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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Tustin Acura quoted me $31,450 + dest which makes it about $32,000. That was their first offer. I'm in Sacramento, and I've had two Bay Area dealers offer $31,500 including destination. Can you tell me what you paid in License fee? I can't figure out what the new fee structure is... it used to be 2%. Thanks.
  • igibanigiban Posts: 530
    Did Tustin Acura the one that quoted you $30,950 to begin with.
  • eddiemaceddiemac Posts: 141
    You could try to list your car online with a single photo ad is $40, while a multiple ad is $45(up to 12 pictures). You can renew your ad without charge as mch as you like until you sell the vehicle. I sold a 1990 Integra in two days back in 2001. I have a co-worker who sold a 1992 Legend in 1 day a few weeks after me(we live in Wash. DC and he sold the car to a guy in Philadelphia). another co-worker sold a 2002 ford Excursion in 2 weeks to a person in connecticut. The ads are cheaper than the newspapers, and you can reach more people.
  • First answer-local Costco deal was $100 under MSRP. If you can get $1,000 under in Sacramento area, have at it.

    04 TL 5AT/No Nav, Antracite/Camel:

    Start with 32,140, which includes destination, mudflaps, wheel locks, and 45.00 doc fee.

    Sales tax was 2330.15 (Ventura Coonty is 7.25%)

    CA License fee is 253.00 (Thank you Arnold! it isn't 2%, more like 0.8%--I checked the DMV website, they do not provide a formula--more searching may uncover it)
    CA Tire tax 5.00

    34,728.00 total out the door.

    Woozer did get a good deal.

    I bought through and Santa Monica Acura. I had a very good experience throughout-I contacted carsdirect through the web on 1/25, same time I checked through Costco website for a local referral.

    Carsdirect contacted me Monday morning, took down my preferences, quoted me the same price as their web site, and called me back 4 hrs later with a 2/7 delivery date and VIN. I agreed and went back to work.

    Thursday 1/29 got a call saying my car was in. SM Acura sent a driver 70 mi from Santa Monica to Ventura to drive me down-very nice. Bought through their fleet dealer-no hassles at all. left 1 hr later and flew/drove my new car home.

    Timing worked out great-we left next day for a weekend skiing at Mammoth Mountain. So excited about the new car we took it instead of the trusty 99 Odyssey. Just got home, drove over 600 miles. The car drove great. Didn't notice any of the rough ride problems others noted. Great acceleration, handling, and passing. Stereo sounds great. heated seats are great. Access to the two storage compartments in the dash is poor.

    I am a happy owner.
  • scott31scott31 Posts: 280
    You got ripped off. Even though your closest dealer is 100 miles away, you are paying about $50 to $75 a month higher than you should be.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    There's a "Sell Your Car" link right over there in the Partners box on the left side of the page. ;)
  • I think the CA license fee is now 0.65% of current value

    What S.F. Bay Area dealers gave you the $31,500 quote?
  • $31,500 + TTL came from Pleasanton Acura. They responded to my request through for a dealer quote.

    Two weeks ago, the Fleet/Internet manager at Stevens Creek Acura in Santa Clara gave me a first offer of $32,150 + TTL.

    Concord Acura blew me off when I told them I could buy for $31,450 (the price quoted me by Tustin).

    Fortunately, my local salesman told me that he's almost positive the sales manager will beat by $50 any legit written offer ... he tells me to bring in their email so he can take it to the boss.

    Thanks to you, TrosketJ and Woozer for the info.
  • I was able to purchase a TL automatic w/o navigation for 31,500 here in Atlanta from Baranco Acura. Tried several dealers here and they all are sticking pretty close to the MSRP. However, the salesman at Baranco was very knowledgeable and polite and we agreed on a price almost immediately. Car was 31,500 including trunk tray, wheel locks, and mud guards, tax@7%-2232.65, documentation fee 395, and title-42.00. Total drive out price of 34,169.65. Had some problems with their documentation fee of $395 but they threw in free oil change every 3750 miles for as long as I own the car. Thanks again for everyone sharing their buying experiences.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    who offered advice on my trade-in plight.

    kahunah, regarding selling on my own, I think, as dulnev pointed out, it'd be a pain in the backside selling privately. For an older, less expensive car I might try it. But with the savings in PST and GST on a trade, I don't think I would be too far ahead even if I do manage to sell privately. And I think the low trade-in value will also be mirrored in the private sale market. I mean, there are right now at least 2 or 3 brand new CL-S (auto and manual) sitting on my dealer's lot that can be had for less than $35K. (No doubt the situation is similar at other dealers). Anyone who may be in the market for a used CL-S would think long and hard about spending a bit more and get a brand new one instead. I guess my other option is to wait until all the new ones are gone!
    But that's going to be a painful wait 'cause I really want a new TL <sigh> :(
  • to the knowledged people...2500 down...479 a month for 42 months...with that a good deal?
  • the above also includes taxes..all i would have to pay is for the registration..changing over plates
    have to get them to throw in all weather matts
    also with 12k a year
  • My only credential for lease expertise is having leased 4 cars over the last few years. There is a Leasing board on that can be a huge help to you. But here's a preview.

    To determine whether a lease is a "good deal" requires that you analyze some specific info:

    --capitalized cost (final negotiated selling price of car)
    --money factor (related to interest rate, just multiply by 2.4)
    --residual (pre-determined value of car at end of lease as a percentage of MSRP)
    --term of lease
    --allowed mileage and the penalty for exceeding it
    --any included maintenance
    --taxes, DMV, add-ons (like bank fee, disposition fee)
    --early termination fees
    --any other potential liability such as excess wear and tear

    "Down payment" is a term that dealers use wrongly; remember, you're renting. What you should be discussing is "drive-offs" (the check you have to write to get the car out the door). Typical drive-offs include security deposit, bank fee, first month's payment and DMV fees. Another misleading use for the term "down payment" is a capitalized cost reduction (CCR). A CCR reduces the financed price of the car and thus MAY reduce the monthly payment, but in my opinion is like lighting hundred-dollar bills on fire.

    Don't EVER let a dealer negotiate with you on monthly payments alone. The payment is a mathematical function of all that other stuff I mentioned.

    Bottom line: don't lease a TL or any car unless you know exactly what you're getting into. Off the top of my head, $2500 plus $479 a month to rent a $33K car for three and a half years is steep. I calculate that you'd spend $22,618 for the privilege. Why not just buy it?

    OK, lease experts, how'd I do? ;-)
  • dulnevdulnev Posts: 652
    Both your examples were of older cheaper cars. I tried listing my previous two cars (both less than 3 years old) on and Got ZERO, I repear ZERO inquiries from those postings. And they were only for $500-900 more than what dealer offered me for trading the cars in!
  • I purchased my nonNavi Anth/Ebony, TL from Baranco on Thursday. Was very happy with the internet manager that I dealt with. I want to thank everyone for their help in getting by price.
  • Here are the specifics for my deal:
    $30,950.00 = cost
      2,557.09 = tax
        256.00 = license
         45.00 = tire fee
    $33,813.09 = total
    Hope this helps.
  • Tustin did not quote me that price. I ssked Tustin to match the $30,950 price that I found on this forum. They agreed to do so.
  • Oddity -- I am hardly a leasing expert, but you are dead on. Tonyg24 -- I posted a few days ago the terms of the TL lease I negotiated, which were substantially better than what you are being offered. My lease was also 42 months, but I got 15k miles, drive off price (what I believe you are calling down payment) of $1300, and monthly payments, tax included, of $456.

    A couple of tips:

    As oddity said, go deep into the Edmunds leasing information -- it's invaluable. Carman (host of leasing forum) will get you the current money factors and residual values for the TL. You NEED these before you can even think about negotiating a lease.

    The leasing variables are pretty complex -- there are just too many moving parts for even a highly intelligent and capable buyer to manage, especially in the pressure of the showroom. As I posted earlier, get yourself a copy of the Executive Lease Pro software (download is $70), and, if possible, load it on a laptop to take with you to the dealer. It will put you on a completely even playing field with the F&I manager and pay for itself many times over. Even if you don't go this route, make sure that you understand EVERY line item that is going into your lease. The dealers love to combine concepts so they can hide where they are making money. Biggest examples include inflating the money factor (interest rate), and adding in various fees (doc fees, marketing support charges, etc.) which sound legit, but are merely profit generators.

    Good luck to you.
  • igibanigiban Posts: 530
    But didn't you get a same quote from a dealer too? That one is too far? Did you just verbally tell Tustin that you saw such a 'record' on Edmunds and they took it w/o 'verification'?
  • scott31scott31 Posts: 280
    I have a spreadsheet that I created a few years ago, and when it comes time for final haggling on price, I always bring my laptop to the dealership.
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