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Nissan Titan vs. Ford F150



  • Drive the Nissan Titan and you'll be glad you did. We just purchased our Titan two months ago, it's the best move ever. You'll be impressed with torque, horsepower and how quiet the ride is. There is no wind noise at all. It'a comfortable and secure truck. Nissan has definitely thought of everything when manufacturing this truck. My only qualm is the gear shift tends to block the rado volume when in drive. Hopefully they'll change that on future models, however it's tolerable. The heater kicks butt, hotter and faster than a Ford, which is unusual. We've owned an F-150 in the past, and I can honestly say we'll never go back. It's that comfortable, that powerful, and just that awesome.
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    "Two people who were posing as Titan owners (you have to be very careful about this) were listing problems and making up stories."

    So is this to say, that every person on that board that discusses something negative about their Titan, is perceived not to be real and making something up just because it's negative, and only to believe the one's that say something positive because it's convinient and acceptable?
  • "So is this to say, that every person on that board that discusses something negative about their Titan, is perceived not to be real and making something up just because it's negative, and only to believe the one's that say something positive because it's convinient and acceptable?"

    Stop reading into the posts. Actually to the two people on Titantalk who posted false information were a friend of one of the members playing a joke on their buddy.
    Nobody ever said the Titan hasn't had any problems. Name one vehicle that doesn't have ANY can't.
    If you have any questions about the problems people are having with their trucks, look at the NHTSA website and look at the difference yourself.
    I'm not going to put down any truck. I test drove the Big 3 and was set to buy a '04 F-150, then test drove a Titan just to "make sure." I bought the Titan.
    Test drive all of the trucks before you buy and make the decision off of what you need in the vehicle and like the best. You can't go wrong.
  • mariner7mariner7 Posts: 509
    "He estimates that 100,000 Titans a year will cut Ford's annual profits by almost $1 billion."

    Only 100K Titans are doing a lot of havoc to F150's and other trucks. Difference is: Ford's financial health is so dependent on F150.
  • keaneckeanec Posts: 349
    "So is this to say, that every person on that board that discusses something negative about their Titan, is perceived not to be real"

    Nope. I only said to be careful. Lot of people took what those two pranksters were saying as real and posted their crap on other boards - including this one and people (not mentioning names) on this board and others have taken to using this misinfo as gospel.

    As I said before, I am sure there are going to be issues with the Titan (like there are sure to be issues with the new F-150) but if you listen to true owners of the Titan - they love them!

    Yes, there are going to be ones who don't too.
  • I know that your dealership sells Fords, I wanted to ask you about your experience's with selling to people eligible for X plan pricing. I like both of these trucks for different reasons, the Titan for its powertrain and features, and the Ford for its quietness and refinement, so whichever one I can get the cheapest is prob. gonna be the one I buy. I've never bought anything with X plan and was wondering how much difference it made in negotiations.


  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185 negotiations. there ARE NO negotiations. the price is set by ford, and if a dealer changes it, they lose their a/x/z plan priveleges.

    you automatically qualify for all applicable incentive programs on top of that.

    its a common misconception that you get less for a trade. what you actually get is your trade's ACTUAL value, instead of some fake number.

    normally, x plan will be about 1-2% below invoice.

    however, if you are looking for a crew cab, a titan and f150 will have very similar transaction prices.


    titan XE CC 2WD-MSRP $26760
    f150 xlt CC 2WD-MSRP $31605

    these are equipped the same.

    x-plan on a model like this in the ford will be ~$27k.

    the only difference in the 2 is if you finance for 36 months, you can get 1.9% on the ford.
  • oldharryoldharry Posts: 413
    Individuals buy more Chevy trucks than anything else, while Ford has the definite edge for fleets. That may be because it seems easier to get a "plain jane" Ford while the Chevy dealers push top of the line models. The Dodge people are fewer, but love their trucks.

    I work on them all, and they are all good trucks. The Japanese labels seem to have more problems with structural rust after a decade than the US labels, however. I don't have a website to post the pictures as links, but I have some of a 1991 Nissan 4 X 4 , that broke in half from rust when I tried to raise it on a hoist to find a bad tie rod last Wednesday. Scary thing!

    Chevy/GMC, Ford, and Dodge trucks about twice that age are still running as daily drivers around here. ( 1979 is the most common old Ford truck I see, and 1977 for Chevrolet.)

    If someone wants to post a couple give me an e-mail address, and I send them to you.

  • jrc346jrc346 Posts: 337
    Do you know much about 79 F-150's with the 302? I have a spark knock issue that has plagued mine for the last 30,000 miles. If you have any ideas, I will describe the problem in more detail.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Those old 79 302s ALWAYS had a spark knock problem. Retard the timing, or buy higher octane. That's the only fix I know.
  • jrc346jrc346 Posts: 337
    I think I will post my problem in the F-150 problems discussion, just so I am not off topic.
  • I always considered myself mostly a Ford guy but not rigidly so. The wife drives a Ford Escape (what a great little SUV!) My daughter drives a Mercury Mystique and I had been driving a Chevy Silverado Z71 4X4 the last few years mostly because the F150 extended cab was TOO SMALL.
    The Chev has been OK, but is bland, uninspiring and frankly, the constant gear hunting when towing drives me nuts.
    The new F150 to my eye looks like a holdover F250 design and while that's.....nice, it has no soul, no attitude (the Dodge is just too much of a semi caricature).
    That brings me to the Titan. I ordinarily wouldn't consider an import name, but I was intrigued and after some digging, found that it was designed and built in the US, in fact, with about 60% US content and almost 80% North American content (my Chev was built in Canada and so does Ford). Also Ford owns around 15% of Nissan, so I guess if it's good enough for them it's OK with me. I saw the Titan in the show room and I have to say it stirred this 50 year old soul - what a perfect mix of attitude and clean good looks. And then I drove it. Forget the F150 (too slow!), what a joy that Titan drivetrain is! That plus Trailer Boat Magazine's Tow Vehicle of the Year Award seals the deal.
    So Monday afternoon, there will be a new Smoke Titan SE Kingcab 4X4 w' the Popular Captain Chairs, Big Tow and Utility Bed packages in the driveway. And you may hear me singing "Smoking the Hemi's" (to the tune of "Smoke on the Water" sorry Deep Purple) driving down the road someday.
  • I'm a member of Titan Talk and yes the guys were bogus.. I have had some minor problems with my Titan. Radio reception and a middle seat belt in rear of truck. Nissan has been quick to respond to my problems and I am still excited every time I drive the Titan even after 2 months. This is one impressive ride!
  • Congrats, Larry you won't be dissapointed!!

    Just take your time and don't get any tickets!
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    congrats on the titan!

    however, i have to correct one point:

    ford owns exactly $0, 0%, none of nissan. renault owns 30%. thats the only seperate interest. you might be thinking of mazda, which ford has controlling interest of.
  • I saw the 15% Ford ownership of Nissan in another forum and with the onetime Mercury Villager/Nissan Quest being the same bus it did have a ring of validity. However, I did my homework and found no Ford ownership, but did find a ton of joint ventures to the point where it doesn't really matter. All major auto makers are now truly world corporations. Certainly the 20,000 U.S. Nissan employees and the additional 75,000 U.S. jobs directly attributable to Nissan would agree.

    One more day :)
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    was a 10 year contract, ending with MY 2002. probably the worst vehicle to be called a van. EXTREMELY tiny in size.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I owned a Villager, just turned it in at 52,000 miles, and other than being really under-braked, (I think it had Sentra brakes on it), it performed flawlessly for 3 hard years. Small it was, and not terribly innovative, but it was a Nissan design - what do you expect? Ford built it to Nissan specs, and it was a good van. Not profitable, I understand, but it worked.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    just that it wasnt big enough, IMO, to be called a van. ;-)
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    this topic died...i guess the titan wins by default, huh?
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