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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    As a reader of this board from almost day one and the happy owner since 7/01 of an 02 Envoy, I would suggest that for 2003 we all resolve to treat each other and this board with respect, compassion (for those with problems), and, at times, good humor. I have been lucky. Some who post have not. If I was having problems like some people here, I would want to vent as they do. The bottom line is lets make the board less "personal" and focus on the vehicles. This is America, and we are blessed with the freedom of choosing what we drive and saying what we want. If we keep it civil and avoid personal attacks for merely stating an opinion, everyone can enjoy reading the posts a lot more. In my practice as an attorney, I see way too much nastiness. The last place I want to see the same behavior is on this board, which I read for recreation and information. Best wishes for a safe and happy 2003 to everyone!!!
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,950
    Well said, Hardhawk! I think I'll link your message to a few other discussions :-)

    Steve, Host
  • Hi Everyone & Happy New Years!! My husband and I looked at and test-drove a 1994 Bravada this afternoon. We both liked how it handled and it was in great condition. Now, neither of us are "car experts" so when I found this forum..I thought I'd just put this out there to those of you who might have an insight on the issue. I was just wondering if anyone has had any "success" history with a car of this age, make, and model. I know we will have to have it all checked out mechanically before we buy, but I just hoping to find some feedback .. good or bad.. about this vehicle. Thanks for any input..
  • Lets clear up two points.
    The dealer would only give me a Chevy Caprice or the like as a rental. They outright refused to give me a loaner resembling anything close to an Envoy in size or ride.

    Taking my Envoy to another dealer wouldn't help.
    There is no part anywhere to correct this problem until GM releases it.
    It's amazing that when I posted about my screwy gauges, none of you chimed in.
  • filmclip - Did your gauges jump all the way to the right and then back to the left? That happened in my Intrigue right before my battery went dead. They later determined the battery cable was loose on the terminal. Did you check your battery cable?
  • gam2gam2 Posts: 306
    Filmclip: save your money (or send it to me!). There are no states that will support a lemon law type lawsuit based on your problems. Most require 4 tries for the same fix or 30 days out of service. But hey, it's your money..... All I got for a loaner when my Bravada was in the shop was a Prism or Cavalier. I would have been thrilled with an Impala. There has to be some type of fix, even temporary, or else everyone else on this board would be complaining.

    As to your Ford, more good luck. I had an Explorer I bought new that I later found out was wrecked at the factory, repaired and sold new. It had many problems, but I sold it after 3 years so I didn't take a big hit on depreciation (for a Ford anyways).

    Happy new year to all!

  • This isn't directly related to the Trailblazer, but we have one and this is one of the boards I read, so I just want to warn everyone about a sleazy dealer.

    We were driving to Hayward, California today, about 250 miles from home, to buy a new 2002 Camaro for me. I had a quote from the dealer from GM buypower, but it turned out to be useless.

    We called the dealer on the way down to let him know we were on our way, and when I mentioned the price, he told me that it was including the rebate. This would mean that the asking price before rebate is $20,762, over $1300 ABOVE MSRP. I mentioned that I had a quote from a dealer for one with an MSRP that was $1,000 more that would actually be a couple thousand cheaper and he responded "I don't think so." He seemed to think that his price was great because "They don't make Camaros any more and they're in high demand."

    We pulled over and I called the dealer direct and asked to speak to a manager. I was connected to the guys boss, who said that there was probably a misunderstanding, and that the price was $14,762, but that they don't say $14,762 because taxes are calculated on the original MSRP. He even gave me an out the door price of exactly $16,264.01, including all taxes, license, and fees. This price may seem extremely low, but the price we were originally given was slightly over Edmunds TMV. The sticker was $19,030, (it was a base model V6-the only option was a rear window defroster) and there was a $3000 rebate.

    About 20 minutes later, my cell phone rang, and it was the sales guy. He told me that "it was inappropriate to call his boss when I'm dealing with him" He told me first that the price after rebate was $16,000, and then told me that he would give it to me for $15,762 after rebate, and if "I didn't like his low prices I shouldn't buy the car." I asked to speak with his boss again, and he said "I don't think that's a good idea, bye" and hung up on me.

    This time we pulled into a rest stop about 100 miles from home, and my dad called the dealer direct again and asked to speak to the guys boss. She gave several prices, none of which were anywhere our original quoted price, which I discussed with him on the phone on Sunday. I think the last quote I heard her give was actually about $1000 higher than the original increased price we had been offered. She also said that "somebody had an appointment to buy the same car tomorrow" and asked if we wanted to pay more.

    I hated this dealer so much by then that I didn't even want the car anymore, but we kept talking, trying to get their story straight. She said that the price we had was no longer valid. My dad then got the price quote we got from them that I had printed out, which said "Price valid until vehicle is sold." She then told us that it was sold, but we could still buy it for a higher price.


    We drove a total of about 250 miles today, and made over 30 minutes in long distance calls on our cell phone.

    This WOULD HAVE been our third new GM this year, but I guess that doesn't matter much. Just stay away from Hayward Chevrolet in Hayward, California.

    We already called GM, and they basically told us that quotes from the dealers made through are not binding on the dealer, so just a warning if anyone plans to travel a long distance to pick up a car that having it in writing doesn't actually mean anything.

    I know this post is incredibly long, but this is by far the worst dealer I have ever encountered, and I want to let people know about it so they don't have a similar experience.
  • ficussficuss Posts: 541
    pewterbird 2002: have you learned nothing from the internet? Rule number 1: The person you think you are chatting (bargaining) with on the internet doesn't exist. They are either a deputy sheriff conducting a sting operation or they are a fantom being who will never show his face. You sound like a relatively young buyer in the auto mart. Get used to dealers being hardened bargainers. They know all the tricks. They are not your friends. By calling them long distance to let them know you are comming, they know you will most likely buy at any price instead of going home without a car. I once told my daughter to cry in front of the salesman and I would be the tough guy refusing to budge on my offer. The salesman didn't budge and I had to raise my offer. They're hardened, we aren't.

  • cparisecparise Posts: 33
    Happy New Year to all. Considering the state of the economy, the stock market, multiple war's pending, and terrorism lurking behind every corner, we could all use just a little break for the better in '03. Best wishes to all.
  • The gauges on the Envoy went bezerk.
    At a stop I was supposedly doing 85 MPH.
    I had no idea how fast I was driving when the truck was in motion. The gas gauge went all the way past full to under the E. All of the gauges looked like clock hand in a cartoon, spinning around any which way they pleased. Professional Grade....yeah right!
  • crosley4crosley4 Posts: 295
    We had a 2k Impala that was a load of problems with the aluminum sub frame aka the engine cradle. GM replaced the frame at 43k for no charge and the noises returned a few thoudsand miles later. At 47k miles the car was traded off.

    I hope you can move on past this terrible thing that has happened to you with the GMC. Perhaps some couch time with a Professional will help you heel yourself.

    We went out and bought a Ford F150 Super Crew. Not a single problem with it. We have also had ZERO troubles with our 2k Silverado truck that we bought one week after the purchase of the 2k Impala. We still own the Silverado, It's paid for, I gotta keep it!. LOL

    Today the Auto show opens in Phoenix, AZ... we are going to look at new stuff.

    I have been reading this board for several months now since we are looking at a GMC Envoy purchase perhaps this year.

  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    When I bought my Trailblazer last January, I found it doing a search for the vehicle equipped the way I would order it - 220 miles away in OK City (Bob Howard Chevy) . I emailed back-and-forth with the dealer's internet sales person, then I called him on the phone. Before I gave them a $500 deposit on my GM Mastercard over the phone (which gave me another 5%/$25 GM card rebate twords the purchase - charged on the 16th, bill date ended on the 18th, I bought the TB on the 19th - good timing). I had him FAX me back the whole deal written up so I would have a "hard" copy on paper. When I got there after my 3 hour drive, I test drove it, checked it over, we sat down and did the paper work, wrote my check, and I was on my way back in 1 hour. One of the easiest car deals I have ever done. So bottom line is, be sure to get a paper copy of the deal mailed or faxed to you before you drive to a distant dealer.

    And almost a year later, as one of about 300,000 Triplet owners, one of the BEST vehicles I have ever owned. Smooth, quiet, trouble-free, just one trip so far to a dealer for a simple 30 min recall fix for the fuel filter clip. I continue to be impressed by this First Generation vehicle from GM, that they got it as "right" as they did.
  • "On the other hand I've been lucky enough to spend nearly $500 on rental vehicles while the dealer has my [relatively] new $37,000 vehicle."

    Did you rent because the dealer-offered loaner was not adequate for your needs, or did they not offer you a replacement? Don't all dealers have loaners? (Both of the local dealers from whom I have purchased in the last 5 years, Ford and Chevy/Olds, make a point of their policy of loaners for any warranty work on vehicles purchased from them).
  • Actually GM provides alternate transportation either through Enterprise rental or a loaner/dealer rental, and reimburses the dealer through the warranty program.The problem here is what they will allow time wise, based on parts availability and what the facory considers a reasonable time to have car out of service, so the shop is in a squeeze to complete the job in a timely fashion in respect to the rental situation.
  • "So bottom line is, be sure to get a paper copy of the deal mailed or faxed to you before you drive to a distant dealer."

    We did have a hard copy printed out that had been emailed from the dealer to me, but they told us that they wouldn't honor the quote after we had already left home to buy the car. The email states the price, and that the price is valid until the vehicle is sold.
  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    I did not say "emailed". With a FAX or a USPS-mailed quote I also had the salesman's SIGNATURE. I would not have put down a deposit on just an email. I wanted something signed, with their letterhead, on their worksheet, etc., on it. That was my point. Anyway, it worked for me. No problem. And Howard Chev in Ok City was most obliging to send the documentation confirming the deal.
  • gam2gam2 Posts: 306
    If you had something signed by the dealer and they backed out of it, now there is good lawsuit material! You actually had a deposit on this car?
    Sounds like something the Attorney General should hear about.

  • 2002 bravada, build date 06-01 has everything but the bose. 15,500 miles. problems in the first month,license plate frame gasket, replaced both mirror actuators and steering sector replaced due to leaks. problems in the last 11 months, none. the engine uses no oil between oil changes (mobil 1). average mpg 20. would i buy the same suv again, yes i would. i love this bravada
  • Even after our recent rear end accident with our Bravada, we love it. Bought in 3/2001, control arm recall, and mirror fix, this suv can not be beat for the price versus options you get. We paid $29500, no money down, no intereste or payments for one year. I would like to fix the driver side wind noise, but looking back would I do it again...... at that price, in a heart beat.

    We love the ride,engine,comfort,features, and looks. Happy New Year
  • mfullmermfullmer Posts: 819
    Until just recently (After trying to get Olds. to let me out of the lease early) the only time they would provide a loaner was if the car had to stay overnight. On just about every occasion they would have the car for the day and then either say they couldn't reproduce the complaint or say they needed to order parts. When the parts would come in they would always get it done in a day. They claimed that that is all that was allowed. Having only owned Buicks and Cadillacs (and a '96 Chevrolet Blazer that NEVER was in the shop other than routine maintenance) I just figured it was because Olds was a lesser brand.

    On the times when it did need to stay overnight (or the time it had to taken in on a flat bed truck after not starting) they did provide a loaner but it was only good for a Neon or Cavalier. I have two big problems with that: A. I don't pay my payment each month to drive around in a compact car and B. I wouldn't drive around in one of those death traps if you paid me. I feel like everyone is going to run over the top of me!!!

    So, yes, I have upgraded at times but, as I learned after complaining enough, that shouldn't have been my dime.

    A couple of weeks ago I took the Bravada in to have a bunch of things done. Since I now had all of the TSBs in hand for all of the things I had been complaining about since the very beginning they kept the car for a couple of days and paid for Buick Century rental. They order some parts and then I took it in on Monday of this week. They paid for my rental (which was a Trailblazer from Enterprise). I asked the service writer if all my letters and complaints had anything to do with it and he didn't know for sure but when he pulled up my VIN number the service note read "Customer to receive complimentary, like-vehicle (if available), alternate transportation on ALL warranty visits".

    I guess it does pay to be the squeaky wheel.
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