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Honda Odyssey Owners-Meet the Members



  • I haven't had many problems, just the sticky doors and that was fixed. I schlep in and out with three kids in tow(all 5 or under) and its not so bad. They see you with kids and they get the car up and out of least they do at the dealer I go to.
  • mojo66mojo66 Posts: 83
    ....but not before saying hello. My name is John and we've had our GG '01 EX since September 2000. It's just a great van, but then everyone here knows that already. Couldn't decide between the Odyssey or waiting for the new MDX but I'm glad we chose the van. A lot less money than the SUV and a whole lot more room. It's been 100% trouble-free so far and I'm looking forward to adding some things like a video system and aftermarket x-bars for some of our toys. Can't type anymore, I'm too dang tired. Bye.
  • My name is Walter and we got our '00 CSS EX in April '00. Love it so far. Also plan on getting the MDX after the demand dies down. Didn't really want to be at the dealers mercy 2 cars in a roll.

    What is the differences/advantages between the club board and the Town Hall Odyssey threads? Or is this just an additional place I have to check for the latest scoop on the Odyssey.
  • mojo66mojo66 Posts: 83
    own an Odyssey. (backwards)
  • ckonckon Posts: 22
    Very good!!
  • diymandiyman Posts: 11
    Hi everyone. I'm Steve from MA. Soon to be Ody owner. Reading everything I can regarding experiences, dealers, problems, options, etc.

    exindenver: I asked Karen (moderator) that same question (#25) directly. No reply yet...

    Karen: please reply to us all here publicly

    mojo66 - clever, very clever. I like that. (#26)
  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    the van's host in the other area the same question. His reply was that discussions will tend to migrate to this area over time. Specific concerns/issues are better answered here, and the original topic is also part of the owners area so you can track that thread here also. I guess we'll see.
  • ...but in less than a week, the Owner's Club board has added 8 new clubs. Whew! is actively working to bring experts/representatives from manufacturers that will participate on the board to answer your questions and concerns.

    Since discussions can only be created by the host(me), this board will be less cluttered. Please let me know if you feel a new discussion should be added. I'll be happy to do it!

    Weekly club chats are also provided for those interested. And other "events" are being planned for the future....shhh...even I don't know those secrets.

    Hope this answers some of your questions!

    Owner's Clubs

    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • hummyhummy Posts: 3
    My husband and I picked up our '01 EX last month and we absolutely love it!!! However like many of you, the power doors was a source of concern but not enough to deter me from purchasing my Ody.

    Just like to add that these postings are really informative and I truly appreciate all the feedback/comments from other owners! It's comforting to know that we can post our questions and share ideas with other happy Ody owners.
  • I just purchased an EX with Navi. Love the power and the Navi system. I have a question for everyone. I would like to get the HondaCare 7/100/0 warranty. Can people tell me how much they paid for it? My dealer was asking $1300 for it but I thought that was too much. I have seen it for around $900 on the web. Is that an accurate price right now? He mentioned to me that HondaCare are $1050 retail and aftermarket warranties (not HondaCare) are a lot cheaper. Is he telling me the truth? Am I able to get HondaCare warranty for around $900?
  • I also have a concern about my new Odyssey EX fuel gauge. The indicator needle comes to very close to Empty when only 13-14 gallons are consumed and lights the gas reserve indicator. The tank capacity is 20 gal, so I would expect it should be in reserve when 16-18 gallons used. At half of gauge, only 6-7 gallons are used. I taken it to the dealer twice. The first time they replaced the "sending unit" but still didn't read right. The second time they said it is a "feature" of the Odyssey. I say I am not getting the benefit of having a 20gal tank. Is this a "feature" or do I have problem with my VAN???? If not, how do you keep track of gas?
  • I spoke to Dana/Community Manager and they are trying to get all the Club chats set up on

    Tuesdays: 4-5pmPT/7-8pmET


    Thursdays: 5-6pmPT/8-9pmET, 6-7pmPT/9-10ET, 7-8pmPT/10-11pmET (This last time would be kind of late for East coast, but is available if you want it.)

    The first scheduled chat would be March 6 or 8.

    Let me know what time works for you!

    Owner's Clubs

    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • Hello,

    My name is Dan and I'm a proud owner of a '99 Odyssey. I have been reading entries of Odyssey owners for some time and felt I had better start posting a little. I live in the Toledo, Ohio area and have seen some other owners from around the area I believe, so if you wish to compare dealerships, please email me.
  • gessgess Posts: 90
    Do you have an LX or EX? Have you had any problems from one of the first model year vans?
  • I have an EX model. Since purchasing it, I initially had some driver side sliding door issues which seem to have be worked out via the dealership. I've learned to make sure the contact pads for the sliding doors are clean so that a false alarm doesn't sound. Also the fuel gage (sensor??) had to be replaced; it was giving me false readings. Lastly my molding for the roof rack and the passenger door weatherstrip had to be replaced/resecured twice =( I'm currently in the mist of getting an extended warranty and found that 935.00 is the best I can do around here(toledo, oh). Also of note Honda does offer a 1yr payment plan no interest for those thinking of picking up an extended. Overall, I must say this mini-van has been the best experience I've had owning a vehicle.. thus far =)
  • Hi Karen and all other members...I feel like I've joined an well renowned group!...My name is Steven...after realizing that my '92 Eagle Summit was on its way out (2 gears still worked and it tended to move better sideways than forward!), ended up, after much (re)searching, with a 1997 Odyssey LX...first time I ever bought out of emotion...(or was it the dealer's sales pitch?) far after a week, the van has driven like the moon roof and rear (aka 'secret') seat...while pretty much deciding on the Odyssey early on, reading the
    comments/trials/travails of the members helped in the selection...looking forward to hearing from others...will have some questions to ask, but will save those for another time...thanks!
  • alaraalara Posts: 2
    Hello everyone. My name is Javier and I just bought my wife and kids a silver '01 EX. They loved it from the minute they set eyes on it. Paid sticker price in Joliet. Hope to drive it forever...
  • Hi everyone, I just joined the Odyssey Club..... My name is Kevin....I am only 19 years old..... My car is 99 Ex Canyon Stone Silver model and is Canadian edition.... At my age most of the teens chose Civic or Prelude for their car... but I love my odyssey because is SPACING, nice handling and good performance.... Hope all of our members all enjoy of their Odyseey....=)
  • neech7neech7 Posts: 23
    Hi everyone! My name is Chris and my family and I have a 2000 Odyssey EX, GOLD color (that's Mesa Beige to the ignorant ones! ;-)). We've had it since Feb 2000, after a 1.5 month wait. Anyone from the Seattle area looking for an Odyssey, but can't get it for MSRP should talk to me. I know of at least two dealerships willing to do MSRP.

    Hope to put the new style fog lights and amber-color rear turn signal lights on the van sometime in the future. And perhaps replace the "Odyssey" emblem at the back with "La Great", to make it stand out more in the crowd.

    The van is primarily my wife's vehicle. I drive a 1998 Accord LX. I am a big Honda fan. My last four vehicles have all been Hondas. And my mom had a 1979 Civic that was virtually unbreakable.

    I hope to see some kind of "exchange program" between North American Odyssey owners and Japanese La Great owners, like swapping of accessories not found on either side. Also, would be interested in knowing how to add EX level "upgrades" like auto climate system and homelink to an LX (this is mainly for my Accord, but I'm sure some Ody LX owners would be interested too.)
  • scusiscusi Posts: 2
    I test drove a Honda with a Navigation system and it had the compass/temp in the rearview mirror. Does the Odyssey EX (without navigation system) have it? I forgot to ask the dealer when I was shopping.
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