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2013 and earlier-Mercedes-Benz C-Class Lease Questions



  • kyfdx%40Edmundskyfdx%40Edmunds Posts: 25,851
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    You won't be able to use a pull-ahead program and take equity out of your vehicle...

    You can see if the dealer will take your current car in trade, outside of the pull ahead program, and credit any equity towards the new lease. Though, I'm guessing you'll find the dealer feels you have a lot less equity than you do..

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  • Prior to our 2011 lease the dealer gave us $2k to get us out of our 2008 Volvo XC90 three months early. We also have an offer on the table for $508 and $800 out of pocket.

    The buyout for us in February 2014 is $27,500. Right now I'm seeing used value car trade in for $32,255. Then if you were to buy it out the projection is $34,300. So if I was to do this I would be looking for the dealer to knock the payment down to $450 with no money out of pocket.

    They bought out the Volvo so I was planning they would do the same. We just had the car serviced a month ago and I feel that got our sales rep to contact us once this program was announced.
  • Hello,

    Does anybody know the money factor and residual for a C63 AMG Coupe?

    Looking to get into a 2013 coupe for a good price since there are already quite a few 2014 models at the dealers.

    Lease term:

    36-39 months
    7500 miles per year
    Top tier credit

    What are the money factor and residual?

    Warm regards
  • The residual for 36 mo, 7.5K mi/yr is 58%.. Standard MBCC money factor.

    Residuals do not apply to the "Black Series"

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  • Thank you!

    Can you kindly tell me what the money factor is for highest credit score?
  • It's their "standard" money factor.... I'm not sure what that is. I've seen everything from .00195 to .00235 to .00325


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  • Hello everyone:

    About to close a deal on a 2013 c350 coupe lease and was wondering if I am getting a decent deal. I am not sure about all the language people use in prior comments, but the details are as follows:

    MSRP: $49,305
    12,000 miles
    39 months
    2k down including fees
    $635 a month

    I know i'm not getting the best deal, but it seems the most dealership has very little inventory on this car. Any insight would be appreciated!!

  • I am in the market for a 2013/2014 C300 lease. I got the following initial offer and after having looked at what valleyguy, reloman etc have stated this is not in the vicinity of a good deal. Just want to affirm and look at the next steps.

    Sport with Premium, Multimedia, Becker, Keyless Go, Lane track, Roof spoiler, Maintenance plan

    Term : 10K/27 Months

    MSRP : 49170

    Selling Price : 44048
    Fleet Incentive : 2500
    Cap Reduction : 1000 (Dealer has added this in his quote ; I will not do cap reduction)
    Fees : 284
    Sales Tax (7%) : 964
    Net Cap Cost : 41796

    MF : 0.00213 (seems high)
    Residual : 71% - 34910

    Monthly Breakdown
    Tax - Capped
    Depreciation - 6886/27 = 255
    Finance Charge 4411/27 = 163
    Total 418.42/month

    Drive Out : 1St Month + Cap Reduction = 1000+ 418 = 1418/-

    Total Cost Of Lease : 12,297

    The above is my calculation (Leasematic) per the details given by the dealer. The dealer sans maintenance has sent me a quote for 447/month with 1500 out of pocket. 461/month with maintenance.

    If I can get the dealer to 418/month, is it a good deal? Dealer had agreed to an 8K reduction from MSRP but on bringing up Fleet Incentive said he cannot add on top.
  • Can you provide me with the lease rates for a 2013 & 2014 Mercedes C300 4matic Sport 4dr Sedan.


    27 months with 10,000 miles per year
  • 2013.. .00113 and 71%

    2014... there is no special 27 mo. lease on the 2014 model.. the 24 month numbers are... .00058 and 72%

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  • 2 dealers here say the 0.00058 & 72% is for C350s and not C300. They are quoting a 69% & 0.00088 for 2014 C300s on both 24 & 27. Can anyone who is in the know cross check and revert back please?
  • rudhamrudham Posts: 4
    edited September 2013
    2014 C300

    Term : 27 Months @10,000 Mpa

    MSRP : 45,043
    Selling : 39,125
    Fleet Discount : 2500
    Maintenance : 769
    Residual (69%) : 31,080
    Fees : 300
    Tax - 7.25% (capitalized)

    Cap Cost : 37,638

    Monthly : 417.81 ; 0 due at signing.

    My leasematic numbers show lower. Deal or no-deal?
  • Anyone have any inputs?
  • That's a great payment with tax included and nothing due at signing for a $45K MSRP vehicle.. Great lease program and a good price..

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  • Can you share the dealer/salesperson?
  • Is it possible for the dealer to wave the bank fee? If not can they include in the lease payments?

  • Dealers can't waive the acquisition fee without some compensating increase in the money factor, which cancels out any gain..

    But, they can certainly roll that fee into the monthly payments.


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  • Good Morning,

    By any chance, do you have the C300 4MATIC Sport Sedan Rates yet?

    I am looking for the money factors and residuals for both 2013 and 2014 models. I would like to know 24 or 27 months (whichever term is better) with 18k miles. Thanks so much in advance!
  • 2013 C300 4Matic sedan.. 24mo, 15K/yr (have to purchase miles above 15K)

    .00113 MF and 68% residual.

    2014 C300 4Matic sedan.. 24mo, 15K/yr.

    .00058 MF and 69% residual.


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  • Thank you so much for the speedy response :) Two more questions ...

    1) What date are those rates good through?

    2) I apologize but do you know the money factor and residual for October on a 2013 C350 Sport RWD for 24 or 27 months with 18k miles?

    Thank you again for your help.
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