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Porsche Boxster and Boxster S



  • mrtoad3mrtoad3 Posts: 68
    Just got word from the dealer and they said PORSCHE wants to replace the engine rather than rebuild it due to cost. Will be sending new engine at end of week and install next week. Warranty on parts and labor (for engine) is two years. I guess that's fair. Now I have to start the break-in period all over again. It was just starting to loosen up a bit. Oh well. I don't know if I'll keep it now, especially if the feel has changed while driving. I hope everything goes together and meshes well with remaining old parts like the transmission etc.. I'll keep you posted.
  • Does anyone have ideas on upgrading that cheesy little factory stereo on my '03 Boxster? of course, Car Toys will make it really nice for two to five thou. Seriously, in this economy?

  • fantomfantom Posts: 211
    Just install a factory rear speaker kit from someone like Suncoast or Sunset. Cost is just over $100 and maybe an hour to install.

    It makes a big difference, and you'll save $4,900 ;-)
  • fantomfantom Posts: 211
    There is a site with lots of very complete DIY free instructions for Boxsters, that I have found extremely informative. The guy who runs it doesn't seem to be selling much of anything....amazing!

    Hope it helps,
  • I have a 03 Boxster S which I bought last year used from a lease trade in. At first I was a little nervous buying a leased Porsche because I am sure it was beat on. As it turns out, I am glad I bought it as a lease, because it seems the Boxster S's that are run hard, are the one's that don't blow engines! You hear all about the low mile Boxsters that slip cylinder sleeves and have IMS failures, that were babied, but the ones that are tracked and driven hard seem to last, go figure, you buy a Porsche drive it like it was ment to be driven and you MIGHT avoid engine failure. That's my 2 cents and I hope I didn't just jinks myself. :shades:
  • Just a quick not to let all you Boxster owners know that the BRBS is on again for 2009, our 11th year! .. If you're in the eastern states or you need a reason for a road trip in your Boxster, come join the fun and make some new friends..
  • ponderpointponderpoint Posts: 277
    Something very strange is happening.

    There are more Boxsters for sale on ebay than Mazda Miatas! Consistently! I've been watching this trend for awhile - at first I thought it was a one time anomoly on ebay but (excuse the farmer in me) it ain't!

    The Miata is the "Volkswagen Bug" of roadsters, the poor mans sports car being produced in great numbers for about twenty years now. The Boxster has only been produced for eleven or so years now in less numbers and a far greater price to acquire - it should be more rare but there they are, sitting on ebay, about 174 or so. There's only 150 or so Miatas...What's going on?

    My wife (the analyst) has a simple explanation: "They're upside down". She went on to say that in her opinion the Boxster appeared to be more affordable to the common consumer when in fact, it really wasn't. Not to insult anyone but she said it was the same consumer that thought they could afford it but were on a "Miata income", the payments looked reasonable in good economic time but now they want that car payment to dissapear.

    She then directed me to the "completed sales" section of ebay for Boxsters. Almost all of the listings were "reserve not met" or "zero bids" whereas the fewer Miatas that were listed DID complete with a successful sale. I did consider that the Boxster should be separated from the Boxster S, but the Miata enjoys different trim levels also, for instance, the difference between the regular Miata and the "spyder retractable hardtop" Miata. This is a chapter right out of that book "Freakonomics"..... When the Boxster becomes more "exclusive" again will this signal that we're returning to a better economy?
  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 16,382
    When the Boxster becomes more "exclusive" again will this signal that we're returning to a better economy?

    Boxsters haven't been really "exclusive" since the day the first hit the used car market. Their resale value has always been on the low side compared to contemporary 911s perhaps due to the perception (undeserved IMO that they weren't "real" Porsches.

    The arrival of the Boxster in the late 90s signalled the start of a new era for Porsche in which the company geared up for significantly increased production numbers. That move was controversial then and it still is as Porsche moves into different market segments.

    As for the answer to your headline question Is The Boxster a Perfect Economic Bellwether?, I'd say "no", there are so many variables affecting the cost of used cars that the relative price of any specific model isn't much of an "economic indicator." We do not know for example how much of an effect the reports of an excessive number of engine failures has affected the price or the number of used Boxsters on Ebay.
  • ponderpointponderpoint Posts: 277
    "Boxsters haven't been really "exclusive" since the day the first hit the used car market."

    Of course not, I understand that. You raise interesting points but the main observation is a comparison against a Miata in resale availability and quantity - things are not adding up.

    I still stand by the point that more Boxsters for sale on ebay than Miatas is VERY strange.

    On an end note, I thought the engine failures/fires was an isolated situation with the very first Boxsters - am I incorrect? I thought the Boxster got rave reviews for dependability, almost approaching a Honda-like status....
  • Two crucial facets differentiate the Boxster S from its bigger brother the 911. First, this vehicle is a roadster, which simply means that it doesn’t have a fixed roof. Second, the car also benefit from a beautifully balanced set-up due to the mid-engine design. Compared to the 911, the Boxster S doesn’t suffer from a rear heavy body which is prone to oversteer. Read: it is the more planted handler of the two. Beginning in ’07, the Boxster S is fitted with a bigger engine as that found in the Cayman S. Engine displacement is raced from 3.2 to 3.4 liters, translating to peak figures of 295 HP (up from 280 HP) and 254 lb-ft of torque (up from 236 lb-ft). The Boxster S also comes standard with VarioCam Plus technology. This dual-stage valve lift and valve timing system allows for a more responsive feeling all across the power band since it improves low-end torque and high end power. Best of all, it optimizes engine efficiency for better allowing fuel economy. Having benefited from a mid-mounted power plant that not only makes more power but also boasts a better fuel economy, choosing between this car and its twin-brother the Cayman relies simply on whether you enjoy driving with or without the sun. Either way…both Porsches promise one engaging stint behind the wheel. Over and above all the details is the excellent performance of the Boxster. This is a Porsche in all aspects of the term. There's more than enough power, well-engineered auto parts,excellent handling, and surprising comfort. My experience with some sports cars is their relative discomfort, which is always mitigated by the performance. The Boxster's seats are deep enough for side support, yet flat enough to make entry and exit less of a problem.
  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 16,382
    engine failures/fires was an isolated situation with the very first Boxsters - am I incorrect? I thought the Boxster got rave reviews for dependability, almost approaching a Honda-like status....

    Look back about 20 posts for more info on Boxster engine failures. Even if you discount engine problems no one would call them "Honda-like" as routine maintainence is pretty expensive and frequent even if you go to an indie specialist.

    OTOH I just got this year's Consumer Reports Auto issue nd only the '05 model year of the Boxster shows above average incidences of engine problems. '06 and '07 models show much less than average for engine problems.
    They didn't have enough responses for '08 models.

    The plot thickens. :confuse: .
  • ponderpointponderpoint Posts: 277
    "Look back about 20 posts for more info on Boxster engine failures."

    Whoah!!!! OK, I never knew.

    Pretty substantial rap sheet on the engine. After reading multiple reports of problems suffice it to say I am extremely disappointed in Porsche - if they sincerely believe it is "reasonable" and "routine" to replace the engine at 100k miles.... They are living on another planet.

    We are coming into the age of 100k mile tune-up, not 100k engine replacement, apparently the folks at Porsche got the two mixed up. I'm not expecting "Honda-like" maintenance but that engine problem is NOT reasonable. I guess it explains the ebay oddity..... Pretty sad.
  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 16,382

    Pretty substantial rap sheet on the engine

    I've come across some info in direct contradiction to the reports of Porsche engine failures we've been getting from TTAC.

    The 2009 New Car issue of Consumer Reports is out and I looked at the Frequency of Repair Bullet charts for Used Cars and only 2005 MY Boxsters show a higher than average incidence of engine problems. In all of the other four years where they had a big enough sample, the Boxster had a Much Better than Average incidence of engine repairs as well as a MBTA overall score which is probably why the 2009 Boxster is one of CR's 2009 "Recommended" buys.

    I know that CR isn't exactly the Bible and all kinds of things can skew the sample of a particular car but I've usually found the CR bullet charts to be a pretty good predictor of how reliable a particular car's going to be.

    It's also important to note that starting in '09 the 987s get new engines of different design that eliminates the Intermediate Shaft (IMS) that has been a factor in most reported engine failures.
  • sie1sie1 Posts: 1
    I plan to purchase a new 2008 Boxster S within the next couple of weeks. Has
    anyone had any experiences in buying a new Boxster. I noted that the 2007 closeout discounts were around 10-15% . However , with the bad economy and the fact that Porsche delayed the introduction of the 2009 models for 7 months, I 've heard talk of 25%-30% discounts being given. I've also noticed that the RS60 and Design Edition II haven't sold well at all. Seems to be 100s of these still around.
    thanks for any advice
  • I spotted a low mileage 2002 boxster and am considering it as a play thing. Is anyone satisfied with a similar item or know of reasons I should not proceed?
  • dtownmildtownmil Posts: 23
    If anyone has info on where to go to have scuffs on wheels repaired, it would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • dtownmildtownmil Posts: 23
    I just purchased a 2000 and couldn't be happier. Got close to 30 MPG on the way home. Great car. Tons of fun. As any Boxster owner knows.
  • dtownmildtownmil Posts: 23
    Is the fear of engine failure real? Mine has a small RMS leak and I've chosen not to worry about it for now. I keep an eye out to make sure it doesn't get worse, and it doesn't.

    I would be screwed if I had a IMS failure, but are there any real numbers of how many of these fail?

    Mine is a 2000 2.7L with 58K. Right now, I have no warranty on it. If the engine goes it's out of my pocket. Anyone think it's worth purchasing a three thousand dollar warranty for chance of failure?

    Any input is appreciated.
  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 16,382
    There are no hard numbers out on Boxster motor failures that I know of other than the Frequency of Repair charts in Consumer Reports which show that the incidence of motor repairs is "Much Less Than Average" for almost every model year..

    A leaking RMS isn't by itself a big issue but you want to keep a careful eye on the dip stick, running low on oil will result in a wrecked motor in any car. If I were you I'd ask a couple of experienced Porsche mechanics for an estimate on repairing the RMS and an opinion on whether the extended warranty is worthwhile.

    A word of caution about the EW: You have to be an experienced tech, combined with a Philadelphia Lawyer degree to figure out whether you'll be covered in the event of any specific failure.
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