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Chevrolet HHR



  • I was just saying that buying any car during it's intro when it is selling at or above MSRP hurts at trade-in time because the prices will inevitably go down. This is true of any car- HHR, new Honda Civic whatever. From checking out the few HHR's on, it looks like their resale value is staying pretty high.

    For the record, I think the HHR is much better looking than that the PT Cruiser. My comments on the PT are simply for the benefit of the guy shopping for one if the HHR proves to be more than he wants to spend.

    I still haven't gotten to test drive an HHR yet, maybe I'll go tomorrow night and give it a run.
  • people, these are all great opinions........
    that's what i really enjoy about these forums- we can all say what think and just pass on (hopefully) helpful information to one another. knowledge is power.......and that is how we help each other get decent deals on cars. i can clearly see that not all ideas here are agreed upon- but that's ok!
    we're human and each differs and thats why there are so many different vehicles in the market. hopefully there is a good one out there for each of us to smile about. since all the literature i have seen shows the "HHR" for $16,990 with auto, i think it is fair to say that i will buy if they will offer it to me for $17,000. we will see, sales guy is going to email back tomorrow- he just sent me an email saying that he is working on it.......i'll let ya know ;)
  • beliverbeliver Posts: 155
    GM is playing the same "chintzy" game with their GM card members. NO rebates on the HHR (not yet anyway) Same deal with Saturn. Saturn did have card rebates one time a couple of years ago @ Saturn when their sales were in the dumper. Did not even advertise it,had to find out from a dealer ad in the local paper. I would buy a HHR tomorrow IF they would pony up at least $1000 ! Heck, they have rebates on the Vette. Why not the Saturn line & the new HHR?

    Believer, but starting to doubt
  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    Not sure what happened in the past with Saturn but they "are a different kind" of car company. Are they still no haggle?
  • SO now that there is a 1K rebate will the doubting believer come back to his true ways :P

    If you do buy it, we can't wait to read your review and others reactions!
  • beliverbeliver Posts: 155
    infinia1: Just checked the GM card web and they do not list any rebates on the HHR. What gives here ? I will buy if they come across. I have special order all set to go (color, equipment etc.) My wife's VIBE wil be the "sacrificial lamb" trade-in.

  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 18,760
    "2006 Chevrolet Colorado $1,000
    2006 Chevrolet Corvette $1,000
    2006 Chevrolet Equinox $1,000
    2006 Chevrolet Express $2,000
    2006 Chevrolet HHR $1,000
    2006 Chevrolet Impala $2,000"

    from the link provided a couple of messages back. The HHR does let you use $1000 of accrued credit toward purchase of one.
  • infinia1infinia1 Posts: 174
    maybe beliver didn't scroll down to the 2006 vehicles. from what i can see, EVERY GM vehicle (except all saturn, all saab, and H1) has at least $1000-even the solstice!
  • well, tonight when i got home the email was there. not from sales rep but from his manager. sales rep was pushing $17,400 on me and i was asking for $17,000. i figured that way at just under $2,000 in tax and fees i would be out the door for a safe $19,000. the manager said he had the deal of century for me........"just $19,800 out the door". i told him that what people are reporting on the internet forums clearly is true- they keep trying to gouge us!
    i said ,"thanks- but no thanks....scion xb here i come!"
    it will suit my needs just fine for $17000 "out the door"
    i can buy a lot of gas for $2,000! ;)
  • WAIT!

    Try another dealership, or meybe walk into it and talk to them in person. The HHR is better than the scion. The Xb and Xa both look cheap. This car looks at least 5K more expensive than it is. Only the Tc loooks nice in the scion line.

    The HHR is so worth it, just try one more time, walk into the dealership and demand your $17,000!
  • beliverbeliver Posts: 155
    After driving the 2006 Suzuki Grand Vitara and a Kia Sportage I am not so stricken with the HHR. For about the same money, or less, many features including a V-6 and air bags up the wazoo, stability control and no contest warranty does not leave much to love in the HHR unless the "retro styling" is a must have feature. Little wife also was impressed by the low interior noise (perceived or actual ?) on both compared to higher wind / road noise on the HHR. Gotta take a step back and think about the whole deal.

  • I don't think HHR is a competitior to those, especially the grand vitarra, isn't that in the Chevy Equinox league?
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    " After driving the 2006 Suzuki Grand Vitara and a Kia Sportage I am not so stricken with the HHR. For about the same money, or less, many features including a V-6 and air bags up the wazoo, stability control and no contest warranty does not leave much to love in the HHR unless the "retro styling" is a must have feature. Little wife also was impressed by the low interior noise (perceived or actual ?) on both compared to higher wind / road noise on the HHR. Gotta take a step back and think about the whole deal. "
    ~~~~~~~~~~~end quote~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Be sure to see the whole picture. See how many other dealers are in the local area. And the resale value... ke/Suzuki/model/Grand%20Vitara
    BTW, air bags up the wazoo sounds painful :D As for stability control, be sure to consider why this is needed, as in higher profile car which was prone to roll -- is that the reason here? If there are two of you making the decision, and are not so sure about a car, maybe a rental of that car on the weekend would help?

    Have fun, Loren
  • royproyp Posts: 1
    The HHR is a GREAT vehicle.We've had our HHR over a month and have gone to Colorado in it.The gas consumption was really good.(31.8MPG Hwy)Also checked it around town several times and it varies from 24.5 to 27MPG.The interior it a little narrow compared to what we are used to but leg room and head room is really comfortable.However my one and only complaint is that we still don't have the floor mats that are standard equipment.The dealer is not at fault on this and every time the dealer calls Chevy about these floor mats they are told that they are on order.Boy! if these floor mats take longer to make than the HHR they must really be something! All HHRs delivered to this dealer were delivered without floormats.This is the fault of Cheverolet.Our dealership is El Dorado Cheverolet of McKinney,Tx.and they have been super. I've bought 2 other vehicles from them in the past and all of my cars including those I didn't buy from them have been serviced and/or repaired by them.I've always been satisfied. Roy
  • bsidbsid Posts: 3
    I'm awaiting delivery of a fully loaded black HHR 2LT. I'm thrilled with the car with one exception - it has a spoiler instead of chrome roof rails. I'm wondering if the spoiler is removeable. I still have veto power on the deal but it'll be a challenge to find a replacement car, or I'll have to order. Don't wanna wait.

  • bsidbsid Posts: 3
    How ironic. I'm buying my HHR from El Dorado! I posted right after you about the spoiler.

    Glad to hear you are happy.

  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    I take it the mileage you are posting is from the on-board computer, right? In my experience on board computers don't "average" very well. It's hard to believe that your in town mileage is 24.5-27 unless you are driving 40 for a stretch (no stoplights or stop signs etc.) and check the computer. For my PT Cruiser, I got as little as 22 mpg with combined city and highway mileage and the most was 24-25 on long interstate trips. With my current CR-V on the same combined city and highway route, we get 24-25 and on long interstate that moves up to 27-28; I drive with a light foot.

    My mileage calculation routine is like this:

    Fill up until automatic shutoff by the pump, then ram the nozzle down into the filler tube as far as it will go, with the springs on the pump handle compressed, and do one "top off." It's important not to retract the nozzle from the filler tube or you will over-fill and either spill gas or set off the dreaded CEL (check engine light).

    I then drive until the low fuel warning light comes on, then go back to the same pump and compare mileage against gallons, using a calculator because it's those pesky decimals that can inflate or deflate mileage.

    When I am on long trips, I look for very flat spots (a slight lean of your vehicle can throw off measurement a lot) to refill (some stations have one or two flat spots next to their pumps and a couple with slight grades). I use the same "fill to auto shut off, then one top off with the filler pipe held in tightly" technique to get the most uniform fill possible. Since I am not using the same pump as I do during my urban commute, I average tanks (usually on a road trip there are three or four refills).

    In short - the on board computer is not a reliable "overall mileage" computer. It has to choose a window of time to average. On some old "instantaneous" mileage computers I would see mileage in the mid to high 30's on cars that really averaged about 18 mpg.

    If you look at an early post in this forum, one heavy city driver was appalled at getting "only" 17-18 mpg. Other people reporting mileage are closer to what you report, but I think what is going on is reliance on the on-board computer.

    How bad can city mileage be? Well, when I test drove a Cobalt this spring, it was reporting 14 mpg on the test drive, based on a 5 mile loop on city streets that included one on-ramp to next off-ramp freeway spring. This on a car that Consumer Reports said "Overall fuel economy of 23 mpg is unimpressive" - but which, on their more expanded report, turned in 15 mpg city, 35 highway, and 29 mpg on a 150 mile trip. So your mileage is heavily linked to the amount of city driving you do - even a steady state 35 mpg on the highway degrades to 29 mpg on a 150 trip which includes getting to, and back from, the freeway - even a little street driving pushes the average way down.
  • i saw an 05 pt cruiser midlevel trim for about $9000-10000. and i also checked out the HHR LS and it was about $19000. i like HHR better but the price difference is too much. i wish chevy had reduced the price on HHR. they have to reduce the price to compete with pt cruiser better.
  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    Come on, the tired old PT starts at over $14,500 with a real bare bones vehicle while the brand new HHR starts at under $16000 with more standard equipment. PT is getting harder and harder to give away.
  • Our HHR has the roof rails and the spoiler, maybe you can have the rails added.

    There's a link to a picture.I would have just posted the pic, but it is formatted too large.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 18,760
    Is that a Greater Cincinnati area mall/shopping center? I keep trying to place the overpass and _all_ the restaurants and store signs in the background.
  • i saw an 05 pt cruiser midlevel trim for about $9000-10000.

    I knew it was just a matter of time. First, it was air conditioning. Apparently now you don't even get seats and a heater. If Chrysler keeps decontenting the PT at this rate, pretty soon all you'll get is a bag of bolts, a roll of sheet metal and an assembly guide.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 18,760
    LOLWROF! Good one.
  • 61116111 Posts: 13
    I will agree the on board computer is off slightly but mine is actually .5 MPG low.
    I have filled my HHR 3 times so far I get 26.3 MPG "yes thats using Miles/Gals" now thats in Omaha NE all city driving. Anyway thats 15MPG more than my expedition, so I am very happy with the HHR.
    My wifes Town&Country gets right at 20 MPG and its a fat pig with a large V6 I dont know why its hard to believe a smaller HHR gets from 24-27.
    I understand that if I drove in down town phoenix or chicago my MPG would be lower thats simple math.

    I forgot, 2.4 Automatic.
  • 2006 HHR 2LT 2.4 engine Automatic, just over 3000 mi. Am getting 28MPG US around town driving Regular 87 octane gasoline. Hasn't been below 26.5 yet in any fillup situation, onboard computer is accurate if you reset it each fillup. I have been using actual gas in mileage out method, but onboard is accurate with reset at fillup.
    PT comparison is futile as the HHR is better equipped at any level of comparison. :)
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    Thanks to 6111 and parky129 for the confirmation of mileage. Folks, that's pretty darn good mileage - I could live with that. If you are patient and read the posts on the PT Cruiser forum, you will discover that people are finally 'fessing up to the much lower than expected mileage on the PT Cruiser.

    I thought it was just an issue of stick vs. automatic, light car vs. heavier, less aerodynamic vehicle - but our 2005 CR-V gives us much better mileage than we got from the PT Cruiser. And its a heavier, bulkier vehicle than a PT Cruiser.

    I was already leaning more towards an HHR than a PT as a future vehicle replacement, and your comments help me.

    If there are any stick shift owners out there who have a few miles to report, let us know!
  • In regards to your spoiler, check with your dealer. I believe the spoiler is shipped seperately from the car, and the dealer has to drill the holes and mount it. Thay should be able to stop the tech from doing so. If they can, get a credit for the spoiler, or the spoiler itself. Might be a good e-bay item. Personally, I prefer the spoiler with no roof racks. I have one ordered this way. Good luck.
  • Actually it is, kinda... It's Champion Windows Field in Florence, where the Freedom play baseball.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Come on, the tired old PT starts at over $14,500 with a real bare bones vehicle while the brand new HHR starts at under $16000 with more standard equipment. PT is getting harder and harder to give away.

    Hummm, no, not really. Try out the door price, with air conditioning. The PT has far more punch to the styling. True, if you want a more conservative style, go for the HHR. It is a good car. PTs seem to still be selling. Personally, the 2005 looks better than the 2006, and some are still available. Shop them both and see how the price compares. You may find the original is not all that bad a deal. As for gas mileage, expect anywhere from low 20's in town, to around 24-26 on the freeway, with only an occasional 29+MPG on longer runs. And that is with a stick. With an automatic, knock off a couple MPG. So IF these amazing MPG figures posted here for HHRs is common, that is a very big plus for the HHR over the PT. Especially for those driving many miles a year. My tires are not up to the 35# pressure, so once I add more air tomorrow, I will do another mileage run to see if MPG improves. I think what I have gotten so far gives with other PTs with a stick. As for the HHR being brand new, well we all know the history.

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