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Nissan Quest Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • tmyertmyer Posts: 9
    Got a 2006 SL ( picking it up Saturday) with special edition package, leather/Bose package, DVD package, Skyview package, splash guards, sunroof deflector, cargo cover, floor mats, running boards, microfilter, and roof rack cross bars.
    MSRP $35,870
    Invoice $32,454

    Purchase Price: $30,385 + TTL

    I feel like we got a great deal and ended up with the color we wanted both inside and out (nordic pearl white/gray leather) and got a 2006 for a couple hundred cheaper than we were quoted on a year end model SE with pretty much the same options.

    Any opinions on the deal?
  • Hey Tracy,

    I think a 2006 would be better because of how much the 2005 already depreciated (the value is well under $30k according to TMV). IMHO, the 2006 probably has some build quality improvements and fixes over the 2005. Anyway, I feel you got a good deal (more than $2000 off invoice after a $1500 rebate). Enjoy!

    I imagine though that the 2006s will go to a $2500 rebate soon with the updated 2007 coming in June. Also, there's probably going to be more price competition because of the new Korean minis.
  • mac01mac01 Posts: 2
    Has anyone ever used the Nissan VPP (employee purchase program)? I am eligible for the affiliates discount through my company and was wondering if this the best way to go or if it's possible to get a better price through old fashioned negotiation.

    The VPP progam allows for the eligible buyer to purchase the vehicle at 2.87% below dealer invoice (and you can apply any cash back on top of that).

    Thanks in advance for any info that can be provided on using this program.
  • ckeoughckeough Posts: 15
    I used the VPP program from my employer. Bought a 06 SE with the seat package, micro filter, floor mats. Paid 24,488. I'm on the road, not at home so I don't have the paperwork in front of me, but the VPP program would be the same for you or me. Don't know if I could have done better, but I don't have to work at all.

  • mac01mac01 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the input. I ended up using the VPP as "leverage" and negotiated a price below the VPP price. Bought a 2006 S Special Edition with DVD, microfilter, seat package, floor mats, mud guards and cargo cover for $23,200 (after rebate). Also, interestingly, the VPP plan also provides a steep discount (about 66% off) on the extended warranty plans.
  • jmiravjmirav Posts: 16
    I purchased a Maxima for 1200 under invoice June of last year here in Eastern Pennsylvania (plus at that time 1250 rebate in addition). Are Nissan dealers below invoice on the Quest? It took me one email to get to invoice; now just wondering whether the next thousand dollars will take a week or never happen. Am I correct that the current rebate is $2500?
  • jmiravjmirav Posts: 16
    Not much activity here. Well, I am under invoice in writing $600 and by email at $900 (haven't seen that in "writing" yet). The $600 under has a dealer prep add-on of about $60, which I can live with(it is buried in the new tags). Will probably finish it up this weekend and am shooting for $1,500 plus the $2000 cash back. Only one trip to a dealer; I expect that i make one more at most and then the purchase.

    My wife reminded me that I purchased my Maxima last year at $1300 less $50 to locate the exact car I wanted. I actually told him the three dealers that had the exact car I wanted. He happily traded for it with one in inventory.
  • tjshantjshan Posts: 28
    This forum has been very helpful, we were originally looking at a Kia, then got swayed to the quest and this forum has done a lot to ease my mind. We currently have a 1998 Mercury Villager (Quest clone) with 90K miles and are pretty happy, although it has had its share of small issues it has been a good car.

    We are now looking for a 06 sexy red 3.5S or 3.5SL with the SE package, best bet so far has been a 3.5SL with SE package in FL for $23,500...but its white.

    Anyway, Found a 3.5 SL w/SE and DVD in NJ for $25,200. This is all after the $3K rebate Nissan is offering now. Any thoughts out there? is this a good deal and is the 06 Quest that much better then the 05 in quality? Anyone have any scoop on if the rebates will stay or go up for June, we are getting pressured to do this before the end of the month.

    One other question, we have never bought a new car from other then a local dealer, how do the local dealers treat you when you bring in a new car bought elsewhere? Is warranty usually a no problem attitude? I know this will be subjective to each dealer but in general have you folks that have bought through the internet found your local dealer fairly ready to deal with warranty and service work?
  • vinhphucvinhphuc Posts: 44
    The current rebate from Nissan is 3K? It may go up a bit in a few months since the Quest 07 is expected to be released by fall (I think). Nevertheless it may not as Nissan will stop making the 06 models soon and just let the stock go as time goes by. My feeling is you may get some additional discounts from specific dealers as they try to make space for the 07. Buy it when time is right for you, but because of the dealer pressure. Try "". I got my Quest 05 SE fully loaded at ~2K below invoice back then.
    About dealer service with cars bought elsewhere, I personally had no problem. Wish you luck in finding your Quest.

  • rrteam5rrteam5 Posts: 1
    Ok, I'm totally confused-I'm usually a fan of buying vehicles a year or so old, but this one has me tempted. It's a loaded SE, with everything but the DVD. I believe the sticker is $32, with '5000 off' written on the windshield. The most obvious reason this vehicle hasn't sold is the RED leather interior. It's kinda like the body styling, you either love it or hate it. I could live with it at the right price -)

    Any ideas on where to start with this dealer? I was even told that the '07's are in the back, but they don't have room for them and the owner is REALLY interested in moving this '05. I was thinking more about a base '06 for $21, but.....any and all ideas welcome -)
  • mrmcgivmrmcgiv Posts: 7
    Hi: It is now june and I ma pretty sure the $3k rebate is still in effect. we bought our quest s with SE package Last Mon 5/29 (memorial day). I am not sure what the Sl with the Se package includes . We paid $19,600 for our 06 Quest S SE. I think we got an amazing deal. It does not have DVD player,. It has all the typical extra features (seat package, cargo cover etc) and the rearview mirror with compass and auto dim. The MSRP was $28,075 so getting over $8K from MSRP was pretty good. The other dealer wqe were working with could NOT match that price. We went at close of business time on Memorial day and I am thinking that helped. Anyhow, good luck in negotiating if you have not already bought. Mary
  • mrmcgivmrmcgiv Posts: 7
    Hi: I am so curious, were you looking in Pittsburgh/monroeville area? If so, we saw the same quest (05) last week with the funky red/orange leather interior. It had some big sale info in the window. My husband loved it and for the right price I could have LOVED it too. It was LOADED. But i think this one was stickered at $38. They offered to come to between $28-$29 at the first pass, but we ended up not buying it. Still too much. We got the Quest S SE (06) at another dealer a few dasy later for $19,600. PLease let me know if it was the one in Monroeville, Pa? Mary
  • mrmcgivmrmcgiv Posts: 7
    Hi: we just got our 06 S SE quest last week. It was brand new with 43 miles on it. I reset the Avg MPG calculator and after driving it for a week I am only averaging approx 15.8 MPG. It jas beena split of city vs highway. Maybe 35Hwy and 65 City. I even have premium gas in. PLEASE somebody tell me it gets better than this? I did not want a gas hog. Someone said that a BRAND new car does not get it's best gas MPG at first it has to get 'broken in'.

    Also, I think we got a great deal. The MSRP was $28.075. Like I said it is the S model with the Se package which includes rear sensor, power hatch and passenger door and some other little nice things. It has all the standard extras (car mat, cargo cover, seat package etc) Plus the auto dim/compass rear view mirror. We paid $19,600. We went at 2 on memorial day and they had sold 19 cars and wanted to sell a 20th. I guess they get incentive for # of cars sold? Either that or they conned us. But in the end, a oompeting dealer could NOT match that price. I am thinking this was the rare case that a car dealer was honest in saying that deal was ONLy good for that day.

    The S Se has the 4 spd tranny vs the 5 speed in the Sl and up. How does this effect fuel economy? I have heard two different things it helps and it hurts it??? Any info?

    Other than obsessing over the fuel economy I am so happy with it. it is roomy and comfy. The power doors are AWESOME and going from a sedan and SUV to a minivan I am so happy I have the reverse sensor.

  • hondakidhondakid Posts: 17
    I am in the process of buying the Quest ... Right now, in the Toronto Area, the 3.5 S is going for $6,000 CDN under MSRP ($32,000 - $6,000 = 26,000 before taxes and freight / pdi).

    What kind of deals have you been able to get?
    What was your buying experience like?
    Where did you buy from?
    How do you like the Quest?

    This "June Offer" clearly states the $6,000 rebate is off of MSRP .... I am sure I can get them to do around invoice and then have them take the 6K off.

    Any suggestions, ideas, opinions, etc will be GREATLY appreciated ..

    Thank You,

  • mevandemevande Posts: 190
    Hello, seems the 2007 is here(?). Any pricing info out there?
  • plashenickplashenick Posts: 162
    If you want to check your fuel economy write dow the mileage per fill-up and divide by gallons put in. This is the only accurate method. The computer is an average of avergaes (running average). Although my 04 SL gets about 16 local/ 20 Hwy. so yours looks pretty similar. Premium gas is not getting yu much for the extra cost. Save the money
  • biggitybiggity Posts: 25
    Yes, a dealer has called and told me that he has received 2007 Quests.

    But I am looking for a smokin' deal on a 2006? Anybody got a great deal? You think it is possible to get $10,000 below MSRP? Or are people going for the $3,000 rebate from Nissan--is that enough to move those 2006's?

    Anybody know how bad it really is for Nissan to get rid of the 2006's?

  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    $10k below MSRP is asking a bit much don't you think????? $6000 maybe (with rebate included).
  • biggitybiggity Posts: 25
    In post 481, jmirav says he was offered $900 under invoice, which would be about $7,500 off MSRP. And in post 485, mrmcgiv says she got $28,075 - $19,600 = $8,475 off MSRP. (jmirav and mrmcgiv, were there any trade-in or financing considerations which might have changed the value of the deals you wrote about?)

    Anyway, I would hardly consider a 2006 for much more than $10,000 off MSRP, given their lack of desirability (to me and for resale) and the fact that the 2007's are out.

    I thought I might take a 2006 if Nissan and dealers had in the interim become desperate enough to clear their 2006 inventory to go that low.
  • biggitybiggity Posts: 25
    Anybody have a 2007 Quest? What deal did you get?
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