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Nissan Titan vs. Dodge Ram Hemi



  • You said: "But I choose quality before brand name. If you look at today's products the Asians and Europeans just make better products."

    --Don't you mean you choose brand name over quality. This is the first year that Nissan has made a full size truck. So, what quality have they proven. Your choosing the Titan based on the Nissan name for building quality CARS, this is a truck (FULL SIZE). I think that you need to give it at least a year before you start testifying on their quality.
  • If you look at today's products the Asians and Europeans just make better products."

    I will have to find where the guy quoted this but according to JD Power 1,2,3 for least problemed vehicle are
  • What quality you say? Nissan has nothing but quality with both there Infiniti class and the Maxima,Frontier and Altima.. That's all the quality I need. Besides two of my co-workers both have Dodges. One has the 1500 with Hemi the other has the 2500HD with Hemi. Both of these guys have had problems already.. I have had zero problems with my Nissan. I see JD Power rated the Lexus (Toyota) AND Infiniti (Nissan) as least problemed.
  • I turned my 2000 Dodge Dakota back in early (lease) because of all the problems.. Ball joints, check engine lights, transmission slipping and sensors galore. Before the Dodge I had a Nissan Frontier although it had little power it was great off road with no problems whatsoever. The constant problems with Dodge was the biggest turning point that brought me back to Nissan. I will probably stick with Toyota,Nissan or BMW for the wife's next vehicle.. She's currently driving a Mitsubishi Eclipse been running strong.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    actually, nissan has a large american-based beurocracy as well. its called nissan north america, and is based in california. honda does as well. its called american honda. and is also based in california. these companies are no smaller in power than ford, dodge, or chevrolet. no different than dodge, since the dodge money goes to auburn hills first, before going to germany. nissan's money goes to california before going to japan.
  • Well, all of those cars (and 1 medium size truck) have been and will probably always be good quality vehicles. Those cars' quality has been backed by years of design and redesign by Nissan. You can't say that of the Titan. So you are basing it's quality on the Nissan brand name. And, how long did you have your Dakota before it started giving you major problems? And, as far as sensors are concern, check the Nissan thread on this forum. They are already listing problems with sensors. But, I am glad that you bought the Titan and hope that more do so. One of the reasons that Dodges are so expensive is that more and more people are buying them. Maybe, if the Titan can give it some real competition in the market, then I can get that HD 4X4 I've been wanting.
  • corkfishcorkfish Posts: 537
    93 Sentra won't beat a Hemi? Mine will and it's stock. The 1993 Sentra SE-R did 0 to 60 in 7.4 seconds.
  • I have been Journeyman diesel mechanic for a freightliner dealership for twenty five years.All industries of these types have been rapidly changing.No matter what you drive all parts are coming from around the globe to assemble your vehicle.Yes Daimler Benz now owns Freightliner! But I guess that I should get to the point I was going to make.Did any of you realize that the Hemi motor is made in mexico and then shipped to the U S for final assembly.Also as far as having anti lock brakes I guess one plus is getting a reduced insurance rate for having them.
  • I'm not sure where your looking for a Dodge but out here "Pocono's" the rebates and dealer incentives are huge.. You can get a fully loaded 2004 2500HD 4x4 Hemi well under $30,000. In fact I have a friend who bought one and he paid $26500 after all the kick backs.. From seeing advertisements everyday there practically giving away Dodges. I had my Dakota about 6months when I noticed loose front end. Dodge just has alot of quality issues from trannys to rear ends. Sensors don't bother me so much because they all fail that's electronics these days to much to soon.. Nissan put alot of effort and time in the Titan taking several years to bring to life..I'm not worried about the quality when it comes to mechanical just the rust problems.. I hope they have problem licked. The new HEMI should be a real improvement for Dodge when they release the engine. The HEMI now just don't live up to the name when it only puts out 250HP/280ft-lb torque at rear wheels.
  • dankirkdankirk Posts: 19
    Wards Auto World has a different opinion than the one given above. Wards places the Hemi on their 10 best list for the second year in a row. Read where Wards rates the Hemi above Nissan's Titan engine and Ford's new 5.6L here:

    Here's a little quote for those that believe that the Nissan motor is superior, "And although both the Triton and Endurance V-8s are unlikely to leave the owners of their respective pickup trucks feeling shortchanged, the simple fact is neither could surpass the Hemi — either in raw numbers or on-the-road punch."

    Maybe readers of this forum who are trying to decide which truck to buy should consider the source of the opinions they read here. I hope they listen to professional reviewers and automotive experts rather than those on this forum who are trying to justify their own purchases or who have some sort of misplaced brand bias.

    The Titan may be a nice truck, but the Hemi motor is more powerful. Facts are facts.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    everyone knows...well, maybe except you...that horsepower isnt the key to trucks. torque is. and the titan engine has the most torque out of all the 1/2 ton pickups...even more than some diesels, for crying out loud.

    heck...even the ford has more torque than the hemi.
  • dankirkdankirk Posts: 19
    Everyone knows...well, maybe except to read a spec sheet. According to Ford's own website the 5.9L puts out "365 @ 3750" lb-ft of torque. The Hemi is rated at 375 lb-ft. Your Titan motor is rated at 379 lb-ft, a whopping 4 lb-ft more than the Hemi. This minimal difference in torque would be impossible to feel, but a difference of 40 hp would be very noticeable.

    heck...the Hemi has more torque than the Ford.

    Why would anyone listen to your opinion when you can not get basic facts and figures straight?
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    ok i was off on bad...but its a 5.4L. facts?????

    as it is, the titan has more torque than the lower RPMs. also, the ford achieves its max torque at much lower RPMs than the hemi, which is why it STILL has a higher towing/payload rating than the dodge.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,931
    >>>93 Sentra won't beat a Hemi? Mine will and it's stock. The 1993 Sentra SE-R did 0 to 60 in 7.4 seconds.<<<

    The previous post lacked the specificity of engine or model, of course. In the ambiguous way it was presented it would have little four-door Sentra SEs with the GA16 (1.6) engine turning asphalt back into raw petroleum while the Hemi RAM came in second in a "fair" race.

    The blatant foolishness of the original comment aside, folks should understand that the '93 Sentra SE-R was a 2-door subcompact with a specially prepared 2.0 liter engine, the SR20DE, delivering 140 horsepower at 6400 rpm to a 2324 pound car. It is obviously one of 1993s pocket-rockets.

    Despite the fact that the Hemi sports a little more horsepower per pound, the comparison between a car of any type to a truck is ridiculous at best. A truck suffers from a considerable more dynamic and parasitic power losses working through much larger and heavier driveline components. The fact is, the '93 Sentra SE-R is most likely faster than ANY truck built in 1993, or most built now.

    The comparison is the equivalent to saying that a Dodge RAM can carry more weight than a Sentra SE-R and the point would be just as ludicrous. The Hemi must be pretty intimidating to Dodge detractors based on some of silly and inaccurate comments made in here.

    With regards to trucks, torque is more of a factor as someone else pointed out. But, just comparing raw horsepower or torque numbers is overly simplistic and not the end of the story. It is usable power at speed and for that the true test is knowing the horsepower and torque curves. If your four-valve motor makes 55% of it's power above 3100 rpm, what in the heck good is it in a truck?

  • dankirkdankirk Posts: 19
    I'm not here to debate the merits of the Hemi. People should test drive the trucks and make there own decisions, that's what I did. I just don't like it when people bad mouth the Hemi when it is rated higher and better reviewed by automotive experts. Despite some of the opinions given on this board, the Hemi is a great motor. Here is another quote from Wards, "But beyond the numbers, 10 Best testers believed the Hemi didn't just beat its new V-8 rivals (the Nissan and Ford). It again deserves to be called one of the best of all engines because of its real-world performance and just-right NVH and driveability."

    Again, drive the trucks and make up your own mind. There's much more to a truck than the motor.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,931
    I think you'll find that in here positive reviews only apply to Nissans.

    Best regards,
  • kg11kg11 Posts: 530
    Until the Titan has a performance history its all just speculation.

    As Dankirk pointed out, "There's much more to a truck...

    I have a co-worker that claims that his Tundra is almost a one ton truck because it has a gross payload of over 1800lb. You can't explain to him that it has too much rear overhang to hual large loads or tow heavy trailers safely.

    On one of the other threads I asked if the Tundra still has an 8 inch rear diff. Someone responded that the 8" rear end is awsome in the (1000lb lighter) Tacoma, appearantly not understanding the difference in demands between compact trucks and "almost a one ton"

    I hope the Titan is sucessful because the competition will be good for us consumers and give us another choice
  • The dyno results speak for themselves. The Titan out performs the HEMI. The Titan at the rear wheels 260hp/300ft-lb torque. The Titan in every magazine I have read out pulled,powered and 0-60 faster then the HEMI. I know it's hard to take but hey HEMI heads on a 360 go figure...It's a joke!!
  • Don't forget WARDS just rates by numbers no real world performance to back that up.. Nissan Titan has not even been on the road long enough for WARDS to claim anything.. Wait a year then give out the 10 best but that's WARD's for ya. Read all those awards awarded to the TITAN and you will soon see who's engine has the power. There are at least 5-6 awards that I know of. HEMI is a marketing tool for Dodge as a desperate act for less superior truck then Ford or Chevy in which Dodge is competing against..Dodge is just plain junk to many problems with to many vehicles.

    The Titan is not for everybody. It's for people who like to try new things new ideas new concepts new technology. This is one heck of a truck for Nissan's first full size truck. Yes, this truck is for the Modern truck person.. Traditional owners will be hard to convince to the change they are brand loyal. Ignorance unfortunately but we are all ignorant sometimes.
  • Can you guys post some links for these dyno numbers? I have been unable to find independent dyno figures for the Titan.

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