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Nissan Pathfinder Owners: Accessories & Modifications



  • jszei,

    I have a 2001 LE and would be interested in swapping racks with you. Where are you located? Mike
  • Hello,

    I just bought a 2003 pathfinder LE and wanted to protect the front of the hood from rocks and such. From reading this forum, I tool mjohnr99's advice on getting the Lund Avenger. Looking at the install instructions though, it says that you have to remove the weather stripping under the hood and discard it.

    I really don't want to do that because that would leave the front of the hood vulnerable to salt and dust. I was wondering if there is a way to install the Avenger without taking the weather stripping off either with screws or without. If not, is there another product that anyone has used that will do so.

    Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • kraygkrayg Posts: 5
    I have a vehicle-to-trailer wiring kit and it states I have to take off the two taillight lenses. I've removed the two screws on each but there seems to be a white "thing" holding the lens in place. Can I simply pull until it pops off or will that break it?
    thanks, craig
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    The answer to your question is "Yes, you can pull it off; no, it won't break." Each taillamp is secured by two plastic bullet-shaped "tabs" and two screws. When you pull, be sure to pull straight back. Don't pull it off as though you were opening a door, or you will break the tabs.

    For a much cleaner installation, I don't recommend tapping into the wiring in the taillamp though. Depending on your truck's model year, there may already be a trailer wiring harness receptacle/plug under the vehicle, near the spare tire or rear bumper.

    If your truck lacks this plug, consider tapping into the wiring harness behind the plastic panels in the cargo area instead. It's then just a matter of determining the function of each wire (but it isn't as obvious as finding the wire attached to the light bulb). You'll want to remove the taillamps, including the wiring harness that feeds through the body. The harness unplugs from a socket behind there, and you can then access that socket after removing the plastic panels in the cargo area.
  • i just recently bought an '03 pathfinder se and im just wondering what the bolt pattern are for the wheels if i wanted to get aftermarket wheels. also, is there any place i could go to get grill guards?? even used ones are fine if you guys know of any website that has them....thanks!
  • from message 340 - i didn't see an answer and i have the same exact question (getting a new pathfinder but have a subwoofer and 2 amps and want to know whether i can add them easily to the pathfinder's stock stereo):

    P.S. Before I sell all my old CRX with its aftermarket speakers, amps, etc. left over from my old 20-something days when I had time to fool with such things, I thought I might want to keep one of my more expensive amplifiers in case I ever wanted to add a subwoofer to the Pathfinder. The stock Bose is nice all around, but could use more balance in the bass department. Does anyone know if the stock head unit has "pre-amps" (e.g., RCA like jacks) built in for the addition of an amplifier? If not, I'll sell the expensive amp as well, as I do not want to replace or fool around with the head unit / inline CD changer. I notice that there is one external amplifier in the driver's side rear cargo area wall - anyone check that out to see how wired and/or whether a second amplifier can be added using the "leads" to the factory amplifier? Just a long shot here. THX
  • Can someone please suggest a place for a good aftermarket grille guard for my 03 PF LE. From some of the posts here, I get a feeling that most people dont like the Nissan grille gaurd very much. Any specific reasons for this? Are there better grille guards and if yes where can I find them.

    Any inputs highly appreciated!
  • scottinkyscottinky Posts: 194
    I got to installing my bug shield this weekend. kind of a pain, but I got it on. had a hard time getting the hood closed until I got the weather stripping tucked in. However, the hood does not close flush like it did w/o the deflector on. there is a small gap at the top of the headlight to where the hood meets the grill. I know the bug shield adds a little bit of thickness, but I just want to make sure this is normal before I let Nissan re-install it.
  • I am trying to intall Yakima bike racks cross bars to the 2003 SE Pathfinder and I need to find end caps for the rails now that I have removed the factory racks. Once you remove the factory racks there is a 1-2 inch gap. I also wanted to know if anyone has had trouble with noise from the sunroof after taking off the factory fairing.
  • i saw a bunch of messages scattered all over about getting chrome exhaust tips - what's the latest/what do i need to do to get one for my 01 LE? not canadian. can i just go to the local muffler shop or are they going to try to bolt on one that doesn't quite fit? do i need to order one from my dealer or is there someplace online that sells them? thx
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    Borla makes some fancy stainless ones.
  • bigjohnbigjohn Posts: 1
    Hi guys

    I'm an avid surf fisherman and want to install a front 2" receiver hitch to my Pathfinder. This way, I can use the aluminum rod racks that many surf fishermen use.

    Has anyone ever done this? I have no idea where to start.... I don't know what type of hitch, if I'll have to drill holes or is there one available that just bolts on (I know the rear ones just bolt on nowadays).

    Thanks for the help...
  • nicklesnickles Posts: 41

    does anyone know if a interior Sunroof Shade for a 2001 Xterra, would fit a 1995 Pathfinder?

    were there any differences in the 1995-2001 designs of these sunroofs ?

    thank you!
  • robbmedrobbmed Posts: 2
    Have you checked out They're pretty well-known.
  • joe233joe233 Posts: 43
    Has anyone seen a replacement analog clock for the Pathfinder similar to the QX4?
  • cm3246cm3246 Posts: 8
    Can anyone help with directions on how to install the sunroof deflector? We thought we had it right but then the sunroof wouldn't close correctly. Thanks to anyone who can help.
  • lovejettalovejetta Posts: 4
    I have a 2004 SE and would like to have a tow hitch installed so i can haul my bicycles easily.

    The dealer wants $500 to install the Nissan class III hitch. Gosh...that's seems bicycle is only a few hundred more!

    I know you can buy these hitches from aftermarket dealers....which is the best one? And more importantly...where can you get one installed? (I'm not mechanically inclined)

    I live in Texas just North of Houston.

    Thanks in advance...

    ps. I have been noticing that my brakes are squeaky...should I be concerned? I only have about 6,000 miles on my Pathfinder.
  • danpf1danpf1 Posts: 80
    I have a K@N Air filter on my 2001 LE, I installed it a few months after I bought my Pathfinder. The main reason for installing it was to save on labor and cost to replace airfilters but the added benefit is a very responsive engine when I hit the gas pedal. I also use full synthetics, the two combined probably results in some horse power increase and improved gas mileage. The best improvement is a cleaner running engine that takes in more air when needed. I have been using K@N air filters now for about eight years with no problems.
  • pathy04pathy04 Posts: 27
    I recently installed tow-hitch(Draw-tite)and added a bicycle carrier(Thule, model # 944).
    The distance between the tailgate and bike-carrier looks too-long. is this normal?
    Also the distance between bumper and two-hitch seems not right. see link below

    Any help is appreciated
  • land2206land2206 Posts: 3
    I have an 02 Pathfinder with the BOSE in-dash CD chgr. I was hoping to find a way to switch the entire unit out for a later model unit that had XM Radio capability (03-04). I am also assuming I would have to add the satellite antenna and make some other minor modifications. Does anyone have any suggestions on where I might find a source (other than the dealer) of Nissan stereos for this type of switch?
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