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Kia Spectra GS, GSX (hatchbacks)



  • About your suggestion that Kia take Consumer Reports to court for slander. Just an FYI, but the word you meant is libel. Remember that slander is spoken while libel is written.

    For what it is worth, I think it all right that Consumer Reports is printing a review of a 1999 vehicle. It is not like they have singled out the Kia for that. There are a number of other reviews for 1999 models and they don't hide this fact.

    Where I disagree with them is their taking the review of the 1999 Sephia and "updating" it to be a review of the Spectra by substituting the word Spectra for Sephia.

    This is all they did and I find it to be wrong.
  • What no words to the person who got rid of their Spectra after about eight months of ownership because of all the problems they had. Kind of blows a hole in your theory that all Kias are great because yours have been.

    And regarding Consumer Reports, you should have chosen some other cars to make the claim that they are not very judgemental. Of the three you mention by name, only the Celica is recommended by Consumer Reports. And I have never seen a review of the Dodge Viper by Consumer Reports for that matter.
  • on Clodsumer Retorts very clear. They're bought off and I don't trust them. They're dishonest and they smell of big, rotten, unclean money. They are the last mag I'd pick up to get info. on a car I'm interested in. They're a joke. Whatever you meant by your reply to the comment I made a while back is going to have to be re-hashed by the major. This seems to happen often, Echo-boy. I have no idea what you meant by your above retort. Consumer Retorts? About that guy's Spectra problems-big whoop. All car makers produce lemons. He's probably a Honda Sticker Boy who doesn't treat quality cars right(doesn't know how to begin to). There's a learned maintenance treatment and also a desire to generally treat a vehicle right that's sadly lacking amongst American consumers. A lot of the crap we read about in these threads was TOTALLY avoidable. A bit more slowing down and using one's brain wouldn't hurt, either, eh?

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • Thats what you guys seem to think it is. I'm not a "Honda Sticker Boy" in any sense of the phrase. I've never owned a Honda and I have no stickers on my Suby. Please, tell me how my driving had a negative effect on the car's horn. While you're at it, tell me how my driving turned the car from the Korean Uber-car that you speak of into the POS that I drove off of the lot. Face it, Kia isn't a GREAT car! Hell, it's barely an acceptable car! They're under powered, cheaply made, and UGLY! THAT, my friends, is why you can afford them. They're made for people who want a NEW car but can't afford a good one. Thats fine with me. Just stop pretending that Kia is some little secret that only a chosen few experiance. I'd take a stickered-out honda over that POS Kia I had any day.
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    however, let's please keep it friendly and be careful about the language used in the messages here. Please refer to member conduct section our Town Hall Membership Agreement for further clarification. Thanks! And now back to the subject of the Kia Spectra.

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  • I meant to heck...and lets replace POS with "Poorly made car" PMC :)
  • I just got my 2nd kia spectra gsx hatchback, back, i'm loving it. i plan to fix it up as soon as i get enough money, but take my driving a lot more serious to realize the limits of the spectra, but it does remind me of my 2000 sportage that i trade in for the 2002 spectra gsx, it was the top of the line ex, but for 2003 i plan to get the new Kia sportage EXL with the
    V-6, the works.........Oh yah by the way my second one dosen't have abs either, i looked all over but for the first few production run of the new spectra redisign, but abs could be special orded, and i didn't have time to order it because of my insuran, and kia's special promotions, got it late november.....But had one problem the second week before i got out for the holidays, my transmission started slipping, and man was i mad! It stayed in the shop for a week and few days, and i didn't even get a Loner, like Hyundai, and Daewoo, but im not nokin that, as long as i can keep it out of the shop, But im waiting on the dealer to get back with me to tell me about how/why it slipped up. And if it was like that from the manufacture or bug, im trading it again and im trying to go back with another kia sportage EX with leather abs, 4x4. but plan to also hold out until the new one....but any way i do miss my first Spectra GSX, becase i didn't have so many probs. with it, and a few minor probs i didn't mention like the rear hatch dosen't open when its cold, the back lit beige lights are hard to see at night i wish they were blue/purpple/or red, like a true sports car, and for today my right front hub cap cover is loose, and spins when i accel and deccel. but i do give the 2002 kia spectra its props, it does got excelent breaks, which on dry surfaces slow the car down fast like abs wihtout lock of a single whel, and its easy to manage the pumping action because you can feel the wheel or wheels, which slip all because of kia's merge with lotus to tune the suspension and other componets, mixed with the new lotus elise........That is all for now be sure to reply for more up dates as ill be your betta tester for the new and improve 2002 kia spectra gsx, oh ya the radio/cd has execellent bass, and tune/surround sound like.

    Thanks for reading and keeping me updated in the
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    And thanks for sharing all the details. We look forward to your updates. Btw, if you have a chance, please stop by our Kia Owners Club and introduce yourself in our Meet The Members discussion. Happy Motoring! ;-)

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  • Spectra review! I went to the owner's club and took a look at the 2002 Spectra hatchback in concept. Looks good to me! I have a 2001 Kia Sportage 4x4 that I love! I traded my '99 Sephia in for it in September. I just passed 8,000 miles in my Sporty and the only problem is at the 5,000 mile mark my check engine light stuck on. Took it to my dealer and they found a tiny emissions leak in the engine. They replaced a few "caps" somewhere in there and took off the gas cap and made sure it clicked enough times. I'm familiar with the gas caps in Kia's-that you have to tighten them until it clicks a few times so that wasn't my problem. It was this tiny leak they found and patched up. The fix + a car wash took them about 50 minutes and I was out on the road again. 02 spectra r-did you dig the ride and handling in your Sportage? I'm impressed by the ease of steering(speed-sensitive power steering), ease of parking, decent acceleration, good handling and quiet cabin during higher accelerations. My Sportage is a 5-speed in Pepper Red. It didn't come with a radio so I had a Kenwood AM/FM cassette stereo put in that is great. 6-speaker sound if you include the tweeters on the top dash corners(pretty slick-they do add a nice high pitch treble mix in there!). Post back with Spectra updates! Kia rocks!

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • I miss my kia sportage ex, but do pland to get my new kia sportage top of the line with V-6 and 4x4 in fall of 2002 as a 2003 model, at the same time the launch of the all new hyundai tiburon V-6 coupe i will get some pics soon for my site but i have to e-mail u my site, if that is alright......... my e-mail address is by the way im glad you like my ideas because im trying to become a car designer enginer, or to spice up bland or not that exciting cars, i can do any car in a picture to get idease.........
  • 02 spectra r, you mentioned that a performance upgrade was available for the Spectra? I would love it since I sometimes have trouble passing on the highway. It definitely could use a "jolt". What companies offer this, and what's the ballpark price for a turbo kit? Any information would be appreciated, thanks.
  • Since I don't own a Sephia (or Spectra or whatever they call it now) I won't say much about the car. I'm sure its a perfect car for someone who just needs some basic transportation for minimal cost. I totally accept that argument - but don't try to compare the car to a BMW or talk about its great acceleration. The car isn't supposed to compete with a BMW, and its doesn't sell due to its 0-60 mph pace...

    As for Consumer Reports. Geez - the magazine isn't perfect, but now you're saying it's corrupt? What magazine would you suggest people read for info (other than Edmunds online of course).... Car & Driver? Road & Track? I doubt either of those mags would touch the Spectra. And just FYI, where do those mags get the cars that they test? They're loaned out by the manufacturer - who makes sure they don't get a lemon. Where does Consumer Reports get their cars? They buy them straight from a dealer without revealing that they're from CR. Now if you're saying that's not the case, you're talking about a major conspiracy theory here... CR prides themselves on unbias (or maybe very low bias) testing. To say that they violate the very foundation on which the magazine exists is a pretty big accusation that needs some type of proof to back that up. Now I'm not saying that I always agree with their findings (the boring Civic is the top ranked economy car? come on...) but I don't doubt their intent.

    Finally, I have to ask about the desire for performance parts. Why spend $500 - $1500 on something that MIGHT improve your HP by 5% when you could have bought an Elantra GT or Protege5 (which have a lot more HP in their stock form) for only a little more? Not only would you get more HP, but you would get a generally more reliable car with more features and IMO better styling?

    I don't mean to trash the Spectra. I think its a decent car for the price that has its market segment. I just get baffled when people claim that certain cars are something they aren't. I hear some people claim that their Protege5 (what I own) beat a Corvette off a stoplight and other stupid stuff like that. Get real.
  • in and expect us to instantly respect their views on how Mazda's Protege is built with such great materials with so much better acceleration, blah-blah-blah-blah-blah-blah, ad naseum on and on. Fact is Kia's Spectra has Mazda's Protege beat on looks and parts-wise there's such a little difference it's not worth them swooping in and tooting their horns with this "HUGE INTELLECTUAL ANNOUNCEMENT THAT MAZDA IS ROYALTY OR SOMETHING REALLY DUMB LIKE THAT. Kia is on the right track. Watch their sales soar along with Hyundai.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • You seem a bit defensive... a sure sign that you're trying to justify your purchase by attacking others. I'm not attacking the Spectra, or Kia itself. I hope they do start making some great cars, because the more competition the better.

    But telling me that the Spectra's styling is better than the Protege....well that's your opinion. I'm not sure anyone outside of this board would agree, but to each his own. But you don't see me claiming that my Pro5 is a better (or more attractive) car than a BMW 323, cause it isn't.

    Kia's sales will likely soar - I expect that. Nissan, Mazda, and even Chrysler and Ford have taken their "low-end" models and moved them up into a higher price bracket. The world needs a few companies who can fill the "low cost" segment again. Not everyone is willing (or has the money) to buy a $18K Neon.

    As for the quote in capital letters....where did that come from? Did I say something like that? Hmm....nope, don't think I did.
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    It's okay to take issue with someone's statement, but our Town Hall agreement requires that this be done with civil and friendly debate. Okay? I think one good way of keeping things civil would be to focus on the subject of the Kia Spectra instead making each other the subject of discussion.

    In other words, let's hear what you think about the Kia Spectra as opposed to what you think about participants that have a different point of view. Thanks for your participation. ;-)

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  • I came here to see whether the Spectra was better than the reviews that I've been reading, as I'm hoping that Kia can become a force in the low-end segment. I think most or all of my previous comments demonstrate that.

    Happy motoring!
  • Up grades at

    and if your recall that when kia first introduded the spectra hatch back here in the states they asked jackson racing to modify it, so it could give kia owners some ideas about how they can create and have a differnt personailty with there cars. The Spectra Type-K's were in 3 Different colors, with 17 wheels and performance upgrades all around.
  • Sorry but plan to trade my kia spectra gsx in, because I miss my sportage so much, Planing to buy the All new Kia Sorento, for more info visit
  • good looker isn't it? I drive a 2001 Kia Sportage 4x4 and I'm really enjoying it. Word has it that Kia is working on a Sportage re-design for the 2003 model year. That might include a 6-cyl.engine in it-at least as an option to the 4-cyl. The Sorento is going to be available with an electronically-controlled 4-speed automatic transmission only. Is that OK with you or would you rather have a manual transmission?

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • Yeah but i would prefer the 4 speed shiftronic or the 5-speed automatic, with snow or hold modes. And the v-6 will be a 3.5 liter lifted right out of the sedona and hyundai xg350. but might not trade my car. still my wait and get the sorento as a second vehicle...
  • two Kia's would always be better than one! I want to know if this Sportage redesign for '03 is engine-tranny related only or body design as well. I've only got 13,300 miles on my '01 Sporty so I'm not trading in anything for a while anyway!

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • Its on its own brand new truck on body frame
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Posts: 5,740
    that Kia will do a body design tweak on it. Not that I dislike the current Sportage body design. I love it. It's just that Kia along with Daewoo and Hyundai are the most interesting body designers going right now IMHO. I can't wait to see what they come up with. A 6-cyl. engine is probably coming for it, too.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • who owns the highest mileage kia on this board?
  • First the sorento suv will be mated to a standard 3.5liter V-6 barrowed from the hyundai XG350 and the Kia sedona Van. Second i might be leaving the specta to get a 2002 kia optima se I-4cylinder, a 2002 suzuki vitara, or the all new 2002-2003 Suzuki Aerio GS/SX Sedan and wagon. the reason why is because my transimisson slipped again, but this time the drive gear (D) for automatics, Turned into a Neutral gear intsead of a electronically automatically sequentaly shifted transmission. Last time Kia didn't offer me a loner, but this time surprisingly they did. It's a 2002 Suzuki Grand Vitara XL-7 standard V6-4WD (four-wheel-drive). Beleive me for a truck like this with the extend wheel base it gives a smooth infinty car like ride, and does not roll in corners like my sportage. But I Know the sorento will be vastly improved from my 2000 Sportage EX. But back to my spectra, im not knocking it but at 840 miles on a vehicel the tranmission shouldn't slip, and now at 6172miles the transmission should not slip if they re-orderd it strait from kia of korea. If any one has any problems with there kia spectra of any year from introduction 2000 modle year to 2002+, let me know. So ill know its not just my car that could be a lemon. But don't get me wrong i love my spectra, and wish for a little more power with it's sporty V-6 Sound. More to come in the future.
  • Im sorry I forgot to report to you iluvmysephia1, about the kia spotage. When I had my Sportage it road very well soaking up bumps and tackleing off-road terrians. The power was adequet with my Automatic 4x2. My modle was the EX-Which was fully equiped except for leather seats, limited slip differentional, towing patching, sunroof, keyless entry remote, fog lights, 16" wheels, recling rear seats, floor mats, rear cargo cover, and good sounding speakers as my spectra. I bought it used, to start out with as a first time buyer and, have been a kia owner ever since, so far ive had 3 kia vehicles with in 4months, and plan to buy a kia optima if the Kia Sorento cost a little too much for my budget, but will get when i get ready to go to college with a good paying job/carre with benifits. Write back if you feel, to talk more about the sportage. Thanks for takeing your time to read my review, God Bless. Kia Darn Good Cars!!!!!!!
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Posts: 5,740
    to get back to me. I am on my 2nd Kia now-a 2001 Kia Sportage with 5-speed tranny. It's a solid SUV and loves to go off-road. It hops the bumps with ease and begs for more. I have had one small problem thats now fixed. My check engine light came on twice. The dealer put a new gas cap on and that fixed it. I am really impressed with the quiet cabin during cruising in this cute little mini-ute as well. I've only had the Sportage for 6 months and am looking forward to many years of enjoyable driving in it before trade in on something new. I may get a new Sportage but I'd like to run this one 150,000 miles (or more). I'm coming right up on 15,000 miles and will need a service visit for fluid changes on one of the next couple of weekends. Somebody at the factory I work at bought an '02 Spectra sedan(silver). Sure looks good with those 2 semi-circles in each headlight. Looks really sharp. The Optima would be a great choice. I test drove one the day I bought my Sportage and was impressed. It's on my potential "buy list" for sure. Write back with news if you have it. Take care, 02spectra.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • question...when you service your kia,do you use synthetic oil or just normal trying to figure out if the kia warranty lets you use it or not.thanks
  • alfisti1alfisti1 Posts: 3
    Just got back from a nice vacation to Florida in my Spectra. Put on approx. 3,000 miles. No problems at all. Driving south on I-95, did 75-80 mph in the Carolinas, handled confidently, even in rain. Car averaged 29.8 mpg. Driving home northbound, took my time and drove 60-65 mph, and the car got an amazing 36.6 mpg! Never expected that, considering EPA says 29 on the hwy. Only had to change the wiper blades. It now has 29,000 miles and I can tell it needs brake pads. Remember, you folks with 5-speeds, be sure to downshift often to save those brakes. Of course, since the 2000 model year the brakes have reportedly been improved. I hope so because I'm planning on buying another Kia in '03.

    For the record, I use a full synthetic motor oil. Was using Castrol Syntec, but it was hard to find 5W-30, so now I use Exxon Superflo.
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