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2005 Jaguar X-Type Sport Wagon



  • wshflwshfl Posts: 24
    You really have to wonder what, if anything, goes through Jaguar Management's mind. The X es are basically great little cars, if only Jaguar would address the weaknesses. Ex: The transfer case is too weak to accept a supercharged engine; yet, everywhere, small cars are coming out with them. Wouldn't you think that Jaguar, after 5 or more years could have addressed this issue?? Obviously, management doesn't care, and never has. That's why Jaguar goes from pillar to post, and is likely on its last legs. The new model has made scarcely a ripple, and is seldom seen. Jaguar has become irrelevant to the marketplace. Both the S and the X should have been stars in the marketplace, but quality issues that would make Trabant blush were allowed to go unchecked. Most of the quality issues are just plain stupid. Even Kia does better.
  • wshflwshfl Posts: 24
    Since no one is using this forum, allow me to "sound off". Given the history of Jaguar as a manufacturer of "sporting" sedans since the 1950's, at a time when there was little or no competition, to the point to-day, when the market is saturated with high performance sedans and coupes, most of which are superior in one way or another to the small range that Jaguar produces, one must wonder what is the point of Jaguar's continued manufacture? The company's ownership has gone from pillar to post, with little to cheer about. ( how many of the new Jags. have you seen?). I think that it's time to say goodbye to Jaguar and celebrate its storied past. Had the "S" and the "X Type" not been poorly built junk in their first 2-3 years, the story might have been different; but, they weren't, and the results are what you see. To-day's market has no tolerence for crap. If it did, GM, Chrysler and Ford wouldn't be in the mess they're in, much less Jag.
    There. I've said it. Any comments? (Don't shoot the messenger.).
  • oldcemoldcem Posts: 309
    Have to disagree with you my friend. I've owned 2 X Types, an 03 and an 06. Both were excellent cars. There's only one dealer in my state, and, he seems to be selling XFs as fast as they come in. Given Jaguar's non-existant marketing efforts, and, the fact that the engine was never increased in HP in the X to keep up with the flagship models of the competiton, it still remains their highest sales volume model for its production run. You say that the marketplace now has no tolerance for crap, yet, the consumers still buy Audis, BMWs, and Mercedes that certainly aren't any more reliable than the Jags are. I hope that the new owner does a good job with them, because I like their approach to building a "Grand Touring" car. I just traded my X Type for my third Jag, a certified 06 S-Type 4.2 VDP. This 'Luxo-barge" has all the amenities, runs and handles like a muscle car, and is built like a brick outhouse. I've driven most of the competition, and, I still like the Jags better.

  • I have a 2005 Sportwagon and absolutely love it. I've had it for two years, love the look and interior as well as the handling. Good acceleration on the highway and lots of interior cargo space. Only negatives--electrical disconnects sometimes when starting--i.e. the radio--but works again when car is restarted. Backseat small for large men. Other than that, a great car.
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