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Nissan 350Z



  • The interior, while the car spun on a platform, looked fine and the DV I shot of it with my camcorder got me in pretty close. Did it look to be of BMW/MB/VW quality? No. Never seen a Japanese car that looks that nice, but the Z's interior was not the bargain basement level of the Altima or a Ford/GM/Mopar. The leather looked pretty nice, but again I couldn't physically touch it.
  • So, soon I can trade my 1992 240sx convertible for a 350z convertible. Hope the 240sx will hold up that long. I heard from the dealer that the 350z convertible will have a retractable hard top. Has anyone seen photos of it yet?
  • Believe me it's not worth getting worked up about him ... He's one of those guys that has nothing better to do than go to various car forums and be a troll.

    I've seen him in at least two other forums posting negative comments about cars he neither owns/nor wants to own.
  • ...I am surprised that Mr. Shiftright hasn't come in here and booted some of these posts!

    Man! That Shifty is ALWAYS after me! Well, lately, I have toned things down.


    It is TRULY possible to have owned a 240, 260 & 280Z in one lifetime!

    So, yes, Rezo is wrong.
  • jimxojimxo Posts: 423
    WOW! What a sweet ride! That's to say the least. First of all the silver color was perfect. Similar to the silver on the VW Jetta that has been so popular. If I were to buy the silver would be the only color for me. The design was smooth and elegant, yet looked very tuff. The 18" wheel's is just what this car needs. The interior instrument panel looked so much better than the photo's on Nissan's web site. I think the tag line for this car should be "must see to appreciate".
  • Jim, Are they allowing to sit inside? I know for sure NAIAS (detroit), didnt.
  • jimxojimxo Posts: 423
    No, the Z was on a spinning platform with the drivers door open. A Nissan spokes person explained the new Z in detail, however most of the information was spec's we already knew.
  • jimxo -

    I just spoke with a friend who went to the Detroit auto show, and he said pretty much the same thing - that the 350Z looks bad-*** in person. He loved the instrument panel layout as well.

    He (as I'm sure you did as well) also saw the Evolution VII and RX-8, and said the 350Z looked the best of the bunch (he actually liked the entire Nissan lineup). I was personally planning to just wait for the Evolution VII, but now it looks like I may have to reconsider the 350Z when it comes out.
  • I'd have to say that you really toned down lately... maybe you got too lazy to reply :D

    It seems to me that the Z crowd would buy the car more for looks than for performance, am I right?
  • Nah!

    I have just been too busy at my new job (that's right, I no longer am doing the auto broker thing.). I have to share an office with my boss! :-/

    He is a cool guy, but would get mad if I posted all day. At night I am just too lazy.

    If I see something that rattles my cage, you KNOW you guys will here from me! ;-)

  • in that case, your Maxima is not as good a handler as the new Altima :)
  • Good grief that's hideous. Reminds me of the civics and integras roaming around Orange County and Mira Mesa.
  • It all looks quite functional. Maybe a bit over the top and exagerated especially for a street car, but at least the stuff looks like it does what its supposed to, unlike most body kits.
  • this thing is overpriced, a mid 90's camaro would dust it for a lot less cash..what a rice ride.
  • that car looks like it has been in a crash...

    well, a camaro or a mustang might be faster than the Z, but they won't be as comfortable... it really depends on what kind of ride you want.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 7,092
    but I'm not about to start the Mustang/Camaro/Trans Am vs. New Z argument.

    2001 Honda Prelude Type SH/ 2011 BMW 328xi / 2011 Honda Pilot EX-L w/ Navigation

  • Maybe. It would be a tough call, but I am up for the challenge.

    Remember, just because the Altima has an IRS, doesn't mean it is going to handle better. Ride better, yes, handle better, maybe. The Maxima's multi-link beam is pretty tried and true. Over bumps it sucks, but I still think it will outhandle the Altima.

    We are going to need some tests! :)

  • carguy - yup, it's an old argument, but it can be fun when the Z finally comes out though.

    obi - yeah.. just grab one of the guys in the Altima thread with the SE version and head to a race track! Just don't tell him you hate the plasticky interior of the Altima.
  • That kit looks pretty nice to me - not personally feeling the gold rims (I like silver better) and front bumper (looks too much like the 300Z kits for my tastes), but it looks good overall. The spoiler, although maybe a tiny bit high, looks better than the factory spoiler IMO.
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