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Ford Expedition Maintenance and Repair



  • I use Yokohama Geolandar AT 265 60R16's on stock steel rims on my '98 Expedition and Geolandar HT-S 265 65R16's on my '01 Toyota Tacoma. Excellent tires. Very stable & quiet at highway speeds, relatively low rotating wt. and friction at highway speeds and quite rigid shoulders for good handling. I've driven large suv's and trucks for 15 years, used Duelers, Goodyear wilderness AT's, BFG's, Dunlop Radial Rovers, and Big O's and none are as good as the Yokohamas. AT's have much better traction, especially in snow. The Expy is the heavier-used snow & dirt rig. The Taco is a Prerunner that sees a lot of highway miles and some baja dirt. I'd get Geolandars again in a heartbeat.
  • I am seriously considering the purchase of a used 2003 Expedition XLT Popular 2WD with the Axxxxx vin number. Exactly what problems are we talking about with these models?

    Are all the issues easily fixed with warranty service. I am about to check the Carfax records. Perhaps the problems have been fixed on the one I am looking at.

    All help as soon as possible would be appreciated. I am getting ready to sign on the dooted line.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Do you love Fords? If not, I would go find another one, because some of these A models are nightmares. I see you are looking at a 2WD, which is good, that will eliminate the roar from the front end syndrome. Most of the rest is minor I think, but annoying. Just little break in things. Carfax won't tell you much, you need the dealer to pull off an Oasis report on the car, which will show you the factory service record on the car - what they have fixed, how many times it's been in for each thing, etc. That should tell you what you need to know to proceed. Good luck!!! I personally think the Expedition is the best design in the class - but the early ones were trouble prone.
  • fx4fx4 Posts: 72
    I had heard of an Oasis for finding problems with a particular model, but had never really thought about problem/repair records for a specific unit. Good point. Repair records for most of my
    recently owned Ford suvs have been a selling point at trade-in instead of a negative that some might assume to be the case. Enjoying the Holidays I trust.
    Thanks for the post on the Yokohama Geolander HT-S tires. By the way, has anyone ordered tires from Seems like most stores would not be too happy putting on tires. Wal-Mart will usually grab your few bucks and actually do an excellent job (most locations) of mounting and balancing. One Wal-Mart without my asking actually used a torque wrench on the lugs nuts and offered to put some product on the threads. At another time, balancing was excellent at W/M on some drop dead bargain BFG Long Trail T/A tires I found at an auto parts store closeout for my son's 2000 Expedition E/B 2wd.

    Don't hesitate to go for the 5.4L in the Expedition. My 5.4L in 4wd 2003 FX4 Expedition gets the same or sometimes better mileage than my wife's 2003 4.6L 4wd Explorer. 5.4L needs 5,000-10,000+ break-in miles to get the better mileage. Torque of the 5.4L spoiled my "GM guy" brother recently.

    Anyone heard anything about the 5.4L 3v for Expedition? 3v would be very suitable for Navigator too.
  • Oasis stores the last 6 months of repairs for the vehicle. It is done by vin not model.
  • (FX4, did you actually mean a torque wrench or the Wal Mart tool of choice: a 400 ft. pound Snap On impact wrench? Bravo if it really was a torque wrench.)

    Eddie Bauer Premier Package. Has anyone seen the Eddie Bauer Premier Package? Its listed on the Ford web site and it is a monochromatic paint scheme for about $800. Apparently, it is available only for Black and Red. IMHO the two tone Eddie Bauer looks nowhere near as upscale as the monocrhromatic Navigator and Denali. Of course, to paint the front and rear facia could be done locally a lot cheaper.
  • Does anyone out there have any experience with the rear-seat dvd system and the add-on Sirius satellite radio on the '04 Expy E.B.s? The radio in question is the CD-6 Audiophile unit (I miss the Mach Audio system from my '01). I have been told that I would be unable to use the satellite radio when the DVD sytem is also being used.

  • Has anyone had any experience with the Ford Security System installed by the dealer? I am getting a "System 4" added to my '04 Expedition Eddie Bauer next week and am curious if anyone has any experience with these things. My last Ford security system (installed by the dealer on a 1990 F-250) failed two months after the warranty expired and the truck had to be towed to the dealer, where the system was unceremoniously yanked from under the dash and placed in the trash. I hesitated to buy another system from Ford, but I park my truck in a park and ride lot here in northern Virginia and thought that the ignition disable feature of the system 4 was attractive. Am also considering lo-jack as a backup. Thanks
  • jjwvujjwvu Posts: 2
    First off, I have found this town hall to be excellent. The information is great. I own a 98 Ford Expy XLT/4WD with 100,000 miles and have had some trouble with it, but I LOVE THE TRUCK!
    Recently took it in to get brakes replaced and was told I needed 4 new calipers. I replace the brake pads about every 15,000 to 20,000 miles. The guy told me that this was too much. Took it to Monro Brakes and they said that the calipers were fine. Should I be getting more life out of the brake pads?

    Also, it seems that I am burning oil. I put RESTORE oil additive into the oil. Any suggestions about how to determine oil burning and also any other additives that I should use. I use Mobil 1 synthetic oil and change it every 5000 miles.

  • I just had both front end lower ball joints replace on a 97 Expi 15,000 miles ago. After noticing some serious tire wear on the inside of the front tires, they are telling me I need to replace them again. Of course the warranty was only 12,000 miles. The original repairs were done by a Ford dealer and I'm finding it hard to believe the ball joints wore this fast and are still out of warranty. Any suggestions.

  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I'd get a second opinion, because you're right. Probably the dealer didn't correctly align the front end when done, and ate up your tires. I'm betting an alignment (done right) and a new set of front tires will fix it all.
  • Got a second opinion (not from a Ford dealer) and yes the ball joints need replacing. Ford customer service basically told me to pound sand when I tried to get them to replace the ball joints under warranty. I will get them fixed as well as two tires that are worn down to the second layer of rubber and sell this thing. I'm going back to an import. As much as I like this truck, poor Ford quality and lousy dealer service has convinced me there are better choices.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    How many miles are on this truck, melarsky?
  • fx4fx4 Posts: 72
    Yes it was a real life torque wrench. Ha! At the Wal-Mart in Tullahoma, TN. Lots of very highly
    skilled types around town due to all the training at nearby Arnold AFB. Half the town have
    Ph Ds in engineering and the there are techs all over from employment and training at the USAF wind tunnels Test world's top jet military and civilian aircraft, Space Shuttle, etc.

    Has anyone had problems with 2003 Expedition 4wd system wanting to stay engaged much like old Ford models such as say 80-96 Bronco, pre 1997 F-150? When I flip back to 2wd from 4wh, the 2003 Expedition takes it good sweet time finding 2wd mode again. Have to back up, etc. like crude systems of yesteryear.
  • cat3126cat3126 Posts: 43
    I have a 2003 EB with "Advance Trac" that leaks oil from the axle seals when temperature falls below 25F.The colder it gets the more they leak.Above 25F no leaks.
    The seal(s) have been worked on five times,only in winter,the right side leaks more than the left.The repair lasts 2/3 weeks and they start leaking again.One axle has been replaced,same result.
  • wijocowijoco Posts: 462
    If multiple seal replacements haven't fixed the problem, then the wheel bearings are the cause, not the seals. Play in the shaft and bearings will wear out new seals very quickly. Your dealer needs to take a look at the actual problem instead of throwing parts at it.
  • I'm about to buy a use 97 xlt 2wd do anyone have any major beef with that model oh yeah it has 138,000 miles on it. And the guy wants $6,500 for it. with the miles being that high and anyone know if there are any major repairs (over $300) that has to be done to on that year model?
  • Same problem with my 02 Explorer. This is my third Explorer no defects with the other 2 this one has been very a disgrace. Rear end seal has been replaced 4 or 5 times, anti lock brake light comes on and dealer cannot find the problem
  • Dryicehockey, if your idea of a major repair is one that begins at $300, you've lived a good life and haven't had to do much more than an oil change on your vehicles. God forbid that a fuel pump should ever go on this Expy or you need a heater core.
  • rudy00rudy00 Posts: 1
    I am considering the purchase of a 99 Expedition with the 4.8L engine and 63,000 miles. I notice that it idled slightly rougher than I am used to. This may just be getting used to a car that is new to me, but I wonder if this is a widespread problem with the Ford engine, just a consequence of the mileage, or does the engine need some adjustments?
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