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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz C-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Has anybody had any negotiated pricing info on 2003 or 2004 C class, any model? Just read the current issue of Motor Trend and it says MB has dropped $1250 off C class sedan and wagon with AWD. Can anybody confirm this?
  • Auto transmission, sunroof package, CD changer (the basic options) pewter silver $29750 + tax. We got it from Penske MB W. Covina, CA 9/13/03 as my husband's birthday gift. We also got the extended warranty after reading about the problems MB owners have here. Total out of the door price is 34876.09.
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  • 2004 C230 Sport Sedan
    Sunroof Package, COMMAND, 6 CD Changer, Auto. Transmission, Metallic paint

    Invoice: $32500,MSRP: $34900,Paid: $33900

    Smith European, Stevens Creek, San Jose, CA
  • Well, last Friday the wife and I went test driving several make/models including the Mercedes C230 and C240 sedans. What surprised me was the inability to negotiate a good price.

    While I worked with the Internet sales person via a direct website contact initiative, the most they would take off the vehicle was $550 for the C230 (no special financing offered). On the C240, they would offer a $1K off offer if we did not take their special 2.9% offer.

    I suppose what disturbed the wife and I was that this was dramatically different from the negotiations at Saab, Volvo, Toyota (don't ask), Infinity, and BMW. And while my wife liked the C230 over the C240 and the post-sale customer service support nothing short of astounding, the BMW test drive (last on the list) and better negotiations went a heck of a lot more better.

    In the end, we got the BMW 325i for $3K less than the C230, got better financing, 50% higher trade-in appraisel, and a matched B2B extended warranty. While I enjoyed the attitude of the Mercedes post-sales support ('just take care of the customer at all costs'), their pre-sales stiffness made them very inflexible comparatively.

    BTW, the offer for the C230 was $32540 (after the $550 discount) for Sunroof, no CD, black paint, auto transmission, from Atlanta Classic Cars.
  • khicekhice Posts: 13
    $22,998 on a 2002 C230K, 15K miles, Black, all leather w/10 way heated seats, CD changer, 17" sport rims, xenons, auto trans. Immaculate interior. Concours Motors repaired the scuffed rims, some stone chips on the hood and installed new Yokohama's. Between the deal on the car & trade-in ($11,500 for a 2001 Catera, resulting in a net price of $11,498 for the Kompressor) I may have left $1,000 on the table. Any opinions?
  • profvhprofvh Posts: 31
    According to the Wall Street Journal,
    Thursday, Dec. ll, DaimlerC is giving MB
    dealers up to $4,000 in dealer incentives
    on the C Class cars. Wish I needed a new
    car now. Sounds like a bargain if you can
    get the dealer to deal.
  • daqmandaqman Posts: 27
    If that's a sedan, you got yourself a great car at a very good price...way-ta-go!
  • Will pick-up car on 12/12/03. negotiated a price of $26,500.00 tag and tax included.
  • for $24,750, with premium option package, automatic, desert silver, cd changer, 11,850 miles. It was a "dealers" car. Traded in my 2000 Golf GLS 1.8T, got 9K for it, had 52,000 miles on it. Did I get a fair deal? The car is in like new condition. Bought from Mercedes on Van Ness Ave in San Francisco. Hope the car does not make too many visits to the shop. It's a Starmark certified used car, with a total of four years warranty. Rides much nicer than the Golf, much quieter, the electronics concern me for reliabilty issues.
  • spicy320spicy320 Posts: 10
    Just got the car a few weeks ago (from a dealer in the SF Bay Area) with the following:
    - Premium Pkg (Panorama Roof, Bose, Blk Leather)
    - Metallic Paint
    - 6CD Changer
    - Auto Trans
    - and of course the 17" rims, etc. that come standard (wish I got the Bi-Xenon as well though)

    $32,000 out-the-door
  • jen2398jen2398 Posts: 1
    I am looking to purchase a new 2004 C230 Kompressor Sedan (brilliant silver metallic, ash leather interior)with sunroof package and 6 disc changer. What is a reasonable out-the-door price(after everything including TTL)? There is a $2,250 manufacturer to dealer cash incentive on the car until 5/31, so I think I should be able to get a pretty low price, especially since 2005's are coming in. So far I have a quote for $33,500 out-the-door which I think is still way too high. I would appreciate any help or advice. Thanks!
  • jeff193jeff193 Posts: 29
    Bought a C230 Kompressor sedan. Pewter (670$)..heated seats sunroof etc pacakage, and the automatic.

    Sticker was 34985$..

    You wont beleive what i haggeld it down to...they are also throwing in a free pinstrpe with initials,....alltogether....


    What do u guys think of that ???? pewter with Charcoal leather interior, did i mention In dash CD?
  • g17g17 Posts: 45
    I think you're crazy....nobody should put a pinstripe on a Mercedes, its completely tacky. And whats with the initials? Are you a rapper?
    Call the dealership as soon as possible and call off this atrocity.
  • grneyesgrneyes Posts: 12
    Got quoted a killer price on a C320 sedan sunroof, cdchanger. $33,375, $4700 below invoice on dealer stock '04 last week. This was internet-generated, and $1K under carsdirect! Started talking about other avail. colors, he said he could get same model, same options by doing a trade with another dealer. We found the car and got ready to do the deal, and found the car at the other dealer was produced later in the year than the first, and there was a manufacturer's price increase. Now, the model I want is $1000 more simply because he made an error in the quote. Faxed me the invoices, showing that one had an earlier ship date and a $1,000 lower MSRP.
    My choice is to take a color I don't want or pay extra. Does this sound right?
  • decsdecs Posts: 8
    Any indication on what type of deals posible on '05 C-Class in the DC metro 2005 C230K within the next 2 months. Thanks.
  • beersnob1beersnob1 Posts: 2
    Just got a 2004 C-230 Sedan and thought I would pass along the specifics. The car is brilliant silver with 5-speed auto, 6 disc changer and sun roof package. MSRP was $34,050, invoice was $31,717 and we got it for $30,317. We bought the car at Schumacher European in Scottsdale, AZ. They had a few more '04s on the lot and expected the '05s anyday
    We are very happy with the deal and my wife loves the car.
  • sbardaysbarday Posts: 1
    Have you had any issues with your C230 coupe? I'm looking to purchase a certified pre-owned C230 2003 model. Am looking for an automatic with panoramic sun roof, leather seats, power driver's seat, cd changer, rearview dimmer, rain sensing wipers, and approx 13K miles. Have been quoted $21525 as wholesale price with 3.9% APR. Would you consider this a good deal? Also, what are the added charges that I should consider and how much does it come up to approx? CA state tax is 8.5%, smog $80, registration $200. anything else I'm missing out on?
    Also, how does one interpret the inspection points on the pre owned cars?
  • grneyesgrneyes Posts: 12
    Just closed a deal on '04 C320, metallic paint, CD changer, sunroof package, leather inserts,

    RAB Motors, Marin County, CA. There are still some '04's on the lots that were delivered pre-price increase in Feb. '04. They quoted me about $1,000 less on those.

    Selling my baby, '93 190E. Rides like a limo. A few too many shop visits for me in the past year though. Time for her to go.. Hope I can get used to this new world of sport suspensions.
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