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Porsche Cayenne



  • i_drivei_drive Posts: 35
    ok i know this is really a small thing but it's been bothering me for quite some time.

    Is the Sports Aluminum Package for the Cayenne V6 include the trim on the doors, trim that circles the front dash controls, shift area, and circles rear air vents? I'm confused because online, i've seen several Cayenne's with the wood package with aluminum trim circling the front dash.

    Is it worth paying for that package? I've riden in many Cayenne's with the standard Titanium-package. It's OKAY- i don't like the bumpy texture on it though. That raises another point- on the '04 models, did Porsche stop doing that? I've also seen lots of photos of Cayenne's in the "standard trim" and it seems to be smooth, not bumpy with miniature "ooooooooooooooooooo" in rows. It would be great if anyone knows anything about this package because I have to get ready for pricing this "hot pepper" out.

    and also, i've come down to two colors- either the standard flat Black, or the optional Basalt-Black metallic. I like both colors, (flat black would be nice if i could keep it waxed and shiney clean all the time here in So. Cal) and basalt black has its advantages (our ML is Black Opal Metallic; she likes metallic colors because they're not as borring). the only problem is that I don't have often too much time to wash the car, and knowing my daughter, she isn't going to wash it too often either. Will a "dirty-black" color look even dirtier and ugly if it doesn't get washed too often? It's just that I've seen sooooo many waxed Black Cayenne's out on the road, and it makes me envious. Does anyone out there have Basalt Black Cayenne's out there? What are your opinions of that color? I'm also planning on getting grey leather w/ alu package, and of course, 18" Turbo Wheels.

    Sorry i keep of rambling, but i noticed out of all the Cayenne S models i see on the road, literally, almost 100% of them have the optional 18" Turbo rims on them. Are the Standard 'S' ones that unpopular? I've got to admit, it's not exactly the most sylish one out there.

  • mudman2mudman2 Posts: 152
    I recently went through the parts computer with my dealer looking for the Alu trim for around my PCM (standard is black).

    There are 2 different finishes, bright and flat, not sure where one is used vs the other.
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    I have the cay TT, and I go up to the snow a lot, and thus preferred the mud and snow tires on the S rims. I just did not like the daisy shaped turbo rims....but that is just me. I'm probably the only one in the US who traded in his turbo 18" rims for the 18" S rims. We are very happy with the looks and performance of the M+S tires and S rims.

      Look in the catalog/pamphlet, it shows (limited view) of how a wood trim may differ from the aluminum trim. I have the aluminum, and have already dented (a little) the driver side door trim....don't know how it happened. Sorry, don't know what else is different about the trims....suggest you go to dealer and compare each car, as the salesman may not know either.

    As to color, it is a matter of personal taste. I do remember getting advice when I was buying a Civic, that the darker colors do show the dust/soil more, specially the metallic dark colors. Therefore, we bought a white Civic, cause I did not want to wash it that often.

    Now mine is a titanium grey metallic , and it hides the dirt fine,,,,,but I still am a laggard when it comes to washing...... :-(
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  • Looking to buy the S. Wondering if Albacore's, hotpepper's, imegary's and other owners' problems have been fixed?
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    I do hope they come back and let us all know what happened.

    I , for one, did not have any problems with my car, none.

     On the other hand, my Previa was delivered with no power steering fluid, so I was driving with a loud creakkkkkk, at 38 miles on the odometer.....

    taking it on a long trip this weekend....hope to get better than 17 mpg.
  • i_drivei_drive Posts: 35
    I know it's not my right to be a nosey parker, but i find it very interesting in how you used to drive Honda's and Toyota Previa's but now, are driving the most desirable SUV (not to mention expensive!) on the plamet- the Porsche Cayenne Turbo.

    Hey- i started out with nothing (literally) from England, but am now driving an S430. I don't know- it just seems strange how you keep refering to your past cars, and they just seem so different from the cars you drive now.

    Anyways... back to the Cayenne. (sorry about that highender, but i just had to mention that)
  • mudman2mudman2 Posts: 152
    Where you from ? I'm from brown ale country, howay the lads
  • i_drivei_drive Posts: 35
    Proud to be from sunny California, where it's a chilly 71 degrees out (it's freezing, literally, East Coast now!) Actually, in Rancho Santa Fe in San Diego. It's amazing how hot it is here, after comming back from NYC for a couple of days.

    Also, while there, i had a brother who just bought a new '04 Lexus RX330. All i can say is-

    YUK (x200)

    He paid close to $46,000, and i really don't think it was worth it. Had advised him to consider the FX35/45 and Cayenne V6, but now, he always has to be perfect, and said the Lexus was better. I seriously think the Cayenne drives superior to the RX330. It is more silent, though, the Lex. hahaha now he regrets the purchase.

    There are also A LOT, i mean a lot of Cayenne's, part. the Turbo, in NYC. It seems black is the "in-style" in New York.

    Yep, i'm a british lad, but lost my accent a bit (after being harassed by my kids and friends)

  • My Cayenne came aluminum and I just got the walnut upgrade which I installed myself. In the photos of the cars with the walnut upgrade, Porsche actually didn't bother to put in all the pieces that you actually get with the upgrade and left some of the plastic aluminum pieces in. I made my dealer in bend, OR send me the actual spec sheet before I ordered and all the pieces were actually included. The photo shows the glove box button, trim around the PCM, console. etc. without the walnut. You actually get all of these pieces when you purchase the upgrade.

    It is somewhat sloppy and you can't rely on the pictures in the brochure. Ask for the spec sheet from the dealer before you order if you have any doubts. Certainly it is worth the $850, especially if yours came with the walnut steering wheel already as mine did.
  • I simply wanted to tone down the Cayenne and heated off the Cayenne S- It came off in pieces, but left no marks. I painted over the front crest in black touch up paint and looks good, but very subtle. I also simply popped out the plastic wheel caps and used silver spray paint and like it better.

    As it is very easy to remove the Cayenne on the back as it is simply stuck on with adhesive, I'm sure the dealer could easily apply any available Cayenne in any available color. I couldn't imagine it costing more than the emblem itself plus a 1/2 hour labor at the most.

    Hope this helps.
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    I'm was born on the East Coast, but been in SF Bay Area for a long time.
    1st Porsche was a 1982 928, then a 968 for a year, then a Boxster S for 2 years....but needed more utility. Had also 1974 Datsun B210, which I once stuffed 9 college pals into, 1977 VW Scirroco, then 1984 Lynx, 1979VW van, 1990 Civic,1994 Previa, 1994 Jag XJ-12......didn't like the lack of utility, and Previa was getting old, so stayed with Porsche and got utility to boot.

      Yeah, I started out on the bottom too.....once had to don't want to know. Just wanted something different...... too many RX330 and BMW X5 s.....!

       stay with it .... :-)
  • The Porsche manual says somewhere as I remember it that an oil change is needed in the 20K range. My Porsche advisor changes his mind everytime I ask him about when I should change my oil. He has said 10K, then 15K then 20K. What's realistic? I have the Cay TT. Also, I have a Porsche enthusiast friend who owns a 911 4S and he says 10K is best for any Porsches.
  • jasdmdjasdmd Posts: 2
    Hi, I am getting ready to buy a Cayenne S - presently shopping around and deciding which options are important to me. Wanted to get an approximate idea what people are paying over invoice, or what they are getting off MSRP.
    Also, any input on whether to go with the performance tires with snow tires in the winter - or - all season tires. I plan on 18" and live in the northeast.
  • I would do the first at 5K and then every 10K. This may seem old fashined, but I would still do the first early to remove any metal filings, etc. From then on 10K for the average driver. Folks in NYC and the like might do every 7500
  • Sorry for not reporting to board sooner....brought
    S in for service...and was waiting a few days to see if fixes lasted more than a few cycles of driving.

    First the upgrade to the lurching problem and lack of downshifting in auto when braking has been fixed with the TSB upgrade....I had the number off another board and the dealer finally found it and did it.

    As far as all the other problems...only one key could be used...second key wiped out all settings
    radio would mute...horn signal could not be set..
    some lack of warning lights on start-up...etc.

    Believe or it not all problems were fixed with the exchange of a control module. In fact certain functions I was not aware of began to being the driver seat retuning to memory when door opens on exit if I adjusted it while driving.

    The only problem I am aware of that has not been fixed is the 3000 mile service counts down 3000-2900-2800 etc.

    My lights have moisture in them but it disappears overnight.

    The dealer do not put part# of control module on service order it was located in side panel behind rear seats.

    I know there must be a way to eliminate service the dealer must do it after oil change, if anybody knows how this is done HELP.

    FYI dealer stated horn signal is common well as a/c control module, mine was replaced as it would go to REST and HEAT and the defroster would go on without manually actuating.

    This could be a safety issue in that windows fogged up

    As of now I am really enjoying the car and it has earned my confidence. HOPE THIS HELPS I KNOW THIS IS LONG WINDED BUT I WANTED TO BE UNDERSTOOD.
  • Ordered an S and waiting for delivery in march. Thanks for the follow up.
  • i_drivei_drive Posts: 35
    Just ordered a Cayenne V6; expecting delivery around February 2nd (my daughter's birthday).

    Exterior: Black
    Interior: Grey

    1G6 - 17" Collapsible Spare Tire
    CJ6 - 18" Cayenne Turbo Wheel
    5TE - Sports Aluminum Package
    342H - Front Seat Htr Incl. Strng Whl
    C02 - U.S. Standard/Emissions
    S0C - Cayenne Launch Correct
    L01 - Cayenne Launch Code-Function
    9AD - Automatic Climate Control


    HOWEVER--- have any of you heard of this special Cayenne V6 lease? Only $399/mo! 10,000 miles/year. I had to pry my way through the salespeople to get any info about this special lease. I was shocked.

    The only problem remaining is what to do with the ML. I have a sister all the way in NYC that's interested in buying it from us for her daughter (she must be so jealous at mine). do any of you know how much shipping costs from SD to NY? I tried to find out online, but none of the sites would tell me without giving out information.

    the reason why I don't want to trade-in to Porsche is because of the horrible trade-in. only $16,000! I mean, our ML is a garaged-baby. the longest drive it's ever been on was to the dealership (i'm not joking). and believe it or not, it only has 16,700 miles, and the guy at Hoehn said he'll pay between $15-$17,000. Very very depressing. And to think that I just payed MB Credit $23,000 for the ML (bought it back after 3-year lease). i had no idea the ML resale value was thaaaaat low.

    Well, 1 out of 2 completed (gonna order the Cayenne S!)
  • i_drive:

    Can you please give me some info on the $399 lease deal you mentioned? That sounds great!

    How much is the down / drive off?

    Also, can anyone give me an idea of what they paid out the door for a Cayenne S?

    If I put $5,000 drive off, how much is the monthly payment including tax?

  • i_drivei_drive Posts: 35
    Ok. It's accepted nation-wide (should be!) because apparently, this deal is through Porsche. It's $399 per month + tax, 5-year lease. $3,500 down. Residual 45% ($20,200). Max 10,000 miles/year.

    I've never seen such a great deal in a while (i mean, what Mercedes can you get for $399/month?)

    I'm not sure how long this deal will last, but because it's a national program, almost all dealers should accept it and should mention it to you.

    sounds like a steal, huh?

    unfortunately, there is no special lease for the Cayenne S (maybe- i didn't research that)
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