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Honda Element Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Help me decide! Should I go with the 2003 EX (automatic, running boards, wind deflectors, 6100 miles, 18 mos left on factory warranty) at 5.25% financing or the 2004 EX (automatic, no add-on accessories)at 2.9% financing?

    Right now the dealer is asking $17,800 (+TTL) for the 2003 and $20,200 (+TTL) for the 2004.

    I know nothing about negotiating or money so I'm turning to you nice folks for advice.


    ps: I tend to keep my cars 10+ years, until they're unsafe to drive, so potential resale value is not a big concern here.
  • this is a no brainer really, i would go with the brand new car...
    if you don't get the AWD or EX model, you should be able to get a price similar to 2003 element...

    i would suggest you negotiate to get the invoice price.. you should be able to...

    Good luck
  • I have owned my 04 SMM 4WD EXS AUTO for 2 weeks now. I have never owned a car that was the cause of so much conversation and comments ( good and bad) I researched a long time and feel I got a great deal. $19995.00 includes rubber mat set and trunk tray plus tax , title and doc. When I went to pick it up it also had splash guards for free. They had to get it from another dealer.
    Excellent dealership customer service. Excellent follow up from the dealer and finance dept. Oh yeah 2.9 % too. What a deal. Test drove 3 times,
    fit the 2 kids and car seat in the back, took it on the highway. It is the PERFECT 2nd car. test drove at the local dealer who told me they could never do the above deal as they would loose $. Within 20 minutes of leavingthat dealer and going home to check email, I had a dealer that accepted the above offer.
  • Wow! You really did do well. In fact, it seems like everyone who's posted here has gotten great deals.

    Well, I finally bought my Element last night. Gave up trying to find the right demo or slightly-used, took advantage of that 2.9% financing and bought a 2004 Automatic AWD EX. By playing one local dealer against another, I got the price down to 19,549 (essentially Invoice, with a waived Destination fee)+TTL. Not great but fair.

    Funny, all along I thought I had to have the Galapagos Green but when I looked at them lined up and compared interiors, I suddenly preferred and bought Shoreline Mist.

    Thanks to everyone who's posted here. Between this forum and the Edmunds advice articles, I was much better prepared for the car buying experience.
  • pschadpschad Posts: 1
    I just bought a new 2004 EX 4WD for $800 below dealer invoice. I called three other dealers in my area and they all said they couldn't touch it, go for it, so I did!! I'm very happy!!
  • makilamakila Posts: 2
    2004 Black EX AWD Automatic for $20,000 plus $218 for title, license, registration, etc. in Portland, Oregon.

    First, my husband and I went to Ron Tonkin Honda on 122nd because they gave us a Costo Price quote of $20,207 for an EXS (but they added on a ton of accessories that weren't included in that quote). To make a long story short, the sales manager then offered the EX for $20,000 w/ free splash guards, we shook hands and went to get the car but the general manager nixed the deal and we left without the car. So that was 5 hours we'll never get back.

    I wound up going to Thomason Honda on McLoughlin where I had bought my Civic 5 years ago. I told them what happened at Ron Tonkin and told them I would buy it from them for the same price with no splash guards. The sales manager briefly tested how stubborn I was and eventually sold it to me for that price. I only spent 1.5 hours there and then drove my new Element home!
  • mark5mark5 Posts: 2
    thinking about the purchase of a 2004 ex with auro and airbags...wanted to add the sport paackage and a bug shield..was just wondering....
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    You should try our chell specker! :-)

    tidester, host
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Im thinking (yes only thinking) about trading in my 2001 Silverado for a new/used element. I like the better mpgs of the element, the lower price, and the fact i have had bad luck with the Silverado. The truck has had problems with the heated mirrors and the engine coil packs. Not to mention the fact that its currently in the body shop for hurricane damage. I am just wondering what would be a good price for a Ex awd with a 5-speed in south Florida.
  • We've gotten about 6 prices for 2004 EX auto with air side bags but lowest is 19,380 before taxes though with 1.9 financing. Does anyone know if that's about the best we're likely to do? We're surprised that with the 2005's about out no dealers are bargaining. This would be our first one so we don't get what dealers are up to with this. Is no drop in price at end of model year the norm for Elements? Should we wait and get a 2005? Or wait for 2004 bargaining till 2005's are actually on the lots? Thanks for any info or advice.
  • I am going to be purchasing a 2004 Element EX AWD, not sure of options yet. what amount should I be looking to pay. The sticker price is 21,000 and there is one on special fro 19,999. I am looking to try to get it down to the 17500 to 18000 range and pay a total of 18000 out the door price, is this too ambitious? What should I be expecting? area is West Chester, PA
  • Looks like lots of Elements are on the lots. The 05s have not yet been rolled out. I read a story in the paper that said Element sales were much slower than expected. I'm thinking the prices should be mighty low by now. Please let us know about any recent buying experiences. Thanks, kathy
  • They are always slow. I didn't get a great deal last year on a 2003 the last week of december without calling around and making it myself. The 2004 prices won't drop until mid next year.
  • nowakj66nowakj66 Posts: 709
    When are these supposed to hit the dealers?
  • gfxguygfxguy Posts: 18
    I just bought an 04 2WD EX Automatic for $18,800. It included the rip-off "clear coat", but also included roof rack crossbars and mud guards. I could probably have argued for a better price, but thought it was a good deal. CarsDirect price in my area for that car is $18,716, but that didn't include mud guards or the crossbars. Price includes destination, and is just a few dollars over Edmunds TMV ($18,731), which doesn't include the accessories.
  • We bought our new 2004 Honda Element at Buerkley Honda in White Bear Lake Minnesota last week and I love it! We got the 2004 Element 5DR 4WD EXS, Fiji Blue Pearl with the front and side airbags. I just love this truck, sure beats the 2002 Dodge Caravan we got rid of! We paid $21,840.00 for ours but we got the 1.9% for 60 months! Can't beat that! The only down fall we have with it is that the AM stations do not come in very well, I called the dealer this morning and I guess the Element is not the only one that has this problem, the pilot has it too. I guess that is ok because it spares me from having to listen to the football games on long car rides with the Husband! Ha! Ha! anyone else around minnesota?
  • Finally Honda release 2005 Element on their website, I'm still in the market between CR-V and Element, if I end up with the element I'm thinking to get the 2005 2WD EX Auto Magnesium Metallic. If anyone have bought any 2005 Element, please be kind to share your buying experience. What model, color, transmission, price and last but not least, why the element? Does anyone know why the discussion Element vs CR-V is for read only?
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    I USED to live in minnesota till last january (girlfriend lived in Florida, not a bad change) but i was thinking if i can get a better deal on an element in MN i would drive it back down here to save some money. And even living in Fl i would STILL get AWD.
  • Boy do I need help, how do I negotiate a price for 2005 Ex, I would like fog lights and the steps, Rallye Red, they will be coming in soon at my nearby dealership and I have no clue where to start to buy! I have a very old car for trade in...I would appreciate all the help I can get
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