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Hyundai Elantra 5-door



  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,240
    I had a service writer try to strong arm me on an alignment on my Elantra. I asked him three simple questions: Are the tires wearing evenly? Is the car pulling to one side or the other? Is there any visible sign of damage? If not, leave it alone.

    It is unfortunate how much money is spent on uneeded services. Such as the GM dealership that advertised that not servicing the automatic transmission every 15K miles "might" void the drive train warranty. I equate such tactics as theft.
  • doohickiedoohickie Posts: 949
    My engine is stuttering upon startup each morning now. So, I think it may either be spark plugs or battery. I have not changed either.

    I would change the plugs and wires. I didn't do that to my Aspire until 90k, but it was behaving just as you describe. Afterward, it was like brand new! I doubt a bad battery would give those symptoms; in my experience the car just quits when the battery dies.
  • dovid2dovid2 Posts: 90
    I wouldn't get a tuneup until I started getting symptoms such as you described. A
    tuneup, like alignment, is corrective, not preventative. One thing to look for with those symptoms is plug wires, they do go bad now and then.
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,240
    Wife's GMC Safari started running a little rough at 75K miles. I thought it had platinum plugs. What it had were conventional plugs that were burned down to the nubs. But the suckers were still firing and giving decent gas mileage!
  • compensatecompensate Posts: 212
    Don't worry about the AC smell. I get it, too, in hot & humid middle Tennessee - been that way since the car was new 4 years ago.

    If you have not replaced the gear oil or coolant by 60K miles, do it ASAP. The manual calls for 30K changes for gear oil in the manual tranny. I recommend Mobile One fully synthetic gear oil. It's a relatively easy do-it-yourselfer if you want to save some cash.

    Forget the fuel filter unless you still experience problems after your spark plug change.

    Your spark plug wires should be OK for now, but I'd recommend replacement at about 90K miles for the wires. Spark plugs should be changed (or at least checked) every 20K miles at minimum.

    If you haven't replaced your air filter yet, do that ASAP, pronto!! Every 20-25K depending upon your environment for the air filter!

    I just replaced my timing belt at 96K miles - wait until at least 90K before paying the big bucks for the labor on that job (California Elantra manual gives 100K miles on the timing belt due to stricter consumer protection laws). I only paid $190 + tax for the labor and found a Continental Contitech timing belt online for about $50 (Original Equipment brand). Always find a VERY reputable garage and avoid the dealer to save big bucks. Finding an honest, reputable garage is often difficult, however. . .

    Good luck!
  • aznmontyaznmonty Posts: 66
    thanks for the suggestions folks. just had the service done yesterday. brakes are new too (its about time).

    feeling quite zippy on the freeways as i have regained lost power (probably due to the spark plugs). Gas mileage is increasing as well i assume.

    bad incident though...i ran over a huge honkin' rock (those landscaping rocks) as i was manuevering and believe the catylytic convertor may be damaged. not sure if its the converter, but its part of the exhaust manifold. it was slightly smokin' and looked like fibers were loose (looks like a frayed wire). when i tried to backup from that rock, i was stuck. so i brought out the jack to jack up the front. it worked, but i have some damage done to the jack because it moved in the wrong direction. the jack then got stuck between the ground and the radiator (luckily didnot punture the radiator). bent my intake vent next to the fog lights a bit. its mainly cosmetic i believe.

    it was all surreal...I could not believe it happened to me. just paid a butt-load to get maintenanced and then i have this happen. i've lost confidence in my driving. gosh, i am glad that it was at low speeds that i ran over it.

    car feels fine thus far. does the damage to the catylitic converter warrant another look at without any symptons?
  • The funky AC smell on startup can sometimes be due to the evaporator drain being clogged. Maybe you had the car rust-proofed because you live in Chicago. The rustproofing on the bottom of the car can seal the small drain tube. It happened to one of my cars when I lived in Cleveland. It stays moist and fungus grows. You can actually get a pulmonary infection from it.

    My 2002 GT has 21K miles and runs like a top. I just commute with it. It still looks pretty new. I'm hoping I can get 5 more years out of it before I buy my Midlife-crisis mobile. Had seriously considered adding a blower or turbo until I read some guy's Blog on how much work it was. I'll just try to be happy with my 135hp.
  • I think that the reason water pumps were replaced with timing belts was that they were often run off the timing belt. If the bearings of the pump froze the timing belt would fail, stopping the valves while the pistons were still going up and down. This frequently lead to bent valves and possibly holed pistons in engines with shallow combustion chambers. It was a pretty simple matter to replace the pump when the timing belt was off. Now that a pump failure doesn't have such immediate catasthophic implications it shouldn't be as critical. This ALSO happened to me on my '84 Accord at about 140K miles in the middle of Wisconsin at night in the Winter. It would have been a lot less trouble to replace the belt and pump in the garage on a Saturday morning at 90K miles.
  • Recently my 02 GT (automatic) started to develop a rough idle in Drive. It gets worse when the A/C is on but goes away if I change gear into Neutral. Anyone else notice this happening? I hope it's not the transmission, although it'd be covered under the warranty.
  • aznmontyaznmonty Posts: 66
    did you change your spark plugs? I am not a mechanical genius, but hesitation or rough idle could be a miss-firing of your engine. might be fuel that you use...i would use something like a tank of premium amoco ultimate to clean out possible deposits that might have accumulated.

    I do not see why it would be transmission problem because you are idling and not moving any gears.

    I this very problem on my 91 Colt Vista. I never changed the spark plugs on that car. It stuttered with the AC on. I think it was a weak engine to begin with, plus i tossed it before i ever changed the plugs.

    So don't go and change your spark plugs right away, but i just know that my car is smoother on startup now. Before changing, it had hesitation unpon start up.
  • eschesch Posts: 1
    Hey, new to this forum.
    I have 120,000 on my '02 GT, been through a few problems, but still love the car.
    I have a crack in the converter/manifold, and called the dealer for info.
    They say the recall affects 99-01 Elantras. I am wondering how many people have this issue, since the engines were probably made in early 02. What are the chances they will recall 02? I am obviously out of the warranty (long drive to work everyday).
    Anyone have any ideas??
  • doohickiedoohickie Posts: 949
    It could also be a bad motor mount. If the "rough idle" means you feel more vibration, one of the symptoms of a bad motor mount is that you feel more engine vibrations in the cabin.
  • 5port5port Posts: 395
    It appears to me that your dealer is mistaken. The coverage is 1999 - 2002. Ask your dealer to look-up this TSB # 05-01-001-1. As you can see at the very bottom the coverage stops at the end of January 2002. If your car was made in January your in if not your out. The date of manufacture for your car is on the driver's door plaque.

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - - ---------------------
    Technical Service
    MARCH, 2005
    1999-2002 ELANTRA,
    1999-2003 TIBURON
    This TSB supersedes TSB# 05-01-001 to include additional part information and
    part return shipping instructions.
    Exhaust manifolds on some 1999-2002 Elantra and 1999-2003 Tiburon vehicles with
    2.0L L4 engines may crack and require replacement.
    Inspect the exhaust manifold for cracking and, if necessary, replace the exhaust
    manifold with a new part using the following service procedure.
    NOTE: This photograph shows an example of an exhaust manifold crack. This is
    for illustration of a possible crack location. Cracks may be smaller than
    shown in this photograph.
    Page 2 of 8
    • Models: Elantra and Tiburon vehicles with 2.0L engines
    • Affected Production Date Range:
    • 1999-2002 Elantras: Produced through January 31,2002
    • 1999-2003 Tiburons: Produced through January 31,2002
  • Good afternoon. I was wondering if you were able to find a store that sold the Advance Autocraft Silver 24-5 battery? I live in Texas and have not had any luck finding a store here in the DFW area that carries that particaular battery. I guess Advance Auto might be located up north?? Thanks in advance.
  • There are Advance Autos in Texas; click on this link. Looks like you'll need to drive to Tyler, Abilene or Waco though.
  • Anyone know how many oxygen sensors are on the 2001 Elantra GT?

    I am considering adding a Hyrdocarbon Oxygenator system to my car to improve my engine's efficiency (should increse fuel efficiency at least 5-8 mpg). I'm almost at 100,000 miles now.

  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,622
    Two that I know of: front and rear. I know because the Hyundai service tech mentioned front and rear O2 sensors when one of them went out a couple of years ago.
  • Just found the Canadian website for Hyundai. They are introducing the 2006 Elantra. Appears that ABS and moonroof will now be standard, at least in Canada. I did a build your car thing and the price for the new Elantra with the options that I specified came to a little over $21,400 Canadian, somewhat over $17K in US dollars.This would be the Elantra GT hatchback with auto tranny. The options I chose added $553 Canadian dollars which were side visors, sunroof deflector, winter wiper blades, block heater, and carpeted floor mats. In Canada, if you choose any color other than black or white there is a $125 charge (Canadian dollars.).
  • I thought the 06 Elantra was going to get a total redesign? This looks exactly the same as the 04-05. Six years is a long time for a single basic design.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,622
    The '07, due next fall, is the redesign. There is a discussion here on that new model. For awhile, there were many erroneous reports that the new design was coming out for '06. But Hyundai seems to be lengthening its product cycles--the Accent was replaced after six years, and the Sonata after 6-1/2 years.
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