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Nissan 300ZX



  • I have an 300ZX turbo 5sp anniversry edition. I can not get it to start. I have good fuel flow. I have power going from the starter to the coil, but no power from the coil to the distributer. I swaped out the coil, no change. The car turns over, no spark. Is this a ECU problem?- I am really frustrated.
  • pballardpballard Posts: 1
    Does anybody no where fuel injector connectors or aftermarket wiring harness can be purchased?
  • chaise27chaise27 Posts: 1
    :lemon: Hello, im about to buy the car, but its "lost power" and the engine is knocking. the knocking gets louder with the RPM. Can anyone steer me right direction please? The trans is fine. :cry: image
  • 86_300z86_300z Posts: 1
    What exactly is the difference in a 2+2 and a regular 300?
  • traindrivertraindriver Posts: 328
    2+2 refers to the number of seats. Therefore a 2+2 has a small back seat for a total passenger capability of 4 people. The rear seats are OK for a child but are too small for an adult to ride comfortably. I am 5'10" and I could cram myself in there in an emergency but only for a few miles. A "regular" 300 only has a driver and a passenger seat. (I have an 86 300zx 2+2 non-turbo)
  • krisandkrisand Posts: 1
    I have a 1991 300ZX Turbo with BBS Wheels on it. I need to replace the front drivers side and am having no luck in locating. The information on the wheel is as follows:

    numbers on the rim are BT 220 / 8J x 17H2 / ET35
    says "moda sport" on the rim, and just "moda" on the center

    The only information I have been able to find out is that this was a private label made for Tire Rack.

    If anyone could point me in any direction to try to find this wheel, it would be greatly appreciated.

  • unc123unc123 Posts: 1
    I want to buy a 300ZX. What should i pay? I used to have an automatic about 8 years ago. Now i am looking into a 93 twin turbo 5 speed with 65000 miles. Very clean, but what should i pay? Kelly Blue Book values the cra at only $8,000, but this guy wants 13,500?? What do they go for now? Is this a fair deal?
  • shaun420shaun420 Posts: 1
    i have a 84' 300zx 5spd 2+2(i wrecked it so body/frame no good motor just rebuilt)& also have a 89' 240 sx(body in good condition no engine) so my question is is it possible for me to put the motor and transmission from the 300zx into the 240sx????
  • tibal25tibal25 Posts: 1
    I am also looking for a 300ZX tt and feel that all these dealers want too much. As stated the blue book is around 8000 but 15K thats way too much for a 90-95 with almost 100K miles. Can someone assist me and tell me anything they may know about finding a zx TT! im located in Ma. Thanks Everyone!
  • schittonuschittonu Posts: 3
  • schittonuschittonu Posts: 3
    have your injectors tested and your coil packs..
  • schittonuschittonu Posts: 3
    where can i get cold air intake for a 1991 300zx??
  • jamonzjamonz Posts: 1
    Just got a 1990 300zx TT given to me. Runs smooth,needs alternator and body work. Looking for as much input as I can get on what to look for or watch out for with this car as well as good web sites for parts, new or used. Has 4 wheel steering, I know nothing about this option, any goods or bads?

    Thanks for any input offered.
  • theman101theman101 Posts: 3
    ok i'm going to help you out on this one. for clean retail it will run $9,425 that means the car has to be dent free clean paint job and interior kept in good shape. so basicly a brand new car with 65k miles. The best thing to do would ask to test drive it and when you leave just take it to a mechanic and have him examine it. you ask is it a fair deal? well no it's not until he asks for $10,000.
  • theman101theman101 Posts: 3
    ahh that my friend is where you will have to get in an import magazine. now the parts they sell in the magazine can be used for show as in just everyday drive to work and since their heavy duty they can be used for racing.
  • theman101theman101 Posts: 3
    yes sir. it is possible. if the 300zx motor is a manual and the body frame for the 240sx is a manual then yes it could be possible.
  • jlaughmanjlaughman Posts: 2
    are you looking for another motor?? is it turbo or not??
  • I myself am looking to buy a 1993 300zx TT and am wondering if I may be getting myself into something, the car has around 145000 miles on it and from what ive slowly but surely have been learning from fellow turbocharged car enthusiests, is that most turbo's whether they're stock or aftermarket usually and and is almost guarenteed to not last over 65k miles, I want to get this car but looking at the prospect of having to replace two turbo's seems outragiously expensive and as much as I love this car I dont want to buy it and have to do that. Anyone have a 300zx TT with over say 70k miles that could vouge that they wont just go out on me some random day?
  • jlaughmanjlaughman Posts: 2
    you can buy and sometimes even rent from the right place wheel lock removers you pound them on and use an impact wrench to take the locks off
  • dmartin_1dmartin_1 Posts: 6
    Valve seals. When you step down on it its sucking the oil past your seals. Danny :(
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