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Nissan Titan



  • jyoungjyoung Posts: 1
    I had a question about all of the Leveling kits. The Daystar is the poly spacer and the TopGunz is a metal spacer like the Truxx. I have read in a couple of places that the Daystar has too be installed by compressing the strut and the Topgunz does not and might be better on the ride and handling. What is the overall opinion?
  • We have just purchased a used 1996 Nissan XE pickup truck which came without the owners manual. I am having difficulty finding one. Does anyone know of a source for old owners manuals?

    Miata Momma
  • I have a 1991 nissan pickup, I sometime can hear a strange noise after it is turned off coming from somewhere in the middle of the truck. Could this be the transmission or the rear end?
  • dirkworkdirkwork Posts: 210
    >I have a 1991 nissan pickup, I sometime can hear a strange noise after it is >turned off coming from somewhere in the middle of the truck. Could this be the
    > transmission or the rear end?

    Perhaps you ran over an animal and parked on top of it? Or maybe you forgot to turn off the radio? Did your passenger pass gas? Seriously, besides the fact you are on the wrong discussion group (The truck you have can't be a Titan) you didn't give much info. FYI, if the noise is after the engine is off and its parked, slide under the truck and look but be careful to not touch anything hot.
  • time5time5 Posts: 2
    I was about to order fog lights for my '05 SE Titan 4x2 with no Auto function on the headlights, when I noticed the description said they would fit the 04 SE, and the 05 SE 4x4... but no mention of the 05 SE 4x2. This of course got me wondering if they would fit my setup.
    Does anyone know if there is a reason for excluding my setup? I spoke with parts guys and one service guy from 3 different dealers, and all agreed there might be a reason it was omitted, but they couldn't tell me what the difference was or whether I could get by with it... One guy said "We can put in a toggle switch for ya"...
    Yeah, right...
    Any help would be appreciated, as I was told by the dealer that I could return them as long as I didn't open the box... Geez... Tough to tell if they work or not without installing them. Last I checked that meant taking them out of the box...

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    The 05 SE 4x2 does not have the factory wiring installed for the fog lights. All the other models have the wiring installed making it plug and play.
  • time5time5 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the the reply obyone. I checked underneath, and based on other pictures I've seen in instructions etc., the wiring harness is there...
  • Hi everyone. I read an article on the inside line here that there is an after-market package called the "No Fear Extreme Package" that can be put on the Titan. The artickle mentions it includes, a lift, etc, but it doesn't say who sells it or anything. I checked all over online and can't find anything related to it and I've checked with a couple dealerships in my area and they don't seem to know what I"m talking about. My Titan already has the procomp 6" lift on it with the banks monster exhaust. Adding the No Fear emblems and new gauge cluster would finish it off nicely. Just wanted to see if any of you might know where I can get the No Fear Extrement Package. Thanks.
  • I'm getting about 11-12 mpg, but mine has the procomp lift and 35 inch tires. What really helped out my milage was the banks monster exhaust. It makes the truck breathe so much better. It decreased back pressure by 92%. I bet I would get a little better milage if I didn't step on it as much as I do. The exhaust sounds like no other though!!! ;)
  • I wanted to let people know that I am extremely happy with my 05 Titan. I have had a F-150 and a Silverado prior to this Titan, so I have experienced the 'American' trucks. I now have 6K miles on my Titan and can't be more pleased with the solidness of the truck. Every creature comfort was well-thought out. The engineering that went into this truck was supurb.

    If your Ford is rusting out on you, or your Chevy transmission is giving you problems, go take a look at the Titan. You won't be dissapointed. :)
  • eBay tends to be a good source for owners manuals.
  • Hi im looking into buying a pickup truck. Can someone tell me if Titan is the best all-around and does anyone know their safety ratings?

  • miata007miata007 Posts: 129
    You can probably get a free online owner's manual at an nissan site. Do a search for Nissan and owner's manual. The site from Nissan is the one. I found my 97 Q45 there.
    Good luck!

  • Does anyone know how to solve my problem? I have a 2004 SE Crew with the P265/70R18 tires. I have just over 9400 miles and have 2 replacement sets of tires (the Goodyear dealer said that they were out of round). I am still have problems keeping them balanced. The current set of tires has about 3500 miles and they have been balances twice. Neither the Goodyear or Nissan dealer can explain the problem. They just keep blaming the other!! Any suggestions would help. Do I just have a lemon?">
  • If your tires are Goodyear SR-A, they were rated as very poor by many people. The ratings for the tires can be viewed at , many people would trade these out because they wear out quickly. The tires also have other poor results such as handling, traction, etc. I would switch mine to Michelin Cross Terrain SUV tires (the only other better tires you can buy for the P265/70R18 tires).

    High :)
  • just like any other truck would. Nothing special though, you deffinently have to be in four high to get in some snow.
  • I am looking for a pickup to tow a Hurricane deck boat. I have looked and test drove the Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Frontier and the Nissan Titan so far. I like the Titan but I remember the disaster (yes I am that old) of the aluminum block engines of the 1970s, especially the chevette. The aluminum blocks actually cracked. Has anyone information concerning the reliability of the aluminum block engine in the Titan?
  • dirkworkdirkwork Posts: 210
    Don't worry about the block, many newer vehicles are made with aluminum blocks - albeit with cast iron cylinder liners pressed in. Corvette, Viper, the new GM v8's, the new GM I-5 and I-6, Nissan's V6, etc etc. all have aluminum blocks. The one you should remember was the Vega, its motor had aluminum bores and the motors would wear out pretty fast. The Chevette came with a few different motors (even a deisel) but the I-4 cast iron job was in most of 'em. My old gilfriend had one, it was not a particularly good car but did the job, and the motor was decent. I doubt anyone cried when they sold their Chevette, assuming they were able to sell it!
  • Thanks for the update. I have narrowed my choices to the Titan, Tacoma, Tundra and the F150. Just don't know if the Tacoma V6 can handle towing a boat?
  • In my opinion I would go with the Titan or the F150. No Tacoma and no Tundra. Just the two i recommended. Pick one of the two whichever gives you a better deal. If you want torque and horsepower for hauling/towing go with Titan. If you want a hard, good chasis/body go with the F150.
    For a better comparison of the four vehicles that you just described, you can compare/contrast at l?strTrim1=|_PK_WC|RWD|V8&strYear2=2005&strMake2=Nissan|59&strModel2=Titan|1425&strTrim2=;- _PK_XC;RWD;V8|1;29;5;15&strYear3=2006&strMake3=Honda|32&strModel3=Ridgeline|1468&strTrim3=- RTL;_PK_WC;4WD;V6|1132;25;2;14

    High :)
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