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Honda Odyssey 1999 - 2004



  • slpmomslpmom Posts: 11
    if honda is compromising their quality on the line, they certainly aren't the first. my husband worked as an inspector at a ford plant during college. he was told not to flag as many vehicles for repair at the plant as he was. they told him that they would catch the repairs later at the dealership.....
  • Well we have had our 2001 TW ODY EX for about two months and have accumulated 3400 miles. We traded are 99 CSS ODY LX for it and would like to add my anecdotal thoughts to this thread.

    We loved the 99 but traded since we wanted the feature content of the EX. We lucked out as we were out of town visiting my 99 Windstar SEL owning parents and their local Honda dealer had it on the lot.

    Honda has improved the speakers (Very noticible not as tinny) and the Michelin tires are measurably better than the Firestone Affinities. The van is quieter than the 99 and I think the build quality tolerances are tighter as well.

    We have had no problems with the Power doors. I did leave a door open and discovered the 01 will shut the dome lights off automatically.

    The climate control is virtually set it and forget. We've survived several weeks of below zero (Christmas was -17 below with a windchill of -40) and the van started each time after sitting outside overnight without being plugged in.

    It seems each vehicle I have owned is never perfect and this Ody seems to have a quirk with its gas gauge. The 99 was calibrated almost perfectly. It took 10 gallons of gas to fill the tank if it the needle was at the 1/2 hash mark. Ten gallons fills the 01 when the needle is closer to 1/4 tank. My wife commented that the new Ody is a gas hog but when refilling it the actual mileage is close to the 99. The needle does drop fast and the low fuel light illuminates with 7 gallons in the tank.

    One comment about Consumer Reports. It was noted in a post above that the 99 Ody will be on the cars to avoid list. This was never mentioned in the January Minivan comparison and the Ody had the highest score.

    Family Feud update: Parents still love their Windstar. Mom was a little dismayed that our '99 ODY LX commanded a higher resale value than their SEL.
  • "One comment about Consumer Reports. It was noted in a post above that the 99 Ody will be on the cars to avoid list. This was never mentioned in the January Minivan comparison and the Ody had the highest score.

    The Odyssey got CR's best "score" among all minivans in CR's overall evaluation of minivans. That is separate from recommending a vehicle, however: CR will recommend a vehicle if it does well in its evaluation AND if it rates at least average in its problem incident surveys (CR rates quality statistically by analyzing repair history surveys answered by readers).

    CR also has a recommended used car list and a used-car-to-avoid list. The second is based exclusively (almost exclusively ?) on which vehicles rated signficantly below average in problems.

    The Odyssey rated average for problems according to CR's latest minivan article, which was in last month's issue. So unless there is a signficant and unexpected change in the next few months, the Odyssey will not appear on the used-car-to-avoid list. It is CR's highest-rated minivan, and is one of the minivans recommended by CR, since it received the highest evaluation score and it received an average rating for problems.
  • Have a 87 Accord for past 14 years and still works fine some rust but kicking. Looking for a new Odyssey,I like the features of the ex model but the power doors worry me. I live in i. so the winter weather also is a concern on the doors.
    Does Honda do any kind of dealing on this model?
    Does anybody still get rustproofing?
  • cavillercaviller Posts: 331
    See my post back on 12/13 (around #316).
    In an e-mail response, CR confirmed to me that the 1999 Odyssey had a rating far below average. This is why the overall projection dropped to average in the review, from well above average in the previous review of the 1999 EX and in the April, 2000 Car edition.

    I do not know if that necessarily means the 1999 Odyssey will be on the Used car list to avoid.
  • Has anyone out there installed the Keyless locks themselves on an ODY LX??? Any TIPS or recommendations you'd like to give me before I start to install mine? I bought the genuine HONDA products with very detailed instructions at HANDA-ACCESSORIES.COM for $158 !!
  • "In an e-mail response, CR confirmed to me that the 1999 Odyssey had a rating far below average...."

    I just checked the CR site. The `99 Odyssey has dropped to the
    "worse than average" ranking in reliability. The `00 Odyssey is
    ranked as "average". However, the only Honda listed in the used-
    car-to-avoid list is the Passport for the 95 to `99 model years.

    CR gives a fair amount of information about how their reliability rankings are derived. The "executive summary", using a specific year as a for-instance, is as follows:

    "For each model, this details the problem rates in 14 trouble
    spots, such as engine, transmission, brakes, and so forth. These
    data are derived from annual surveys of Consumer Reports'
    subscribers, covering experiences with hundreds of thousands of
    vehicles. On the 1999 Annual Questionnaire, readers were asked
    about "serious" problems that occurred between April 1998 and
    March 1999. We received responses covering more than 500,000
    vehicles. Only models with sufficient responses are included... "
  • kprn94kprn94 Posts: 4
    I am so glad I bought the Ody. I bought it in PA and I live in NY. I got it for $2000 less. The dealers in N are adding $2000 to the sticker. I will be getting it next week, I can't wait. My husband is still trying to tell me we should have bought another SUV. I hope this snow starts to melt. I"ll never make it up my driveway. How are they in the snow? I am still a little concerned about the talk of noise and reliability. I can't recall the noise factor when I test drove one. You're right about the fact, if you think there is a noise problem, there will be one! Thanks again. It was a war to get the Ody. They had people waiting on line. They must be doing something right at Honda. Thanks!! KPRN94
  • First of all, FWIW, we now have 18 months and 30,000 miles on our 99 EX, and have had absolutely no problems whatsoever - just as one would expect from Honda.

    I am posting to ask if anyone can tell me, or perhaps point me a to a site that describes, how to replace a side mirror. Thanks to some creative backing by my dear wife, our driver side mirror was crushed.

    I got the part (replacing the entire unit, not just the glass) online, and it really looks like it should be a very simple installation, so much so that even though I don't consider myself especially handy at such things, I figure I should be able to do it myself. Looks like just a matter of screwing in a couple of bolts. The problem is, I can't figure out how to access those bolts...

    Any help will be appreciated.

  • cavillercaviller Posts: 331
    Good to see their website confirms what they said in their e-mail.

    The previous post I referenced also contains the areas which were affecting the lower reliability, according to the same e-mail.
  • I had a similar problem with my 2000EX. The door wouldn't shut properly and the alarm would ring. It turned out to be the motor that pulls the door shut at the end of its run. It had to be replaced (dealer had one in stock) and it has worked since.

    According to the mechanic, the old motor seemed to work fine on the bench but wouldn't work in once installed. Happy with the fix and the dealer. Irritated by the alarm.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,931
    I did a search for "99 Odyssey Side view Mirror" at and found one post that may help you. It said to lower the window, remove the mirror mount cover by prying off the bottom and pulling from the top, remove 4 bolts, and then remove the clip and pull the mirror off. Take a look at the deja post for a better description (maybe this link will work).

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  • Can you tell me where in PA you got your Odyssey for $2000 under MSRP. I too live in NY.



    EM-ail me at
  • billg7billg7 Posts: 342
    "Can you tell me where in PA you got your Odyssey for $2000 under MSRP. I too live in NY"

    "I am so glad I bought the Ody. I bought it in PA and I live in NY. I got it for $2000 less. The dealers in N are adding $2000 to the sticker. I will be getting it next week"

    Could it be that it is saying he got it for $2000 less in PA then what the dealers in NY are charging which is $2000 over sticker, therefore he got it for MSRP. The paragraph appers to be a bit of riddle to solve. This board should have a riddle solver in addition to a Check Spelling perhaps :)
  • dj5dj5 Posts: 42
    By going to PA kprn94 was able to buy for MSRP not $2000 below MSRP.

    The $2000 NY dealer add-on to MSRP was the savings.
  • Gladly picked up our GG LX on the 20th of January. Liked EX, but decided to go with LX and use the $2500 of saved money to get leather interior from a Classic Soft Trim Distributor for $1370 including tax and installation. Additionally still had money left over to get the Honda Care 7 year/100K mile/0 deductible. Had dealer install complete roof rack, keyless remote entry, and splash guards (thrown in for "free"). Got the keyless entry for $265, complete roof rack for $295, and ATF cooler for $249. Total (including doc fee, delivery) was $25954 including the above and also with the cargo net and spash guards. Thus, paid slightly more than an EX, but for our purposes we liked the LX better with the add-ons. Didn't care to get the power sliding doors, and the LX has plenty of power options for our purposes. I've had alloy wheels previously (not that big a deal). Furthermore, adjusting the climate control manually isn't too bothersome. I prefer Michelins, but my wife's Firestone affinities lasted for 82,000 miles with some tread remaining on her last car. Glad we went with the Honda Care Warranty especially with hearing the reports of the 99's being rated below average in reliability. Went with Odyssey for Honda's known reliability (hope the initial 99 year was an aberration). My 1990 acura integra has 140,000 miles and is still going strong. My extended warranty on my integra paid for itself after the cruise and A/C had problems after the original warranty had expired. Liked the Sienna a lot, but we now have 2 children and a 75 lb. dog (he fits perfectly in the rear area). The magic seat and larger rear cargo area were very compelling. Also felt that the cost for the van and options desired was better than on the Sienna. It will be nice when family comes to visit that we can all take one car most of the time. Many have argued that the Sienna has a better standard warranty, which it does but the 7 year honda care for about $900 isn't a bad deal IMHO with the complexity of cars and expensive repair costs. I have several friends with 99 and 00 odysseys with excellent satisfaction and a lack of any problems. Know some Sienna owners, who are also very satisfied, but one did have the torque converter problem and a faulty seal on the engine. CR rates the Sienna more reliable, but I hope the 01 Odysseys favor better. Finally, the van with only 160 miles on it drives straight (no significant drift!), drives and shifts smoothy, has no steering wheel click, gas gauge went to full at least on first fill up, no clunk on backing up but still have a half a tank of fuel, doesn't seem extraordinarily noisy inside (can barely hear engine as compared to my acura), sliding doors open and close smoothly, no apparent shaking at speeds up to 75 mph, and no significant wind noise from the roof rack or its cross bars. Glad we went with the Odyssey LX (TCS is also standard now for the 01s). Best regards and happy driving.
  • Hello again:

    I live in Upstate NY and the price I found for the EX is about $26,400 which I believe is the MSRP. Not sure if dealer has added $2000.Can some confirm that$26,400(without destination fee or accessories)is the MSRP?


  • 2001ody2001ody Posts: 17
    Please describe the 'steering wheel clicking' noise. Is this a problem which must be corrected? If so, what is the fix. Thanks.
  • mojo66mojo66 Posts: 83
    Yes, MSRP on a 2001 EX is $26,400.
  • dj5dj5 Posts: 42
    Had my SS EX for a week now and just replaced the headlight bulbs with PIAA E-TREME white replacements. I was amazed at the difference. The headlights almost look like the xenon headlights on my Acura TL. The light is very white as opposed to the yellow given off by the halogen bulbs. Also replaced the back-up lights with a slightly brighter bulb. Also gives a very white light compared to the yellow. Headlight bulb replacements were approx. $120 and back-ups were approx. $30. Took about 15-20 minutes for me to install. Don't know if it really gives off more light as I haven't had the opportunity to drive on a dark street, but I like the white light they produce.
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