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Oldsmobile Aurora



  • stickking1stickking1 Posts: 247
    I have to chime in and agree with everyone else that has responded...the dealer is salivating at the thought of getting rid of that thing...stay away! My 95 has 150,000 miles on it and the last thing I worry about going out is the engine. You can find a better deal pretty easy.
      I understand your situation too. I am a college student who used to drive a 1986 Delta 88...I loved the car, but it was time to let go when I hit 300,000 and some 15 year old with her learner's permit hit me. I just got tired of having to crawl in the passenger side 'cause the driver's door wouldn't open. Talk about not picking up chicks!
      But seriously, Kayaman is right about the "lemon or gem". He and I both have '95s and share many of the same issues, and so does everyone on the board...but never a crankshaft. Good luck on the search, work hard and you will be rewarded with one of the best cars around.
  • uniguy82uniguy82 Posts: 2
    Thanks for your advice everyone. It is a non-issue now because the car has already been sold to a wholesaler, but I wouldn't have bought it anyway after I heard what you all had to say. I know I should probably stick with what I have, but I really want a nicer car. I see everyone else my age driving relatively new cars and here I am stuck with a 15 year old car. It is hard to have champagne tastes on a beer budget!
  • Hi all,

    Wanted to answer and comment on posts so far.

    *Ontonagon* - It is excellent that you are interested in purchasing a 2003 Aurora. There is no dealer cash incentive available right now that I know of for the Aurora. However, you should be able to negotiate a very good deal on the remaining ones on Olds dealers' lots. I would advise you to use the Oldsmobile website's 'Locate Dealer' pulldown from the 'SHOP & BUY' link at the top of the page. Search all over your part of the country for Olds dealers using major city and state combinations in the area. You will have to look through all the dealer links presented to search for dealers that have 2003 Auroras still on the lots. I cannot comment yet on long term reliability, but the car seems comfortable and very powerful with the V8. The 5/60 warranty on Oldsmobiles is the best warranty GM is offering as standard equipment right now, even beating Cadillac. That ranked very high in my decision to buy the car. Good luck in your Aurora shopping!!

    *Musclecar97* - I truly wish that I could buy a second Final 500 to put away as my real collectible and drive the one I have right now. That would be awesome! Alast, reality kicks in and the pocketbook is now empty. But, maybe a used one in excellent condition in some years to come. That is extremely possible. Stay tuned!!!!

    *Fdion1* - I'm afraid that you will not be able to buy the extention now that you have exceeded the mileage of the new car limited warranty of 3/36. However, you should still have the 5/60 if you didn't trade it for the $1,000 additional cash rebate. Go easy on the miles from now on. The Final 500 comes with the MXV4+ tires on the STS chrome wheels as 'RJS200240' said. The 'W' rated tires were not offered. The Collector's Edition package comes with some very nice emblems, dark cherry color, and embroidery. No chrome on the front bumper though. Go to this link on the Olds website and check it out. -
    I am still waiting on my Collector's Appreciation Package to arrive also.

    *RJS200240* - I really like the color. It is very dark as you have been describing it in your previous posts. It is so dark that it seems almost like color shifting paint. The sun has to be very bright out to really see the metallic sheen of the paint, but it sets the car off from other Auroras when you see it. It makes you take a second and third look at it. I also really like your Cherry 2002 as well. The dealer I bought my car from still has a new 2002 Cherry V6 model that they have not been able to sell yet. I was able to get a good look at in bright sunlight. Very pretty. I have saved and continuously enjoy the movie clips of your car that you posted. The sound of the V8 excites me every time. I think I made an excellent choice in this car. Even though a fully loaded Final 500 is around $2,000 more than a fully loaded Bonneville SSEi, it is a more luxurious, unique car and worth it in my opinion thus far. A fully loaded Park Avenue Ultra is over $2,000 more than a fully loaded Aurora and comes with 'FAUX'(fake) burl wood dash and 3/36 warranty. All Auroras has real burl wood as standard and 5/60 warranty. That is an automatic blow off of the PA for me even though it is nice too. Near Cadillac ambiance, feel, creature comforts, performance, warranty, and quality at over a $15,000 discount from a fully loaded Seville STS. This is the best deal luxury car GM has to offer this year in my opinion and I'm very sad to see it go!!!

  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    $3000 is currently available on all Oldsmobile cars.

    Other discounts to the dealer are:
    Plus a $400 salesman spiff. Plus several thousand in cashback from Oldsmobile that is not advertised and of course a 3% holdback that amount to over 1K on the Aurora.
  • rjs200240rjs200240 Posts: 1,277
    You'll have to post some pictures of the owner's package when you get it. Also, the only part of the CE I haven't seen yet is the engine. Maybe you can snap a shot of the Olds heritage logo on that sweet V8...

    Hey, Im glad you like my clips. They arent all up any more so if you missed any, I can probably email them to you. Just FYI, but I also have some shots of the CE at the NAIAS in January. I posted them here in the picts page but all the links seem to have broken. So, you can just go to my cardomain page if you hadn't seen them yet (though you could also just walk out to the garage now and see the same thing... ;) )

    I look forward to you sharing more of your excitement with your Aurora as your time with it progresses. Next thing you know you'll be slapping up IRL posters and such... :)
  • rjs200240rjs200240 Posts: 1,277
    I know Greg has some IRL stuff up at work, so what kind of Aurora paraphernalia do you all have? Post what you've got!

    In my garage:
    - framed Aurora IRL V8 in front of an American flag background poster 2'x3' (this is my fave)
    - framed IRL V8 cutaway poster 2' x 3'
    - framed Aurora "Race car, Pace car, Your car" poster 2' x 3'
    - waxed 2002 Cherry on neutral Aurora 4.0 ;)

    At home:
    - The CE Aurora brochure that I'm meaning to frame
    - Olds DVD with some cool Aurora footage
    - framed Non-Aurora 1996 Collector's Edition Corvette convertible with a reflection of a 1959 Stingray racer (the Mirror, Mirror poster)
    - Non-Aurora 50th Anniversary Corvette clock that on the hour chimes out a different exhaust sound from various Corvettes over the last 50 years (the ZR-1 is like 8:00 but is just the sound of it starting up... sort of a bummer...).

    At work:
    - 5" x 8" photo of the Aurora GTS-1 (#5 that won the GTS-1 class at the 24 hrs of Daytona) that I saw in Detroit.
    - 5" x 8" photo of the Aurora IRL V8 that won the 1997 Indy 500 (both of these photos I'd like to get printed in 8" x 10")
    - 3 pictures of the Aurora from the 2003 Oldsmobile combined brochure (can't believe they don't have a separate one for the Aurora... Glad I kept a 2002 brochure, though I wish I'd kept a 2001 since it was the nicest, but from what I understand not nearly as nice as the classic brochures).
    - The CE Aurora brochure
    - framed 4"x6" photo of my Aurora
    - Minichamps 1:43 (HO train scale) model of the Aurora GTS-1 prototype/test car.
    - Minichamps 1:43 model of the Aurora GTS-1 #1 car.
    - Minichamps 1:43 model of the Aurora GTS-1 #5 car.
    - The sound of my car accelerating as my Windows logon sound... ;)

    I would like to add a model of the Riley & Scott Aurora V8 WSC car, since it was the one that won overall in IMSA and at Sebring and Daytona and various other places. I've been thinking about buying some videos of the 1996 24 hours of Daytona. It must have been something to watch the Aurora fending off Max Papis and the Ferrari 333SP's. The fact that Olds also won the manufacturers championship that season is even more impressive when you consider that Ferrari had about twice the number of cars racing (I believe Olds typically fielded two cars while Ferrari fielded about four), thus many more chances to rack up manufacturer points.

    Anyway, what sort of Olds stuff do you have? Maybe you'll give me some ideas!
  • fdion1fdion1 Posts: 28
    2001 Arctic white on neutral Aurora 4.0

    -1995-1999 Aurora brochures
    -1999 Olds range brochure
    -1999? (from memory) OSV (Olds specialty vehicules)

    (other brochures for the Recon, Intrigue, Bravada, Silhouette etc)

    -2001 boxed press kit w/cdrom and slides
    -2001 brochure (booklet)
    -2001 single page brochure
    -2001 test drive vhs

    -2003 Olds DVD

    -2001 3 book shop manual
    -2001 microfiche set

    -Screen saver I made
    -numerous desktops
    -Simulation software I wrote that simulates 0-60, 1/4 mile etc for the whole Aurora range.
    -1999 Aurora 3d model and simulation model for Racer.
    -1996 Riley & Scott Olds model and simulation model for Racer.

    There is one guy who works as a 3D artist on movies in california who has a 2001 Aurora and he made a 3D model of it. I've been trying to contact him to see if I can use his model to make a simulation model for Racer. He has a web page which I found one day, but haven't been able to find again since...

  • garnesgarnes Posts: 950
    What I got:

    At work:
    - 8" x 10" photo of the Aurora GTS-1 (#5 that won the GTS-1 class at the 24 hrs of Daytona) that RJS saw in Detroit.
    - 8" x 10" photo of the Aurora IRL V8 (engine shot) that won the 1997 Indy 500 - also from RJS.

    Hey man, they printed out really nice at 8 x 10 for me. Lot's of pixels in those shots. Again, I highly recommend getting these pictures from RJS - they are nice.

    Also a kick-butt Indy/Aurora V8 poster that RJS sent. The %#%#(& UPS #&^*&^$(^ jerks damaged it a little but it's still really nice - framed and all at work. I swear the Samsonite Gorilla works for UPS now. They smash all my stuff.
  • nne3jxcnne3jxc Posts: 134
    You wouldn't want to share the screen saver and desktops, would you? (Assuming they're freely distributable.)
    If you need a place to host them, let me know -- I can toss them up on my site.

  • rjs200240rjs200240 Posts: 1,277
    Hey, where did you get the press kit from? I've seen some on Ebay. Is it worth having? Also, what kind of R&S Aurora model did you get?

    Here's my desktop at work and home. The blue blends in with the Win2K blue (I have a different blue for XP at work). If you are interested, I could size it (I use 1280x960) and blue it for you. Just send me an email:

  • nne3jxcnne3jxc Posts: 134
    Here's my current desktop.
    If anyone wants a copy click here. (1024x768, 107K) When the picture comes up - right-click and select "save picture as".

  • 53rocket53rocket Posts: 65
    With all of the rain in the northeast for the last 3-4 months, it's been hard to keep the Aurora clean the way I like it. Finally got a shot at it today with a full cleaning and wax. I wanted to remove all of the wheels to clean all of the winter garbage from the inside of the rim before it becomes too crusted. Decided to change the oil instead!

    Anyway, took the car for a ride tonite. I usually don't get to drive it (it's my wife's car). Came in the house with smiles. What smooth power these things have. Anyway, had to tell someone, everyone else is asleep.

    Ah the hunt for the 500. Wish I had the money now!
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    I get a 400 error on my browser. Can't see the picture.
  • musclecar97musclecar97 Posts: 111
    Here's my stuff:
    -I made a front license plate placard out of the Aurora V8 with flags logo.
    -framed 8x10 of the Race car, pace car..
    -framed 8x10 of the engine with flag background
    -Imsa GTS as desktop wallpaper

    Hot wheels:
    -'97 Aurora
    -'98 Aurora GTS-1
    - A Hot Wheel called a '93 Warner which looks just like an Aurora and in fact is the same car as the '97 Aurora but with a different paint scheme and the different name on the bottom of the car, actually I have a '93 Warner that's a police car also.... so what's the deal with these Warners? Was that the name of someone associated with the concept car back in '93? Anyone?
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    2 - 1996 (the metal ones) pace car replicas
    1 - 1996 red aurora replica
    3 - 1997 pace car replicas
    2 - IMSA rplicas
    5 - 1994 introductory brochures
    1 - race car pace car your car model
    1 - Aurora as Cadillac kit
    1 - dealer audio tape on the Aurora
    1 - aurora book (the one with engine on cover)
    1 - 36" Aurora "watercolor" poster
    various Aurora wallpapers on computer
    1 - picture of my Aurora on computer
    Started this whole Aurora Board on Edmunds.

    So you see, I am NOT obsessed.

  • ab348ab348 Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, CanadaPosts: 1,545
    I've read here and elsewhere that the 01-02 3.5 Auroras are underpowered. Can anyone who owns one tell me what they are like to drive day-to-day? I have a chance to buy a nice '01 3.5, gold with neutral leather, but am concerned about the 3.5. Thoughts?

    2011 Buick Regal Turbo, 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass S Holiday Coupe

  • rocket3_50rocket3_50 Posts: 42
    It depends on what kind of response you're looking for. It's not going to be as responsive as the 4.0. Here's what I can report to you:

    a) It will reach 100 mph, and probably more if I had the nerve.

    b) It will run at 75 mph up the mild mountain grades in the North Carolina Smokey Mountains, and probably more.

    c) On a summer 2002 baseball road trip with my high school graduate son, I had to remind him that I wanted him to keep it under 80 mph as we visited Cincinnati, Chicago, and St. Louis.

    d) There is a kick when you floor it at 70, and you're at 80 to 85 pretty quick. You can be at 90 before you've finished passing if you don't let off.

    e) But, it won't let you squirt in and out among city traffic the way an import compact can.

    f) I've never had the chance to go off the line at a red light against a street racer, but I doubt that I'd have the success that some of the 4.0 guys report.

    g) The 3.5L engine won some kind of award from a group called "Wards Automotive" as a well engineered and well put-together V-6. It only appeared in the Intrigue and Aurora for a couple of years, but at least at the start, it was regarded as a pretty solid "little" engine. I don't know who or what "Wards" is, so it's hard for me to judge just what their recognition means. For a while I saw the engine referred to as the "Shortstar", a reference to the high quality Cadillac and Aurora V-8 Northstar engines, but I don't know how similar they are.

    h) My 2001 V-6 has 50,000 miles on it now. No power train electrical or programming issues so far, and at this point, I don't expect any. A bad crankshaft position sensor was replaced under warranty within the first year. It caused the car to stall twice while cruising a neighborhood at very slow speeds looking for a new house for my parents. No recurrence of this problem since the replacement of the sensor.

    i) About 23 mpg city, 28 mpg interstate highways. On some legs of an interstate trip I can get 30+ mpg, but I always wind up for the whole trip right at 28 mpg. I drive fairly conservatively in the city, with slow starts and long rolling stops to red lights.

    j) It's my perception that we've witnessed a horsepower explosion over the last 2 to 4 years. When the 3.5L came out, it was a step above(a half a liter above) the standard issue 3.0L engines in Tauruses and other mid-size US cars. Now, the bar has been raised, and maybe it's not as powerful as the newer mid-size engines. But, the 3.5L will still get you to work, and get you around the slow-poke garbage truck in front of you on your way to work.

    k) And finally, I love my V-6 Aurora. Day-to-day, it's a pleasure to drive. It's quiet, powerful enough, with entry-level luxury and an uncommon car. I wish I had a reason, and the finances, to get two of them.

  • rjs200240rjs200240 Posts: 1,277
    Not sure what you consider "underpowered" or where you read that. The V6 Aurora has about 175 fewer pounds to pull than the V8, so that will compensate somewhat for the smaller output. Also, the 3.5 has a very strong, flat torque curve (something you can't say of most Japanese imports). It is based off of the Premium V8 design, and is very smooth. I would hardly think of the car as underpowered, just maybe not overpowered.

    While I certainly think the 4.0 is worth the money, if you want a really nice, luxurious car with a lot of features and a smooth powertrain at a nice price, I think the 3.5 Aurora would be an exceptional choice. Look at the various other cars you could get for that price, and see if it still seems underpowered.

    Some things to keep in mind are that the 3.5 didn't have the same standard features as the 4.0. Things like memory seats and stability/traction control were options on the 3.5. So if you want them, make sure the car has them.

    Also, you might look at the Intrigue board for reliability issues like the crank sensor rocket3_50 mentioned. I don't think the Aurora has the same alternator as the Intrigue, though, and I don't know that the flickering that Intrigues seem plagued by really affects the Aurora.
  • stickking1stickking1 Posts: 247
    Hey, this one is for you CORSA owners: garnes, rjs and don't you have one 800watt? Anyway, does CORSA do any install work at their manufacturing site. I figured they didn't 'cause none of you had it installed there but I figured I would ask. I don't live very far from there and don't have a lot of contact with any good shops here in town to do the work, so I threw them an E-mail, thought I would do the same with you guys. I'm thinking about picking up a system for my '95. Off hand, do you guys know what kind of work it would take to transfer the installed system from a 95 to a 2000 or 2001? I'd like to get a new Aurora in the next couple years and would like to take the CORSA with me. I just don't know if it will be a '99 or 2000 and later, and am curious to see how much work it would take to move the system to the new model if its already been installed on the old one. Any info or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
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