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Hyundai Sonata 2006-2007



  • "Sorry i digressed from the topic at hand."

    Your whole post digressed from the topic which is 2006 Sonata. All I could derive from this is that you once test drove an Elantra 7 or 8 years ago and once had a loaner for 10 days. The rest is off topic for this board.
  • Hmmm. Maybe ya didn't read my other messages?
    I have owned 1) 1999 GLS V6 Sonata: top of the line model for the time being, the car that" rescued" Hyundai,along with Mr O'Neil's 10/100K warranty in USA(sales were 90,000 in 98, 162,000 units, or so, in 99, after this car and warranty appeared, thus "saving: Hyundai from leaving the U.S. market place).

    I had to replace the recirc valve,radiator, alternator,and water pump in 5 years, 118,000 miles.

    2) Own a 2004 Sonata GLS V6, no leather(and less features than my 99 GLS had, due to the addition of the LX?) no break away mirrors, etc.
    So far, 16 months, 23K miles, all is well, except the car seems decontented vs our 99. More NVH. Turn the key, hear the engine. In the 99? Turn the key, roll down window, and listen to see if the engine had even turned over, it was so quiet.
    Big Difference, had 6 relatives ride in both cars, and same comments: 99 was better.(Better MPG also. 31.7+ all Highway trip vs 27.9 Hwy trip).

    The 06 i tested was quieter than my 04, but no nearly as quiet at the 99.
    Of course, back then, the Sonata was what the Azera is now, to Hyundai: Top of the line model, and delivered as such(in the NVH area, and MPG, overall).

    Nowadays, minus all the safety gear, there are a few other choices that deliver nearly Identical 0-60 times, NVH, et al.
    G6 has 112+ inch wheelbase, more than the Azera, even, on sale, for under 20K, for a V6.
    Fusion is another decent effort, for a fair price.

    Test drive them all before buying, I say.

    Hyundai has kind of decontented their stuff, How do I know? I been a Hyundai fan since 95, and an owner for nearly 7 years, 2 Sonata's!
    I should know something about Hyundai products by now, don't ya think ;)

    Electronics are (in some cases)more inexpensive to add than say 8 way power seats, from what i read on, and other sites such as
    ABS is cheap these days, compared to 5-10 years ago.
  • My first Hyundai we tested? Feb 1990. Excel, in Virginia Beach. It did everything But Excel! It felt like driving an old school truck w/o power assisted steering. We thought of Hyundai when they first came out, because we thought they would be akin to the better(minus Isuzu, for the time) Japanese cars.
    They have come a long way.
    We paid 14,999 for the GLS V6 2004 Sonata: at this price, it is a excellent deal. If we had paid the 21K msrp, it would not quite have been such a spectacular deal.

    I read on they boosted the cash back(some deal on there) to 3,000 dollars.
    That is not too bad, get a GLS V6 for 17-18K.
    Ya can probably argue some off of this too, if cash back to the purchaser.

    We just ain't excited by the design, but seems a lot of people are. I know sales went from 9-10K per month, to over 14K in Nov, a record for Sonata sales, right after that 5 star crash test rating.

    With this 3K off deal, wonder what December sales will be like? Guess by jan 2-3, we shall find out.
  • Please, tell me...what is "NVH" ??? Also, what is the Fumoto valve.???? I feel lost today..
  • NVH= Noise Vibration Harshness.

    Also, on tv, Sonata has 3K off, and another 1K off if you are a previous Hyundai owner(loyalty owner cash back). Wonder if they still let ya bargain off some cash, too, from MSRP, since if this is all cash back (from Hyundai, and not the dealership)?
    If ya could get say, 1000 off msrp, plus another 4K from cash back, you could get the LX for what, a tiny bit under 20K?
    That is when ya buy.
    4K or so off GLS V6 is a good deal...what, about 16-17K?
  • it all makes sense..
  • the posts you're referring are sort of like The Tragically Hip's Gordon Downie's rants during his guitarists solo's. Just try to figure them out the best you can and play off of them with your own posts!

    It's just part of the magic of the Interweb!

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • Also, on tv, Sonata has 3K off, and another 1K off if you are a previous Hyundai owner(loyalty owner cash back)

    Actually, I saw that same ad (their end of year clearance sale ad. It shows the 06 Sonata, an 06 Sante Fe, and an 05 XG350 if memory serves) and the $4000 in rebates applies to the 05 XG350 only (damn that small print is really small on tv! :confuse: )

    Here's the current rebates on all Hyundai products:
    Current Hyundai Rebates
  • And look at $ inflation too. If the government continues spending (and creating $ and credit) so much more than it takes in, the dollar will continue to lose its value. Overall buying power down is 50% since 1980. And if you are buying a house the dollar is down that much in a couple years in some towns.
    So, its likely each dollar of up front purchase money is worth more than each dollar of increased resale money years from now.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,624
    If that happens, however, all prices will adjust, including the prices of used cars.

    Back to the '06 Sonata... I was killing time today (got a day off!) and looked at the Sonata inventories of some local dealers. I noticed they had many more V6s than I4s, with GLs in particulary short supply. So I was wondering if that is because more V6s are made than I4s, or the I4s are more popular and have sold better than the V6s. Maybe Dan or another of the Hyundai sales people could comment on distribution of V6s and I4s.
  • haefrhaefr Posts: 600
    "Also, what is the Fumoto valve.????"

    Presumably named after its manufacturer, it replaces the oil drain plug and allows oil drain by turning a collar. Since your hands never come in contact with the draining oil, it's less messy. FRAM also has a line of valve-type oil drain aids - and one that is applicable for Hyundais. And then there are obsessive-compulsives such as myself who run a "SuperPLUG". This is a drain plug with the mother of all rare earth sumarium-cobalt-neodymium magnets* permanently mounted to the business end to trap ferrous and chromium alloyed metal particulates. Some of these particulates are too small to be caught by the oil filter, but can nevertheless be very abrassive to aluminum and babbit bearing surfaces.

    *This small but very powerful magnet has no difficulty suspending a 3 lb. mallet head and its cushion-wrapped 12" steel handle.
  • zen2zen2 Posts: 226
    My dealer has a posted price of 349 for 10K service.
    You can bet I'll do that. :) My Honda CRV 10K
    service was 82.00, and they sent me a coupon for
    10 % off. Almost the same price as an oil change at
    the Hyundai dealer. :)
  • zen2zen2 Posts: 226
    It will take more than ten minutes for the V6.
    The plastic shroud has, I believe 8 bolts,
    one of which the crack service techs at my
    dealerships cracked when reinstalling. Very poor design.
    They could have put a flip up door or something on the
    damn cover. And you can't buy the filters from Pep Boys.
  • zen2zen2 Posts: 226
    Say it ain't so. Oil change/tire rotation/ 10K checkup
    for my Honda CRV ----> 74.00. With state inspection,
    and emissions inspection. 100.00.
  • tb88tb88 Posts: 242
    My dealer has a posted price of 349 for 10K service...

    You mean 7.5K or 15K ?
    There is no 10K service for Hyundai!
  • tb88tb88 Posts: 242
    I hate the plastic cover/shroud over the engine... Anybody has any idea why it's there other than being neat?
    I like to be able to see the whole engine, to monitor if there is any leak/problem!
    Do you think removing it would void anything!? Myself, I don't think so...
  • johnap2johnap2 Posts: 105
    Mine is a 4-cylinder so it does not have this problem. The filter is very easy to get to and the oil filters are available at Pep Boys. I bought a dozen of them the last time I went there. The V6 uses a different filter, so there is no aftermarket one's that I know of yet.

  • zen2zen2 Posts: 226
    Just a guess, but it may be a heat shield to protect paint
    on hood?
  • Yeah they adjust but maybe up, down or sideways. Wages don't keep up with the rise in prices. The prices of things do not uniformly go up. And it is hard to predict which will go up, down or remain the same. Generally though, the prices of necessities go up and the prices of luxury items go down.
  • blnewtoblnewto Posts: 146
    After testing most of the comparable vehicles to the Sonata I found the Sonata to be as quiet as all but the Honda. It was quieter than the Altima, Jetta, Fusion, Maz6, and equal to Camry. The Accord was the only vehicle that was a bit quieter. I drove these vehicles in similar areas of town and along the same highway. Hard to find any complaint regarding road noise or wind noise.
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