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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedans



  • peter84peter84 Posts: 7
    In response to Paul P and MBNUT 1, it's difficult for me to answer your questions since (1). I had so many serious problems with the C Class and (2). Mercedes gave us a very good deal on the E Class. I liked the C 320 we had when it was running well which was not that often. I'm not a car expert and I don't run cars hard. I thought the C had a lot of nice electronic extras which initially appealed to me, but some of those were creating a lot of the problems we were having. It handled very well and had a lot of pep. The E Class is quite a bit larger and while the current model doesn't have all of the electronic goodies found on the C Class it's a very smooth riding car, (more so than the C) very quiet (again more than the C) and powerful, great pickup and overall a very nice car to drive especially if you do a lot of long distance driving which we do. It also has the same tight turning radius of the C Class, but so far the gas mileage is not as good.

    If we hadn't gotten the great deal on the E Class I don't kow if I would have bought it since it is quite a bit more expensive. The new E Class is coming out this summer and should have a lot of the "goodies" that the C Class has and more. We'll probably look for a new car in about 4-5 years, and at that time we'll have to decide whether an E Class is worth the money or not or even if we want another Mercedes. I expect they will improve their quality control, but they are expensive cars and they do charge for a lot of the extras that are standard on lots of other makes and models in the same luxury category.

    Sorry I can't be more specific or helpful. I like the E more and more as I drive it. It's a "sweet" car. Is it worth the extra money, maybe. That's really a personal decision and depends on what you think you can afford or want out of a car. I suggest to take it for a long test drive and then decide if there is enough difference.
  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271
    Thanks Peter84, I appreciate the background info. Hope to have my 2000 C a good many years, though am always interested in what's new out there!

    - Paul
  • mtroymtroy Posts: 45
    Has anyone had the dealer (not the factory) install the cell phone. WHen my car was in for service (this time the head light was out), I noticed many adds for the phone, but forgot to ask about it. The factory installed phone I remember was very expensive, about $1400, I think. I gotta think the dealers are even more.
  • mbgambga Posts: 11
    Must give props to the emergency handling of my MB C240. Recently on the am commute, in the rain, was cornering out of a left turn beyond the cross traffic onto a hwy entrance ramp when an car decided to pull from between stopped cars into my path. It would have been easier to avoid if the car had continued, but it stopped blocking my path. Nothing to do but hit the brakes hard and hope not to be hit in the rear (there were cars on my right). The anti-locks kicked in and disaster was avoided. It was one of those slow-motion situations, but there was not a moment where the car didn't feel secure. Don't think that would have been the feel in my prior SUV.

    The only accident I've been involved with occurred 15 years ago in an econo-box and would have been avoided in most good cars with anti-lock brakes. I got left-turned and could not stop in time.
  • I have a 2000 C280 Sports Sedan. By the way, its a great car. The car came with Pirelli P6000 tires. They are very noisy tires! Can someone recommend a tire brand that is quietier but still offers the same performance. Maybe in the $100.00 range. Also, I am looking for the website that sells Mercedes Benz accessories. I need lug locks. The dealers in the Washington DC area want $69.00 for them.
  • jacatlgajacatlga Posts: 8
    The phone is a very easy one. Unless someone has coerced a secret from M-B that I haven't been able to, you have to get it from M-B. Have had 3 different models fairly recently all with phone and none would accept the startac I walk around with. Have to keep a cdma and tdma because I use Cingular in Atl and they are the only people that support the tdma so for my SC number I have to have cdma phone. No one in that market supports the tdma. Had a M-B spec Startac stolen from 2000 C 280. Insurance carrier not happy about paying twice as much for the exact same phone with a recognition chip. I agree. I currently have a 2001 CLK with the Timeport which does not impress me.. Battery time seems noticably down from the startac. Just purchased a 2002 E 430 Sport and really wanted to get the V 60 but it was $800+ dollars for the the handset above the $ 1400 had paid for the install kit and voice recognition. Decided I would just swap the Timeport back and forth between the E and the CLK.. I just got an e-mail from Cingular to get a V70 for $249.00(current promotion) plus another $80.00 credit for being a 7 year customer... Very glad I didn't bite at the $800 from M-B. I am really quite bitter about their goughing on the price of the phone and CD. Well, and all their options for that matter... $30,000 cars have bi-xenon's standard and an in dash 6 disc standard. Yet I have to cough up a grand each for these option on a $60,000 auto and I get low-beam xenon's only and a "trunk" (ugh) changer... As I am writing this, I'm thinking...last M-B purchase. I'm just not feeling they have a prouduct that justifies allowing them to treat customer's who can buy whatever they want as if they were the only game in town. I've had a 95 SL 500, a 96 S320, 98 E 320, 2000 C 280 Sport, 01 CLK 430 CAB and the 02 E 430. With the exception of the 00 C 280, and the 01 CLK each newer car has felt less solid, lighter, cheaper. The reason the C 280 and CLK 430 were exceptions is because the C was engineered in the early nineties when M-B built to a standard. The standard. The CLK is just a rebodied "C" platorm which helped it keep the solid feel. The 98 E 320 was a sweet car with lots of tricks that my sisters 93 E didn't have but it didn't feel like the bank vault either. The new disco dashes in the "C" the "S" and the upcoming "E" and "SL" look like they were designed by Chrysler.. Actually, I like the dash design of most Chrysler products better. I think the silver star is getting a little tarnished. M-B is too busy trying to be like everyone else in order to grab new sales, that they have become a different product. A prouduct that cannot command a large premium in price and downright robbery in the option department. Maybe I am a car "nazi", but I remember when you were happy to pay a 10 grand or more premium for a Benz because it was worth it and you could feel it on the test drive. Not too mention, it came back at resale. If, you could turn loose of it to trade. Usually they were driven 7 or 8 years and passed on to the kids in college or as an extra car for the kids when they started their families.
  • jacatlgajacatlga Posts: 8
    Babbled on so much about my unhappiness with M-B that I didn't touch on the "C" vs the "E" battle. When my 98 E 320 was coming off lease and I was told another 8 months on the CLK 430 Cab that I had ordered in August 99...(this was August 2000) I decided I would get a C 280 Sport in the interim.. In my mind, I was tired of the big "E". Felt like I was driving my mom's car. Wanted smaller and sportier again. Hmmm midlife crisis.. Well, within "2" months I would have traded a limb for that "E" back. Had to replace all four horrible Pirelli's at Purchase could not get them balanced. Pirelli's had to be ordered and so I drove vibrating "C" for 2 weeks. Cont
  • djasonwdjasonw Posts: 624
    I don't post here too often and when I do, I've had praise for my EARLY build C320 Sport. FYI.. the build date was July 2000.

    I recently purchased a Subaru WRX Wagon because I hated the high lease payments on my C. I know it sounds crazy, but I simply got bored of my car. Don't get me wrong it's a FANTASTIC car, but I am just one of those people that needs change fairly often when it comes to cars. The WRX is going to have to suit me for a while and I think I won't have to worry about it. Drive one and you'll understand. Anyway... I had someone at work who was genuinely interested in taking over the remainder of the lease (at a discount). I drove the car into Manhattan on Good Friday (NO TRAFFIC!!!) and parked in a garage. When we left work I went over the car with my co-worker. Guess what? The sunroof started acting weird! It would open, but in 1.5-2 inch increments after I released the switch. Same thing with closing it too. The sunshade refused to even raise! Everything else seemed to work but those two things cropped up.

    I think I am going to subscribe to the KISS (keep it simple stupid) philisophy for my future car purchases. I now sympathize with people on this forum who have been plagued with problems. I FEEL your pain and frustration. I can't wait for 22 months to be over!!
  • jacatlgajacatlga Posts: 8
    Needless to say the little "C" and I did not get off to a great start. Wow, what a difference 10 grand makes. Felt like a 20 grand downgrade. The C 280 had no off line torque.. Corrected with C 320 the sport package rode worse than a Mustang GT and with the horrible in town roads in Atlanta and the shaking on the highway, I'm surprised a have a filling left in any of my teeth. Lack of comfort, lack of power. Climate control nowhere near as precise. Noticed same problem with CLK which has dual controls. In the "C" size cars you just sit too close to the vents. After the first month of repairs on the CLK I demanded an M-B product to drive instead of loaner Honda. Was given a new bodystyle "C". Much better ride and performance but didn't feel as solid as old car. Didn't feel as solid as the "E"..Designed pre Chrysler..What was M-B thinking...Chrysler??? I would have aligned myself with Nissan, or Daewoo. The dash in the "C" looked like the last rental car I had driven...Nothing like a Mercedes. After a week or so they put me in an ML 320. Their request, not mine. After a couple of days, I requested the Honda back. It drove better and had a standard CD player. I would really be concerned when a customer requested a Honda product over anything in the M-B coral. One thing.. definitely buy the M-B in a smaller city. They are glad to get the business. Here in Atlanta M-B's are as common as Toyotas.. No lack of customer's to motivate them to treat you better. They really think it okay to keep your car "2" wks over a minor problem. Oh, most of all the "E" is the least problematic product. They sell a million of them in Europe and a bunch here...They are their bread and butter so to speak..and they keep the prolems to a minimum. Just my personal observances and discussions with my service writer, whom I love. I think she is the only reason I am still in an M-B product. Truly, a holdover from the old M-B and knows what customer service means. Note to Atlanta Classic Cars...keep Kim Harward-Cates happy.
  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    Appreciate your post. Not sure where it leaves you relative to the 2002 E430.
  • michhalamichhala Posts: 375
    jacatlga wrote:
    >Yet I have to cough up a grand each for these >option on a $60,000 auto and I get low-beam >
    >xenon's only

    jac in atlanta -- I was under the impression that the use of high-beam xenons was not allowed in the USA. Do I have the wrong information?

  • A Xenon thread was going on in the 3-series forum. Shipo posted some links for additional information. This one seems to have the most thorough information.

    High beam Xenons are legal, but they must be self-adjusting. So if you put 1000 lbs of rocks in your trunk, the lights need to self-adjust down so as to not shine up into oncoming traffic. The bi-xenons are currently an option on the 3 series.

  • michhalamichhala Posts: 375
    Thank you for the link -- I need to study it a bit more. The low-beams are self-adjusting and IMHO needed on the C320 -- (not so the obligatory headlamp washers and heated seat packages in CA for someone who keeps their headlamps clean) I did not have Xenons on my first C320 and on dark fwys late at night with no traffic, the regular high beams were often necessary. I have a second C320 with low-beam Xenons and never need to turn on the high beams, so I guess this makes the high-beam Xenon a moot point in my case.

  • benz747benz747 Posts: 91

    From yesterday while playing CD, I get CD Track only on display and after a while No Magazine msg ! has anybody received similar type of msg and if yes what need to be done? can it be resolved or CAR need to be taken in service centre ?
    for information my radio and tape works fine

    please advise - thanks in advance
  • aggie76aggie76 Posts: 265
    Help. Thought I had my decision down to Acura TL-P or S version this week. Then I saw a new C-Class and realized my heart doesn't really race with the Acura though my pocket book does. Did a quick back to back test drive yesterday of C240 & C320 and while the engine is big difference it appears you can option both alike except for engine and pollen filter. Can any of you with experience give me pointers, reality check on C240 vs C320.

    Obviously MB is more expensive than Acura but I am almost willing to overlook that. I've tested everything out there (3.2TL-P & Type S, A4 & A6, I35, Passat, 330 & 525, ES300, IS300, CTS, Diamante, Avalon, G35, I35, 9-5 Arc & Aero, 300M, S60AWD) but never looked at MB C-class until yesterday in my search to replace my current company car Lexus GS300. Want something that is not only safe, reliable and luxury image but also causes a little heart thump everytime I look it over & drive it. Being almost 50 & a 6'2" 250+ guy doesn't remove the thrill & excitment of the auto world but space is also a concern for me. This is my work car and second car for family as we have an MDX for kids & dog travel times.

    Any ideas, suggestions??? Seem to be leaning toward a C240 with C1, C2, C3 & C4 packages and Xenon's.
  • crankstercrankster Posts: 20
    aggie76 - The thrill will quickly be gone after you get used to the noise, harshness & relative lack of power of the C240. I heavily suggest that you go back to the MB dealer with the heaviest coat you wear (I know you're in Texas) and see if you still feel comfortable in the MB. Having owned the C240 for 18 months I often feel cramped in it. I'm taking delivery of a new LS430 this weekend, and on top of the reliability, the thing I'm looking forward to having with the Lexus is SPACE.
  • fedssocrfedssocr Posts: 90
    I personally don't think the C320 is worth the extra $$$ over the 240, but I know others disagree. I think some one your size may feel a bit cramped in the C, but of course actually driving the car is the only way to find out. I have never experience an excessive amount of noise, harshness, or lack of power in my C240, so I don't know where those comments come from.

    If I were you though, I would also take a look at the new Infiniti G35. Sounds like it is very reasonably priced and lots of bang for the buck. If I were shopping for a new car today that would be at the top of my list.
  • aggie76aggie76 Posts: 265
    I looked at G35 and didn't like intrusion from center console into my lower leg. Really uncomfortable and annoying but it is a great car at a nice price.

    Thanks for all the advice, I am going over at lunch to borrow a C240 for the afternoon in running around town doing errands so I will get a better feeling for space by getting in and out of it quite a bit.
  • mleskovarmleskovar Posts: 171
    C240 seems to go well with the manual trans. If you don't get a thrill out of fast acceleration the 240 with auto is fine. Both feel rock solid but not harsh and track like on rails with very little sway. I'm 6'1" 175 and feel there is more than enough room.'s supposed to be a "sports sedan" so if that's what you're looking for size it out. If you want roomy and cushy keep looking. I'm pleased with my 320.
  • aggie76aggie76 Posts: 265
    Well, spent 3.5 hours today with both 240 and then 320. Really like the 320 pickup and response, 240 is fine but did lag a bit. Space is a premium and while I didn't take a coat with me it was really snug for my size. Loved road feel and MB experience. Just don't think I'll be that happy with the lack of space. Darn, I really wanted to like it just can't afford the $$$ for the E-class yet.
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