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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz E-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I have the $3500 certificate I got from fleet program, But after speaking to DD of long beach. He said Mercedes do not allow certificate to stack, since Mercedes is already giving $3000 rebate for lease, I can only received $500 extra. Can somebody please clarify.
  • sawcarsawcar Posts: 6
    White plains was definitely the best deal out of the NJ and NY dealerships (I followed edmunds advice and emailed all the different dealerships to get the best deal on our lease). We got the e350 4Matic sports package with the keyless go package. $63,000 (MSRP), 27 months, $0 down and 10k miles. We paid exactly $2,100.56 out of pocket for the fees and first months payment. Our monthly payments are $530 and they include the taxes and maintenance. We are very happy with the deal we got and no other dealer would come close to this deal (we got everyone's final offer and everyone said they couldn't touch this deal). The dealer showed us all the papers and everything they'd be getting from Mercedes Benz and us--they made exactly $200 on the deal (which is what another dealer said and said it couldn't be done).
  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 3,109
    I have the $3500 certificate I got from fleet program, But after speaking to DD of long beach. He said Mercedes do not allow certificate to stack, since Mercedes is already giving $3000 rebate for lease, I can only received $500 extra. Can somebody please clarify.

    For the most part, that is correct! However, it all depends on MBUSA and how their incentives are legally worded.

    USAA is considered a "fleet" discount. So is the Mercedes Benz Club of America $500 incentive. Both can be used together because they are both fleet discounts. However, you can't combine them with most dealer incentives from MBUSA.

    This month, Mercedes dealerships were given a limited quantity of $5000 certificates/coupons (based upon total sales) to use as they saw fit. Some dealers had 10, some 20, some 5. That is how the dealers were able to sell E350's well below invoice this past month.

    As an example, my 2014 sport sedan was delivered in April of this year. I ordered the car in January. I had a $1500 USAA certificate at the time (much lower than usual because the E350's were brand new. I also had a $1000 Mercedes Benz club certificate - both fleet discounts. They also had a $2000 MBUSA certificate (the dealer) which could not be combined - so I bought the car in April (MSRP $64850) for $57500, or $7350 below MSRP OR $2850 below invoice. I got that deal because I buy a new car from my dealer every year.

    Right now, I could buy that same car for $5000+ under invoice.

    These dealer certificates are not publicly known and therefore that is why there are such outstanding deals available out there.

    Next year, a new E400 gasoline model will be unveiled in the US as a 2015. 435+ hp, and is not a hybrid. Might be an interesting car to consider. This is a totally new engine.

    I hope I helped explain these incentives and certificates.

    BTW, once a dealer uses up their MBUSA certificates, they cannot get additional certificates. I believe these $5000 dealer certificates can be used on most Mercedes models. (E, CLS, CL, ML, GL, but not the new S or SL etc.)

    2014 Mercedes Benz CLS 550 - best car ever!

  • utc2utc2 Posts: 42
    Thanks abacomike for posting your experience. I have asked various MB sales staff and they agree that most other incentives can not be combined. For Sept/Oct the factory incentives were $3000 for lease and $5000 for purchase. I can only guess that the Nov/Dec factory incentives would be comparable but that is only my guess.

    When dealing with the internet sales staff in SoCal, I have been given quotes that are phrased as "XX dollars below invoice, less any applicable factory incentives." Personally, after speaking directly to a handful of dealerships, I would say MD at Silver Star, DD in LB, and AK at Rusnak seem the most honest and aggressive in their pricing.

    Hope that helps. I have submitted specs for a factory build E250 that should be delivered in Dec. I hope the winter sales drive incentives are comparable to what they are currently or possibly better.
  • I just pulled the trigger and purchased a 2014 E350 Sports Sedan. This forum has helped me a lot and I’d like to reciprocate and share my buying experience in the San Francisco Bay area.
    I did all my communications with the dealers via emails as this car is a surprise birthday gift for my wife and I don’t want to spoil the surprise. I contacted dealers in Walnut Creek, Fairfield, Fremont, San Jose, Oakland, San Francisco, San Rafael, and Autobahn in Belmont.

    The best offers are from Barry in San Rafael for $12000 off any car in his lot. I did not however buy from him because I wanted panorama sunroof and the one in his lot has too many installed options I don’t need or want.

    Autobahn in Belmont matched Barry’s offer and the vehicle I got:

    Diamond White with beige interior, Premium 1, Keyless Go Package, comfort box, split real seat, rear deck spoiler, Lane Assist, Parking Assist Package (Parktronic) and my favorite feature the Black panorama sunroof. MSRP is $63535 and I paid $51600 with free chrome door inserts and the dashboard visor thrown in. Ask for the Internet Manager Joseph and the process was very easy. I just love the Diamond White color and my wife is unbelievably happy!

    Good Luck Shopping!
  • gavin1911gavin1911 Posts: 9
    edited November 2013
    I signed the buyer's agreement today and my car is still on the boat but following dealerships have offered good deals in Tri-State area:

    1. Devon, PA: 20.5% off, refused to use United Certificate.

    2. West Chester, PA: 18.8% off, cheated on me last minute about United certificate; agreed to take it as an additional bonus cash but refused to do so when I got there.

    3. Princeton, NJ: If you push hard enough, they can do 16.5%. I have a friend who got $12,200 off a new CLS, which seems like a pretty good deal

    4. Nanuet, NY: They offered 19.5% off a particular vehicle for 10 minutes. I do not like the way they do business but it does not hurt to get a quote.

    5. Wilmington, DE: I got 16.5% in the first attempt but they do not have many selections in stock.

    6. Flemington, NJ: STAY AWAY. Its sales manager tried to trick me with an 2013 model.

    7. Ray Catena, NJ: Terrible sales persons - always took 2-3 days to respond to an email and unable to match anything.

    Everyone else from New York to Philadelphia is unable to do better than 15%. My suggestion is to start with dealership 1-5 and avoid 6-7.

    PS: United Certificate is a joke. No dealership takes it.
  • You did great! Congrats, so I assume you went with Devon,do you have a name of the sale person.Thanks in advance.
  • Looking to get 15-19% off new one. Where is best deal?
  • For all those out there who would like to squeeze into a 2014 E350 Cab, I got a discount of (without haggling) $9500 on a $65k car. I stumbled upon this when looking to price leftover 2013 Cabriolets. NOT worth pursuing 2013's for leasing given no support and low residual. 2014 Cab quoted MF = .00145, 36 month/15k mile, residual at 57%. Still working the deals but thought others here would like to know about the convertible option. I'm in SoCal Orange County. DD has been great at LB Mercedes. Also, Arnold at HOI in Buena Park is equally excellent and HOI often kicks everyone's butt in the final deal, at least in the past for my last 4 Mercedes.

    Has anyone else gotten MF's and residuals for 2014 Cabs for 36 mo/15k leases?
  • I just closed a deal for a lease of a 2014 E350 in So Cal. MSRP 63K that was lowered to 53K selling price. 1200 drive off (1st month and DMV fees) $684 per month. 27month lease 7.5 miles a year. Did I get a good deal??? Someone let me know lol. I think I did but I'd love to hear some feedback.

    Sports Pkg
    Lighting Pkg
    Premium 1 Pkg
    Keyless Go Pkg
    Trunk opener
    Illuminated Mercedes symbol in grill
    Lane Tracking/Blind Spot assist
    2yr Maintenance Pkg
  • Just picked it up on Friday

    Sport exterior
    Premium Package
    (Navi, backup camera, etc)
    27 months
    27,000 miles
    $1,000 down includes first month payment and some other bs fees

    Very thrilled by the deal and more importantly by the vehicle. Been driving it all weekend, can't stop won't stop.

    I used a lease broker, didn't go to the dealership other than for the test drive and to see the vehicle in person.
  • vinojon: If you don't mind sharing, what dealership did you lease the car from and which lease broker did you use?
  • Hi all, I see the great deals in southern California, but I'm in Texas and traveling out of state to buy isn't really feasible. Can anyone here give me an idea of incentives/discounts/expectations for an E350 coupe in Texas? Thanks.
  • Don't know about Houston, but here in D/FW last month the two dealership groups were discounting in the 6%-7% range. After getting advice here, I contacted several So.Cal dealerships. One, Dez @ L.B. responded quickly and seemed honest and straight forward. I ordered an e350 sport sedan build, no deposit required.

    MSRP: $65,845

    Sell Price: $54,004

    Dez says he does out of state deals all the time plus he has a friend that can transport the car for $1050 enclosed or $650 open carrier. Shipping from L.A. to DFW will be on my dime, but I won't have to travel there since the paperwork can completed via overnite mail. I will also have to pay the 6.5% Texas sales tax to register the car in Texas, but no Cal. tax.

    The only caveat being if the current $5k incentive ends before the car arrives in Dec. It's unlikely, but if it does end, I can just walk away from the deal according to Dez.
  • bzjambzjam Posts: 11
    I'm looking to purchase in Houston and I'm being told about $7500-8500 off.
  • Oh really? Which dealerships? Thanks
  • Broker name is Joel Flohr at Executive Auto Group, his website is here

    Dealership is in Virginia, I have to check my car to see which one. I'm in FL, he had it sent down here.
  • Thanks for the information! Enjoy the car. So far, I am being quoted around $560 a month for a similar equipped vehicle in the NY area, but with $2150 down, which includes first month, credit fee, etc. 27 month lease, 12K a year.
  • Vinojon, The deal you got sounds great! what was the MSRP. Did you get the residual buyout or value at the end of the lease.? Mbtex, ? The reason for the questions is that I am actually looking for the exact vehicle in Miami, Fl. and just wanted to use some of your information. Your deal sounds wonderful and it is in line with what I would like to put together.
  • Cap Cost is $51,175
    Residual is $38,552
    Yes to MBTex (probably should have gone for leather, if only just for the smell!)
    Did you give the lease broker a call?
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