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Toyota Tundra vs. Nissan Titan



  • albivalbiv Posts: 35
    Do a search on the net for a Titan talk website and look at the problems link. You'd be surprised. The Tundra might be second to last but if the Titan is in the shop as opposed to the street what's the point. I don't have the time to spend reading magazines at Nissan service. My first Nissan was a 1993 240sx which was flawless so I based my purchase on that experience. One thing's for sure, the Titan is not in my long term truck ownership plans.
  • kg11kg11 Posts: 530
    But my quarter got stuck in the machine.

    Tundra vs. Titan? Get the F150
  • albivalbiv Posts: 35
    I think they're more expensive than a quarter, then again there isn't a 7/8 of a dollar coin.
  • believebelieve Posts: 74
    Can anyone tell me how the Toyota compares with the Titan as far as quietness?....I've driven in a friends was ok....but I've read that the Tundra is extremely quiet. The reason I ask is I wear hearing aids and anyone who has worn them knows that sound from road noise etc really is quite a pain...especially when it comes to a conversation within the vehicle...other than that I can just turn them quite a vehicle is really matters to those of us that are losing our hearing. The more you turn the volumn up to hear someone speak..the more the road noise etc increases.
  • kg11kg11 Posts: 530
    I don't like Tundra's hauling ability (or lack thereof) but it's definitely more refined. If you're not going to work it too hard it's probably your best choice. On the other hand, if you're going to load it down on a regular basis, turn off your hearing aid and get a real truck.
  • jimbob7216jimbob7216 Posts: 15
    I own a Tundra DC 4X4, and it is by far the best truck I have owned, including a Ford F150 and a GMC Jimmy. I pull a 4,000 lb boat, and I don't even feel it back there. The power is more than adequite, with smoothe passing power up to 90, though I am much more cautious pulling a boat. The truck is so refined that my wife says it is almost as smoothe as her Lexus. Comments such as kg11's:" turn off your hearing aid and get a real truck" are just chest thumpin. i.e, my ? is bigger than your ?. I drove both the 04 F150 and the Titan, and the Titan, though it does have a bigger engine, is so loud it gets on your nerves, at least it did mine and my son's, and has very poor quality control (See, and while the F150 in my opinion is a good truck, it just is not in the same league with the Tundra. The Tundra double cab is a new design with a longer wheel base, and therefore rides even smoother than the access cab.

    Hope this helps. Jim
  • bluemaxbluemax Posts: 2
    Did you really read ALL the comparisons here at Edmund’s? You must have missed this one:;jsessio- nid=AQgoapwuawTaGlpsiKvGN4Z4gy1vQSyZb6qNYF9Bpsm0X012wv1f!-2078571- 469?basestyleid=100370937&styleid=100368160&maxvehicles=5- &refid=&op=3&tab=ratings

    Compare the Tundra and the Titan 4-door models in this link here at Edmunds. Granted the Titan has a few higher marks than the Tundra and I'll give you that. BUT... look at the 15th line down under this "ratings" tab where it says JD Powers & Associates Ratings. (See: Mechanical Quality, Feature & Accessory Quality, Body & Interior Quality) The KEY word here is... QUALITY! From what I see, the Titan DIDN'T fair well at ALL here. These 3 ratings are MAJOR for most buyers! Especially from an independent source like JD Powers. Unfortunately, it kind-of shatters your "better truck theory" of the Titan pretty much.

    So, while Titan owners are at the dealership with quality repair issues, us Tundra owners, will be waving as we pass by. You say you would still prefer to go back to the Nissan dealer and ask for a change rather than consider the Tundra. A change for what?! A Nissan Frontier?! I SURE wouldn't relish the idea of spending excess time (over quality issues) at a dealership with a new truck! Heck... I bought it to drive, NOT sit in the shop!!
  • I looked at the Titan yesterday at St.John's Nissan in Englewood. I was very impressed!

    This is the truck Toyota should have built in 2000! Looks to me like the big Nissan avoided all of Toyota's marketing gaffes to the USA full size truck buyer.

    - full size
    - 5.6L aluminum block
    - 5 speed automatic transmission
    - 4 wheel DISC brakes
    - MIM (made in Mississippi) Lol...

    I knew NOTHING about this truck, didn't read about it, unpoisoned and untainted by bias.

    The dealership loaded me up with printed reading materials, including magazine reprints where it won every competition, C&D, Sport Truck, 4-Wheeler.

    Really fun to drive truck, precise, communicative steering and road feedback, flat cornering, (Rancho shocks), smooth shifting tranny, stiff chassis, loved the bed utility options.

    Nits? A few...

    - interior plastic looks cheap
    - take it or leave it styling
    - mediocre paint quality
    - marginal payload rating, but has more leafs in rear springs than Tundra.

    ...but here's the biggie...PREMIUM FUEL REQUIRED. The fuel mileage was already painful before that footnote.

    I'll be sticking with durability and economy of my Silverado 2500HD Duramax diesel for a while longer in these tough times of high fuel prices, but if I was in the 1/2 ton market, the Titan would easily be my first choice.
  • keaneckeanec Posts: 349
    You Wrote:
     "..but here's the biggie...PREMIUM FUEL REQUIRED. The fuel mileage was already painful before that footnote.

    I'll be sticking with durability and economy of my Silverado 2500HD Duramax diesel for a while longer in these tough times of high fuel prices, but if I was in the 1/2 ton market, the Titan would easily be my first choice."

    Untrue! Premium fuel is 100% not required! Your information is wrong; sorry. But enjoy your Silverado, they are a good truck.
  • Thanks Keanec. My info on the premium fuel requirement comes from the HUGE Nissan promotional brochure. Perhaps it is wrong, they often are. I am going to scan it and post. Give me a few minutes.
  • Again...not my info...comes from the 2004 brochure.

  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    is nowhere to be seen in the owners manual.
  • Sure would like some clarification on this. Does the owners manual state an "octane rating" i.e. [87]?

    Only other info I can locate on the subject is the reprint of the 2004 Four Wheeler Pickup Truck of the Year article lists recommended octanes for Silverado, Ram, F-150, Titan and Tundra, all shown as 87 except RAM Hemi 89.

    Certainly nothing to rely on...
  • jv312jv312 Posts: 32
    I have 12k trouble-free miles on my 04 Toyota DC SR5 4WD TRD. I feel the cab is extremely quiet. My only complaint are the BFG OEM tires. The rugged trails are terrible in the snow & far from "rugged". They do provide a cushy comfortable ride in non-inclement weather. Plus I think Toyota could have put alittle more thought into the front captain chairs. The material/design are a far cry from the old SR5 Sport buckets they use to install in their pickups. I loved my old seats!! Otherwise, I towed an enclosed trailer all winter long & feel the engine has plenty of power. The Titan wasn't out when I purchased, but my neighbor has one, a 4WD extended cab & he is very happy with his truck too. My last Toyota gave me 10 years & went 170k. I guess that's why I stuck with Toyota. I owned a 2002 Explorer and liked that SUV as well. Honestly my choice came down to either another Explorer or the Tundra. All of these trucks are good choices IMO. Get out & test drive and see which one floats your boat!!
  • kg11kg11 Posts: 530
    I used to pull a 4000lb boat with my Tacoma so I'm standing by my "If you're going to load it down" statement. As I said, if you're not going to work it too hard (4000lb boat) the Tundra's probably your best choice. It was the first "full sized" truck I test drove before I bought my '01 GMC 2500 HD.

    Yes, mine IS bigger than yours and I work the heck out of it, but if you don't need something like that don't buy one.

    On the other hand, it's pretty unrealistic for Tundra owners to claim thier "full sized" truck can hual half a ton while towing three and a half more.
  • keaneckeanec Posts: 349
    That was a misprint. That was in the initial brochure but it is not true. Another person had posted that a long time ago and it was discounted. Nissan themselves say 87 octane which is not premium. You can call their 800 number and they will tell you this. There a thousands of owners who are using regular unleaded.

    Owners Manual!

         "Use unleaded regular gasoline with an octane
         rating of at least 87 AKI (Anti-Knock Index) number(Research octane number 91)."
  • Thanks Keanec for posting the exact wording from the owners manual.

    You're probably right, but in the states, I believe the pump numbers are dervived by averaging R+M, research octane + some other octane method, I forget. If I averaged 87 AKI to 91 Research, I get 89 which while not premium, would still be mid-grade octane of 89. Clear as mud.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    clear as mud.....
  • kg11kg11 Posts: 530
    The owners manual for my Tacoma said reg/87 octane but the truck pinged and had no power unless I used 89 octane. maybe in Japan thier 9's look like 7's
  • keaneckeanec Posts: 349
    No, the owners manual is American. They recommend 87 which is not mid grade in the states. (Nor in Canada) 87 AKI actually equals 91 Research. You do not average them to come up with a number. They are two different ways of measuring. Both 87 AKI and 91 Reasearch equal regular grade gas, not mid grade which is 89 AKI or premium, which is 91 (or so)AKI.

    I am aware of some places which sell gas with less than 87 AKI - I don't think any car manufacturers recommend using this grade of gas in any new vehicle.

    All said, the Titan uses the same grade of gas as the F-150, the Chevy and the Tundra.
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