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Volkswagen Passat 2006+



  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    I agree, that Marks experience is VERY unique. First of all, it's not common to think someone would buy 27 cars of the same make (VW/Audi), especially from the same dealer/Owner. It sounds like you have a great relationship that has benefited both the customer AND the dealership.

    From my experience, the relationship you state you have with the owner/dealer is very RARE. I would imagine 98% of consumers never ever see the owner (let alone the manager) of a dealership during their purchasing experience. AND, if a customer attempts to be loyal to one dealership, that always doesn't mandate you are getting the best price in town.

    Unfortunately, it only takes one bad experience to sour someone on car buying experience.

    I recently went shopping with my In-Laws to purchase a new '06 Equinox. We went into the dealer on a Fri and talked with the internet sales Mgr. We told him what we were looking for as far as price, options and time frame. After "discussing" the details with the Sales Manager (and actually him coming in and introducing himself to us) the sales rep came back and said he could do the deal we were looking for, he shook our hands and he said he would find the exact car my Mother-in-law was looking for. The next Tues we went into the dealer, drove the car they found for her and all was PERFECT! In-Laws filled out some paperwork and we waited for the Finance Manager (for over an hour - the place was EMPTY). I asked about the delay and the sales guy said the county that my in laws are from was not in their system (this wa as complete LIE-their county was within 10 miles of there dealership).

    Finally, we get into the finance mgrs office and the amount per month we agreed upon mysteriously increased over $225 and the price of the car increased by $4K. When asked about the increase, he asked what we were looking for and I told him the story. He shrugged his shoulders (VERY RUDE) and said that the deal was not doable and he would get the sales Mgr who we spoke with earlier to come in. The mgr came in and started his double speak routine. I asked him to slow down and explain why our agreement was not doable as was promised. He had no valid answer. I told him I appreciated that they couldn't get to the numbers we were looking for, but it was inexcusable for them to come back and completely LIE to use and WASTE our time when they knew, from the beginning, that they could never get to the numbers we were aiming for. He said, "then I guess we are done here". We left and I was FURIOUS about the entire situation...... I was shaking. :blush: :mad:

    My point about this lengthy post is, unfortunately, this experience will make me very "on guard" when I am buying my next car.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    OK, thanks for the clarification. I understand now :)
  • chindia76chindia76 Posts: 9
    It is situations like Fish has described above that have led me to always pay cash if possible. I am not a wealthy person and saving to buy a car outright is tough, but after a few bad experiences I just can't be bothered to go through the BS that most dealers try to get away with. I think back to the very first brand new car I bought at 18. I had no credit, not bad credit, just no credit. My ex-friend worked at a car dealership. I purchased a 1997 Pontiac Sunfire (first mistake). I wanted black, but former salesman ex-friend talked me in to this horrible purple color which I paid extra for (2nd mistake)! I can't remember what the interest rate was all I know was the sticker price was $15,000 and after all the interest payments were made I would have paid a total of over $28,000! I had another friend at the same dealership who later informed me I had been approved for a much lower interest rate, but the ex-friend didn't disclose this to me because the higher the rate the more money he would make from Chrysler Financial for arranging the financing. My car payment was close to$500 a month. If the other rate had been disclosed to me my payment would have been slightly under $300 which when you are 18 and in college is a huge difference. I blame myself for being uneducated and naive in the process however it became apparent to me with this experience that car dealers and salesmen are not people to be trusted unless on the rare occasion like Mark they have repeatedly been treated well. I just think when you go into a dealership and let them start figuring out financing the ball is alot more in their court because they know if you have sat down to arrange financing the chances of you leaving because you aren't liking the deal grow slimmer. People don't want the hassle of going through the finance process more then once. I have described just one of many instances where I have been treated poorly by salesmen, but I think you will get the point on why I have been so soured by the process.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,047
    . . .should do what they are comfortable with.

    As I said, there is a better than even chance the price will be lower when the car is financed.

    These days, below market rate financing seems to encourage (and even reward) those who do NOT pay cash.

    This, however, does not cancel out the first point.
  • jefferygjefferyg Posts: 418
    A friend of mine told me about his BIL's experience. He was young and wanted to buy a Corvette. He went to the local dealer and told them he wanted to buy the car and because of his age they blew him off thinking he couldn't possibly be serious. Well he was serious, so he went to another dealer in another town, bought the car and drove it directly back to the dealership here, handed them the keys and said, "I'd like an oil change." :P
  • larmenlarmen Posts: 22
    with inflation looming and upward pressure on interest rates and when non-american badges such as Subara and VW offer subsidized financing for 100% of the sale price [Subaru in 2005 for 2.9 and VW in '06 for 5.9] you have to wonder, even if you can afford to, if paying cash is worth it.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,047
    This could open up a debate -- or just plain contradiction.

    I, however, agree with your point/question.

    The most wealthy folks I know buy their cars with the longest term, lowest interest rate possible (often 0%.)

    Even when they have paid 1.9% or even a bit more, they have always managed to figure the benefit of financing and have often said "I can't afford to pay cash, it just costs so much more."

    Of course my CPA friend says, "buy what appreciates and rent what depreciates" -- which is the opposite of The American Way.

    One more thing -- do what makes you feel "at peace"
  • kzamelkzamel Posts: 11
    I just test drove both the 2.0T & 3.6 2006 Passat. It's a relatively warm day here and I visited the dealership in the early afternoon. I loved the car but was concerned that it took the air condition a long while to start getting comfortable. I was surprised when the sales rep stated that VW passat's air condition is weak compared to most other comparable cars. Should I be concerned? Thanks
  • larmenlarmen Posts: 22
    in the past couple of weeks I've spent a fair amount of time driving my '06 in Indiana, Ohio, and PA. the weather has been sultry: 80-90s with high humidity. I've spent hours driving interstates averaging 65-80 mph and in so doing I've been averaging 28-32 mpg with the AC on. While it does take a little while to get the ac up to where you want it for my taste it is NOT weak; rather, it is perfectly acceptable. so i don't see the passat ac as a deal-breaker.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,047
    Salesrep: open mouth, insert foot.

    What in the wide wide world of sports was he thinking?

    I must assume the VW Passat uses something that is very similar to Audis AC units. And, this is the warmest summer (and I think the muggiest) in recorded history.

    So, what does this mean?

    The AC units in these German cars are wicked powerful.

    I guess it is technically possible that the Passat is under AC'd.

    I just don't believe it is probable.

    My 2005 A6's climate control is set on full auto, center vent +1 or +2 cold, and I leave the recirc set on full auto too. All vents -- front and rear -- are in full open.

    I keep the temp set at 67F year round.

    Due to the extreme humidity, I have been forced to raise the temp to 70 from time to time, because it gets so cold inside the car that all the plastic, metal and glass get condensation on them from the ultra high OHIO humidity.

    Most of the time, though, the AC takes care of everything and this is the first car that I have had that they must have figured out what to do to eliminate the AC odor upon start up. Somehow the mold in the pipes that causes this odor has been discouraged.

    Same is true of my wife's 2005 BMW X3.

    VW's, in my experience, have great AC.

    Somebody put that VW rep in the time out chair.
  • birdboybirdboy Posts: 158
    I have been driving the 2.0T is 90-100 F temps in NYC. I have found the system to be fine after I discovered that the vents in the glove compartment box, center console and rear seat console were taking away from the front power. When I closed them all was so much better. Also, FYI I discovered that I could move the dial between upper vent and lower vents and have the air come out from both upper and lower.
  • jefferygjefferyg Posts: 418
    I agree totally with Mark about the VW rep. But I'd go a step further and fire him if I were his GM and found out he said something so stupid to a customer. You always brag on your product, and when it comes to cars you only berate a model to get the customer to step up to the next higher priced model.

    As far as the A/C goes, our car is black with black interior and we live in South Mississippi, and the A/C works GREAT! Our afternoon highs have been in the upper 90's to low 100's lately and if you leave the sunroof or a window cracked to let some of the heat out, it hasn't been a problem. AND, if the car has been sitting in the shade the air is cool the instant you turn it on.
  • georgekgeorgek Posts: 50
    Glad to hear that the B-6 Passat AC is good. The weak AC in my B-5 Passat was one of the very few things I did not like about that car.
  • prasannprasann Posts: 6
    While I'm generally satistifed with my 06 Passat 2.0T performance, I'm terribly disappointed with the cabin noise. I hear squeaks/clicks/rattles from every corner (dashboard/controls/doors/passenger side seat...) when I hit smallest of the rough patches. Even on a very smooth surface, I can hear this wind noise coming out of the driver side window (above 60/65 mph) which tells me something isn't sealed properly. Anyone having similar issues?
  • larmenlarmen Posts: 22
    While fit and finish are visually excellent VW needs to improve noise-suppression. While overall my O6 is certainly not as tight or as quiet as a Lexus it is not objectionably annoying.
  • asefasef Posts: 12
    I have a very similar wind noise at freeway speeds on my 07 Wagon 2.0T -- passenger side only, like you said. And I also have various random squeaks (like the "cricket" noise mentioned elsewhere that seemed to have something to do with the backseats). They're subtle, mostly, but the perfectionist in me can't help but notice them!
  • georgekgeorgek Posts: 50
    The much noisier ride is one of the principal reasons I did not replace my 2000 Passat wagon with an 06/07 wagon.
  • xando05xando05 Posts: 36
    I hope the CEO of VW of America and VW Worldwide reads my post and all the other posts from unhappy Passat owners. My wife and I purchased a 2007 VW Passat Wagon 3.6 4-Motion with Luxury Package 2.

    I only have 600 miles on the car and it has been in the shop for almost a total of 14 days. If anyone has read my earlier post, it becomes quite obvious what kind of vehicle I'm dealing with. The car is unsafe to put it frankly.

    My "ride" started off with the following:
    1. creaks and rattles from the B-Pillar in the driver's side door. OUTCOME: After 4 attempts to fix and locate the problem the Dealer removed and reinstalled rear door panels and lubricated door seals.

    2. Slow air leak from front right tire. Dealer patched tire. Dealer pointed finger at me. The tech who serviced the car found a screw from a AUTOMOBILE DEALERSHIP license plate bracket. In addition, all other tires were overinflated.

    3. The car at 350 miles was difficult to start. The refused to crank over on various occassions. A warning light and message appeared on the dash display. MY wife and I looked for the warning in the auto literature but nowhere to be found. OUTCOME: Dealer replaced battery.

    4. Car leaked oil at approx 250-300 miles. Car spent 7 days in dealership before dealer and VW could diagnose and fix problem.
    Outcome: Oil leaking from high pressure fuel pump. Replaced Cam Roller and Fuel Pump.

    5. Car has delayed acceleration/pause when starting at standstill and when rolling. Outcome: Service technician experienced acceleration delay during test drive. No codes detected per dealer service department. Dealer placed call to VW to try and solve this issue.

    6. Drum roll please....Car stalled on freeway today. Attempted to restart car for fifteen minutes on side of road. Restarted car after 15 minutes. This is very scary. Called dealer to make appt.

    I need a full time job just to take care of this car. I have kept very detailed documentation from day one regarding the poor customer service from my local dealer and poor quality from VW.
  • larmenlarmen Posts: 22
    Why don't you write them directly with your complaints?
  • gruaud54gruaud54 Posts: 4
    My new Passat Wagon (Luxpak#2, Dynaudio) has the intermitent interior squeaks and rattles described by others. Dynaudio has "surged" a time or two (become very loud for a couple of seconds; AC "surges" on occasion also. Has the minor hesitation on acceleration (I guess it's the turbo). I have an appointment with my dealer tomorrow. That being said, the vehicle rides and handles excellently with enough power for my driving habits. I also have a 2005 GTi and a 2005 Passat (both 1.8T tiptronic) -- both vehicles tight and not troublesome. I hope the new wagon is not an ongoing aggravation/recall-in-waiting.
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