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2005 Discovery



  • rctennis3811rctennis3811 Posts: 1,031
    I agree totally. Ford is now showing us what they can do as through the 500, S40, Expedition, F150, Freestyle, etc. I can't wait to see how they apply all this newfound quality into all their new PAG cars. After owning a Volvo, I'd never go dissing it. :)
  • Does anyone out there know exactly when the 2005 Disco is going to be on sale in the United States?
  • ewcarewcar Posts: 1
    Have been deciding between an X5 XC90 and Disc for some time. Finally narrowed it down to the Disc. Went into the dealer this weekend and specifically asked about upcoming redesign/overhaul. Was assured by salesperson that the public was confused, that Disc was going to remain the same and LR was simply introducing an entirely new car. My wife called LR customer service yesterday and was told the opposite. What gives? I'm not interested in buying a car simply to have it be the old model within 6 months. I'm also not that thrilled about dealing with people who are so eager to make a sale that they are either lying, or are so confused or misinformed by their company. Any thoughts out there? Thanks.
  • stopgo1stopgo1 Posts: 20
    I believe that both are true. There is a brand new model being introduced, the Range Stormer (or somthing like that) and the Disco is being redone for 2005. This is what I have learned from reading this board, there are others who know more than I though.

    Try reading back through some posts on the regular Discovery topic to find out more.
  • If they make Disco a soccer mom hauler, then it will be excellent because then they can sell more. SUV market is hot and there are many insecure people who would love to own a Rover. I say go for it Ford. You will win! Sales will double. Suspension should be comfortable and good for city driving with soft seats. Thats all most buyers need.

    This offroading nonsense is a big Lie!
  • You guys and gals need to visit scroll down and find the article on future models update. They talk about upcoming Land Rover models for the next five years.
  • mfullmermfullmer Posts: 819
    I have the misfortune to ride in a 2000 II twice a week and I can't imagine why anyone would want one!

    Mailslot rear passenger doors - ever try getting a woman in a dress in there?

    Terrible rear cargo compartment with not a bit of soft material.

    Creaks and groans everywhere

    Underpowered engine.

    I have a theory that only reason people buy these things is that they think there is some prestige in owning a British made vehicle. Talk to some vintage British vehicle owners, they [British] are not known for building the finest vehicles, that's for sure.
  • All of those issues will be addressed with the new Discovery. Under powered? Re-engineered 300 hp Jag V8, Higher quality materials were addressed with the 2003 facelift but the 2005 Disco will be even better.
    Mailslot rear door? New Disco's wheelbase will grow more than 10 inches and entry and exit will be easier, all you will need to do is push a button and the vehicle will lower more than 2 inches.
    This active air-suspension will also give Disco a great ride and handling on-road.
    Unreliable? New Disco will be the equivelant of Jaguar. Jaguar frequently scores above Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Toyota in JD Power reliability surveys.
  • I am very excited about the new Land Rover Disco. (or whatever they decide to call it) because I am 6'1" and I just could not comfortably drive the 2004 Disco. I love the vehicles, but I just couldn't spend $40 k and be cramped all of the time. Has there been any word on a more definite release date?
  • laker3laker3 Posts: 12
    May '04 issue of Car and Driver arrived today...shows better picture of 2005 "LR3" (p. 40) then the test mules we've seen.
  • The LR3 is the replacement for the Discovery and is known as the Discovery 3 outside of North America. I have been told though that the old Disco will still be sold in North America, at least for a while. In addition to the 4.4 L V8 developed from the Jaguar 4.2 L, the Discovery 3 (but not the LR3) will offer the new Ford/Peugeot 2.7 L Tdi V6 diesel and in some markets a modified Ford 4.0 L V6 from the Explorer.

    Quality of current models has not been poor, it has been abyssmal, perennially the bottom of almost every survey by a significant margin. Hopefully the new model corrects that, although I expect pricing will reflect the significant upgrades.
  • steven2steven2 Posts: 37
    You guys are saying that the redesign is bad, because it is a "wussy" car. But look at the SUV's that are selling now. They are compact SUVS that are known more for their fit and finish then their off road prowess (Nissan Murano/Infiniti FX, Lexus RX, Mercedes M Class). Also, many people who buy suv's don't drive them off road. Stop trying to sell the Disco as just an off-road type SUV, and sell as a luxurious and prestigous car that is better suited to people's needs. As long as it CAN go off-road, why not spruce it up and make it more family-friendly? I can tell you right now, compare it to other 7 passenger suvs that CAN go offroad but are more luxurious- Acura MDX, Toyota Sequoia, even the VW Touareg- id take any of those because they are comfortable yet capable.
  • To post #8, your looking to buy an import and are considering the Nissan Armada. Hate to burst the bubble, but the Armada is made about 2 miles down the road from my office here in Canton, Mississippi. So much for buying an "import."

    As to comments on the Disco II, wife and I purchased a 99 with 32k on it 14 months ago. We love it, no problems so far. Are the back doors tight? Yes. Do I have the headroom of a God once I get in there? Yes. And I'm 6'2.

    I lived in Peru for 10 years (never saw a LR in the amazon ... FYI, there are no roads in the amazon ... maybe the one in the commercial can float ... that's the only way you get around) and the roads in MS are about as bad as the roads in Peru. We are loving the Disco in this land of the F350. My $.02.
  • steven2steven2 Posts: 37
    rear sure looks weird without the spare tire covering up the drop off, huh?
  • tbcreativetbcreative Posts: 357
    I just saw another tester, cruisin' here in Phoenix, on I-17 and Grand. It was dark green, and still had the black spy tape on it, for some reason. The new Mustangs they've been testing here, still have tape on them too. It's probably some reason related to their dealer arrival date. The LR3 I saw last month, before it was introduced in New York, had the thick black material on it, so the one I saw this week was easier to see.

    Anyway, it looked great!
  • shoes319shoes319 Posts: 1
    Does anyone have a clue what the tow capacity will be on the new vehicle? I've wanted the Discovery for years but it doesn't have enough capacity to haul my horse trailer, and the RR is a bit too much $.

  • tbcreativetbcreative Posts: 357
    Here's a cool pick off of the Wieck site:

  • Our dealer in Denver told me the other day that they hoped to have a new LR3 in the dealer showroom by September. He emphasized that it would not be available for purchase that soon, but he would have one for us to drool over.

    Light Cahill.
  • lrover1lrover1 Posts: 8
    Light Cahill, I work at a Land Rover Centre, and most dealers were supposed to receive a few demo LR3's to test drive and order cars from in June or July, but Land Rover pushed back their North American debut of the new model to November or December of this year, and decided to push the demo vehicle deliveries to September or later.

    Also, there are a lot of people criticizing Land Rover's chosen nomenclature for the new model. The reason they decided to call the new model LR3 (or Land Rover Series 3), is because the American market is unlike practically every other market in the world. We are very brand conscious and like to have the latest and greatest. Since the LR3 will be an entirely new vehicle, sharing no parts whatsoever from the old Series 2 except maybe interior door handles, they decided the American market would become more excited about an all-new model, instead of saying it is a revised version of the discovery. Also, since the LR3 will be an average of $10,000 more than the '04 disco ($50k+ with some options), Land Rover decided that this new model needed to shine by itself, and not be compared with the old Discovery. For the rest of the world, the Discovery model line has had extreme success and maintained great loyalty across many markets. For this reason, Land Rover decided to continue the Discovery legacy.

    Secondly, current LR customers and potential customers shouldn't worry about Land Rover losing its British-ness because of Ford ownership. Every acquisition is different and Ford realizes that Land Rover occupies a specialty market, and the last thing you want to do to a small manufacturer like Land Rover is to assimilate them. Ford has a relatively hands-off approach to Land Rover, allowing their engineers and designers to maximize Land Rover's potential. The new LR3 (Disco III) is going to be a huge hit, blowing all of the competition out of the water. Our regional managers have informed us that Terrain Response (LR's new patent) is incredible, and the off-road capability of the LR3 surpasses the Discovery Series II hands down. It will also utilize an all-new air suspension, similar to the new Range Rover. Our reps tell us that the LR3 not only rides like the RR, but gives the Porsche Cayenne a run for its money on the race track.

    This new model is pure Land Rover, through and through.
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