider the Sienna until I found out a new model was coming in 2004. Very glad I waited. Test drove the first one in my area but the dealer could only get $400 below MSRP. Shopped around and found an internet sale for a 7-passenger LE, Silver Shadow paint, FE, and BW options for $26,900 (MSRP $27,665). Dealer threw in the Z1 and WH components (MSRP of $279). So I was able to get about $1,000 below MSRP for the dealers first sale of a 2004 Sienna. Technologies sure have changed in 12 years. MSRP on the 1992 was $21,545.
  • Just bought a new '03 XLE with LL, HD, UF, EM for $26,500 (MSRP was around $32,700)so that's $6,200 off MSRP including incentives. This deal was at Naperville Toyota in Illinois. They were very pleasant to deal with. Some nice deals out in this area now if you can find any '03's left. This dealer still has a few left. Love the van. Saw the new '04. Very nice, but no buyers remorse with the deal I was able to get. P.S. Had to pay cash to get this deal.
  • hst1hst1 Posts: 17
    I keep hearing about people buying from fleet dealerships and getting 2% over invoice for the 2004 siennas. What are fleet dealerships and how are they different from regular dealerships, if it is such a great deal, why doesn't everyone buy from them? Also I am in PA does anyone know if they have one near there? Thanks!!!
  • I too would like to find out about these Fleet Dealerships. Are they like a I went to my local dealer this afternoon to check out the '04 Sienna and they wouldn't budge from MSRP. I'm in PA and would love to make a sweet deal to drive one of these home.

    Info on Fleet Dealerships or dealers in the Philly/KOP area that will negotiate under MSRP is welcomed! Thanks!
  • dyh555dyh555 Posts: 30
    I live in the same area kop..... spoke to tricounty toyota .. they want msrp.. best I got was 200 below!
  • danhirschdanhirsch Posts: 20
    I picked up the 2004 XLE yesterday for 5% over invoice. (that's 1800 under MSRP). The one we got is the XLE with FR only. This includes heated leather seats, 17" alloy wheels, vehicle skid control, rear disc brakes, w/s wiper de-icer, daytime running lamps, driver, front passenger and side curtain airbags - almost base XLE except for the safety features and leather seats....

    I love the new power - there is some hesitation at first, but supposedly, this goes away - I also have no idea of what type of fuel the dealer put in - I know they recommend Super.

    The comfort level is amazing - I sat in the third row and was very comfortable, even sitting in between my girls in their car seats (albeit I am only 5'6"). There was no "bounce" like in the 1998 Sienna. There is also more room to walk around than in the older Sienna.

    The biggest surprise about the Sienna?

    1) The size of the "trunk" area - deep and wide - very spacious - a huge difference from the older Siennas. Here in New Jersey, you could fit two or three "former associates" in that area, Tony.
    2) Even the XLE and Limited does not come "standard" with floor mats, or cargo net. How can you spend $31000 and not have them throw in a floor mat? Nor are mudflaps standard.
    3) None of the models come with an ashtray - or lighter - this is a $50.00 "accessory". I don't smoke, so I don't care, but this was a first for me.
    4) How easy it is to turn - I find it being almost too easy to turn, and I'm not used to the shortened turn radius - this will, of course, change in time. So far, I have not parked close to anyone yet.... Also, it makes me wonder how rollable it is - the turning radius is so sharp, won't it be easier to roll? Just wondering - I'm not about to try... :)
    5) The sunshades are a little cheap. The sunshades that are built it will go before the car is a few years old. They don't seem sturdy at all - they will probably be expensive to replace. The girls like them a lot, though, as they do the windows that open (and we like that we can lock them closed)
  • Dan...from which dealer in Jersey did you get your new Sienna for 5% over invoice?
  • keith134keith134 Posts: 18
    I need to buy a minivan due to an expanding family and am trying to decide between the Odyssey and Sienna. None of the Honda dealers are willing to give more than $500 off MSRP and the Toyota dealers want MSRP. Can anyone help? I don't want to have a car shipped from more than one state away, ie Bedford, Ohio is out of the questions. thanks
  • lapvnlapvn Posts: 455
    Dan more importantly, can any of us walk in and get the same discount as you? I have heard of dealers giving better discounts to return customers. Are you a returning customer to that dealer?
  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,749
    I an my family just test drove the 2004 Sienna today. We love the car and we will trade our Odyssey for it.

    We are in Boston area. The dealer quoted $26690 for this LE (8 seater) with P/W, P/L, CD, A/C and power sliding doors. There is no window sticker and it was the only one in the dealer. Is this the MSRP? We first hated it because we have enough problem with the power sliding doors on Odyssey. We found out the power sliding doors can be operated manual. I mean, you can have the car in "D" and still open the doors. We like the operation of the 3rd seat.

    The dealer also showed us some production info. We first interested in CE (the website shows from $23K). But they told 47% of the Sienna production will be LEs. Only 5 to 10% for CE with some packages. Is this mean long wait and paying MSRP? We are in Boston, MA area.
  • danhirschdanhirsch Posts: 20
    Yes, I was a repeat buyer, but I'm not sure that thisis the reason I got a good deal - I just made it very clear that I was ready to wait - I went in, showed great interest - made them aware I wanted to buy THEIR product, but also made them aware I was going to pay MY price, and I made it clear that I had no qualms about walking away from the deal. In fact, after they lowballed me on my trade (offered me $8800 on my Sienna), I told them to refund my deposit and gave them my credit card to run the refund. That got the manager over to deal with me in a flash. I got what I wanted and paid what I wanted to pay, and they sold a van and are first in line for the next set of vans. What they lose in margin they will make up in volume. If they won't deal, they won't get volume.

    The funniest thing is that Route 22 Toyota, who on Friday told me that they would not sell at less than MSRP, called me and offered a deal at less than MSRP, but I told them that they lost a sale when Daniella told me that they wouldn't even consider going under MSRP....

    Remember - show interest and they will come down. If not now, then in a week or two or three ...., but pay what YOU want to pay.
  • wholiganwholigan Posts: 148
    FWIW - I live in Apple Valley...
    You will not find an ODY for much under sticker. I have not talked to any of the Metro dealers since March 11 (the 04 Sienna release), however, until Toyota starts getting "volume" to their dealerships, you can expect to play the MSRP game... I have found a dealership in the Chicago that will sell an Ody for 2K under MSRP. I think, however, I will hold out for the Sienna - was at the auto show last night. Comfort for comfort, the Sienna is the hands down winner. Ody has maturity going for it (bugs out of the engine/transaxle) and Sienna might have to prove to me (for a few months anyway) that their new 3.3L V6 and 5 Speed Tranny will hold up. This, to me, simply means I have to buy an extended warranty...

    Good Luck!
  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,749
    Just found the invoice for the LE 8 passengers with LE Package #1. It is $22479.00 (with dest. charge). The MSRP is $24920.00. I can see my dealer quoted me over MSRP. They quoted $26690.00
    One dealer also quoted $25926.00 which is $804 over MSRP. They said the price is included floor mats and AM Package. And what is AM Package? Any idea some dealers will sell this below MSRP?
  • judyk2judyk2 Posts: 4
    I contacted a dealer in gaithersburg maryland and he said, "expect prices to normalize over the next several weeks. Right now, there are a large number of buyers chasing a very limited number of vehicles. As this changes, when inventories of 2004 Siennas rise relative to the numbers of people interested in purchasing them, prices will drop".

    I really appreaciate these discussion groups. Thanks!
  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,749
    When I was in the dealer, they showed me a list for the Sienna production from Feb to April. It's about 47% for LE and CE is about 5 to 10%. The Kelly Blue has the invoice info for the Sienna. But we expect to pay MSRP.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,968
    We have MSRP and invoice pricing here too. The interesting number though is the TMV one. It's pegged at MSRP - that's good for a new model since for some models (and in better economic times?) the TMV has floated higher than MSRP.

    Current TMV projections are pretty squirrely though since few sales numbers will have trickled in. The big question is whether the TMV will stay at MSRP or go down.

    Steve, Host
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