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Jaguar XJ-Series



  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    If you're on a 1996 or newer...

    Here's what to look out for:

    Sagging headliners in FL/GA/TX/S. CA but Mainly in FL.
    DOA Trunk key lock up north.
    Electric Tilt motor in steering column freezes.
    Seat memory work?
    Sunroof tracks (It better slide back and forth silently.. and make sure the headliner panel doesnt "hang down" when you pop the roof up.
    Radios can break (But new/reman ones are like $150.. not the end of the world).

    Here's what to remember:

    They like V or Z rated tires. Personally I like Pirellis,but Michelin MXV4s do ride softer..
    Castrol Oil
    Castrol GT/LMA Brake Fluid
    Premium Fuel
    Change Oil every 3K
    Watch for accident damage/abuse/nitwit owners who have the $$ to buy a $15K XJ6 but doint have the $$ to maintain it.

    Basically.. the 95+ Sedans are bordering on bulletproof. These are VERY strong and reliable cars.

  • jagger5jagger5 Posts: 1
    Hi Bill,
    I have two questions for you:
    1. How much could I expect to pay for a replacement rear exhaust manifold on a 1995 XJR.
    2. Where can I find replacement parts for my radio? (LCD display, radio button)

  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    Bad exhaust Manifold?

    OY! That's a new one...



    Also... for used Parts...

    For the radio? Pop in a $150 factory reman one from the dealer.

  • Bill I resently joined the X(300) list at Jag-lovers and I notice a few posts about premature
    failures of the V8 in the XJ series. There was also one post that Jaguar of England is extending
    the warranty on the engine until 100,000 miles.
  • pablo_lpablo_l Posts: 491
    The engine has been out since '97. There are cars with *very* high mileage out there that have really been trashed. The engine seems to have a very good reliability track record. I am not sure why Jaguar would extend the warranty to 100k unless they felt pretty confident of their quality...
  • lindsay8lindsay8 Posts: 21
    One of my outside headlights is out on my 98. I recall a friend telling me he replaced one in his XK for $300 CDN. I wish to avoid paying this much if possible. Either US or CDN cources okay.
  • bsudderthbsudderth Posts: 6
    On my wife's 2002 XJ Sport, the audio and speed control buttons on the steering wheel do not light up at night as do all the main buttons on the dash console. My dealer advises that there is no way to do this and that this is normal. This seems very illogical to me as the control buttons on my 2000 S-type steering wheel do light. I believe there is simply a loose wire/connection somewhere.

    Could all 2002 XJ owners pls advise if your steering wheel controls do or do not light up at night, when all other lights are on.

    Thanks for the help.

  • lindsay8lindsay8 Posts: 21
    My friends headlight was actually replacement of the glass. Mine was simply an element out and I was able to replace the halogen for $16.00 CDN with a standard GE type bulb. Excuse my original post-this is how urban legends about repair costs get started. BTW I had curb damage on one of my factory XJR rims and was able to get dent removed and refinishing for $175.00 CDN. All I did was call around to a few body shops and ask who repaired mag wheels.
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    Lights? Yeah.. the whole assembley is prolly $150 or more.. the element is, as you found out, around $10-15 US :)

    V8 Engines? I
    ve already handled a few hi-mile XJ8s (Ted you were dumb not to grab that 100K miler TOpaz one I had.. $12K! oh well..) and they all seem to run fine.

    But, again, there's not a LOT of 100K+ mile XJ/XKs in existence I dont think...

    As far as the steering wheel buttons.. they do not light up. Once you are used to the car though, you sorta "know" where they are.

  • hyperion1hyperion1 Posts: 17

    You know I only like 4 banger import rebadgers and pick-up trucks.

  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883

    Ted, How is the rebadger going?

    PS.. you gotta see what dad picked up at SADE... swing by tomorrow. We outdid ourselves this time :)

  • jagmen1jagmen1 Posts: 3
    I own a 2001 S Type 4.0 and have not had one single problem in 25,000 miles.Wonderful car! This was my second Jag after I purchased a 2000 S Type 3.0 and almost went Lemon Law after having an unusual amount of problems...Jaguar replaced my car and made me a customer for life. And despite what I have read about pre-1994 XJ40 sedans I went and purchased a 1991 Jade Green Sovereign. OK everyone, stop the whispering...I am not crazy- as a matter of fact..I Love this car! It has personality, ride is superb,everything works and it still turns heads do to its classic lines. And it doesn't have to cost a fortune to fix if you spend the time and LOOK for parts online at the many web sites geared towards the Jaguar owner.I have had good experiences with Coventry West in Georgia..very helpful. Oh, and make sure you have a mechanic you can trust. I take this baby up to 90 on the Florida Turnpike and I don't feel a single vibration. I also recommend Pirelli P4000 tires. The Bridgestone Turanza tires on my S Type are garbage. I like reading the stuff you folks write...its nice to know I'm not alone out there when I get accused of loving my cars more than my spouse!!!
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    91s can be great cars if they have the 3 major problem areas sorted out (Diff, self-levelling, head gasket).

    I sell quite few when I can find nice ones.

    You said FL... Do you live near Orlando? If so I know of some GREAT Techs in town. Also, if you're in Central FL.. <--Website of JCOF, Please join us! :)


  • jagmen1jagmen1 Posts: 3
    I'm down in Ft.Lauderdale, originally from upstate NY...I was lucky to find a 91 that was an actual Palm Beach car, garaged and no fade or sun bleaching and PERFECT chrome all around- and the windows have only factory tint.
    Another note: I strongly recommend Maguires Scratch X to remove small scratches and even fade on older buddy has an older red Porsche and this stuff is amazing at feeding the paint and bring back the shine...its in a tube and I got it at Pep Boys.
    Good Luck!
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    That's why, as a dealer, I have a detail guy :)

    hee hee.. I cheat.

    Join the S. Florida Jag club... good bunch of people there.

    PS.. Dad is from Rotterdam/Schnechtady

  • sayhey1sayhey1 Posts: 1
    I was recently at my local Jaguar dealership and one of the salespeople told me that the new XJ was not going to be debuted until April 2003 at the NYC or Detroit, I can't remember which, auto show.

    Is this old news? I was under the impression that the debut was to take place in September 2002 in Paris.
  • derel2derel2 Posts: 49
    Can anyone tell me what names Jaguar used for the interior and exterior colors of my 95 XJ6? To me the exterior is black, the interior tan. The following codes are listed on the door panel plate: Paint= PDT Trim = SDC.

  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    If it is Black with a deep tan leather interior...

    Then the exterior color is oficially called Black and the Interior color should be Coffee.

    Shoot. I got a Black on Coffee 95 on the lot.. lemme check it..

    Yeahup, you got Black over Coffee :)

  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,482
    I take mine with cream and sugar.
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    After reading the Kia rants...

    Maybe I need Irish Coffee
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