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Mercedes-Benz SL and SLK (all models)



  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    On a different note...I'm really impressed with the new SLK.

    From it's 268hp V6, 6/7 speed trannies, mini-SLR styling, and the much better looking and higher quality interior, it seems Mercedes really put some effort into this car.

    The interior alone is a night and day difference from the old car.

    What y'all think?

  • I wasn't a fan of the new nose when I first saw it, but it's started to grow on me. It seems like one of those things that looks better and better the more you see it. :)
  • sphinx99sphinx99 Posts: 776
    I think it looks great. Compact and athletic, which is what a performance roadster should be. I'm interested in what the resale value for the first two years' of SLKs will be like now, as the new SLK trickles into the market. 3000GT Spyders never were plentiful enough to offer much of a choice among lower-cost used hardtop convertibles, but the SLK is a higher volume offering whose first year models are just starting to move into old age.
  • sphinx99sphinx99 Posts: 776
    Get this instead.

  • hgileshgiles Posts: 66
    I absolutely love the new SLK. With the sports suspension, 6 speed manual and 3.5 L V6 , I am hoping it will be a worthy comptetitor to the Boxster and Z4. If Mercedes can deliver on the performance potential then they will sell a lot of cars to people like me who would never have considered them otherwise.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Ahh...the CLK-GTR....ahh to be rich.

  • mpyles1mpyles1 Posts: 90
    Remember how Harold in "Harold and Maude" turned his Jaguar XKE into a hearse? The possiblities of money combined with taste are apparently endless.

    Here's a question about less-extreme mods. My SL55 has a black AMG steering wheel (the only wheel that comes on this car, and a strange design choice for a convertible). I haven't driven it with the top down yet, but I suspect the black wheel will get very hot in the summer.

    I seem to have a choice -- get a regular Mercedes SL500 wheel in light ash (and thereby lose the gearshift buttons) or try the Renntech wood and leather wheel, which retains the shift buttons. Renntech says they build their wheels on the Mercedes/AMG wheel carcass and claims they are perfect fits. (They do require that I trade them my existing wheel as part of the deal). My dealer says he has never seen or put one on, but he is willing to give it a go.

    Has anyone had experience with the Renntech steering wheels? Do they work well?
  • shoesshoes Posts: 131
    If you think your black steering wheel gets hot when the top is down, wait until you feel the aluminum center of your gear shift knob after it bakes in the sun. Remember the scene in "Raiders of the Lost Art" when the nazi grabs the amulet that has been sitting in the fire and it sears his hand? Same thing.
  • mpyles1mpyles1 Posts: 90
    You're right, Shoes. The shift knob on my SL500 would get hot. But at least I could grab it below the top, and I only needed to touch it a moment. I haven't yet figured out how to avoid touching the steering wheel for long.

    Right now, though, this is just worrying for worrying's sake. We're probably another month away from dropping the top in Chicago. Right now, I wouldn't mind getting my hands burned a bit.

    I did order the Renntech steering wheel, though. I saw a picture of their wheel for the S-class on, and it was beautiful. However, I still cannot find anyone who has tried one for an SL. And Renntech says they have just switched vendors. Don't know if that bodes ill or well.
  • Hi, Can anyone tell me if they have read anything about a Panoramic Glass Roof option available on the new second generation SLK model? I'm referring to the stationary glass panel in the retractable metal roof panel complete with sunshade much like the one available on the SL 500 series? I'm looking into buying a 2004 SLK Special Edition, but may wait if I find this Panoramic Roof option available for 2005. I've checked with Mercedes Dealers and they have no info or option lists available for 2005 SLK's. They went on to mention that dealers in California are set for early 05' allocations once stock of the 04' SLK's deplete. This could be real soon as we've had 12 days of 85-91 degree weather lately. My local MB dealer only has 3 04's left due to the unusual heat wave we're having. Any information or thoughts would be much appreciated.
  • billymaybillymay Posts: 59
    Don't buy the 2004. I just sold my '98 (for $24,200) and put a deposit on the '05. Awesome car, but resale on the '04s will be bad until they get to collector status many years from now. Despite what the press says, it's hard to tell the difference between the existing SLK230/320 (except nicer exhaust sound on the v-6). If you like the current one, buy a gently used car. Depreciation will hit hard this fall when only bargain hunters are out for the current version of the car.

    I would LOVE a panorama roof on the SLK. But I've heard nothing about that and my dealer didn't mention it. I'm guessing (only a guess) that M-B wants to keep some features for the pricier SL, because a 270-hp SLK is awfully close to a 302-hp SL, and they're both 2-seat toys.

    Already looked at a new Boxster and Z4. The SLK350 looks to outperform the dated Boxster S, and Z4's are already piling up on used car lots. I have some reservations about the SLK, given the recent downturn in M-B initial quality ratings, but my '98 was virtually problem free (bad gas gauge and instrument cluster being the exceptions) so I'm still leaning towards it.

  • mpyles1mpyles1 Posts: 90
    I just put 6300 miles on an '03 SL500 that I traded in for an '04 SL55, now with 1400 miles. Neither had a single quality problem that I noticed. It turned out the SL500 had a faulty wiring harness on the rollbar, but the dealer service shop found that before I even knew it had the problem. (The rollbar worked whenever I activated the switch.)

    Contrast this to my '02 Audi A6 4.2 and my '02 Audi S6, which each went through electronic control modules at 12-week intervals like clockwork. And to my '00 Jaguar S-Type, which went through two modules, one transmission, and one suspension recall. And -- worst of all -- to my '98 Corvette which was in the shop 13 times in the 15 miserable months I owned it with more problems than I can recount in anything shorter than a novella.

    For a car with as much technology and as many motors, switches, and gizmos as the new SL, I've found the initial build quality to be remarkably good.

    BTW -- just got the new Renntech Monolite wheels put on today. They look quite good and are considerably lighter (20 lbs. vs. 31 lbs.) than the AMG 5-spokers they replaced. Maybe it's just a delusion, but the suspension feels quicker and more planted on the rough Chicago streets with the new wheels. Perfect fit, too. For anyone looking to upgrade wheels, they're worth considering, IMHO.
  • shoesshoes Posts: 131
    I too have had good luck with Mercedes and have owned 14 of them. The 2004 SL500 I have now is just about perfect. I must admit though that the early SL500 and SL55 had some teething pains with the brakes. My 2003 E55 also seemed to be developing problems right around 6,000 miles.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Do you have any pics of your car?


    You got rid of the E55??

  • mpyles1mpyles1 Posts: 90
    No pics. I'll try to take some this weekend. You can see the Renntech wheels on a black SL on their website:

    That car appears to have the 19" (which Renntech usually puts on these cars) instead of the 18" I have on my car. I do most of my driving in a pothole-ridden city and didn't want to go with ultra-low profile tires.
  • shoesshoes Posts: 131
    Yes, I sold my E55 back to my dealer since the values were still strong and I was beginning to be bothered by minor issues that, taken together reduced my ownership satisfaction, like: the ride quality was becoming rougher, the brakes were becoming more difficult to modulate and electronic gremlins were surfacing (my favorite gremlin is where you get a red warning in the center of the dash, but the words were in German. This really scared me, like I was supposed to ship the car back to the motherland or something).
  • psedrishpsedrish Posts: 49
    I've had no problems with any MBs I've bought in the last 10 years, but it seems the seats keep getting harder and harder. The '04 SL500 seats (with comfort pkg!) are just killing me. Any suggestions?
  • carnaughtcarnaught Posts: 1,569
    Didn't you have the Cad. DHS? Did you come back to the Mercedes fold?
  • psedrishpsedrish Posts: 49
    That's too funny! How would you know (or remember) that? I did come back, first with an '03 S430, which I got because my kids made fun of me driving an "old man's car" I caved and got back into a Benz. Frankly, I think my rear end was spoiled by the DHS (yeah, I know about all that lateral support & cornering stuff.....but it felt good!)
    Anyway, I thought the "comfort seat" pkg in the '04 SL500 would make me happier than the rather hard seats in the S430, but on long trips, they're even more Teutonically cruel!
    Right this minute, my dealer is padding the seat for me and providing some downward angle potential for the cushion, so I hope that helps. Otherwise, kids be darned, I'm heading back to Caddyland.
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