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Mercedes-Benz CLK (2005 and earlier)



  • ciracira Posts: 32
    Good luck Chipman. I know you are going to love the sunroof (open or closed) and personally I think that the white and black contrast will only add to the pleasing look of the car. Enjoy it, I know I am. I picked mine up exactly a week ago at this hour and I am loving it (brilliant silver with black leather). I take the long way to and from work everyday!
  • chipmanchipman Posts: 3
    pablo12- Go to the C-Class(203) forum at and do a search for poster name "Buddha" (The search function is on the right-hand side at bottom of screen). Buddha talks about his installation and posted a pix.

    Good luck
  • vkwheelsvkwheels Posts: 218
    I test-drove a MB C230 last weekend. The salesman, who seemed to be a decent fellow, called today to say they're having a sale ('very aggressive pricing') this weekend. This might be the case at other dealerships. I don't want to be here advertising, but you can email me for details if you want, because I normally don't haunt this board.
  • bmoody1bmoody1 Posts: 3
    After procrastinating for months, I ordered my C230 on 4/9/02.

    After the test drive and the decision to buy, my dealer went to her printouts to see what was coming in. Her 2003 list (which starts in June) did NOT include C230s. Instead, C190s noted as "(new engine)" were on the list. She said that MBUSA had apparently changed the engine to keep costs in line.

    I was able to order one of the few C230s to be produced in May, but almost waited too long.

    Has anyone else heard this? If it is true, and you have been waiting, don't wait too long.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,367
    ...are indeed coming for next year. The new, all-aluminum 4 cyl engine has been documented on the MBSPY website...long article that you can read there.


    Look for the M271 Engine Series article - Misc near the bottom of the index page.

    With supercharging, direct injection, balance shafts, and [I think] ULEV certification, these engines should be less thirsty and about the same in power for each of the older engines that they replace in the lineup.

    Since the Coupe is the only MB currently sold here with a 4 cyl, and since there will no doubt be only the one engine choice for us, all of the verbiage about the rest of what the new family of 4 cyls will offer is beside the point.

    Power and torque will be VERY slightly less than the current 2.3, but fuel consumption, smoothness, quiet, and emissions all favor the new engine. [Long story, but this should have happened about 5 years ago, however MB botched an earlier attempt to replace all of the old-gen 4s in the lineup...they are ready now to get on with it.]

  • yanbukenyanbuken Posts: 12
    Just like the majority of posters to this board, I am a very happy owner of a C230. I purchased this car from the MB dealer in Greensville, SC, in Nov 01, and was treated like a king by them.

    I was very impressed with the dealer, with the Mercedes mystic, their leading-edge safety and service reputation, and with my road testing of the car. Although I was in the market for a BMW 3 series at the time, I was shying away from BMW after reading of all the problems owners were suffering from their electrical and mechanical problems during the last year. I especially felt that BMW in general, and the dealers specifically, were less than concerned with their customers problems then they should have been. Although the 3 Series drives/performs the best of all coupes in this category, I personally felt that the C230 with the 6 speed was close behind in fun to drive and road feel; and at $5k-10k less in price than the 3-Series, was the best choice. And I much preferred it to the WRX and RSX-Type S in ride, quality and comfort too. Just my two cents.
  • hocky1hocky1 Posts: 13
    I have a 1994 C180 which has a glass sunroof. At the moment it has trouble sliding back and forth, a wee bit slow with some grinding noise like the motor struggling. It still opens and closes fully though, but it doesn't tilt up at all. Have been told it needs total overhaul and the pack costs A$1200 incl. labour to do it. Anybody out there having this problem yet? Car has done 180,000kms, maybe its time for some serious repair business! Was told the main culprit is the 2 sides lifting mechanism which is a complex of metal hinges and slides. The big cost is the labour as it takes 4 to 5 hours work. Also needs other related components which are not reusable, but required in this overhaul. Pray the motor is still alive after all this surgery!!!
  • bmoody1bmoody1 Posts: 3
    I am waiting for delivery on a black C230. I am wondering if the MB mud flap option will help in keeping the car clean. Has anyone bought them? Are there any pictures that show them?
  • jjpeterjjpeter Posts: 230
    Yeah bmoody, I bought and installed them. It does prevent the wash from the front wheels from getting on the sides of the doors. No pics but one thing I don't like about them is that they don't fit the under side contour of the car perfectly. There is a small gap in the center, about a 1/4". Installing them was kind of tricky, I didn't take the wheels off, and that might have made the install easier. If you want to avoid the hassle, have your dealer put them on.
  • Although it has been noted as having "VERY" slightly less power and torque, the numbers I read do not quite match that. Remember the current iteration with the 2.3 litre Kompressor can be tweeked all the way up to approx 230hp. So, even though the 2.3 is set around 192hp, the new engine is slated to get maybe 180hp or possibly something less in its final production (i.e. 170hp). So, 10% less hp with 5% greater mpg is not that big of a deal. Also, I will believe the new engine is quieter when I actually hear it. It is the supercharger that is the main noise you hear from the 2.3l. The new engine will also be supercharged, so I am not convinced it will be any quieter. As a side comment, I love the sound! So, make your own deicision, but I would not wait for the 2003 just because you think it is rumoured to be "better". The 2.3l will likely continue on in the SLK and in C Coupes in Europe. I think the new engine is simply a cheaper version to keep the entry price in the US near 25K. In my mind, that is a bad excuse to wait for the 2003.

  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,038
    According to MBSPY the new 2.3L engine should muster at least 192hp (although, MBSPY actually quotes 197hp). I do agree that it may not be all that quieter as the engine will still use a supercharger, however low-noise MB claims it may be.

    One poster recently mentioned that an MB dealership quoted that only 1.9L engines are coming this way for 2003 (although MBSPY only mentioned 1.8L and 2.0L engines). That could have been just a gimmick to get the buyer to sign on the dotted line :)

    My take on this is that MB "might" introduce 2 engines for the C-Coupe -- a 1.8L/2.0L that generates 129hp/163hp and the 2.3L that generates 192 to 197 hp. Please note that the 1.8L is a non-supercharged engine. This is to further lower the price of admission and get the C-Coupe in Acura RSX price territory.

    But, putting off buying a C230 Kompressor right now for new engines might not be the wisest as the new engines may have its share of teething pains. Also, the current engine is awesome as it is.

    As for me, I just don't want to pay MSRP and am waiting for prices to fall since I'm a cheap [non-permissible content removed] :) (Plus, that G35 is so tempting).
  • aavlisaavlis Posts: 3
    bmoody1, there was an extensive discussion on mudflaps at the forum a while back. When you go there search for mudflap. Pictures were posted. Jjpeter, check out that same forum. I think you may have the wrong mudflaps installed. I posted pictures of sedan flaps installed on the coupe and you'll see the gap you were describing. It is wrong- the coupe flaps are NOT the same as the sedan/wagon. The correct ones only come in a set-of-four, fit perfectly, and look better because they are slightly smaller. The correct part number is posted there or you can go to and order from the website.

    Installation is a breeze. If you can change a tire yourself, you can install the mudflaps yourself.
  • ciracira Posts: 32
    FYI - someone posted on the C board the following:

    I just found out that MB will discontinue the 4 year extended warranty after April 30, and increase prices of the shorter plans. I saw it on the E-class bulletin board, and just called my dealer who confirmed it. So, it's time to buy the extended warranty before it's too late. I'm in the process of buying now.
  • l_yao1l_yao1 Posts: 15
    I just bought the RSX-S last Christmas. And would someone can tell me if the C230 is a better car or not, because I love the parano..roof, and also the rear window stuff. (also the RSX-S got no traction control and Stability control that I already know that C230 it has!)
    Also what sound system it goes with? and is there a sub in there? ( RSX-S got 7-speaker Bose sound system with a 4' sub in the spare-tire. and 6-disc in-dash changer with cassette player.) Thanks for help!!!

    ps: just base on the car itself not the price please thanks!!!
  • jjpeterjjpeter Posts: 230
    You sound like a car hopper. I can tell you, unless you like losing money, don't dump a new car for the latest model to impress your friends unless you have a good reason to - lemon, totaled in a wreak etc. All the things you are asking can be found on the MB world web site or in the brochure at your local MB dealer. Otherwise look further back into history in this forum thread and all the things you are asking about have been discussed.
  • bmoody1bmoody1 Posts: 3
    Thanks jjpeter and aavlis!
    I saw the pics and the mud flaps look great. I am definately going to have the dealer install them.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,367

    Since the topic is on the table as to whether or not the new engine family represents a real breakthrough, this Brit auto publication certainly thinks so. See their review of the MB 200 CGI. This engine is the one that gets the new gasoline direct injection system, which we probably won't see in our market for awhile, but reading between the lines tells me the new engines will indeed be a step forward.

    See, the source of the noise and general roughness of the current 4 cyl [yes, yes, I know it's been improved in the last 2 years, but still is not state-of-the-art] is NOT just the supercharger per se, but rather a whole host of design details that are all addressed with the new engines. The balance shafts in particular have got to help, but there are literally dozens of small things MB has done in the new engine to make it a real breakthrough. For our market, where the supercharged engine will be the focus for now, it is important that the blower itself is now mechanically driven...the drive system was a source of some of the complaints about courseness in the current-gen iron block 4.

    My drive earlier this year of a C230 Coupe indicated to me that I would have had no trouble living with this car for a long time - I can understand that current owners who are satisfied are skeptical that the new engines will really make much difference. Maybe not, but the early reviews are certainly positive...

  • Yes, I do own one of the current 2.3 litre C230K's, so I am probably a little prejudiced. However, I certainly knew about the new engines for 2003 and thought the current 2.3 litre would be a better choice. The UK story did firm one reason for my choice. The sentence is "The 0-60mph dash takes 9.2 seconds". The current 2.3 does it in approx 7.5 seconds. So, if given the choice, I will take a little noise getting me going much quicker. As before, I know several Indy Racing League drivers who all thought the noise of the engine was completely reasonable. I do not need to feel like I am not part of the car by having an ultra-quiet engine. Bottom line is performance to me for the C230K.

  • dro1dro1 Posts: 3
    I got my new C230 shipped from CA on a dealer trade this week. So far, its great! (Black, C2, Leather).

    I am a former BMW owner and thought that was a great car too (don't shoot) but wanted a change. I test drove a few others including the IS300 and the RSX-S. The Merc drove the best, and although 0-60 might be 0.9 slower, I like feel of the low end torque that was absent from the RSX (plus I don't want to drive a car at a sustained 4.5K RPM so that I can get power as needed).

    A stereo upgrade will probably be in the works, but I found out that if you didn't get the CD player or want a digital MP3 player, the Panasonic Cassette adapter works well. Unlike the Sony adapter, the Panasonic cable is flexible enough to be able to close the face plate without jamming it, and the passenger side net holds a CD player well.

    Anyone chip the car or otherwise tweak the supercharger?
  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271
    Thanks very much for the info on the Panasonic cassette adapter cable. Do you have a model number & can you please tell me where I could get one?

    Never though of putting a portable CD player in the passenger side net. That's a great idea! Looks like I may not need to get an in-dash CD player after all.

    - Paul
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