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Mercedes-Benz R-Class



  • albellalbell Posts: 185
    My 4 matic wagon is boring that way, too. I did order the pano roof (premium package). Other options include comfort, lighting, heating and 3-zone climate control, as well as the air suspension. My weekend place is in a snow belt so the ability to raise the height has attractions. Actually, this will have more equipment than I really need, but the price was right.

    Plan to pick up my tree before the R arrives so that I can use the wagon's roof rack...and let the dealer worry about the sap. ;)
  • 5total5total Posts: 15
    What incentive did you find out there for the R-Class. I have seen the 599 lease for 39 months. Did you find anything else out there in print, or are you just saying the dealers are motivated.

    I am getting close to pulling the trigger. My tax guy says I should buy something this year. Its down to the SRX and the R-Class. If money were the only issue, the SRX would be the logical choice. But I do prefer the R-Class. Any help in getting the price of the R-Class down would help.
  • albellalbell Posts: 185
    5total: My salesman told me that there's a 2k incentive if financed through MBCC. Program started on 12/2 and runs through the end of the year. So, my negotiated price was $1500 off invoice, before tax and tags and some minor fees.
  • markc5markc5 Posts: 19
    WOOOHOOOO!!!!! I am so glad to see all these folks happy with their R Class. I was the first to take delivery of my R500 in our state and here on Edmunds. If you read back a few hundred entries I had to defend this purchase as thought I had bought a YUGO. We are at 4000 miles and 3-4 months into the purchase and we could not be happier or more impressed. No problems yet. My wife actually argued with me to put the Christmas tree on ours as well. After a few %$^$^%%&^% I think she realized I was a bit passionate about putting a freakin christmas tree on top of my $75K car. Women..... What can you say.... Can't live with 'em and you can't live with 'em :)
  • bosebose Posts: 8
    Albell: Is the 1500 incentive avaible on a lease and purchase if one uses MBCC? Thanks for the info
  • albellalbell Posts: 185
    Bose: What I was told is that the incentive ($2000) is applicable to either a lease or purchase, but only if financed through MBCC.
  • bosebose Posts: 8

    Best I have been able to negotiate is $100 over invoice. Would you mind passing on the name of the dealership you were able to negotiate $1500 off invoice with?
  • albellalbell Posts: 185

    Hmm, maybe it's just my skill. LOL. Dealer is MB of Nanuet, NY. If you email me privately, I can give you specific information.
  • bosebose Posts: 8
    My apologies to all the forum readers on the last dumb request for info that was laready available. Chalk it up to working too many hours to try and pay for a mercedes!
  • benzsterbenzster Posts: 152
    Trip was easy and the wife drove. I installed an I Pod integration harness and NAVI system before I left. They both work great! With a 40 gig I Pod and the ability of the system to read mp3's (not sure about dual layer yet)it is amazing how much this baby will hold. Has anyone discussed the fact that you can plug in headsets in the rear (w/ the option)and play a device while the other passengers listen to something else. Mercedes always falls short on promoting the cool stuff. Other car companies do it. Have you ever seen a G Wagon covered in mud on TV? Hummer, Land Rover, Toyota sure..... ML nope. I have driven an ML thru water so high that I could reach out the window and touch it. I have driven down an incline so steep that I my rear end came up off the seat. Any one ever heard of the "2nd gear no rollback" feature? Any one seen the GT40 commercial...... SLR Mclaren?

    "Alls I'm sayin" is that this forum is a good thing because MBUSA won't promote 1/2 of the features and benefits on their cars.

    I would love to see a commercial where a person has their hands full at the rear of an R Class and pushes the atomatic hatch closure button on their remote, or the kids are argueing over music and the problem is solved with the rear audio control feature.
  • benzsterbenzster Posts: 152
    It seems as though most of the readers are from up North. If there are any that are south of the Mason Dixon Line you may email me for questions about options or whatever. I will be happy to help with specifics. i.e. " should I order this or what does it take to install that later."

    p.s. I am not in sales and MBUSA frowns on sales across districts.
  • albellalbell Posts: 185
    Can you explain more about the rear audio controls? Do they allow for listening of separate components, e.g., the radio and CD? There's not a lot of detail on this facet of the HK system.
  • benzsterbenzster Posts: 152
    Here are the steps.
    Press audio button, select "rear", prompt will show components (cd, cd changer, Ipod, DVD player), select component then exit.
    This will direct the audio for the selected component to the headphone jacks located on the rear of the front center console. There are 2 jacks with 2 volume control knobs.The speakers in the vehicle will play one audio component while the headphone jacks play another!
  • albellalbell Posts: 185
    That is soooo cool. Maybe i'll actually get to listen to my music...must dust off the Montovanni :P
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    It seems to me like Mercedes needs to go back to brand-building type advertising instead of flashing lease prices, well after December that is.

    They have the largest range by far of any luxury car maker and it would make an awesome sight to see all of their models lined up with the perfect backdrop I think.

    Like you said the SLR, R-Class plus the other newbies this year SLK, CLS, and M-Class should all be highlighted together IMO.

  • chirpchirp Posts: 194
    That is an excellent idea and approach. The most impressive marketing I have seen this month is the commercial with all of the new models in Silver acting as reindeer plowing through snow with Santa at the end in a beautiful Red SL. I dig that and they should promote the brand more rather than look like every manufacturer trying to discount at this time of year.
  • albellalbell Posts: 185
    I am in marketing/PR and have found MB's general advertising and marketing approach puzzling. I agree with Benzter that they have not focused on the attributes that make a Benz a Benz, but much more about the "image," e.g., "unlike any other." So, ok, tell me why?

    On a direct marketing front, it does seem that MB is turning it the past three months I have gotten many mailings and thingies (a stadium being next) thanking me for being an owner.

    I think that they are trying...but haven't got the message right yet.
  • benzsterbenzster Posts: 152
    I have a very hard time not jumping up on the soap box when it comes to marketing (fir/mktg bs)as well. So I will just throw out tidbits.
    " we do not put steering wheels on your coffee tables, so you do not put cups in our cars"
  • benzsterbenzster Posts: 152
    BTW I spoke with sales and selling across markets is an option. If you are not in the Mid-South the transportation might be cost prohibitive. One could get some tasty BBQ and tour Graceland while here......hahahhahah
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    The most impressive marketing I have seen this month is the commercial with all of the new models in Silver acting as reindeer plowing through snow with Santa at the end in a beautiful Red SL.

    Yes! Something like that is exactly what I'm getting at. I haven't seen this commercial yet. The only ones I've seen recently is the one for the C230; "24 Valve pumping, 6-speakers playing, 17-inch wheels turning" yada, yada..and the one with the guys riding in the 1886 Patent Benz spotting the R-Class.

    Mercedes needs a new approach and now is the time to do so because they have a lot of new to fairly new models in their showrooms now.

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