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2013 and Earlier - Mazda6 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Congrats on the new car!

    How good (or bad) was the MAC rate? What folks were doing last year on RX-8s was taking the MAC money and then re-financing right off with their bank or credit union. At that time the MAC rates were not very competitive....

  • Dennis,

    Thanks. The MAC rate was terrible - 7.99%. Yeah, I'm going to refinance in a few months.

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    One more question - any wording in the MAC contract to prevent you from doing the refi right away? Last year some folks were told they have to keep it under MAC for 3-4 months, others paid it off with the first payment (with no blow back from MAC about it).

  • Sounds like the car I am looking for. What was the final out the door price if you do not mind me asking. Thanks
  • That seems like a great deal. What part of the country was that? Any idea what the "value" of those seats is?
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    You can pay it off anytime...but if you do so within 3 months the dealer is charged back..the loan police won't show up at your house but you won't have any friends left at the dealership.

    I don't know about your dealer..but we will re-fi any qualified customer thru one of our banks or credit unions at no charge.
  • Audia8q,

    Thanks for clearing that up -- that's exactly what I thought, but wasn't sure. What if I make my first monthly payment plus two up-front payments to MAC in, say, the first month, then refinance? Does that keep my friends at the dealership? Or is there something necessary about waiting three months?

    The selling price for the 6 was $18508.00, before taxes and fees, and not including my trade-in. Basically, the selling price. My dealership treated me really well, probably becuase I had just bought a 2006 MPV for my wife 13 days before buying the 6. :) I was definitely his best customer of the month.

    Let me tell you, driving this car, I can tell you it was a steal.
  • lobelobe Posts: 10
    Hi Bob,

    From me also, congratulations on the new car!

    Yes, I agree that what level car you get for the price right now, it falls into the "steal" category. The way I define it, it you get a good price it is a "deal". If you get a great price, it is a "steal".

    I just got the absolutely plain "S" version, manual v-6. As I recall, the invoice on it was $18,308 after the $3,500 off. I offered $17,800 and they accepted. Then it was just tax, title, and license on top of that. No other fees. So $508 below invoice.

    I don't know the value of the leather seats, but I would imagine it would come in at more than $508, so you got an exceptional deal also.

    I am fine with the cloth seats, but would prefer the leather.

    The finance guy said that I could pay off the Mazda credit loan after one month (essentially the time it takes to have the first payment come due), with no effect on the $1000. I think I will contact the dealer, though, and see if he indeed has to eat the $1000 if I pay it off before 3 months. Because if Mazda would do that to him, seriously, I will just wait the 3 or 4 months or whatever. It won't cost me THAT much, and goodness, let the guy make a little money. Yes, my Mazda loan was 8% as well.

    I haven't heard. Did Mazda extend the deals on the remaining 2006 Mazda6's?

    I have only driven it about 400 miles so far. I really like it. I got 24.6 miles per gallon with 330 of the miles being city driving, so I am very pleased with that. I haven't been putting the foot into it, though.
  • Lobe,

    Sounds like we both got good deals. Our cars are identical -- well, until later today, when the leather and heated seats will be installed on my ride :D I think they sell the leather package for $1200,00 - don't know their cost though.

    Yeah, I don't want that $1000.00 to come back to them either. But the lowest interest rate I can refinance at is through my Credit Union, and the catch 22 is that, after 90 days, the car will no longer be considered new, and so I will get their used car rate, which isn't as good. So I'm hoping that making up-front payments to MAC will satisfy them and prevent the charge-back.

    24.6 - that's excellent! Hope to see the same, I've also been babying it. It's enough to know the power is there when I need it. :D
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    The new incentives have not been posted on the Mazda web page yet - they still have the ones that ran out on Monday.

    I agree that you don't want to hose the dealer, but as you said a "refinance" rate can be a lot higher than the new car rate and if you can get the new rate now then it would save you a lot of money. It seems like MAC brings this on themselves, if they would offer a fairly competitive rate to folks with good credit (the ones that will refinance when they get a bad rate) then folks would not do this. I can understand a high rate for weak credit, but when you qualify for a prime rate and they give you the bad rate - not much choice but to re-do the loan (after taking their money).

  • lobelobe Posts: 10
    I said refinance, but really I have a home equity loan line of credit that I can put it on (and will). So the new vs. used loan rate issue doesn't apply in my case, and I never thought about that aspect.
  • The previous months rebates have been extended through at least Nov 2nd. Its not listed on mazdausa, but the dealers I've talked to said they got the new rebates and they are the same.
  • I was looking at the Mazda site where they list the incentives for the Mazda 6 sports sedan. I am confused by the wording as it states that the $219 a month leasing incentive is not good on the Sport, Grand Touring and Grand SPort models. What is the Grand Sport model and does this mean it applies only to the basic i Sport sedan and not to the VE Sport, or Grand Touring model and in that case does it apply to the regular Touring model?
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    It still is not listed and very well may be the same. It is likely they will end on 10/31. The old ones ended 10/02 becuase they never want these things to end/change on a weekend (prime car selling time) so they wrap them around to Monday.

    I would say on the 06 models the amounts may go up at some point or they will remove the tie in to MAC financing. Usually after that they remove the rebates give the dealers $xxxx per car as a final buy down and then it is up to the dealers to get rid of the old cars. Usually about this time, the car search on the MUSA web page quits letting you search for 06 cars and will not show anything in any dealer inventory except 07 cars :D

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    The $219 deal is just a special, pre-configured lease price based on $xxxx out of pocket from you and assuming you sign over the $2,000 rebate to the dealer (and they discount the car to the proper price). It is just a starting point and often you can negotiate a better deal - same payment with less out of pocket or lower payment - but negotiating the price of the car down.

    The dealer and MAC can lease you any other mazda6 model. It may or may not be as good a deal as the special, you have to just look at the numbers and see.

    So all the deal tells you is at a participating dealer you can walk in with a certain amount of money and drive out with a certain payment (plus TTL). Of course the other models are not included in this deal, since if they offered a GT for the same price as an i everyone would pick the GT :D

    At the bottom of the specials page are the rebates with footnotes

    2006 MAZDA6 Sports Sedan and 5-Door Up to $3,000 Customer Cash

    2006 MAZDA6 Sport Wagon Up to $3,500 Customer Cash (1)(3)

    1) Take new retail delivery from dealer stock by October 2, 2006. See dealer for complete details.
    (2) Includes manufacturer's customer cash plus $500 MAC bonus cash to qualified buyers when financed through Mazda American Credit. Manufacturer's customer cash of $2,500 on all '06 MAZDA6 Sports Sedan and 5-Door; $2,000 on all '06 MPV; $3,000 on all '06 Tribute; $1,750 on all '06 B-Series.
    (3) Includes manufacturer's customer cash of $2,500 plus $1,000 MAC bonus cash to qualified buyers when financed through Mazda American Credit.

    So you can get a rebate on any 06 mazda6 the amount varies with model and if you finance with MAC.

  • How easy will it be to try to drive the dealer down to invoice for the price of a Mazda6 2006 at this time of the year? I assume I get a better deal by financing from my bank then through the MAC, but the rebates appear to end at october 2nd, will there be more incentives to come? My goal is to buy the Mazda 6 Sport (preferably the i touring or grand touring with monthly payments of $200-230 for overall invoice cost of the car. I would put $6000 down.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    If they have a car you want it should be fairly easy to get invoice less all the rebates. Use the search feature on the MUSA web page to find the car like you want and then see if they have a web page. You want the "internet sales manager" or some such to deal with. Also check their online or printer specials, they can be a good indicator of their pricing.

    Mazda has update the rebate info on their web page (and as I predicted) it runs through 10/31.

    (1) Take new retail delivery from dealer stock by October 31, 2006. See dealer for complete details.
    (2) Includes manufacturer's customer cash plus $1,000 MAC bonus cash to qualified buyers when financed through Mazda American Credit. Manufacturer's customer cash of $2,500 on all '06 MAZDA6 Sports Sedan, 5-Door and Sport Wagon; $2,500 on all '06 MAZDASPEED6; $1,500 on all '06 RX-8; $3,500 on all '06 MPV; $3,000 on all '06 Tribute; $1,750 on all '06 B-Series.

    It is now $2,500 on all mazda6 models plus $1,000 for MAC financing for a total of $3,500.

    Are you talking about a sedan? The invoice for an 06 sedan grand touring is $23,372 then less the $3,500 = $19,872 plus dealer fee, tax, title, and tag. Say the dealer fee brings it to $20,100 without TTL, the MAC rate may be 8% for 60 months or higher. You pay $6k down so you would borrow $14,100. At 8% this would be $285.90 a month and this does not count your taxes and stuff. Even at a primo interest rate like 6.35% this would be $274.89 per month. So I can tell you with taxes and stuff it is not going to happen.

    If you settled on the i sport w/auto the invoice is $21,486 - $3,500 = $17,986 + dealer fee and TTL less your $6,000 down. Again without taxes this would put your payment at 8%/60 months at $247 so with taxes a bit more.

    So, you either need to settle for less car (the base 6 or maybe a mazda3), pay more down, or pay more per month, or perhaps a lease. If you do a lease, then avoid putting ANY money down at all - it makes no sense to do so.

  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    The mazda site is also showing $1000 rebate on the 2007 models.
  • I read this site a lot and just finally bought my 6, so I figured I'd contribute that I just bought an '05 Mazda6 S Grand Touring automatic with 12k miles for $17.4k + tax in Central Ohio. I'm not sure which options packages it has, but it has bose, leather and no spoiler.
  • Congrats! That appaers to be an excellent price on a car that's just broken in :) What dealership in Central Ohio? I bought from Mazda Direct and had a great experience with them.
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