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Mazda MPV Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • scott31scott31 Posts: 280
    I thought it was a federal law or such that a company had to supply parts for items up to 7 years after they were discontinued.
  • kinkokinko Posts: 48
    I guess you're referring to the post-warranty service is not guaranteed by Mazda. I can accept that. If my mechanic can service my mpv and cost less after the warranty period, so I'll go to my local mechanic. Steve, are you telling us that Mazda dealer can refuse owners of Mazda 323, 626, 929, Millenia, and protege for services just because all these models had already be discontinued?
    I heard that Oldsmobile owners may take their cars to a GM service department for service.
    No wonder the Camry and Accord can sell themselves, because the model/name had been out there for decades without being discontinued.
    I can understand why Microsoft discontinued supporting Windows 3.1, 95, because there isn't much systems out there run these OS, therefore not much money to make from support it.
  • saabermomsaabermom Posts: 8
    I compared Edmunds trade in/private party #s for Base 2002 MPVs and Odys:

    MPV $11,000 Trade in, $12,000 Private Party
    ODY $17,500 Trade in, $19,000 Private Party

    Kind of wipes out that $4000 initial spread...

    Now, whatever we buy we plan on keeping for 7-10 years, so resale values are less important for us. But, you never know, and that is a HUGE difference (and I suspect that MPV values will drop another notch due to the production/distribution halt).
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,947
    I haven't searched lately, but I've never found the 7 year rule (or any federal/state law) that requires the manufacturer to perform warranty service or stock parts for a certain number of years.

    Last time I searched, I couldn't even find any contractual info in bid requests from the feds with any similar kinds of requirements.

    There was a similar thread over in Isuzu Trooper a few months back; here's a representative post:

    troop2shos "Isuzu Trooper" Dec 15, 2003 9:22pm
    I guess you guys are gonna make me go look again - if anyone has a clue, please speak up!

    Steve, Host
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,947

    steve_ "Isuzu Trooper" May 14, 2002 2:18pm

    Note the response from the Land Rover NA employee who says the parts stocking requirement is an urban legend:

    tincup47 "Land Rover Range Rover" May 14, 2002 3:25pm

    Steve, Host
  • kinkokinko Posts: 48
    I believe that availability of used MPVs in the local market should contribute more to their resale values, more than what the Blue book or Edmunds TMV are telling us what a MPV value is.
    I had been looking for a used 2003 MPV LX in the range of $14K-$15K or 2002 in the range of $11k to $12k, for a long while. No luck. Not many owners would turn around and sell their MPV for these prices. Check out and see how many private sellers out there in your area and what prices they're asking for. I would rather keeping it, unless my MPV has a damaged title. BTW, two months ago, I found a 02 LX in a local dealer who posted sale price of $16K, and it didn't stay there for more than three week. I did a test drive just to see how a two years old MPV would ride. I asked the salesman the odds of buying it for $15k even. You can guess what the answer was.
    If resale value is important to you, buy the Odyssey. Because the most owners who bought 2003 or older Odyssey paid MSRP for it. So logically, you should do better than those owners when it's time to sell it.
    I found that the MPV fit in my garage and budget better than other full/mid-sized vans. I still like to own a Odyssey or Sienna van, but I'd decided to save $4k-$5k buying a MPV and use the savings to finish the basement, at least part of it.
    Buy what you need and be happy with it. Good luck with your purchase.
  • goodluckgoodluck Posts: 2
    We bought our MPV ES for $23,100 last weekend at Oak Tree Mazda, Sunnyvale. The dealership is very nice, this is the sister concern of Oak Tree Mazda of San Jose.

    Our ES had:

    1. LEather seats
    2. 6 CD changer
    3. all season floor mats
    4. all power attribs - driver seat, windows etc
    5. roof rack

    We felt it was a good deal in teh end.
  • saabermomsaabermom Posts: 8
    Good point on the realities of the resale market. I do think that one key reason why there are so few 2002 MPVs out there (and therefore higher prices) is that the car is only a couple years old. I compared the 2002 models simply by virtue of the fact that the Mazda changed signficantly that year...
  • catlady245catlady245 Posts: 19
    I need input from veteran car buyers.. I am interested in a specific van color(razor blue) which my local dealer doesnt have but a distant dealer (15 miles) does.

    Can the dealers trade vans and does it affect the price!!!??? The dealer who does have the color I would like is not one who I would like to give my business to..

  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    The dealer loses the holdback when doing a dealer swap....on an MPV this can affect the dealers revenue by $400-600.
  • go_ducks1go_ducks1 Posts: 1
    We picked up an '04 MPV LX Plus. The MSRP was 23260. With the rear bumper step plate, roof rack, wheel locks, side airbags and traction control, power moonroof, power sliding doors, 4 season towing package, destination fee, the MSRP was 27395. There was a 5000 incentive, and we offered 22000.

    Our first offer was on a higher end van (leather and power seats), and I offered TMV from Edmunds. It was below invoice, so they said, "no." On the second offer, on Edmunds, invoice was 25254, TMV was 24894 with an adjusted price of 22,394, so 22,000 seems reasonable to me.

    Based on the information from this site, when offered the extended warranty and body shield, I wasn't gutsy enough to ask to see their cost on the items, but I asked if it was negotiable. When told "yes," I said, "well, you figure what you think is fair, tell me, and then I can say yes or no." The finance person took it to the manager, and they offered me both at their employee rate. All told, I got the 6/60000 warranty, full road side coverage including tires, and the body armour exterior and interior coatings, tax, license, and all fees, for 24804.

    This van is really nice. It drives like a car, but has the space of a van. It's quieter than the Chrysler Town and Country and drove as nicely as the Honda Odyssey. The Odyssey's cost and transmission recall took it out of the equation for us.

    Our choices were Sienna (eight week wait), Quest (too big for our garage), and the MPV. I'm sure we'll be very happy with this vehicle for a very long time.

    Service was outstanding. Dealership was clean, professional, low-key atmosphere. When I trade in my 12-year old Honda in a few years, I'll be back at this dealership to get into a 6 or similar.
  • catlady245catlady245 Posts: 19
    I am torn between the Razor Blue and the cosmic sand plus whether to buy leather or cloth.

    Does anybody have any opinions on a more visible color? I live in W PA where the sun only shines completely approx 50 days a year.

    Also how durable is the light beige cloth seats? I currently have a darker beige in my Subaru and after five years it has taken a beating.

    Thanks for any input. I've noticed the Mazda lots are slowly emptying of 2004 MPVs and the only colors left in greater numbers are Nordic Green, Black, White Pearl and silver.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,947
    Any recent buyers in Michigan feel free to reply:

    A newspaper reporter would like to talk with recent minivan buyers who live in Michigan. Please respond to or with your daytime phone number by Thursday, June 17, 2004. Thanks,

    Jeannine Fallon, PR Director

    Steve, Host
  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    Hello all...not much activity here in this forum. Lets try to liven things up shall we. I'm the proud owner of a new Mazda MPV LX with the Sport Package. Also, LX Plus Pkg, the Traction and Airbag Pkg and roof rack. Total sticker price was $26,000. With rebate and saying that my figures didn't match with dealers(as well as getting up to walk out 3 times) I was able to get a purchase price of $20,600. An out the door price of $22,100.It's the best looking van in my opinion(got the cosmic sand) at a great price.Rides and handles great.Dealer still has around 10 on lot...willing to deal if you know the numbers.
  • daron1daron1 Posts: 18
    We got our Titanium LX w/sports pkg.,side bags/traction, rack, LX-plus...just after Christmas(pre-rebate offers) for invoice(Really good dealer experience in Bel Air, MD). It's got almost 14,000 miles already & we really love it. Just back from the Adirondacks where we avg.'d 25mpg(no a/c). Handling was awesome! through the mts. near Lake Placid. Had trans. glitch fixed + psng. air bag recall. Otherwise, it's perfect. The titanium grey isn't spectacular(razor blue mpv's leave me w/some regret...also wish it had a pinstripe), but it doesn't show the dirt. Only minor complaint is that the armrests could use more can feel the skeleton inside & I worry about the durablility. Otherwise, we love it!
  • mainsail1mainsail1 Posts: 1
    Just reentered the site to report my trade deal in St. Pete FL last week. Razor Blue with luggage rack and wheel locks only with a sticker of 24,060.00 went down as follows: Traded in a 2000 LX with 51k miles with dual a/c and side airbags.

    22,000.00 selling price of 2004 (under invoice)
    10,500.00 trade allowance (over allowance)
    11,500.00 BALANCE

         6.50 battery and tire fees
       499.00 dealer prep (ouch!)
    12,006.00 SUBTOTAL

       770.36 Sales and city tax
        75.00 Tag transfer
         2.00 M.V.W.T.F.(fee)

    -3,500.00 CASH REBATE

     8,853.00 TOTAL OUT THE DOOR PRICE (salesman threw
    in floormats and installation of rear bumper step
    plate). There was the 750.00 manufacturer to dealer rebate that I apparently received most of in the discount and/or the trade allowance. I though that this was an excellent trade for 4+ years of ownership of my old MPV. The 2004 seems much improved as well, particularly the drive train.
  • jchangjchang Posts: 4
    Hi. I have a quote for MPV LX today. Option that I choose is Traction control, Power Sliding door, and Moon roof. I believe LX Plus package is also included. The out the door price is $22,538.16 thanks to $3500 rebate and extra $500 for college graduation program. Do you think it is a good deal? B.T.W., is there any tip for lower interest rate for finance? I am in Michigan. Thanks.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,947
    You can get a rate online (we partner with Capital One - link's on the left). Then you can ask the dealer to meet it or just go with the online financing.

    Steve, Host
  • Here are a couple we've been offered.
    a 2004 MPV tsunami blue mica
    side airbags/traction control
    LX plus package
    LX all-sport package
    MSRP $25,645
    drive out (includes tax aas well as $3,500 rebate and $500 owner loyalty rebate) $21,454.10

     2004 sunlight silver metallic
    side airbags/traction control
    cargo net
    power moon roof
    power sliding doors
    rear bumper step plate
    roof rack
    wheel locks
    4 sasons/towing package
    LX plus package
    MSRP $27,435
    drive-out $23,069

    I'd love the four seasons package (and maybe moon roof -- have never had one) but have zero need or desire for power doors. Are these prices good/reasonable?

    And is a moon roof a good thing or does it become a liability if I keep the car for 10 years or so?

    Thanks for your input.

  • rickc5rickc5 Posts: 378
    Before we bought our 2004 ES, I would have agreed with your assessment about power doors: Don't need them. Now that we have them, we really like them. THREE buttons for each door that open or close them. NICE! We wish the rear door was powered too! LOL!
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