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Ford Mustang (2005 & newer) Problems and Solutions



  • HI Jenny,
    I have had my 05 Mustang since December 04 and am on my third gas tank. They say this has not happened to all the mustangs which is hard to believe, but that the gas stank did not fit well in the new designed car. They replaced it in April 2005 and then the dealer said it is istill not good, but they were working on redesigning the gas tank. I got a new gast tank in June 2005 and it worked for awhile, but I cannot get it over 4 gallons either. Basically what I have to do to get a full tank of gas is play around with it in the tank. So, do not put it fully into the gas tank and do not put full pressure on the handle. Also, don't let it do it automatically and pump it yourself. Honestly it still gives me problems and I have filed under the lemon law, but this is my suggestion to you until they replace the tank. I have brought it back and they will not replace the third tank probably because they know it falls under the lemon law, but they are now saying "NORMAL CHARACTERISTIC" which is B.S. It takes me about 20 minutes to fill up the car, so my other suggestion to you is never let it get below 1/2 tank as it is easier to fill it then when it is lower. :lemon:
  • Geez, reading the above, I'm thankful I've had so few problems with mine. Only thing that needs fixing is the seat-release lever on the back of the passenger seat. The button comes off and the plastic frame is loose. Otherwise, the car runs like a dream. It gets better, runs smoother, every day.

    Almost returned the car, tho, the same day I bought it. Drove it just 4 miles when the yellow engine light goes on. Took it immediately back to the dealer and he took it on the spot over to the service center. While they're working on it -- took about 45 minutes -- I'm sitting there thinking I better buck my heart's desire and do the sensible thing, return the car. Turns out a sensor was loose. They send me out on a road test with a tech who's got a computer plugged into the console as I'm driving the car. Well, I put it through the paces, up hills, on highways, high RPM's, and one hour later I'm satisfied the glich with the engine light was just a fluke. I kept the car. Man, am I glad I did.
  • I'm glad to finally find some positive things related to the new Mustang. Could you tell me if yours is a V6, V8, convertible or coupe? I plan on ordering mine the second week of January. I decided on the GT convertible. It's going to be windveil blue, parchment interior, and black top. I'm looking for any input related to the '06 GT or convertible. I know they just came out. Thanks again for the good information. I am now going forward with my order.
  • Mine's a '05 V8 coupe, built in July. As far as I know, only differences between '05 and '06 are the options available, like 18" wheels, Pony spinners and a new color for the '06's. Otherwise, they're exactly the same car (although the software for the car's computer is constantly being upgraded). Go for it, tj! Even if you don't like the car -- hard to imagine you won't -- you'll be able to sell it easily at near cost. Those convertibles are beautiful.
  • Remember this is the Problems & Solutions section, so all you will read is problems here :P . That said, I have a GT that was built DEC 04 and the only problem I have is a rattle in the dash. Apparently Ford designed this bulky plug behind the airbag that vibrates slighlty on milled roads. My dealer tried putting foam and that worked for a while but it has returned. I'll have to look at it myself. Otherwise it has been all fun :shades:
  • Hi, the TSB simply recommends to install a new fuel tank. The part number is 5R3Z-9002-AA.
  • I am happy with my GT, but there is a pretty loud squeaking noise coming from the driver side of the dashboard when I drive over small bumbs or bad streets. I heard this happens for the 2005 Mustang, but has anybody actually discovered where the sound is coming from?
  • Does anybody know what the small, around 1/4 inch round doodads are on the corners of the map-light console, the black console in front up above the rearview mirror? They look like tiny speakers or microphones.

    kaihenry: good luck with that squeak. I would take it to the dealer under warranty and insist that someone ride with you so they can hear the noise. Finding and fixing squeaks can be very difficult. If they don't get it right the first time, I would keep going back until they get it right. The squeaky wheel ...
  • My dash has squeaks, rattles and vibration noises and it is driving me crazy. It bugs me so much I have it up for sale right now. If I can find a solution I will keep it but it's not looking too good. The dealer said basically that all cars have rattle noises. My F150 pickup after 5 years of off roading does not rattle at all!!

    Anyway I just spent 1 hour on-line looking for a dash cover for the 05 stang. I figure it might dampen the noise to a tolerable level. Anyone know here I can get one?? HELP!!!!! :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :sick: :sick:
  • Here's a link to the Lemon Car page:
  • I have an 05 V6 automatic that I bought in June. I love this car!!! :) But right now the big thing is this buzz/rattle in the dashboard. The noise seems to only happen when I stop. When I took it on in October, they decided that it was two different sounds 1 buzz, and 1 rattle. They decided the buzz was the AC lines by the firewall and the rattle was in the driver’s side door. They ordered some felt, and last Friday all the parts were in and they took 2 days to install the felt and some window parts (another issue). When I went to pick it up someone in the shop had dropped something on my baby and deeply scratched it down to the body. I have never been so mad. :mad: And then the first stop sign I came to the noise stated again. So I finally had enough and started to do so research on my own, since apparently they are too stupid to do it. I found this TSB on

    NHTSA ITEM NUMBER: 10014647

    But unfortunately the Service Manager at the dealership can't find that TSB. And I can't find a way to get the details with paying a bunch of money. Does anyone have a way to get the details of this service request? My car is again at Ford this morning they will be painting the side and trying to find the rattle again. Thanks for your help.

  • I got my 05 Auto GT for Christmas in 04. I am so glad to find this forum and learn that I'm not the only one having these problems. I have had the popping sound in the steering, gas tank issues, radio issues, my drivers side door handle broke, my windows drop down in the door, the transmission acts crazy, there seems to be a problem with the gas flow in acceleration, 2 different power steering parts have broke... well thats all I can think of right now, but you get the picture. My frustration level has gone through the roof, and Ford Motor Company is no help at all. I have learned that I'm going to have to go through the state (lemon law) to get out of my car. I love the car (believe it or not) it is soooo much fun to drive but cost to much to just let all of this slide. If any one knows anything about Lemon Law and if it actually works for the consumer let me know. I'm starting to wonder if consumers really have any rights at all once you pull off the lot with a car. heartbroken :(
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,938
    There is a common rattle that comes from a bracket of some sort behind the passenger airbag. That may be the source of the rattle.

    Too bad about the careless person dropping something on your car. :cry:
  • I have a 2005 Mustang GT, absolutely love the car and have had zero problems with it. I've noticed lately that when I start the car after its been sitting for 2 or 3 days, gray/white smoke comes out of the exhaust pipes. It doesn't look like normal exhaust to me. Its very noticeable and its not condensation. It only does this when it hasn't been started in a few days, it doesn't smoke any other time (normal driving). The car has 9000 miles on it and I've had the oil changed twice so far, using synthetic oil. Has anyone else noticed this with their Mustang? Should I be concerned about a possible problem with the seals?
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,938

    Also, do you do very short drives often or start it up just to move it a few feet then shut it back down? That could also be culprit.
  • My mustang was made on April 04, 2005 (Monday) and it arrived on 22 April, 2005. The car ran fine with no noticeable problems until October. The first noticeable problem was a message on the display terminal "DATA DATE FUEL ERR" and the gas gauge went immediately to empty even though the tank was full. I took the mustang into the dealer and was advised that they would have to order in a new fuel sensor and when the car came in for repair the fuel tank would have to be dropped and re installed. So I no sooner get the mustang out of the shop and go to fill up when I notice that the gas gauge is showing only half a tank. So I shut the mustang off and re started and the gas gauge went back up to full. This has happened a few times since I got the mustang out of the shop.

    Problem #2 which you might fine a little more intriguing is the fact that the mustang would jump into neutral for a second on take off then bump into gear even though the automatic shifter was in drive. This happened a few times between October 30 & 03 November. So I took the mustang back to the dealer service department for examination, the tech told me that there was so much metal in the bottom of the transmission pan that he thought he had found a new silver/metal mine. It appears the culprit is a faulty transmission pump. :confuse: The dealership got the o.k. from Ford to replace the whole transmission. The problem with the replacement is that it takes seven (7) clear working days for the new transmission to be shipped from Flat Rock, Michigan to Bramalea, Ontario and another few days to be shipped out west to Edmonton, Alberta. So I will most likely be without the mustang until 18th November. Geez think Ford will make my car payment this month for all the inconvenience? (ha!) :sick: At the moment I am driving a rented Budget Malibu. Question - Have You Driven A Ford Lately?
  • tek1tek1 Posts: 1
    I've got the same loud and annoying bug.... I too love my GT. It is tight and everything about it feels like it's a quality-built ride, except for the FJKDD!! dash noise. The squeaking (2 separate noises) is on the passenger side of the dash, and seems like its originating somewhere in the front airbag compartment. Hope someone has a solution...
  • Its a Ford.

    Before I continue, I must admit that I am deciding between a Mustang GT Convertible or a 325i.

    I owned a 1995 Mustang GTS 5MT 5.0. Great concept, but so-so execution. The car was fun to drive with lots of grunt, but the engine pinging and the outside mirror falling off, etc kind of killed the experience.

    Ford never could fix the engine.

    We have 2 new 2006 cars and through all of our test driving the worst problem we've experienced in a car was an unbalanced wheel. That was until we got in a Mustang. In the Mustang the carpet was pulled out from the door sill exposing wires. Not a big deal but just a typical example of an American car.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,938
    Spamming the boards, eh?

    Outside of seats and a steering wheel, the 325i and Mustang GT convertible have very little in common other than handling and the Mustang GT would more than likely kill a 325i in that department. Power and acceleration is not even close. The 325i doesn't stand a chance.

    But based on the spam you put on the other thread, just get the 325i and be happy. People buying Mustang GTs aren't too concerned about the lack of seat heaters. Some of us would like to see satellite radio, but it's certainly not a deal breaker and probably will be available as a factory option for the Spring edition '06 model or the '07 model.
  • I certainly was not spamming. I seperated the posts by relevant content.

    The problems people have expressed about quality and maintenance issues are textbook Ford. Go back ten years and you'll see the same types of posts. I simply related my experience with an older Mustang and also my experience when test driving a 2006.

    Just something you accept when getting 300 hp at this price point.

    Does that make the Mustang a bad car? Certainly not. Even with its faults it has made it to my short list.
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