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Mazda5 Owners MPG-Real World Numbers



  • rrhirstrrhirst Posts: 8
    We're just back from our 2,200 mile round trip from Northern Virginia to Florida (including local driving in Florida and Savannah, GA), and I said earlier that I would follow up. We averaged 26-33 MPG overall for the trip, but I recorded 35.2 MPG from North Carolina to Savannah, GA and 34.7 MPG yesterday from Savannah to Virginia. Both times were with the cruise set at 70 mph and the ACC set at 70 degrees with AC switch on. There were four of us in the vehicle with third row folded down and full of luggage.

    I can't say enough about the way the vehicle cruised - very smooth, quiet, and comfortable. It felt like a large luxury vehicle with the load we were transporting. This is our fifth Mazda, and perhaps it will be the best we have owned. My 1990 MPV is my favorite so far, but this vehicle may surpass that - time will tell.
  • ashokcgashokcg Posts: 2
    I get 21 and 29 in city and highway with my mazda5 2007 touring.
  • gschulzgschulz Posts: 17
    rrhirst- I am impressed with the results of your trip in the Mazda5. I am thinking of purchasing one and am wondering at 70 MPH with the AC on and four people (assuming adults) and luggage if the 5 has ample power at that configuration? Also would appreciate any other input you would offer before I purchase.-Thanks
  • mrbwa1mrbwa1 Posts: 42
    gschulz: Haven't had the ocasion to do 4 + AC, but have lugged around 4 adults quite a bit and even 4 adults + 2 kids. Power is still plenty. The only time I wanted more was in unfamiliar territory when I had to pull out onto a 40 MPH road with limited sight. Other than that, power at speed is fine.

    Also, A/C should be a problem if you really need power, as the A/C should disengage if you have to floor it.
  • gschulzgschulz Posts: 17
    rrhirst, Thanks for the imput, out of the four on your trip two were then children o.k. they count too. Couldn't find a Grand in the crystal whiter pearl which I prefer so taking a Touring, should be at the dealer in a week or two. Looking for good things to come from the 5
  • rrhirstrrhirst Posts: 8
    Lol! Clarifications for some of the skeptics out there... Yes, two of the passengers were my kids - 9 and 11 YO. But as far as having the wind at my back and driving slow, I don't drive slow. I set the cruise at 70 - honestly. To pass, I take it up to 75-80. I just keep it steady and avoid punching the accelerator as much as possible. The vehicle has been on several trips now, from 400 miles R/T to NJ up to 2200 miles for a trip to Florida. Yes, both routes are mainly flat, and that helps MPG. I'm still getting 33-35 MPG on long cruises and 22-24 in suburban NoVA.

    And honestly again, I get 34-36 MPG with my Saab 93ss. I'm just a steady driver on long trips.

    mrbwa1: Did you pick up your white Touring yet? If so, how do you like it? Good luck. I'm still very pleased with our 5. The neighbors are asking a lot of questions too.
  • gschulzgschulz Posts: 17
    I'm not mrbwa1, but we picked up our white Touring on tax day, drove it 180 mi. home got 31.02 varying the speed as they told me at the dealer. The new car always goes to the wife and her driving city & suburban to work and errands she got 29.8 not bad, today I used it put on 289.4 mi. of which about 50 were city and got 33.65, like you said not much to it just punch the cruise at 70 and let'er roll all this with 1343. mi. on the car shouldn't have a problem getting 35 with all highway and a few more miles on the car. To say the least we are very happy with the 5. Stepping down from a Town & Country the ride and room isn't quite as nice but there are other things such as handling braking and just over all a more fun vehicle to drive.
  • rrhirstrrhirst Posts: 8
    Sorry about the ID, gschulz, but congratulations. It is a fun vehicle to drive. We'll have some 400 mile R/Ts coming up, but our next long trip (~1600 miles R/T) will be to western Michigan this coming July. I'm looking forward to driving the 5 long distances again. Enjoy!
  • gschulzgschulz Posts: 17
    Just for clarification, I live in Wisconsin so U.S. gal., temp. was 33 in the morning 46 on return in the afternoon, the two fills before were no ethenol fills. Temp. and gas can make a difference. May all your trips be safe ones.
  • hondax2hondax2 Posts: 9
    Best reading: 33.5 MPG (all state highway speeds). Worst reading -- 21.5 (high winds and a fair amount of sitting in traffic). Mixed driving average of first 1000 miles -- 27.6 MPG. WOW! I am thrilled. I keep wondering if the EPA ratings are set too low on the Mazda5. This seems to be one of the few "Real World Numbers" boards where reports run on the higher side.
  • mrbwa1mrbwa1 Posts: 42
    The 5 does seem to do a bit better than average. I get the feeling it's 1 vehicle where the best mileage is real driving and not the EPA test speeds. It seems like the 25MPH test crawl is a bit slow for more suburban areas. On the flip side, the new adjustments to handle higher speed for the HWY side also seem a bit off.

    As an FYI, we did have 1 tank that was like 20.6MPG, but it was the dead of winter with daytime highs no more than 10 F and a span of weeks with snowfalls of 6-12 inches every other day. It was also parked at the hospital parking garage all night in sub-zero temps as we were having our baby. Still over 20 MPG is the worst conditions I have EVER seen are pretty respectable. The value of my insulated garage always shows in the cold.
  • rrhirstrrhirst Posts: 8
    Your observation is correct, hondax2. The new (starting in 2008) EPA MPG testing is in theory more rigorous, and is SUPPOSED to represent more realistic driving habits. Like everything else in life, these are averages, and some figures will be higher and others will be lower. I'm grateful to be on the higher side. The same is true with my other vehicle (Saab 93) - I just visited my son at Penn State this weekend and did 36.4 MPG on the way up, and 34.6 overall for the 2-day trip (with in-town driving in State College, PA). The vehicle was rated at 30 MPG Hwy when I bought it, but again, most people do better than that. I'm VERY happy with the Mazda 5 GT!
  • 01le01le Posts: 18
    I now have 270 miles on my Mazda5 and I decided to top off the tank this morning to get ready for a busy rest of the week. According to my calculations of the ammount required to top it off and the trip odometer reading (set to 0 before I drove off the dealer lot). I got 24.6mpg and that is with 110 miles on the freeway and the rest STOP&go city traffic. I am happy with that and I know as the miles rack up, it will get even better.
  • jonat1xjonat1x Posts: 34
    We have a 2008 Touring with automatic transmission and at the 3,000-mile mark, with roughly 10% city/90% highway driving, some taken in the 65-70 mph range or faster, we're averaging 27-29 MPG - 29.7 on the last tank. I'm really impressed.
  • sgloonsgloon Posts: 303
    A long time ago, I believe studies showed that 55 was optimal to get best MPG :P . could vary with engine designs.
  • athenasiusathenasius Posts: 118
    To achieve the best possible mileage you would be in the highest gear with the slowest speed. Yours speed would be constant. The real world factors you would have to take into consideration are tire pressure(generally the harder the tires the lower the rolling resistance) the wind (ie the slower your are going in the highest gear the less wind you have to push out of the way). You will also have to take into consideration the inclination of the road( ie if you are going too slow in the final gear this may not be the most efficient one for going up the hill). For in town driving the more gears the better as a general rule( baring in mind that the weight and space do not permit 10 gears lol) this would allow the best ratio for lower speeds. The number of gears does not make any difference in cruising mpg it is only the final gear ratio.

    If you want to get the best mileage ever go say at 40mph behind a big truck, close enough to take advantage of the drag(not recommended as for the truck stopping and the police ticket that may occur lol), with the wind at your back.
  • ellenwoodellenwood Posts: 1
    I like most of the posters are achieving better than posted EPA mileage ratings. I have a 2008 Touring model and have put 7,400 miles on it and am averaging 29-31 mpg on gas that does not contain the 10% ethanol blend. The 10% ethanol blend drops the mileage to just under 27mpg so I avoid it.
  • sofienycsofienyc Posts: 8
    Whoa...I just did a highway trip with my 07-5sp stick and got 32mpg!! Awesome especially with 5 people and luggage in the car and I was average about 65.

    Love that!
  • mrs_tmrs_t Posts: 7
    We just purchased our Mazda5 sport automatic yesterday and it should arrive on Wednesday this week. I'm thrilled to read such amazing MPG reports here! Glad we stuck with the Mazda5 over the Kia Rondo. Can hardly wait to test this baby out!
  • jonat1xjonat1x Posts: 34
    Memorial Day weekend we made a 600-mile round trip from NYC to Chincoteague, VA with four kids in the car - ages 8 to 16 - and a big Thule box on the roof rack and averaged 27.9 MPG. At the end of the trip the kids said they had all been comfortable. I was astonished on both counts. The odo clicked past the 5,000 mile mark as we approached home so the car isn't fully broken in yet. I am THRILLEDF with this vehicle.
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