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Nissan Frontier 2005+



  • leeyleey Posts: 4
    During the last summer, I found the my 05 Nissan frontier had some noise and feel there was an vibration when I drive over 60 miles an hour. I couldn't find anything wrong, so on November 20th, I visited Nissan dealer let them check what really happened; the Nissan technician told me the the front drive shaft u joint went off and this caused the vibration noise. The issue is my truck was only 48,500 miles during that visit and I don't expect that kind of problem happened with that mileage. Do you folks think this is a normal? I don't do off-road at all even the truck has 4x4 option.
    Appreciate any responses!
  • leeyleey Posts: 4
    My frontier truck is just over 5 years old now; about six months ago I went to Auto Zone store purchased the battery and replaced it, so far nothing wrong with the it. So I guess if you are going to replace the battery by yourself, it should be fine.
  • I had the same issue with my rear drive shaft and u joint, mine had 66,000 on it. My rear axle seals had also busted. I wrote a letter to Nissan prior to this because of all the other things I had trouble with. Luckily the Regional Manager at the dealership I went to was kind enough to eat the repair costs and I didn't pay anything. I'm also in the process of fighting the fuel level sensor failure, it first appeared at 80k. I will say that since I had the drive shaft, u-joint and axle seals fixed the trucks been good and I'm sitting at 130k miles. I have the Nismo and rarely use the 4 wheel drive, but never off road with it. Hope this helps.
  • After the third try, it seems Nissan has finally fixed the fuel sending unit on my 2006 XE. They agreed to replace the whole fuel pump assembly on their dime. (I think that is what it was.) So far so good. It appears to be working properly.
    Last week I got a notice that Nissan would extend the warranty on the radiator assembly to 96 months or 80,000 miles.
    I also got notification that they want to replace my engine control module. They already reprogramed it in another recall.
  • losman719losman719 Posts: 2
    edited April 2011
    Hi All,

    My 2005 Frontier NISMO first started having problems around 55,000 miles. The first major problem involved the timing belt tensioners which made a whining noise. The repair cost was over $1,000. I thought that was a fluke with the truck but boy was I wrong. Immediately after that I noticed oil on my garage floor under the front right side of my NISMO. I returned to the dealer thinking they forgot to tighten something during the tensioner repair. It turned out to be a leaking front axel which set me back another $400. Ok, so consecutive problems and I should be done right? Wrong. After they repaired the front axel leak I experienced a randomly occurring vibration noise. It's similar to the noise/vibration you feel when you drive over the ripples near the edge of the interstate. Once again I took it to the dealer. The dealer diagnosis was bad U-Joints (front). They replaced those at $450 but the problem persisted. After keeping it for a day and a half, they finally figured out the problem was with the radiator leaking coolant into the transmission. Now they want $5,500 to replace the radiator and transmission. I just hit 80,000 miles. I'm done pouring money into this defective vehicle. During my research I've found quite a few other reports of people experiencing similar problems with failed radiators contaminating transmission. This appears to be an engineering/manufacturing defect instead of routine maintenance. All of my scheduled maintenance was performed by the dealer I purchased the vehicle from . The truck was well cared for and should never have experienced these major failures. I'm waiting on Nissan to let me know what they will do to make this right. I'm hoping they stand behind their product... but then again I am an optimistic kinda guy.

    Update: Just heard from the dealer and they've agreed to replace the transmission. It appears Nissan does care about their customers.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    Glad that Nissan covered the repair. A number of owners have hung a separate transmission fluid cooler and routed the fluid lines to it, thus eliminating the potential for failure.

    I have the 6-Speed manual, so don't have to worry with it.
  • I recently purchased an '06 Frontier XE. I've begun hearing a loud ticking noise coming from in the dashboard shortly after starting the engine. The noise lasts for approximately 10 seconds then goes away and doesn't occur every time but is very annoying when it does. The dealer says it may have to do with the passenger airbag running a "self-test" and is probably normal. I find that to be an unsatisfactory response. Any ideas or similar experiences?
  • 604doc604doc Posts: 182
    This is a long shot, but could it be one of the doors in the ducting for the climate control possibly stuck a little?

    I think they're vacuum controlled, so maybe when you first start the engine and the vacuum builds, it's trying to close one of the doors, and it's chattering a bit.

    Try changing the settings for the heater while it's ticking. Floor to defrost, defrost to vent, etc. If the noise stops or changes, that could be your issue.

    Keep us posted.
  • toddc34jdtoddc34jd Posts: 1
    How did you get Nissan to repair the transmission. I was declined...
  • losman719losman719 Posts: 2
    I was lucky enough that my dealer service department went to bat for me. The dealer I purchased the Frontier from was the same one that performed all of the scheduled maintenance. They didn't identify the problem during the numerous times it was in for service. In fact, they said there really wasn't anything that could've been done to prevent the failure or identify it early enough to prevent damaging the transmission. It took about 2 months for a replacement (rebuilt) transmission to arrive but I was ok with that since I didn't have to pay for it. My only out of pocket cost was the radiator replacement.
  • Dan, Can you give me specific info on your 2nd transmission cooler install. Where, what, pictures would be terrific... Thank you so much for considering my request....
  • My tire pressure light is staying on even though I have double checked the pressure in all the tires. Does anyone know how to figure out which one is defective? tia
  • steelydansteelydan Posts: 133
    Did you have your tire rotated or new ones installed recently? If so, you may have to "retrain" your tire pressure monitoring system to recognize the sensors again.

    If you have your owner's manual, I believe it covers this issue.
  • No new tires for more than a year and no rotation in about six months - and no flats either. The light was just suddenly on and hasn't gone out. The only thing the owner's manual suggests is gettng the dealer to check it out. I was hoping to avoid that. I didn't see anything about retraining the tire pressure monitoring system in the manual.
  • whb196whb196 Posts: 1
    Just last week I had to pumped all mine on my 2006 to 40 psi to get my light to go out. I found a tire low at 28, and raised it to 32-without looking at the door jam sticker. Light stayed on, then read "35 psi minimum, cold".

    Ticked me off, so I jacked them all to 40, drove to Walmart (3 miles) and back and the light went out.

    Now I understand why my OEM tires have more tread on the outside edges than in the middle!

    Technological improvements? Bah, humbug@!
  • steelydansteelydan Posts: 133
    Actually shuffles, I have inflated my tires to 40 psi cold since I took delivery on 8-10-2011. I forget what the door jamb says on my 2011 Frontier CC, but I believe it was something like 35 psi, so I ways bump it up 5 psi, which makes it 40 psi.

    maybe you should check your tire pressure with another gauge...

    Take care,

    Brooks Davis
  • steelydan, you were right. My old dial guage indicated 37 pounds when it was only 30. Thanks for the tip. Saved me a trip to the dealer.
  • I will never buy a Nissan (anything) again. Before I have 100K miles, the truck fails smog. You must pay the dealer $850 for a new catalytic converter, for just the part. The truck has 2 of them. You can't buy aftermarket. No wonder they can burn you so badly. On top of that, I took it in for transmission service. I learned the truck needs special transmission fluid from dealer. $12 per quart. Call them if you don't belive me.
    The fuel pump went out as well, which happens to nearly all these nissan trucks if you look into it. Unless your prepared to spend a couple thousand or more to pass smog, before you even break 100K or want to deal with faulty parts and computers, look for anything else besides a Nissan.
  • Sorry to hear about your converter. Just for the record, what year is your Frontier ??

    I just bought a 2011, I am hoping they have improved things over the years as I know they had some issues back in 2005 when this generation Frontier was introduced.
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